Saturday, September 29, 2012


One rather expects the usual suspects to be happy with news like this; anything which brings misery and desolation to Christians is music to their ears.
But I sometimes wonder about some of my ultrapatriotic fellow Catholics, some of them tainted with the stain of Americanism.  Many of them have blogs or magazines which they often use as a kind of cheering section for the actions of the despots in Washington, so long as those actions have something to do with some kind of war.  I call these Catholic friends' attention to the following article.  To these Catholics I address this question:  are you proud of this?

Perhaps you could put aside for a moment your worry over the Punch and Judy show now in progress between the Stupid Party and the Evil Party and read this article carefully.

Since there is not the slightest question that the US is arming and supplying the "rebels' who are committing these atrocities, as they have done in so many other cases in the recent past, and since I am going to presume that you have indeed read the article with attention, I must ask you again, are you still willing to look uncritically at what is being done in your name in the Middle East?

How tragically right was Pope Leo XIII when he wrote his Testem Benevolentiae.

Thursday, September 27, 2012



[Every once in awhile we will chat about the "new technology" which does its work destroying art as it galumphs from strength to strength.  Though a local matter, I will include this little bit from a reader because it well illustrates the point.]

From one of our readers:

The director of the IMAX and Planetarium over at the Milwaukee Public Museum has just hornswoggled the big money Daniel M Soref folks into giving him a couple of million bucks to install digital 3D into his dying planetarium venture.  He must have forgot to mention to the Sorefs that planetariums are ceasing operations all over the world...even the spectacular London Planetarium went kaput.  He must have also neglected to inform his backer that 3D is - once again - on its way into history land.

The frosting on this particular cake is that by installing all this new equipment for audiences who will not come to see it in operation requires that the spectacular IMAX film system will be junked!  The biggest, best movie system there ever was now goes bye-bye in Milwaukee, a new victim of the Digital Downgrade.  Smart move!  Now you have to go to Chicago if you want to see a real IMAX movie.

Attendance at the Museum planetarium has been going south since it first opened while IMAX attendance has held steady and has in fact wildly outgrossed the planetarium.  But such sobering statistics don't trouble the aging Trekkies at the Museum planetarium who think that by pouring more millions into it will somehow save it.  Damn the torpedoes!  Do not let reality rear its ugly head!  Yikes.

Then there's the 3D angle.  Wouldn't ya think they'd learn after three failed attempts at 3D - the 1950s, the 1970s , the 1990s - that maybe the public gets kind of sick of the novelty after three or four times??  And how many complaints of severe eye strain from wearing those special glasses to they have to hear before the light bulb goes on?  Hidden beneath all the hooplas and halleluiahs in the press releases and newspaper articles is the rather minor point that Hollywood is starting to ratchet down 3D production in the face of declining attendance.  Of course Hollywood contributes to this by their never-ending stream of lousy movies.

The director of the Museum, whose knowledge of storytelling craft is rather on the light side, promises more original productions with his expensive new digital toys courtesy of the Sorefs.  Having sat through such distinguished and Academy Award-worthy original homemade Museum planetarium productions as "Honey I Shrunk the Solar System", "Cosmic Colors" and "Spooky Skies", charity demands that the less said about these productions the better

Undaunted, the Museum lumbers its way into new territory, a day late and a dollar short, and the sci-fi buffs who run the planetarium there can enjoy themselves sitting in their near-empty dome excited about how much money they were given to merrily flush down the toilet. 

As the old song says, "When will they ever learn?"


Over at the blogsite of the irrepressible Dad29 comes this fascinating bit of news for Wisconsinites, one of the highest-taxed people in the USA:

This from the Administration of the conservative Scott Walker.  As an exemplar of The Stupid Party, Mr Walker upon taking office promptly enraged the unions in a very pro-union state not by calmly sitting down with them and trying to work something out to help the state's faltering economy, but charging ahead like a bull in a china shop.  Stupid?  Yes.  But it doesn't stop there.  With this new tax increase scheme noted by Dad 29 he is about to enrage the very base who put him into office.

The Republicans are the only Party that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Today the equally clueless Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan has just stated that he is fine and dandy with homosexual perversion running rampant in the military...and presumably everywhere else on the planet since he has not said a single word critical of this unspeakable vice.

SPECIAL SALE: For all of you Wisconsinites who have a "Scott Walker is My Hero" bumper sticker on your car I can offer for a mere 25 cents plus shipping and handling a "?" sign which can be easily attached to your sticker.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


From an interesting post on the 24 Sept 2012 online edition of RT Today, documenting how the USAID will work to bypass the Russian order for them to pack up and get out of the country by October 1st this year.  Russia seems to be acting wisely about this American-made trojan horse in their midst.  The US mandarins are aghast, of course, that someone should be displeased with their meddling in the affairs of other nations using the increasingly preposterous claim that they're "bringing democracy" to them.  (They would be better occupied bringing democracy to America, since at the moment its affairs are being conducted by a fascist Oligarchy).  

Among the many comments of the readers one stood out prominently.  It gives us an astounding yet brief look into an area of financial manipulation that we dullards could never even conceive of happening.  Here it is:

Special Bank Accounts (unregistered) September 25, 2012, 10:48 quote
Ms Veronika Krasheninnikova and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also inspect American and British banks such as Citibanks and JP Morgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered etc..  They have "special accounts" for their clients on off-shore tax havens or otherwise, which are not transparent and are off the Annual Accounts.  This is how they launder money or international transfers and made billions in the process.


Admittedly, that shocked even this weary writer.  Here's the whole RT article:

How truly little we know of what is going on among the elites.

Friday, September 21, 2012


This story will not be memorialized on PBS once a week for umpteen years, nor will Hollywood make a gut-wrenching movie out of it, nor will governments around the world incarcerate you for denying any details of it, nor will those paladins of righteousness, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and Pamela Geller pound their smoking keyboards in an attempt to alert the world to this, but we here think this is worth mentioning.

With thanks to the Washington Report:

This sort of thing continues apace, underneath the radar screen, as the few remaining Christians in their own homeland are being ethnically cleansed by their occupiers, or made victims of fanaticism stirred up by those same Occupiers of the Holy Land and their minions in Washington.

My fellow Catholics, will you not say one Hail Mary for your suffering co-religionists in Palestine?  Or for the innocent Orthodox, Copt, even Muslim?

Every story, after all, does have two sides.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Monsanto, world leaders in genetically modified seeds and crops, is now facing closer scrutiny in Europe, and France in particular, as evidence mounts showing the health risks associated with GMO foods.

Naturally, the full force of the US Federal government will be used to defend its favored oligarchies, as is typical in most despotisms throughout history, so Monsanto can rest assured that their friends will watch over them.  The powerful will always protect the powerful.

Russia Today has an excellent story on the latest horrors of Monsanto:

Well worth reading.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Our chief War Criminal, who resides on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, has started to tighten his grip.  After bombing innocent men, women and children to death, cheering on the ghouls of abortion, cozying up to pedophiles and poofs and forcing their perversions down our throats, incarcerating innocent people without charge, without trial, without nothing, decimating our economy by bailing out the oligarchs with taxpayer funds (aka, stealing) has now decided to begin his cute little reign of Terror by applying his famous mandate to one notable business - just to make an example of them:

Yes, he is a tool; yes, he is a flunkey to the money interests.  But he is a deadly serious man.  After all, every week he meets with a few cronies in the White House and like Nero giving the "thumbs down" signal, decides who will be murdered by drones in some far away country...that is, far away at the moment.  Like the psychopath of Hitchcock's PSYCHO, this psychopath isn't troubled by appeals to reason.

Behold the face of a conscienceless man:

But fear not.  He is about to meet his match - not in November with the hapless opponent of the Stupid Party, but on October 18th, in New York City.

Behold the face of his deadly serious opponent who will confront him on that day:

For those of my patient readers who may be growing weary of this sort of ironic joke which has appeared on this blog several times I ask forgiveness if it is becoming a bore.  I agree with you.  But one can never point out too often the utter folly of these mediocrities in episcopal robes who, Americanist first and Catholic second, will gladly give cover to our persecutors and probably give them more votes in November!   They frankly sicken me and whether their actions are the result of self-delusion, stupidity, toadying or treason I care not.  Whatever the reason I am sickened by the spectacle of Cardinal Dolan shaking hands and making merry with such people. 

The Cardinal Archbishop of New York needs to be reminded that he is not the Cardinal Archcomedian of New York.

And perhaps, just perhaps, our Holy Father, will begin to realize that it is in the best interests of the Church and the world to stop appointing such nonentities as Dolan, Wuerl, Schonborn et al to high office.

As the late, great Hamish Fraser would say however, "Keep praying and punching!"

Monday, September 3, 2012


It would be impossible to overstate the importance of this Open Letter to Timothy Cardinal Dolan, by Dr Claude E Newbury, which now appears on the Christian Order website.  It is most strongly recommended that everyone reads this:

It is strongly recommended that His Eminence reads it, too.
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