Friday, January 27, 2017

Pushing the faithful to its limits

I warn you, Holy Father, with all due respect, that if you keep pushing the faithful to the point of despair there will be a reaction.  Your attempts to mold the Catholic Church into something that suits your prejudices, your abysmal taste, your autocratic tendencies and your strange view of "mercy" are going to lead to a backlash.  The Catholic faithful are moving closer and closer to deep resentment and a great anger.

from the 1931 film, "Frankenstein"

When we Catholics pray for you we pray that you will come to your senses and bring peace to the Church.  Thus far, God in His wisdom has not answered these prayers.  That these prayers will be answered eventually we have no doubt. So we wait.

It is no longer possible to give you the benefit of the doubt.  Every day it seems you wish to go out of your way to demonize, demoralize and mock twenty centuries of Catholic teaching and Catholic culture.  Every day the Church, already at the edge of the abyss, is being pushed closer to that edge by one outrageous statement, or hateful action, after another.  You act like the head of the KGB, silently destroying your enemies and making sure that nothing but opprobrium sticks to the men and women whom you seek to humiliate.  Not a lot of mercy being shown in that instance, is there?

Speaking bluntly, we have had some terrible Popes in the past but you are, if not the worst, certainly in the top ten Disastrous Popes in History.  It breaks one's heart to have to say things like this to the Vicar of Christ on earth.  But when a Vicar of Christ directly contradicts the teachings of Christ then the faithful have a duty to speak.

Nations given to pure evil have been bombing and destroying innocents in places like Syria, but you, Francis, are more interested in the chimera of man-made climate change.  You say that you pray for these people.  That's great.  How about some eyeball-to-eyeball meetings with these evil men stating your displeasure?  Instead of frowning upon altar boys who show you respect how about frowning upon the face of swine like Obama?

Souls are falling into Hell like snowflakes under your watch, but you concentrate on trivialities. Stupefyingly ignorant Catholics who have no notion whatsoever about what their Church teaches get no help from you. They get only banalities, cliches and empty sloganeering.

When you meet God at the time of your death, how will you answer for your actions and inactions?  I scarcely think God will be impressed by how many meetings you have had with second-rate Hollywood actors or third-rate Hollywood directors.  It is doubtful that He will be impressed by your giving audiences to every blasphemer, sex deviate, atheist or child killer who begs an audience with you.  But God will most definitely be interested in the way you allowed the sacrileges and profanations of the Holy Eucharist to continue under your watch. True, you are not the only Pope who looked the way while the Eucharist was profaned.  John Paul II had much to answer for in that regard. Benedict could have stopped these sacrileges with the stroke of a pen (and diligent follow up) but he chose not to.  You could stop these desecrations with a stroke of the pen but you haven't; indeed, you have made it worse, first by letting Hosts get flung around by any Tom, Dick or Harriet at those awful papal rock concerts and second by your plans to allow adulterers and sodomites to receive Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin.  Please know that you will have to answer for this when you have your meeting with Our Lord. Please ponder this.

Your driving Catholics to despair carries a price tag, one too horrible to contemplate.  You are still alive and in relatively good health.  There is still time for you to change course.  But if you keep inflicting upon Catholics dreadful and arrogant men like Blase Cupich, or keep encouraging repellent Modernists like the execrable Cardinal Kasper you may find that you have angered the Faithful to the point of carrying flaming torches to the door of the Vatican.  I warn you, this is not so far-fetched as it may seem.  Even loyal Catholics have a breaking point.  If you keep pushing them to that point do not be surprised if you see those flaming torches coming your way.

You are not dead yet, Francis.  God has not called you yet.  You still have time to change.  You can still undo some of the terrible damage you have done to Christ's Church.

It is your choice.

from "Frankenstein" (1931)


philipjohnson said...

Fantastic.The sort of writing which i would totally agree with!You are so right in everything you say.Our Church has been selling us down the river for years-souls going to Hell and not a bloody word from the Pulpit.My sentiments entirely.

TLM said...

Wish we could have a private audience with 'The HOLY Father' and read this to the language that he understands of course. To 'send' this to him would be utterly USELESS, as he would NEVER get it.

Tom A. said...

A Vicar of Christ doesnt act like this.

Iehova Deus said...

God loves the Church, and also knows that the salvation of souls depends upon the Church; therefore He will remedy the situation before long.

Anonymous said...

"We get the Pastors we deserve."

I believe this is true. What frightens me is the obvious fact that we DESERVE Pope Francis. We deserve this. Look around at the world, and our own individual lives (at least mine has been an absolute disgrace...). I don't think anybody who has an ounce of self knowledge can deny we deserve this.

I am going to try to focus more on penance and self-conversion than the tragedy playing out in the Church. Perhaps then we can begin to merit improvements in the Church and the world.

Or lessen the coming Chastisement.

Momentum Veritatis said...

Great blog

Kathleen1031 said...

We need a leader, someone who will defend our Catholic faith and say NO to this pope, for once. He is unimpeded thus far. What some call "obedience" looks a lot like "cowardice" when the faith and the Church are literally being dismantled right before our eyes. Do we not have ONE man willing to stand up to this pope? It is stunning that we have not one man principled enough to hold Christ as more important than the pope. Built in to our Catholic faith is respect for the holy father, but I never realized that would mean utter silence in the face of destruction of our Catholic faith. The pope is teaching sacrilege is good, and there are NONE to even use words to defend Christ nor the Church?
Jesus, please give us men with such love for you they are silent no longer!

TLM said...

@Kathleen 1031.........In other words, what we NEED Kathleen, is a CATHOLIC!

Anonymous said...

As a priest I concur, so many of my brothers are in despair, even faithful bishops want this to end. Seminarians are discouraged, older priests want to retire.

Pray for us priests please. For myself, I have started to spend a little extra time at Mass praying 'for Francis our Pope' sotto voce, 'that damage the he does might be limited by by your Holy Angels'.

M. Prodigal said...

I very much doubt that the present pontiff will heed a warning unless perhaps it comes directly from God. A million rosary bouquet only brings a snide remark. A million signitures on a petition? Toss that in the trash. No, a stronger agenda is at work and we must counter with holy weapons for confusion, division, retribution, name calling, etc. are not from God.

Justina said...

Not to nitpick, but much of the time Francis isn't "granting audiences" to worldlings of every description, but begging then to come pose for the photo ops he has in mind. To him, all the Vatican's a stage. But besides that, I can't find anything to disagree with--other then, as far as the torches go, we must always bear in mind that the anger of men does not fulfill the justice of God. We have no right to remain merely angry, nor (as per the Anonymous priest's comment above) to get discouraged, either. All things --and even these things--work together for the good, WHEN we permit Divine Providence so to order them. And how do we, in practice, proffer our permission? By totally consecrating ourselves to Mary Immaculate, who alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan.

Anonymous said...

WTH?! How aged are you?

Anonymous said...

There will be no backlash, only a massive schism in which most will be oblivious that they are a part of. The faithful are uninformed, complacent, and for those who have a slight clue as to what is going on, are brainwashed into thinking they have to be obedient to their bishop and the pope - no matter what, ie. false obedience. I say this as a member of the 'conservative' diocese of Arlington. Most people I know - priests and TLM attending folks, will follow along with this schism because, well, the alternative is just too darn inconvenient. We must be prepared to lose all - friends, acquaintances and close proximity to a true Mass and be accepting of the persecutions that will follow when the true remnant will be considered disobedient schismatics. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

11rhymesandreasons said...

Kathleen1031 You nailed it. This has scandalized me more than anything else. The cowardice is astonishing.

Eskimo said...

God gives us the tools to save souls. Pope Urban II called for a crusade to help the Byzantines and to free the city of Jerusalem. Why Pope Urban II not wait for better times?

Eskimo said...

I compare the comment the Parable of the Talents.
Then the one who had been given one talent approached his master. “My lord,” he said, “I knew you to be a hard man; you reap where you have not sown, and gather where you have not scattered; and being afraid I went and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours!”

The master’s response was swift and harsh: “You wicked and indolent slave! You were aware that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered; you ought for that reason to have invested my money with the bankers; then, on my return, I should have received my own with interest.”

The master ordered that the talent be taken away from the lazy servant and given to the one with the ten talents. “For to every one who possesses not,” said the master, “even that which he has shall be taken away. Cast that useless slave into the outer darkness; there shall be weeping and the grinding of teeth!”

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