Saturday, May 30, 2015

Irish Logic

Let me see if I understand this.

According to numerous articles in print and on the internet, a majority of Irishmen voted to enshrine sodomy on their land because of a) the homo priest scandals and outrages committed against adolescent boys and, b) the clericalism of many of the Irish priests.

So, these reports claim, it was an act of revenge; the Irish vote was a message sent to the Church that the people were disgusted by the scandals caused by homosexual perverts in the priesthood.

So in order to punish the Church for not stopping the buggery of adolescent boys by homosexual perverts the Irish voted to accept homosexual perversion.

Makes sense to me.

Can we now bury the "dumb Polish" jokes?

[Of course the real reason they voted the way they did is because Ireland, like most other nations, has been cursed by a lilly-livered and teasonous clergy, high and low, who have ignored teaching their flocks for well nigh on four generations.]

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Oligarch Genocide

"The Eye of Soros", courtesy the UNZ Review
We offer you another perceptive interview with F William Engdahl, the very knowledgeable commentator on world events:

A Sample:

Today the oligarchs of the West have a simple agenda: genocide against all darker-skinned non-Anglo Saxon blood lines. I have met many of them over the years at conferences in Davos, Frankfurt, many places. They are bloody racists, eugenicists, people like Gates with his vaccines that kill small babies or make young girls unable to have children
First appeared:

Bill Gates, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, the DuPonts, the Russell family of Yale University, and others whose names are not so known. They are all fundamentally stupid and ridiculous people who are incapable of seeing the consequences of every life they take to the entirety of the human species. For them to kill the “useless eaters” like ourselves, they make wars, spread disease, make more and more of our children sick and crippled via their poison vaccines, destroy healthy non-chemical traditional medicine like exists still in parts of China or Iran or Russia in favor of the drugs and toxins of Western Drug companies who, by the way, control WHO. They create terrorist organizations to spread their wars of destruction such as Al Qaeda in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and across the Arab world, Fethullah Gülen’s Cemaat in Turkey and beyond, ISIS which was a creation of US and Israeli intelligence to destroy Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian ties to Iran and Iraq
First appeared:

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ireland did not listen to Belloc

"The Old Paganism had a strong sense of the supernatural.  This sense was often turned to the wrong objects and always to insufficient objects, but it was keen and unfailing; all the poetry of the Old Paganism, even where it despairs, has this sense.  And you may read in those of its writers who actively opposed religion, such as Lucretius,  a fine religious sense of dignity and order.  The New Paganism delights in superficiality and conceives that it is rid of the evil as well as the good in what it believes to have been superstitions and illusions.

There it is quite wrong, and upon that note I will end.  Men do not live long without gods; but when the gods of the New Paganism come they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, or merely false; they will be evil.  One might put it in a sentence, and say that the New Paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into Satanism."

(Hilaire Belloc, Essays of a Catholic)

[With thanks to Catholic Tradition]

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things don't go better with Coke

Just something for any Coca-Cola drinkers out there.

Boycott Coca-Cola, and all companies that give in to this madness.

SHOCKER: Workers refused compensation

Not paying wages that were properly earned is a crime.  If you're hired by notable philanthropists like George Soros to do tough, physical work like rioting, looting and burning down stores you should receive compensation for your efforts. Perhaps the Obama Administration can look into this rank injustice:

Monday, May 25, 2015

Please Vote Here

We're sponsoring a Vote as to who should replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  Please choose from one below, or add your own candidate in the comments section.

1.  Ma Barker
2.  Nancy Pelosi
3.  Aunt Jemima
4.  Margaret Sanger
5.  Kim Kardashian
6.  Bugs Bunny
7.  W.C. Fields
8.  Joan Chittister
9.  Twiggy
10. Bruce (Brucette?) Jenner
11. The Bride of Frankenstein
12. Ronald McDonald
13. Rasputin
14. Sheldon Adelson
15. Monica Lewinsky
16. Michelle Obama
17. Mr Michelle Obama
18. Alfred E Newman
19. Rembert Weakland
20. The Marquis de Sade

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland slaps God in the face

Back in 1980 I was in Ireland working on a film.  Because of the low budget we stayed at "bed and breakfast" locales rather than hotels and the advantages to that were not only financial but social: it gave us a chance to get to know the Irish as they really were, in their own homes.

Their hospitality and kindness was evident from the moment we arrived in Dublin.  The countryside, where we we shooting, breathtaking.  But as we got to know our various hosts we began to see that not all was well with the land.  I recall vividly one delightful lady at whose home we stayed being absolutely stymied that we acted Catholic.  She was a Catholic, she proudly informed us.  But I cannot imagine of what kind. For all intents and purposes she was a card-carrying Protestant, or a Mass-going Protestant, as Hamish Fraser used to say.

Let's be honest: the Irish have been drifting away for decades, certainly most noticeably after that ill-begotten Council.  We saw with our own eyes the Faith drained out of the body of the Irish people already by 1980.  In 15 short years the Faith was virtually strangled to death in that great nation. They were Catholic only by custom, not conviction.

I'm afraid we encountered this attitude all through our two week visit.  Director John Ford (born Sean Feeney) used to say that there is a peculiar, almost perverse strain in the Irish, a sort of combative ignorance about certain things that makes the world wonder - the more so because they maintain their enormous Irish charm while believing outlandish things.  But I suspect that Ford never in a million years would have imagined the Irish people rising up, their fists shaking toward Heaven and boldly slapping God their creator right across the face.  Yesterday, they did just that.

And they did it with the help of their miserable, traitorous, spineless Bishops, the ones appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  Bishops rotten to the core.  Bishops whose skulls will pave the walkways of Hell unless before death they make their peace with the Creator they have struck so shamefully.

These benighted people voted overwhelmingly to support the farcical concept known as "same sex marriage".  It won't, however, be so farcical when the jackboots come out.

I recall certain words spoken by the Blessed Virgin about "many nations" that will be "annihilated". Ireland has just been annihilated in a way far, far worse than an atom bomb.  I'm beginning to think that this is the kind of thing she may have meant when she spoke of the annihilation of certain nations.

Many years ago Ireland had a great Primate who warned his people that if they continued on this course which, then, was divorce and contraception, that they would bring a curse upon Ireland.  They ignored him.

Behold the curse.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Orthodox Rabbis tell it like it is

It's helpful to see things like this:

And they demanded the recusal of fellow-Jews Ginsburg and Kagan.  Did any Christians make the same demand?  Perhaps I missed Cardinal Wuerl at the protest?

Pray (and work) for the conversion of the Jews.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Macedonia says no to USA. Suddenly protesters appear in Macedonia.

Funny how that works.

From an interview with Srdja Trifkovic:

Washington and Brussels have been driving this sudden crisis in Macedonia all along. The geopolitical rationale is Gruevski’s willingness to consider the possibility of Macedonia hosting a key segment of the new proposed Turkish pipeline that would bring Russian gas into Central Europe. As we know Bulgaria had to say ‘no’ under heavy pressure from Washington and Brussels. The willingness of the authorities in Skopje to even consider that possibility suddenly resulted in the recent demonization of Gruevski as a corrupt nationalist, hardliner and all the rest of it: we’ve seen the amazing spectacle of the EU ambassador in Skopje joining the protesters. It’s obvious that this is a sustained regime change attempt dictated from Washington and Brussels, driven and financed from there. It has given encouragement to Albanian terrorists to stage their action in Kumanovo [on May 9]. We are really witnessing just another episode in a long-term geopolitical battle between Washington and its pliant Brussels allies on one side and Russia on the other, with the Macedonians this time round being the collateral damage.

But, after all, it's just a few more hundred dead bodies; nothing that would concern the US or the EU.

Read the rest at this link:

And this:

And here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slowing down the abortion murder rate

On the abortion front, so tragic in many places in the world, comes this news out of Russia:

From the article:

The MPs also propose banning over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception drugs, known as morning-after pills, claiming that the side effects of these drugs have not yet been studied and their irresponsible use can harm the women’s health. The bill allows pharmacies to sell emergency contraception only on prescription, after a health check.
The lawmakers also propose that any woman seeking an abortion should undergo an ultrasound scan of her womb as, “according to statistics, up to 80 percent of them refuse to have the abortion when they see their child on the screen.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Pornographers March to Ukraine

The blessings are just pouring into Ukraine now, after the US/EU-directed coup in Ukraine ousted the legitimate leaders over a year ago.  First, Levantine billionaires came streaming in (some of whom were elected to high office), and then followed Monsanto and then - God help them - Joe Biden's son, waiting in the wings to leech off Ukraine's energy wealth.  Now the citizens of Ukraine will suffer a deluge of pornography on top of that, thanks to its puppet government.

The report is here:

Dr E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, has often pointed out how pornography is used to keep populations subjugated and eventually unable, in their newly-unleashed passions, to even think straight.  It leaves them neutered. This method, smooth and sophisticated, has worked very well in the West, especially in America and Europe.  It keeps people enslaved to their own concupiscence and turns them cowardly and submissive.  And the icing on the cake for the pornographers is that they become millionaires in the bargain.

Ukraine was badly betrayed by a combination of forces motivated by various ideas which included greed, hubris, power lust and the extermination of Christianity.  Its citizens, pawns in the Games of the Plutocrats, will now be materially, mentally and spiritually impoverished by these forces.  It is tragically true that some Ukrainian Catholics cannot see how they are being manipulated and used; the instigators of these shocking events have cleverly utilized the age old "divide and conquer" methodology, resurrecting ancient hatreds between Ukraine and Russia, between Catholic and Orthodox.  It was a brilliant strategy. It has distracted attention from the larger picture.  By exacerbating these old hatreds the overlords can do their dirty work without fear of being called out by Catholics or Orthodox for the raping and destroying of their country.

So now after all the turmoil and misery, and deaths, caused by forces outside of Ukraine and outside of Russia, the Ukranians will now be bombarded with pornography and their young will be drawn into this dark world of the sexual revolution.

It is not considered polite to say, "I told you so".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Optimism of Sandro Magister

Our blogging colleague, S Armaticus over at his valuable Deus Ex Machina blog, has been focusing, rightly, on the upcoming Synod of Sodomy Part II.  His blog is one of our daily "musts" and he often has well-reasoned analyses of the machinations of the Stealth Bishops who are doing their damnedest [word carefully chosen] to bring the Church to its ultimate suicide by greasing the skids for an acceptance of the abominable mortal sin of sodomy, and the neutering of the Sacrament of Marriage.  What efforts world governments are making to destroy these holy unions are being helped by the Modernists in the Church (funny, that).

S Armaticus has an excellent piece today which is highly recommended.

It is one of optimism.  The author bases that optimism on the optimism of Sandro Magister, noted Vatican watcher.  My personal view of Mr Magister based on reading him and in several email exchanges with him is that he might, perhaps, be too optimistic not only about Pope Francis but about other matters.  He has been going along with the zeitgeist on certain political matters which is a surprise considering what a diligent researcher he appears to be.  Like many of us he is susceptible to propaganda.  The point I'm attempting to make here is that occasionally he is too trusting - a fine quality most of the time but one which can open the door to being manipulated by clever men with lots of money and the worldwide media at your beck and call.

Nevertheless we cannot dismiss the well-informed Magister out of hand, nor can we overlook the thoughtful analysis of S Armaticus.  He asks if the New Revolution, the Final Revolution as it were, is being put on hold by Francis. Based on Magister an optimist  might agree.  Based on His Eminence Cardinal Pell one also might have grounds for thinking the tide is turning against the destroyers.  This writer is not quite yet prepared to be as optimistic as Pell or Magister, for the evil forces at work are being directed by an Angelic Intelligence who made it extremely clear to his creator that he "will not serve".  It is possible to think that the tide may be turning against them even as we retain our caution. Dying Modernists like dying empires do not go quietly away; even in their death throes they will destroy whatever they can on the way down.  But I am a great believer in the efficacy of sincere prayer (see and there is no doubt that prayers imploring God to awaken Francis so that he might begin smelling the coffee are now being said around the world.

Maybe we're not dead yet.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My poor, sad England, cont.

England is sort of my second home, as I have mentioned more than once on this blog.  Having spent much time there in my life and having acquired many friends there, I follow their travails as if England was the nation of my birth.

The recent election, aka that semi-annual puppet show according to Mr Belloc, fills me with dread for that beautiful land of kind and gracious people.  They have just re-elected that utter stooge of the Financial Interests, the ridiculous David Cameron.  True, just like America the people were given poor choices, but it hurts me to see that there are still so many deluded souls in Britain, a nation with a rich history.  But perhaps this is all of a piece; their Monarchy essentially died with the Plantagenets, the Kings and Queens who followed became more and more servile and mediocre until the ludicrous present day, when Queen Elizabeth can actually put her signature to an unjust and irrational "law" that allows for two (or more?) queer to engage in something they call a marriage.

Here is a superb reading of the debacle from Mr Hitchens:

While reading the excellent Hitchens piece Americans can substitute "Republican" for the British Conservative Party and "Democrat" for their Labor Party to get an exact picture of the situation.

A quote:

I never for a moment imagined that Big Money and Big Lies could so successfully scare, cajole and diddle the electorate of this country. I grew up in a Britain both better-educated and more honest than the one we have today. Perhaps that is why I could not see this possibility.   I have not seen, in my lifetime, a campaign so dishonest, so crude, so based in fear and so redolent of third-world and banana republic political tactics.

That above quote pretty well describes what goes on in America to a tee.  No matter where one lives the swindlers always swindle.

Will Albion ever be freed of its perfidy?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just curious...

If last Sunday (May 3) was the Fourth Sunday After Easter, why does the new calendar say it is the Fifth Sunday?  When the Vatican abolished the Mass of all time did they also abolish arithmetic?

Am I the only one who thinks it patently absurd that nine people, a few of whom are dictionary-defined illiterates, will dare to decide tell us that institutionalized buggery is now settled Law?

If the current Russian government can hold a celebration and memorial of the dead Russians who fought for their insane Soviet government in World War 2, can the Germans memorialize their dead who fought for their insane Nazi government?

If it is necessary for us to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, to wash away Original Sin and open the door to Heaven, why do some Churchmen believe Baptism is not necessary for Jews, Muslims, or pagans?  Have all those people been somehow immaculately conceived?

Why is having impure thoughts a sin, but calling the same thing an "attraction" not a sin?

Why do a million and a half Frenchmen take to the streets of Paris to protest the perversion of the state of marriage, and only a handful appear in Washington to protest the same thing?

Why, with all the outrages being committed daily in Catholic Churches around the world, do some fret so much about a few Catholics who happen to be traditionalists?

If the old Soviet Union was threatening the United States by installing offensive weapons in Cuba in 1962, why is America's installing offensive weapons all around the Russian border not threatening?

Why is it that the world has suddenly discovered, after 2,000 years, that the Church is in the business of mercy?  Have they forgotten how the hospital system was instituted?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Arrested for Child Molestation and organizer of dissident Catholics

To our Catholic friends who are working to discredit, marginalize and oust any of the few remaining decent priests and Bishops left I pose a question:  is this the guy you really want to associate yourselves with?

Enter Mr Terry Bean (no, I didn't make that name up), founder of the oily Human Rights Campaign, good buddy of Barack and Michelle and apparent sodomizer of adolescent boys.  According to Austin Ruse his Human Rights Campaign is quite busy these days organizing sophisticated and extremely well-funded attacks on those Catholics who try to take their religion somewhat seriously.  Mr Bean and his ex-lover were both arrested on charges of sodomy and child abuse a few months ago:

Now that we are all totally shocked that a homosexual would actually molest a young boy perhaps we should move on and get down to cases.

This revolting individual even after his arrest is directing his organization in their highly-skilled attacks on Catholics who remain faithful. What, my fellow Catholics, who do not accept the Church's clear teaching even though it has been poorly or never taught  by priests, Bishops and some Popes for the past 150 years, is it going to take to shame you into changing your viewpoint? Those of you who are active in this Human Rights Campaign-organized gambit, are you happy being led by an individual like Terry Bean?  Peruse his arrest details.  Exactly what else will it take to provoke you into reevaluating your view of the world?

I have a question for John Allen.

Mr Allen, are you going to cover this sordid aspect of the current purge of real Catholics who profess their Faith unashamedly and find themselves in the cross-hairs of the Vatican Queer Mafia?  Come now, Mr Allen, surely this is newsworthy?  An accused and arrested rapist of a 15 year-old boy organizing Catholics into getting rid of faithful clergy...surely that is a topic worth considering?

And how about the National Catholic Reporter?  Will its eminent editorial staff take notice of the man behind the organizational drive to purge the Church of decent men?

We at The Eye Witness have written about this before:  But we have yet to see any major Catholic news source pick up this story. Now that the cloven hoof of Mr Bean's seedy little group has been exposed as one of the major players in this anti-Catholic pogrom can not some major Catholic media discuss this and ask why Catholics will allow themselves to be manipulated by such as Terry Bean?

Again, my dear, delirious, dissident Catholics; just what is it going to take?

Zombies in Army fatigues

It occurred to me that a military man so willing to accept this kind of "recommendation" (read: order) is just the sort of consciousless zombie much loved by any kind of regime, who can order these robots without minds to go out and do just about anything.  But any man who would acquiesce in this kind of effeminate silliness not only needs to leave the armed forces post-haste, and get his head examined, he also needs to double-check if he is a man.

Behold our army of red high-heeled wannabe warriors::

Aren't they just simply darling?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Harlem Globetrotters, Si; Asia Bibi's Parents, No

As Pope Francis whisked by the parents of Asia Bibi (her father, in particular) at a General Audience a few weeks back, the type in which the Pope walks by a line of people and says a word or two, he felt perhaps that that was the best he could do for those parents, suffering in an agony of despair over the fate of their daughter.

A quick handshake and a quick blessing.

But when the Harlem Globetrotters come to town, well....that's another story altogether!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Confused about ISIS?

This might help:

Funnily enough it seems to be only Americans who are confused about ISIS, the terrorists who came out of nowhere recently.  Most of the rest of the world is fully aware of how this weird concoction of militants came into being.  The video above gives an excellent summary of the known facts.  A friendly warning:  the music on the video is utterly dreadful so we would suggest using the "mute" button on this, unless of course you have a high tolerance for pain.

Why is it that only Americans are confused about ISIS?  Just glance at the mainstream news media (and who owns it) for your answer.

William Engdahl offers this interesting take on one aspect of the ISIS show:

and this as well:

Not necessarily conclusive, but most interesting nonetheless.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Russian thinker on the Homosexual advance: "We saw all of this in the Soviet Union..."

The US government/media complex has discovered a new villain to boo and hiss at, Konstantin Malofeev, a rich Russian and Orthodox Christian who is influential in that land.  Because he says things that the West does not want to hear, he is naturally vilified and ridiculed.  He is called "God's Oligarch" and "Putin's Soros" for these reasons.

As for this writer I take his words to be a severe warning to my fellow countrymen.  And I could think of one world religious leader who might learn a thing or two from this man.

Mr Malofeev has some interesting things to say to we Americans.  According to the article:

"...the problem with Malofeev, who calls himself an “Orthodox patriot”, is that not only is he a Russian patriot, but his Orthodox Christian beliefs don’t match the western narrative that “anything goes”. His views, in common with many in Russia who hold Orthodox beliefs, is that the west (the U.S. in particular) has become almost degenerate in the name of tolerance and so-called civil rights."

Read the whole article at this link:

I will only add that Russia still has a long, long way to go before it becomes completely healed.  It still allows certain pink parades, unfortunately, and is far too accommodating to these pitiable people.  While they have been making many good and sensible moves of late the Russian leaders need to be warned that any tolerance of this perversion will only result in greater and greater demands, and then Russia will end up in the same state the USA is now in.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Vatican is Hazardous to your Health

Actually, the title of this post is not as preposterous as one may think and we are certainly not trying to be (too)sarcastic, but let us take a look at this calmly and objectively.

Most medical professionals will agree generally that the number one killer we all face is stress. And in the Church today the number one creator of stress is the current occupant of Peter's Throne.

Ergo....the title of this piece.

The current Pope has, let us face obvious facts, left the Church in a state of disarray, not to say blind panic.  From one day to the next we hear messages from his garrulous lips that are either mildly orthodox, of dubious orthodoxy and/or outright rubbish.  No one seems to know if he has the intellectual capacity for his exalted position or if he just likes to talk, to say anything that enters his head, without much forethought.  He cannot be pinned down.  His words and actions are so "all-over-the-place" that no one can form a definitive judgment.  I most certainly can't.  He keeps everyone on tenterhooks or, worse, in a state of real fear for the Church.  Dignity does not seem to be a concept he is too familiar with, so when an ordinary Catholic sees him putting on a clown nose they cringe with embarrassment for the Church, and for him.  These are not the actions of a grave or earnest man.  

The stress Catholics are thus being put through on his account is not conducive to good health, physically or spiritually.

As every day brings us from him a new slew of banalities or emotional outbursts, giving us the picture of a man who is ruled by his emotions rather than his head, the ordinary Catholic wants to crawl underneath a rock and hide.  What do we say to the non-Catholic who might think of entering the Church?

I don't know.  I do know that the current Pontiff is doing an absolutely marvellous job at giving non-Catholics second thoughts about coming into a Church which allows itself to be headed by such a strange man. Those who convert based on the words and actions of Francis must think they are joining an organization that is nothing less than a large outdoor jamboree.  Since seriousness has been rather conspicuous by its absence in many papal utterances why should a serious person consider the Church as that one Ark of salvation that they need to be in?

When engaging in conversation with like-minded Catholics there is no mistaking the fact that these people are massively stressed out by what they see going on in Rome.  True, the machinations of our own virulently anti-Catholic society is also feeding that stress.  But in past days when the world was going mad everyday men knew that they could count on the rock of Peter, their lifeline so to speak, to keep them from falling into despair.  Today, however, they can no longer count on that lifeline as they watch a Church almost at the end of its tether, vacillating on crucial moral concepts and even dabbling in nonsense like "Climate Change".  One Catholic said to me that she feels "hunted", like some Catholics of old, in Elizabethan times, who had to hide from the forces out to murder them.  We are indeed being hunted, not only by the lunatics in government and media but by some of the hierarchy of our own Church ready and willing to throw us into the nearest pit.

Only when that lifeline is clearly repaired will Catholics be able to withstand what is inevitably coming against them.

Even in the Coliseum when the lions were about to pounce the Christians knew that their leaders would not abandon them, would help them and pray for them.  In today's Church none of that is at all certain.

Hang on to your rosaries.
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