Friday, May 1, 2015

The Vatican is Hazardous to your Health

Actually, the title of this post is not as preposterous as one may think and we are certainly not trying to be (too)sarcastic, but let us take a look at this calmly and objectively.

Most medical professionals will agree generally that the number one killer we all face is stress. And in the Church today the number one creator of stress is the current occupant of Peter's Throne.

Ergo....the title of this piece.

The current Pope has, let us face obvious facts, left the Church in a state of disarray, not to say blind panic.  From one day to the next we hear messages from his garrulous lips that are either mildly orthodox, of dubious orthodoxy and/or outright rubbish.  No one seems to know if he has the intellectual capacity for his exalted position or if he just likes to talk, to say anything that enters his head, without much forethought.  He cannot be pinned down.  His words and actions are so "all-over-the-place" that no one can form a definitive judgment.  I most certainly can't.  He keeps everyone on tenterhooks or, worse, in a state of real fear for the Church.  Dignity does not seem to be a concept he is too familiar with, so when an ordinary Catholic sees him putting on a clown nose they cringe with embarrassment for the Church, and for him.  These are not the actions of a grave or earnest man.  

The stress Catholics are thus being put through on his account is not conducive to good health, physically or spiritually.

As every day brings us from him a new slew of banalities or emotional outbursts, giving us the picture of a man who is ruled by his emotions rather than his head, the ordinary Catholic wants to crawl underneath a rock and hide.  What do we say to the non-Catholic who might think of entering the Church?

I don't know.  I do know that the current Pontiff is doing an absolutely marvellous job at giving non-Catholics second thoughts about coming into a Church which allows itself to be headed by such a strange man. Those who convert based on the words and actions of Francis must think they are joining an organization that is nothing less than a large outdoor jamboree.  Since seriousness has been rather conspicuous by its absence in many papal utterances why should a serious person consider the Church as that one Ark of salvation that they need to be in?

When engaging in conversation with like-minded Catholics there is no mistaking the fact that these people are massively stressed out by what they see going on in Rome.  True, the machinations of our own virulently anti-Catholic society is also feeding that stress.  But in past days when the world was going mad everyday men knew that they could count on the rock of Peter, their lifeline so to speak, to keep them from falling into despair.  Today, however, they can no longer count on that lifeline as they watch a Church almost at the end of its tether, vacillating on crucial moral concepts and even dabbling in nonsense like "Climate Change".  One Catholic said to me that she feels "hunted", like some Catholics of old, in Elizabethan times, who had to hide from the forces out to murder them.  We are indeed being hunted, not only by the lunatics in government and media but by some of the hierarchy of our own Church ready and willing to throw us into the nearest pit.

Only when that lifeline is clearly repaired will Catholics be able to withstand what is inevitably coming against them.

Even in the Coliseum when the lions were about to pounce the Christians knew that their leaders would not abandon them, would help them and pray for them.  In today's Church none of that is at all certain.

Hang on to your rosaries.


Elizabeth said...

Man, did you hit it on the nose with that one! Thanks, Aged Parent. All true, sadly, all true.

Anonymous said...

While I don't feel hunted, I certainly agree with your piece.

I am at a loss for how to try to bring my loved ones to (or back into) the Faith.

How does one convince someone of the Truth of the Catholic Faith, when the conversation will inevitably come where one has to say "Don't pay too much attention to what the Pope says...?!"

I guess I spend a lot more time in prayer than in evangelization. It is pretty tough out there.

Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the Fr. Malachi Martin's books Hostage to the Devil, and especially Windswept House are essential reading for any who wonder what to make of this Pope and the state of Holy Mother Church - specifically, since June 29, 1963.

Elizabeth said...

@Astrid: Thanks for the recommendations. I'm checking out "Windswept House" from my library tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I should warn you of the graphic content in both books. Windswept House describes in agonizing detail a satanic ritual enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican, which seems to have taken place on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in 1963. It involved animal sacrifice and the ritual defilement of an innocent girl, by churchmen and lay Catholics. It seems to be factual.

But I think Fr. Martin's description of it all has a hopeful tone even throughout the worst of it.

God bless you, and may Our Lady watch over you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Some one like Frankie / Jorge had to come pope if only to show that VatII was replete with errors and perhaps even gross heresy.

As regards the mystery man calling himself Malachi Martin, serious Catholics would be well advised to ignore him. Historians Michael Hoffman and Maurice Pinay have assembled documentary evidence that unmasks that egregious phoney.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Martin was a liberal before he became a traditionalist. Belief in what he claimed isn't necessary for understanding what the church hierarchy did, or suffered, in the last century.

Another good book that explains it is Iota Unum.

Anonymous said...

In the face of what Mundabor calls THE MOST APPALLING HYPOCRITE IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, we should live as the Catholic Recusants did when Catholicism was outlawed in England- our faith.
I have decided to attend only Mass where the priest is a traditionalist- where he celebrates both forms of the Mass.
Perhaps the biggest persecutors of the remnant will be Francisites.

Elizabeth said...

Iota Unum is a necessary classic.

Anonymous said...

Re Astrid and Elizabeth, thank you for mentioning 'Iota Unum'. It is a book I had not heard of. From the sections of it available online I conclude it is a powerful antidote to the Vat II errors. A must read, although I'll have to have my dictionary close at hand!

Elizabeth said...

@Anonymous: I have a copy of "Iota Unum" but haven't read it for some years. In fact, I don't know if I ever read the whole thing (it's pretty big). What I do remember is how powerful it is. And how angry it made me....all that was taken from us. I don't remember having any difficulty with some of the vocabulary but it has been some time. You won't be sorry. I picked up my used copy on

Anonymous said...

Back in print due to demand.

James Weisman said...

Aged Parent, are you aware of a blog on your blog roll that is unfit for Catholic consumption? Tenth Crusade. He just disrespected the saintly Father Nicholas Gruner R.I.P., champion of Our Lady of Fatima.

Now what kind of "catholic" blog, priest or layman would be so callous and uncharitable to a priest...a recently deceased priest...who so loved the Blessed Mother as to endure a lifetime of abuse for no other reason than his fidelity to Her and to the Catholic Faith?

I know exactly what kind of layman, priest or blog, but being that I am a Catholic gentleman I will not defile my speech with the use such adjectives that are fit to describe them!

TLM said...

Yep, hang on to those Rosaries, and PRAY them daily. We need the Blessed Mother now more than ever before in the Church of Christ. We need her intercession, her protection and her guidance. We are the remnant few (although there may be more of us than we realize at the moment) that may have to head down to the catacombs here shortly. I think Michael Matt is one step ahead of everyone with his catacomb clips.

TLM said...

And, I agree with you Anonymous. How in the world do you convince family members that are either on the fence or have completely abandoned the faith to come back, with this guy sitting in the Chair of Peter that seems to be weekly and sometimes daily spewing his seemingly schizophrenic proclamations? Quite a dilemma for those of us in this position. He's delusional? He's friends with Obama? I can't think of a good excuse that's both charitable and believable.

Aged parent said...

Mr Weisman:

Thanks very much for your comment.

I know that many of us don't agree on certain matters relating to both Church and State, and there will always be disagreements among good Catholics on numerous topics. I didn't see the blog post you were referring to but there are a number of blogs I link to that have interesting things to say on some matters but which on other matters I could not possibly agree. I am sure that some blogs who kindly link to me may cringe at some of my own rants!

I am very glad you commented here and I would certainly recommend engaging the editor of The Tenth Crusade on this matter. Your comments are always welcome here, by the way.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

There'll never be a shortage of excuses for anyone who wants one, to doubt the teachings of the Catholic Church. We have Judas, and St. Peter when he fell. A bad pope? When did the Church teach the pope is impeccable?

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