Thursday, April 30, 2015

Post-apartheid South Africa

Since the end of dreaded "white rule" in South Africa things haven't necessarily improved.

This is, alas, nothing new for these horrible attacks on nuns (such as those in the Belgian Congo some years back) can only happen when there is no wall between the civilized and the savage.  A hard saying, yes, but realities are realities.  It is also worth noting that these kinds of unspeakable crimes are occurring with greater regularity in an increasingly dystopian America, where the race of the perpetrator and the race of the victim are exactly similar. (For example, here is a story of a bored teenager who decided to kill somebody, because he was, well....bored:

The whole recent history of how South Africa has slowly been relapsing into barbarism is not a pretty sight.  This relapse was well-chronicled by the late Ivor Benson, a resident of that land, who saw it all as it was happening and predicted that things like this would happen with more frequency.  Many of his articles were published in Hamish Fraser's periodical, Approaches. Not surprisingly, few would listen to his warnings in their hysterical mad rush to end apartheid.  Indeed he was showered with the usual epithets for mentioning inconvenient facts that escaped the notice of the mainstream media.

Pray for the soul of Sister Gertrud.


Anonymous said...

Incidents of murderous bestial savagery will only increase in South Africa until civilization is destroyed, which is of course exactly what the globalists intend. China will then pick up this strategic prize and impose a very harsh regime.
But why are good natured people always surprised when primitive barbarism reappears in regions which are barely out of the Stone Age? The Congo of 1960 should have been a wake-up call, but the savagery committed in Angola 2 years later under Holden Roberto was even more appalling, if that is possible, and has been conveniently removed from public record. Indeed Roberto continued through the 1960's to receive aid from both USA and Israel. Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

You can be certain that the gold and diamond-mining Jews are more than happy to see the country degenerate back into tribal savagery.
As always, these parasites suck the life out of a country and then move on to the next.
Do not fear the Chinese. Fear the eternal enemy.

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