Saturday, May 19, 2012


An editorial in the archdiocesan newspaper in Washington, D.C. claims disappointment in Georgetown for inviting the ridiculous apostate Catholic Kathleen Sibelius to give its commencement address.  And since the paper is the mouthpiece of His Eminence Donald Wuerl we leap to the conclusion - though he didn't put his actual name to the editorial - that he is "disappointed".

Really, Your Eminence?  Disappointed?  Is that all?

Who will be willing to wager that the Cardinal will cease giving sacrilegious Communions to people like Sebelius, Biden, Pelosi, etc.?  Or apologize to a good priest whose name and reputation he defiled simply because this good priest tried to prevent a sacrilege at the Communion rail?

No one?

With acknowledgements to Catholic Culture.

Friday, May 18, 2012


The photo of some second or third-rate movie actor grinning side-by-side with an equally grinning president residing (at enormous expense to the taxpayer) in Washington at a fundraising dinner organized by queers, which has been seen on all the gushing internet news sites in recent days, is about the last word in self-destructive insanity.  Behold people who are eager to force upon the whole world the wish of death.

It is utter madness.

What else can explain a people who happily march to their doom, to the destruction of civilization, to the untold miseries brought about by a homosexual juggernaut, laughing and clinking champagne glasses along the way.  Yes, they are zealots.  Yes, their souls are blackened as pitch to the point where they find joy in piling one offense against Heaven on top of the next.  Not only are they, in their present state, destined to a damnation too terrible to even contemplate, but they have in truth lost their minds.  They are insane.  Nothing else can explain such a headlong rush into oblivion, unless we take into account a preternatural explanation.

What these madmen and monsters in Washington and Hollywood do holds little interest to normal, well-balanced fathers and mothers and families.  But what these homosexually-disturbed people are trying to unleash upon mankind is something every one needs to be concerned with, even when one knows that their ultimate defeat is assured.  This is not time for polite talk; we had better start preparing ourselves spiritually, for the Monstrous Regiment is ready to pounce.  What would a good preparation be?  Surely the St Michael's prayer, and priests who say the Low Mass should consider silencing their communal singing or their droning organs piping away at the end of these Masses and re-institute the saying of this prayer.  Some good Bishops - but not nearly enough - have brought this prayer back.  If your parish priest, be he Old Rite or New Rite, is more interested in music to close his Low Mass, you might want to meet with him soon and recommend that the St Michael Prayer come back.  That prayer is going to be very much needed now.

And what is the Church saying during these dark days?  Let us take a look at one major diocese in the United States.

In Washington, D.C., the promised land of hucksters, crooks, ward-heelers and poofs, the Catholic Church is represented by one Donald Cardinal Wuerl, a man who mixes very well in such circles, and not exactly in the same way Our Lord mixed among publicans and sinners.  Silent as a tomb when it comes to admonishing the wayward Catholics in his diocese (such as the hapless Joe Biden), or when  it comes to teaching the Catholic Faith, His Eminence is on the other hand quite vocal when it comes to simple priests who do their duty by withholding the Body and Blood of Christ from unrepentant - proudly unrepentant - mortal sinners.  For these he has nothing but insults and ignominy, and tries to destroy their priestly careers in the pages of the national press.  When apostate Catholics are invited by apostate priests to speak at their Catholic colleges (that are Catholic in name only) we hear a deafening silence from the Cardinal.  We may well ask what motivates such a man as Donald Wuerl.  We may well ask what goes through the mind of a Pope who would give the red hat to such a person.  But whatever the motivations Donald Wuerl will continue to bring disgrace and embarrassment to the Catholic Church until death claims him or a Pope decides he has had enough or, please God, he begins to see the cancer he has allowed to spread and changes his life's course.

Often we are asked to have patience with men like Wuerl.  We are asked to pity them.  No.  It is far too late in the day for that.  We will pray for them, yes.  But have patience or pity?  No.  We've done with that.  The Church is crumbling around us.  The time for being nice and understanding is past.  It is men of Wuerl's ilk who will ensure that Catholics stay uninstructed, continue to commit sin and help to re-elect men like Obama to high office.  The number of Catholics who haven't the faintest idea what the Faith is all about number among the millions.  Millions, not thousands.  Let us say it plainly: the ultimate cause of the destruction of Christian civilization which is proceeding apace is the refusal of the Church, from the top down, to teach the truth loudly, fearlessly and consistently to their own flock.  That indictment is shared by laymen, priests and religious, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. 

This dereliction of duty goes back a long, long time.  Recall that St Pius X saw the evils of modernism had already well entrenched themselves in the Church over a century ago.  His remedy was the famous Oath Against Modernism, today a very dead letter but a noble effort nonetheless .  Truthfully, it was probably doomed to fail from the start because the modernists simply went into hiding, only to re-emerge almost immediately after Pius' death.  Modernism and Liberalism have managed to find some favor with every pontificate that followed, from Benedict XV to Benedict XVI.  We need not look far for the results of this downward trend.  The Church has degenerated from proclaiming the Immaculate Conception to proclaiming an idiotic "theology of the body".  From the sublime to the ridiculous.  And worse.

The excellent writer Rod Pead, in his essential publication Christian Order, takes a sobering look at the current scene:  His publication, by the way, should be subscribed to by every Catholic worth his salt.

The drooling demons smirk and taunt.  But they are already dead.  We can only protect ourselves from the diseased putrescence of their rotting corpses and souls.  But dead they are and dead they will ever be.

A despairing woman, looking at the cataclysms swirling around her (in the 1920s), wrote a letter to Hilaire Belloc baring her heart and soul with her fears for the future and the evils that she saw coming.  Belloc wrote back to her an answer.  The final sentence in his kind letter to her is one worth remembering: 

"Do not, I beg you, be troubled by forces already dead.  You have mistaken the hour of the night;  it is already morning."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Legend of the West


As one who in stunned disbelief is forced to be occasionally reminded of the rubbish that is flung at audiences daily from the telescreen it is pleasant to record that one distributor has decided to bring back, via dvd, a classic show that was fresh, delightful and extremely entertaining when it was first shown in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and is still as fresh, delightful and entertaining now as it was then.  Turn off the idiotic talking heads, the news readers reading government propaganda handouts, the tv series being made by people who have only recently become barely acquainted with film making techniques (and not absorbing much at that) and treat yourself to the upcoming release of MAVERICK, The Complete First Season, being released this month from Warner.

Fine scripts, fluent direction, beloved character actors in supporting roles and the ingratiating presence of James Garner and Jack Kelly at their peak all contribute to making this one of the most pleasant viewing experiences one could wish to have.  It is very highly recommended.

You may consider this a ringing endorsement.


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Still in a state of utter shock over the fact that any company - any company - would even consider using cells from dead, aborted children as "taste enhancers" in their products, news arrives that the boycott of Pepsi over this ghoulish practice has apparently been a success and that they are backing off their original plans to introduce such "enhancers" into their food and drink products.

While it is both interesting and welcome to read the above report from LifeSiteNews, prudence demands that we keep an eye on this company from henceforth.  Writing them a thank you letter would seem appropriate, as long as a tactful reminder is included in it which makes them understand that cannibalism is not an accepted practice among civilized human beings.  Rejoicing should be kept at a minimum, in this writer's view, and realism should be the order of the day.

In any event it would seem to be a victory in at least one battle.  Perhaps it might embolden some Church leaders into looking at this story and to make whatever public comments are appropriate.  Here is where the Church can profitably emulate the forces of evil, who throw a constant, unremitting barrage of attacks on multiple fronts, so as to keep their enemies always on the defensive.

For example, while speaking about the evils of the contraception mandate, a good Bishop can hit them with another broadside, this one about cannibalism.  Then they can follow that up - again in the same speech - with some other issue, described with specifics as opposed to pious generalities.  In other words, they should keep punching, and punching, and punching, until their opponents begin reeling from the barrage.   This is what the evil forces are so effectively doing against the Church.  Now it is time to turn the tables on them.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Without trying to sound too "apocalyptic" about all this, this writer does sometimes wonder how much longer God is going to tolerate a country so arrogant, so murderous, so conscienceless as the United States.  Aside from its agendas of forcing abortion and sodomy on its own citizens and the rest of the world, we have now descended into a level of horror that not even H.G. Wells could have imagined.

Now we are sending "drones" around the world to spy and to kill.  The world has become some kind of massive video game to the creeps and war criminals who run this country, as they merrily engage in push-button death and then laugh and "high-five" themselves every time some poor innocent gets blown to smithereens.

If you can stomach it, read this:

Isn't it odd that the political "left" seems to understand this evil, and the political "right" does not?  This is as true as it is incomprehensible.  But in a world that has lost its religious balance (particularly the Catholics, thanks to the modernism that has bored its way into the vitals of the Church for at least eight generations now) this is to be expected.

To those of us who are patriotically amused by these unmanned drones flying over the world (and the USA, by the way) raining death and destruction, and to those who enjoy modern entertainments that mock and ridicule the past and the noble traditions it represented, I will close with a quote from Hilaire Belloc:

We sit by and watch the Barbarian, we tolerate him; in the long stretches of peace we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence, his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creeds refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond: and on these faces there is no smile.

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