Friday, October 30, 2015

They stayed, but did they fight?

I hoped they would stay, but I wonder how hard they really fought.

Regular readers here know that I was somewhat skeptical of the petition being circulated which requested that the good Bishops at the recent Synod simply walk out.  I was not convinced that it was the right move to make though I certainly did not and do not criticize the many good people who did sign it (and indeed they may be proven right).  It occurred to me that the good Bishops should rather stay and fight the hedonists and buggerists who had a dangerous agenda.

In the end they did stay, but judging from the results so far revealed I question how hard they really did fight.  If they did engage in serious battle with the Modernists then the only other conclusion to be drawn is that the majority of the Bishops who attended are ignorant, cowards or worse.  That a substantial majority voted for certain propositions that were unCatholic to their very core suggests that the rot that began to set in to Holy Mother Church in the mid-19th century has reached its near-zenith point and that, barring a miracle, we can expect no help at all from our Church leaders from top to bottom.  With the majority voting for propositions that would have horrified even a Paul VI the Church has now come almost - I say, almost - to the point of no return.

Barring a miracle, of course.

How hard did the good Bishops fight?  We will most likely never know.  Yet indications from some of them show that they still do not seem to realize the gravity of the situation.  Are they then mere "company men", ever unwilling to tell the Emperor he has no clothes? Substantive and Catholic are not words I would use to describe some of the comments by the "conservative" Bishops.  We have all heard and read some of them say things like, "Don't worry.  No doctrine was changed." (I had to laugh at that one.) Can these people be so naive as to think that that matters in the slightest?  As I have written on this blog time and time again, taking my cues from stalwarts like the late Hamish and Anthony Fraser, the villains are very careful not to openly touch doctrine but their ambiguous pronouncements, just like the debacle of Vatican II, leave enough room for all kinds of disastrous practices.  What doctrine was actually changed at Vatican II? None, of course.  But a cursory glance at the Church today shows us a Church that has almost completely turned its back on twenty centuries of teaching and tradition, a Church unrecognizable to anyone who might have suddenly awakened, like Rip Van Winkle, from a 50-year sleep.  So to those who chirp that the Synod did not change any doctrine we extend a hearty horse laugh.  We know perfectly well that the Synod just like the colossally unnecessary Vatican II left enough openings for a coach-and-six to drive through.

Brother Andre Marie asks:

Is the importance of getting a “consensus” greater than transmitting Catholic faith and morals in their integrity? For some of those involved in the recent Synod of Bishops, the answer seems to be Yes. For them, the Synodal process is a political “art of the possible,” and not a meeting of shepherds, spiritual fathers, and physicians of souls, who work for the salvation of those under their care.
It’s as if Heaven and Hell are not real.

What is really at stake here?  Some worried Catholic souls look at this fight for the Church as a mere Left vs Right issue.  The problems confronting us, however, have nothing to do with that false dichotomy.  Let me put it this way: the Devil can use the Right just as easily as he can use the Left.  To characterize what the Church is going through as a Right/Left issue is to miss the crux of the matter.  The spirit animating this rebellion against the Church is obvious to anyone who is paying any attention.  We are dealing with an Angelic Intelligence.  A fallen Angelic Intelligence, but a supremely intelligent force nonetheless.  When God banished Satan from Heaven He didn't remove the angelic gifts that He originally gave him.

Since what we are dealing with are satanic forces pure and simple any attempts to keep our eyes away from that obvious fact should be avoided.  George Neumayer recently wrote his sad take on the Synod, using the Left/Right scenario.  Good article.  Bad observation.  And he is far from the only one who sees it that way.

An example:  the current Pope constantly belittles poor, simple Catholics hanging on to the ancient practice of the Faith.  He is wrong to do this.  It is infantile, vindictive, stupid and, to be honest, laughable.  Is that a Leftist or a Rightist attitude on the Pope's part?  Of course it is neither; it is something else.

Another example: the current Pope, in his usual clumsy manner, speaks out against Capitalism. Leftists cheered when he said this and some Rightists cringed. Neocons like Michael Novak were having the vapors. But the Church's stand with regard to Capitalism, and Communism for that matter, is neither Leftist nor Rightist.  Though he might have said it better he was correct to view Capitalism as a problem simply because it is a problem. Instead of using the opportunity to explain the Church's long-standing opposition to both Capitalism as such (and usury, which Capitalism created) and the Socialism which is its mirror image, he instead blurts out cliches that would make a hippie's heart go aflutter. Instead of promoting Christ's Social Kingship our poorly-educated Pope chose instead tiresome boilerplate.  No wonder the Right was upset and the Left overjoyed.  Had he clearly and unequivocally taught long-standing Church teaching the whole world would have been edified. [NOTE: I am aware that buried in the Pope's notorious recent encyclical there is some sound, traditional Catholic teaching on economics which, though smothered under a mountain of platitudes, does present itself.]

Though the Pope may or may not be a closet Lenin he is most definitely a Modernist and a martinet.  He is also very close to driving his children to despair, and that is something that transcends trite political labels.

Ironically some good may come from this recent Roman jamboree, something that is unexpected. It is emboldening the Church's enemies without....and within.  We will see more mincing churchmen proclaim their perversions.  It is always good to know these sorts of things.  This blog, with its small readership, can not claim to be particularly influential but we are glad to see others are now taking up some of the swords we have taken up.  Most probably it is a case of others coming to the similar conclusions but in any case it is good to see others taking up the cudgels. In particular, this blog has openly asked a few notable prelates if they are homosexuals.  Why not?  It's a fair question given some of their public pronouncements and actions. Recently the ubiquitous Father James Martin of America magazine has been prancing daintily around, noting gleefully that the Synod - and he, of course - will now deal with what he calls "haters".  A pitiful attitude from someone who is clearly troubled inwardly.  What is his trouble?  I'm afraid one look at his photo is more than enough to tell us what his troubles may be and his favorite proclivities are.  This writer has been noting his words and actions for awhile and I would be oblivious indeed if I did not recognize in him what his particular problem so obviously is. Faces, and mostly eyes, tell us much.  Therefore when we glance at a Cupich, a Wuerl, a Rosica, a Schonborn, a Mahony, and look at their eyes, we are justified in forming suspicions.  And their actions....well, actions speak louder than words, don't they?

I am glad that other writers and bloggers are now taking the gloves off and taking a close look at the buggery-pushers among the clergy high and low and asking them point blank if they are homosexuals.  I hope they keep at it. Let us have more full disclosure from the clerical promoters of poofery.

To us ancient ones who have been around that long, miserable block a few times it is also heartening to see the younger ones, the "newbies", if you will, beginning to see through the fog that is modern day Catholicism, making their views known through blogs and even on a few campuses.  I hope that they soon recognize that there is nothing new under the sun; that it has all been done before.  Thus, I hope the new young and aware Catholics see the Synod as a replay, a re-run, of the 1960s in all its smug and noisome euphoria, and in its end result: more dissolution of Catholicism.  Yes, it can be amusing to see some new kids on the block acting as if they were the first to see The Problem, and watching them look down their noses at those of us, the Great Unwashed, who were wandering blindly in the forest for fifty years until they came along to explain at long last how we came to this sorry state (A certain notable internet apostolate comes to mind.  Come to think of it, more than one comes to mind.).  One day they too will be older and will no doubt be confronted with their own newbies who will react the same way. This. however, is but a minor irritation and one we "aged parents" can easily forgive. After all, they are new soldiers who are badly needed reinforcements on the battlefield.

Soldiers old and new will now have to confront those Synod fathers, the noble ones and the destructive ones, who did so much to bring more potential ruin on the one, true Faith.  I had hoped that those who stayed would have had the fortitude to face the facts.  Amazing that it took a dignitary of the Orthodox Church in Russia to try to talk some sense into them.  His efforts as other blogs have pointed out did more good than most of the so-called Catholic Bishops there. Is that not truly astounding?  We wonder if anyone has realized the significance of this, on all its levels.

In addition to the Russian Orthodox churchman the only other calm, reasoned and forthright - more forthright than even Cardinal Burke - voice to comment on the Synod was from Bishop Fellay of the Society of St Pius X.  Having read with care his analysis I can find nothing in it that one could object to in the least.  If one hadn't known who wrote this analysis one would have believed it to be the voice of a great Pope of the past.  Has anyone thought about the significance of that, we wonder.

Did anything even remotely close to what Fellay said get stated at the Synod?  Unfortunately, we have to doubt it.

If recent history is anything to judge by, the fruits of the Synod, and the fruits in the Synod, will offer more of the same poison that has left the Catholic Church battered and bleeding for nearly half a century.  And, Oh how sick we are of that.

UPDATE: Roberto de Mattei has a few thoughts on the debacle:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roger McCaffrey from Rome

The indefatigable Roger McCaffrey had some thoughts on the Synod mess which he published on his website a week and a half ago.  Always perceptive, McCaffrey zeroes in on the personalities involved, and considering that he spends no little time in the eternal city every year he is well up on the who, what, why, when and where.

From the piece:

Two serious churchmen I've talked to during this trip to Rome sure get Pope Bergoglio's point. They and many around here have led me to believe that nothing of quality is to be expected from the Synod. The other day I overheard a third, a big name prelate, over drinks at the next table in a nice place near Saint Peter's. He went right for his bottle of Beck's even before sitting down, then spoke, rather defensively, to his clerical comrades. With great conviction he boomed that "the Holy Spirit speaks through the Synod, just as the Holy Father said." 

This is an absurd claim. But, if even this world-class lightweight needs to reassure friends as to the output of this Synod, then folks, We Have A Problem.

The rest of his Letter from Rome can be read here:

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Vatican Dogs return to their vomit

There was a time in recent years that the dwindling defenders of the Faith had hopes that the last remaining 1960s hippies who gave us Vatican II were finally dying off, with a hearty good riddance to them all.  That awful and unnecessary Council, non-dogmatic and wholly pastoral, was the opening of the sore that had been festering for at least 100 years and more.  And with it came the visible destruction of the Church, the Church's "October Revolution" as the material heretic Yves Congar called it, the destruction of the Mass, the normal practices of piety, sacrifice and the twisting into nothingness most of the Seven Sacraments.

But its leaders were dying out (thanks be to God) and its ideas were at last becoming suspect and more and more people were beginning to question why this Council was supposed to be so great and so wonderful and so superior to all the other Councils of the past twenty centuries.  There was a reawakening, in fact, to a long lost reality.  Not a general, "great awakening" to be sure, but an awakening nonetheless.  Priests were starting to act like priests again, nuns like nuns, Bishops like Bishops.

The aging, senile and rotting in mind and body leaders of the Revolution saw this and were horrified.  Yes, they knew that there were younger men who carried on their ideas but they were being held back, to a certain extent.  People were not falling over themselves to praise the Modernist cabal.  Their books were no longer best sellers despite the praises of the anti-Catholic intelligentsia and the eternally clueless neo-Catholics.  Young people were beginning to turn back to ancient practices, and were having more children.

Clearly something had to be done.  Even the sodomites that had infested the clergy (going back to at least the 1920s) and were now being exposed due to the horrible crimes they committed, were not leading the charge.  But  in the eyes of the Modernists something was needed.   And fast.

Benedict XVI became Pope for a time, and although he was for the most part merely a John Paul III he did attempt to bring a little justice back into Church practice by his motu proprio regarding the Ancient Rite.  For whatever reason he resigned, or was forced to resign, and the Mincing Terrorists finally seized their chance to return to the vomit of their Second Vatican Council.  A compliant - yet somewhat autocratic - man was thrust into the Papacy in record time.  There was precious little debate if the swiftness of his election is any indication.  The election of Bergoglio stank of one of those color revolutions the CIA is so famous for, a coup in which the front man for the powerful is installed as a figurehead.  The Holy Ghost had been available at the Conclave but it seems clear His assistance was not requested by many of the voting Cardinals.  Rather than listen to the Holy Ghost most conclave voters were listening to a faceless clerical Oligarchy.

So now with their man in charge the final dreadful "implementation" of that awful Council of the 1960s seems about to be accomplished.

It interests me to see so many normally level-headed Catholics and Catholic intellectuals still clinging to their fantasies about Vatican II.  Blame for its ill effects are cast against individuals like John Courtney Murray or Paul VI or whichever prominent Modernist emerged from that confab. These Catholics still cling, almost quaintly, to the notion that Gaudiem et Spes or Dignitatus Humanae were "falsely translated" or "falsely understood" but that the actual documents themselves are the words of God.  It is inconceivable to me that people can still hang on to these notions in the light of subsequent events.  Never do they ask if the Documents themselves were unclear, or ambiguous or even needed (They were unclear, they were deliberately ambiguous and they certainly were not needed).  The good-intentioned defenders of Vatican II and its "decrees" do not connect the dots between these documents and the collapse of the Faith which immediately followed this Council.  In their view a Council could never produce such a disaster; it must have been those "bad translations" and "bad interpretations".  Incredibly naive?  Yes.  But they still grasp that narrative. They have come to terms with the collapse and like a man who in order to stave off gnawing hunger will acquire a taste for manure they now accept a Mass so stupid as to offend the sensibilities of a four-year-old.  They have also come to terms with the manure of homosexuality.  It's not a mortal sin anymore; rather it's an "attraction" or an "orientation", or something akin to a case of the mumps. (To be fair to them, some are becoming horrified by the emerging degeneracy all around us. Perhaps the recent Synod may be for them the final slap in the face they need to clear their minds of the notion that Vatican II was the Greatest Event in the history of the Universe.)

Empty seminaries and convents are not seen by the Vatican II knights as bad fruits.  The connection is never made.  The collapse in Mass attendance (hardly surprising) and Confessions is just one of those things, say our Catholic intellectuals, and have nothing to do with the Modernist attack on the Faith, the one we were warned about by a genuine papal Saint, Pius X.  (Though I am hopeful that some reality will find its way back into the minds of our Vatican II cheer leaders, it is already plain that even in the face of what happened in Rome these past weeks some are already claiming - with not the slightest evidence - that "the conservatives have won!"  This is unbelievable to me.)

But that first attack of 1962-65, devastating as it was, did not finish the job.  Now, it is quite clear, they mean to finish it.  The counter-attack they temporarily faced in recent years is to be decimated  by a counter-counter-attack.  They've got a pliable puppet in the papacy though, as I said, one with autocratic tendencies, and so they are riding high right now after their Synod of Shit, and a Bergoglian motu proprio which formally introduces Catholic divorce.

They have returned to their vomit in high style and are going to rub our noses into it.

But we're not going to just sit in silence while they do so.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Antidote to Despair

If despair is not an option for the Catholic, why are so many (myself included) tending to despair?  It is a tricky question and one that needs to be at least faced  if not answered.

Despair is a tool of the Devil.  We know that.  And he is an absolute master in manipulating events so that we can more easily fall into despair.  We know this as well.  So, why do we fall into despair?

I'm afraid the answer is all too easy: the people who run the Church now, and have run it for decades (many decades), are, at least far too many of them, cowards, mediocrities, traitors, idiots and poofs.  They grab the microphones and are the ones heard by most of the world.  For example, a near-illiterate priest named Thomas Rosica is the man Rome thinks is the best spokesman for the major events going on in the Vatican. But nonentity that Rosica is, he is only one of many.  These past few weeks simple Catholics have been thrown into, or are on the brink of, despair.

Despair has to be fought off....but how?  In the face of such monumental evil and betrayal by our own Churchmen, what attitude should we Catholics assume?  It seems now virtually impossible not to fall into despair, and yet...

If my readers will permit I would like to recommend an antidote to this frame of mind.  It comes from the pen of Brother Andre Marie over at Saint Benedict Center.  We recommend reading this short essay in full.  But a sample is in order:

When considering the multiple scandals and heresies besetting the Church in our time, three Biblical verses come immediately to mind:
“And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea” (Mark 9:41).
“Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh” (Matthew 18:7).
“For there must be also heresies: that they also, who are approved, may be made manifest among you” (1 Cor. 11:19).
These two utterances of Our Lord and one of the Apostle to the Gentiles would be appropriate matter for our meditation, especially considering them in their tropological sense (concerning which, see here and here).
In a piece I recently wrote, I made a statement that I think is important — not because I wrote it, obviously, but because of the dogmatic truth that it expresses, one that is often forgotten today by the anxious faithful:
The work of conversion — and the work of living the Catholic life, which is an ongoing conversion — is the work of grace. The Mediatrix of All Grace is more powerful than the purveyors of ecclesiastical novelty, who will come and go while the Cross stands still.
The rest can be read here:

A common retort to people who tell this writer to avoid is despair is this: easy to say, hard to do.  But I believe Brother Andre's timely attempt to address this great problem is better, and more apposite.  It is also a workable antidote.

Scandal....heresy....and grace.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Roberto de Mattei spells it out clearly

(by Roberto de Mattei IL FOGLIO October 20, 2015) On October 17th 2015, Pope Francis announced how the Synod on the Family is going to conclude. Just a few days before the end of the work by the assembly of bishops, they have reached an impasse, and the way out of it, according to the Pope would be the decentralization of the Church.
This impasse is due to the division among those in the hall, who refer with firmness to the perennial Magisterium on marriage and those “innovators” who want to overturn two thousand years of Church teaching, but above all – the Truth of the Gospel. It is, in fact, the Word of Christ, the natural and Divine law, that a valid marriage – celebrated and consummated [ratum et consummatum] – by the baptized, cannot, under any circumstances, be dissolved by anyone.
A single exception [to this] would annul the absolute, universal value of this law and if it were to fall, the entire moral edifice of the Church would collapse. Marriage is either indissoluble or it isn’t and a disassociation between the principle and its practical application cannot be admitted. Between thoughts and words and between words and facts, the Church insists on a radical coherence, the coherence the Martyrs have borne witness to throughout history.

Read the rest here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Well, I am certainly glad to be straightened out on that point

Thank you, Rabbi Ben-Dahan, for explaining things so clearly.  Your honesty is to be commended.

Later that year, while discussing his opposition to Knesset legislation that would offer same-sex parents the same tax breaks as their heterosexual counterparts, Ben Dahan told Maariv that homosexual Jews were superior than gentiles — gay or straight.

“A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual,” he said.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Legal Scholars call for resistance to Obergefell

Sixty-four distinguished legal scholars call for resistance to the recent Supreme Court decree.

We stand with James Madison and Abraham Lincoln in recognizing that the Constitution is not whatever a majority of Supreme Court justices say it is. 
We remind all officeholders in the United States that they are pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the will of five members of the Supreme Court.  
We call on all federal and state officeholders: 
To refuse to accept Obergefell as binding precedent for all but the specific plaintiffs in that case.
To recognize the authority of states to define marriage, and the right of federal and state officeholders to act in accordance with those definitions.
To pledge full and mutual legal and political assistance to anyone who refuses to follow Obergefell for constitutionally protected reasons.

Nice to see some signs of courage finally showing up.

(Will the Catholic Church show equal courage?)

Read the whole article here:

(With thanks to dad29)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Christians in Syria, a video

At the UN last month Vladimir Putin asked a question of those in the audience who brought about the chaos in the Middle East.  He asked, "Do you know now what you have done?"  Shortly after that the Emperor Obama stepped up to the podium with a speech that indicated clearly that he didn't care what was done because, after all, he was the head of the greatest nation upon the earth.

In the video embedded in the following article, we at The Eye-Witness want you to see what has been done - and is being done -  to the Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, of Syria.  It was made by a Russian producer (it has English subtitles) who went over there to get first-hand information and video.

As we write this the United States is sending even more armaments to the people committing these crimes.  Washington has been behind the terrorists in Syria from the beginning, along with Saudi Arabia and of course Israel.  Right now US and Israeli planes are bombing Syrian infrastructure: sewage disposal, power plants, farms and government offices.  Russia, on the other hand, is working legally with the Syrian government in eradicating the monsters creating this misery, and their weapons depots and hideouts.  We leave it to the reader to decide which country is helping to save Christians and which ones are not.

No one who claims to be sympathetic to what these people are going through should miss this video.  If understanding is what you are after then this production will help you.

As of yesterday, YouTube was blocking it.  We don't know why.

You will find the article and video here:

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Romanian Catholic Doctors: No to Catholic Gnosticism

From Voice of the Family (h/t

Fra-Angelico-CrucufixionThe following intervention was made by Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea,  President of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Bucharest (Romania), at the Ordinary Synod on the Family on Friday.
Your Holiness, Synod Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, I represent the Association of Catholic Doctors from Bucharest.
I am from the Romanian Greek Catholic Church.
My father was a Christian political leader, who was imprisoned by the communists for 17 years. My parents were engaged to marry, but their wedding took place 17 years later.
My mother waited all those years for my father, although she didn’t even know if he was still alive. They have been heroically faithful to God and to their engagement.
Their example shows that God’s grace can overcome terrible social circumstances and material poverty.
We, as Catholic doctors, defending life and family, can see this is, first of all, a spiritual battle.
Material poverty and consumerism are not the primary cause of the family crisis.
The primary cause of the sexual and cultural revolution is ideological.

Read the rest here.

Friday, October 16, 2015

God is indeed good

Archbishop Msusa

With thanks to, who brought this story to our attention:

When we read things like this we know that all is not lost.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shut the mess down, Francis

Exasperation with the incompetence, servility and treason on vivid display in the Synod compels us, Catholics who understand the Divine origin of their religion, to demand that this whole ridiculous and dangerous farce be shut down without delay.  Nothing can save this Synod short of Divine Intervention, and to be honest I do not see us being worthy of such an intervention.  On the contrary, God in Heaven would seem to be wanting us to stew in our own juice for awhile.

This misbegotten Synod has already caused the gravest of scandals, not only among Catholics but the rest of the world as well. Non-Catholics marvel at the implosion of the Faith now on display before their eyes.  All the respect they once had for Catholicism is melting away like ice cream on a July afternoon.  Little ones are being scandalized - and I'm sure I needn't warn you Fathers of what happens to those who scandalize Christ's little ones.

The vexation you are causing the faithful is shocking.

"Fathers, provoke not your children to indignation, lest they be discouraged."

It is a form of spiritual torture that you Synod Fathers are inflicting upon a bleeding and suffering Church and the children of the Church.  I cannot see any good coming out of this, barring a miracle of Grace.

There is an internet call/petition for a massive walkout by the sensible Synod fathers in order to send a message to the Pope that this whole charade is irredeemable.  It is an interesting and well meant suggestion but I am not convinced that is the best way to handle this (though I can well understand many wishing to sign it).  I would think that if no one can convince the Pope to end this idiotic Synod the good prelates should stay in like good soldiers and fight it out.  I doubt such a walkout would have any effect whatsoever in any case. Moreover, if the good Bishops were to leave it would merely make it easier for the Roman Wreckers of the Rainbow Reich to have their way. They would most likely welcome such an exodus of serious Catholics.

Perhaps I am trying to stand up and stop a tsunami but my advice would be for the whole thing to be shut down.  Rather than a massive walkout, if the true Catholics there cannot convince the Pope to stop this careening train they should resign themselves to staying and fighting to the bitter end.

In any case the time to speak in nice diplomatic terms is now over, Holy Father.  In the interests of the Church I ask with all sincerity that you shut down this monstrosity before the entire Faith is engulfed.  Feed your sheep, Francis; don't leave them to fend for themselves.

[Since the Pope is unlikely to even see this plea, let alone consider acting upon it, we continue to pray and hope]

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Francis, I have a video to show you

Holy Father,

These are the forces that you and the Modernists will be unleashing upon the world if our worst fears about your Synod are realized.

I hope you are reflecting on this, since it happened in Argentina, a land that has been losing its Catholic faith on an almost hourly basis during the past 60 years.

May one poor Catholic offer you advice on your Synod?

Shut it down.

Is This the Face of the Homosexual Mafia in Rome?

Could be.  He is quiet, persuasive and dogged.  Just the type who can get things done.  It also helps that he has a boss who is a crafty, poorly-instructed and emotional loose cannon.

Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp

The Funniest line yet.

Lew Rockwell has one of the funniest - and most apt - lines yet about the presidential race, specifically referring to the Democrat Debate:

"The Dem debate was a reminder of what the GOP debate would be like without Trump:  people you wouldn’t want mowing your lawn calling for more government death and destruction, and more government theft, and putting you to sleep while doing it."

" wouldn't want mowing your lawn" indeed.

(Though I might allow them to remove the dog droppings from the yard.)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mr Putin explains exactly who created ISIS

I think he was too kind, too circumspect and less than willing to mention the other elephant in the room, but essentially Mr Putin of Russia tells us who exactly created ISIS.


From journalist Patrick Foy:

Who created ISIS? U.S. foreign policy. It's obvious. Who has controlled U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East for decades? What is the motivation for Washington to act repeatedly against American interests, European interests, and those of humanity at large? Are American politicians and officials really that stupid? Putin does not go there. It is up to Americans to go there. That is not Putin's job. Russia is a friend, not the enemy

Friday, October 9, 2015

Making the Catholic Church a laughingstock

That, I'm afraid, is what Pope Francis' streamlined annulment Motu Proprio has accomplished. Even a world that hates the Church always had a grudging respect for its consistency of teaching. That went right out of the window in the 1960s and has so degenerated to the point that we are now where we are, a confused, demoralized and lifeless body of people who do not know what they are doing anymore.

To ice this mouldy cake Francis offers a Motu Proprio that will make a bad situation infinitely worse, and the world will laugh at the whole sorry spectacle.  They will now see that they were right about Catholicism all along. It was a sham.

Those who might have had one toe in the Tiber will back off thinking, "why bother?"  The Church will now become more or less exactly like the church they may have been wanting to leave.  "I thought they were going to challenge me to attain something higher", the prospective convert might have thought, but apparently not.  "These clowns who are running that show can't be taken seriously anymore".  Unfortunately people can deduce from what they see.  They see a Church that is merely an object to be laughed at.

That is what they will think, sad to say.

That is why the Church, hated, reviled yet respected for 2,000 years, has been reduced to being the butt of rude jokes, nasty insinuations and weakness in the face of the aggression of its enemies.  It has lost the world's respect and is fast becoming nothing but a joke, something amusing to reflect on and then be quietly forgotten.  It is irrelevant.

There are many excellent essays on this disastrous Motu Proprio available on the internet so I can do no better than to refer readers to those.  For my part I am trying to somehow in my own small way, put my finger in the leaking wall to keep the water from flooding the basement.  I'm trying to convince any non-Catholic readers that this situation is not normal and that it cannot last - but that there will be severe damage done before this all ends.  There are those who have stated that if this Motu Proprio stands unchallenged it could essentially destroy the Sacrament of Matrimony.  It wouldn't take much to make that pillar of stability fall; one little push from a papal finger could do it.

I ask these non-Catholic readers and friends to realize that the Church, because it was founded by Christ, will not fail in the end.  The last two thousand years should have made that clear.  But it doesn't make sitting helplessly by watching its Crucifixion any easier to take.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Man with the Bad Nose

Whoever it was who smashed this man in the face, producing that prominent gherkin, doubtless with justifiable rage, must have affected the free movement of his brain cells.  Or something.  I am trying to figure out what else could cause the stupidities that continually drop from his mouth.

What is terribly, terribly saddening is that most people, Catholic and otherwise, will be drawing upon the mushy sentiments of this celebrity wannabe for all the news about current events in the Church:

We deserve much better than Thomas Rosica.  Unfortunately the Poof Mafia in the Church doesn't agree.

(By the way, it is my considered opinion that the man who convinced Rome to demean Kim Davis after her brief meeting with the Pope, and thereby cater to the homosexual Gestapo, was the gentleman pictured above.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, Destroyers of Europe

There comes a point in time when the gloves have to finally come off and things that need to be said, need to be said.  This post's title, admittedly a tad sensational nevertheless gets to the truth of the matter quickly and accurately.  These two gentleman (among many others) want to eradicate the remnants of Christianity in Europe.  And since nothing has changed since the days of Pontius Pilate these two tribesmen will get someone else to do their dirty work for them.

In the time honored classic manner of never letting a crisis go to waste these two notable fellows are using the created Middle East catastrophe - created by their co-religionists - to shoot another arrow into the heart of Europe.  Among the people fleeing to Europe due to the destruction of their countries are other people, financed and nurtured by swine like Mr Soros, who are coming on another errand, one that warms the cockles of Mr Soros' big heart.  These are Muslim fanatics.  And it doesn't take wacky, tacky harridans like Pamela Geller (another co-religionist) to make us see the dangers here.

But the point to remember here is that these imported fanatics are the same fanatics that Muslim countries like Syria and Iran are also fighting to the death, a point which needs stressing if we are to understand what is really going on over there.  These kinds of inconvenient facts are usually ignored by the Gellers of this world who really could care less about the real victims in all this, the Christians and innocent Muslims.  That is why our Israeli-occupied government and its news media rarely mention them.

The following article gives us a clue as to what may be Europe's fate if the Zuckerbergs and Soros' have their way:

From the article, a telling sentence: "This time, social engineering a la Soros and the company goes much further. There are no longer any local states where governments are overthrown and puppets are installed as in Ukraine. Now it comes to the whole Europe, in which the future social changes are installed by using the incoming waves of refugees."

First appeared:

Today, of course, is the anniversary of Lepanto, and the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.  It is the Rosary that will defeat the Muslim fanatic stooges, and their behind-the-scenes directors.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bits and Pieces

California governor Jerry Brown has just signed a "legal suicide" bill in California.  Governor Brown: please now show us how it's done.

Devout Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, standard-bearers of murder and sodomy, are mouthing off again about their noted devoutness.  Well, they must be devoted Catholics because Cardinal Dolan keeps handing them Holy Communion.

Presidential wannabe Marco Rubio thinks it would be a grand idea to go to war with Russia because Russia is too successful in stopping US assets like ISIS in Syria.  The recruiting office is just down the street, Marco.

The Boy Scouts are seeing a dwindling of the number of young boys eager to go on camping trips with child-molesting homosexual scout masters.  The Scout leadership is unable to explain this phenomenon.

The head of NATO is outraged at Russia for moving its country so close to its NATO bases.

News arrives that Martin Scorcese of all people, purveyor of the unmemorable, is making a video movie from Endo's harrowing novel, Silence.  Those who think that Kim Kardashian would be able to suitably perform brain surgery will no doubt believe that Mr Scorcese is a suitable director for that subject.

The banking industry is in a snit due to the fact that the taxpayer bailouts of their bad debts is not large enough.  Nor are their multi-million dollar bonuses.  Can anyone start a crowd-funding drive to help these poor souls?

You know Catholic blogdom might be in trouble when you see articles entitled, Catholic Fantasy Football Draft

The black-on-black, and black-on-white, murder rate is at an all time high in many US cities. According to the intelligentsia(sic) this is the result of crazed policemen and the legacy of slavery. The issue about government-encouraged bastardy, and boys growing up without fathers in the home, hasn't been noticed.

The Synod on the Family, Part Two, arrives in Rome this week.  Prelates and pundits are falling over themselves telling the world what the Synod needs to make a difference in today's world.   What it needs most is an exorcism.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't you love it?

Don't you just love it when you read headlines like "I'm gay and I'm against gay marriage", like one I read recently?  Do the folks who report on such stories ever think to ask themselves a question: Why are we reporting this?  Have we really thought this through?

Think about what has just been implied by that headline.

What has been implied is that, here is a sensible man, supposedly "born that way", who is against the evil that has just been thrust upon us by five black-robed sociopaths.  We are being asked to, one supposes, admire the person who made that statement.  This is what happens when we acquiesce to one little point made by these unfortunates.  They have convinced us that there is truth to the absurdity that one is "born that way".

How easily we enter dangerous waters.

What that man should have said, if he were completely honest, would have been this: "I am committing acts of unnatural vice which I have no intention of giving up, but I'm still not comfortable about allowing two queers to get 'married'."

When we start adopting their language and phrases we have lost.  When we use phrases like "sexual orientation" or words like "gay" to describe this atrocious behavior we have lost the argument.  We have conceded ground.  We have accepted defeat.

We have been manipulated.

So if you are weary of conceding battles to sodomites, in the next few weeks when you hear prelates and pundits use these words and phrases, why not call them out?  They are liars or cowards or indifferent.  When Cardinal  Kasper and crew tell us sex perverts are "born that way" go to the comboxes - but be prepared to defend your position not only against the usual miscreants, but your Catholic brothers as well, all too many of whom have bought into this mind-altering language. In the next two weeks we will be drowning in this malignancy.

Let's face it: there is nothing gay about sex perversion.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

St Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis

Papal majesty, when it still had majesty and was at its full dignity, as depicted by composer Ottorino Respighi.

From his Church Windows, the movement entitled "St Gregory the Great":


How we need a Gregory the Great now.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syria: what now?

I was going to begin this piece by warning readers to prepare for a full 24/7 propaganda campaign to be unleashed soon in order to confuse people about the current situation in Syria.  Before even finishing the draft on that first sentence the campaign had already begun, even, amazingly, before a single Russian plane was in the air.

As simply as I can state it, here is what is going on in Syria.  For over two decades Washington and Tel Aviv have had a hit list of countries Tel Aviv wants destroyed.  The list included Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria.  After Iraq and Libya were destroyed there remained only two major countries that stood in the way of the "Alliance".  Fighting in Syria began in earnest in 2007-2008 by using a US-created battering ram, aka ISIS, to do the preliminary work of destruction, murder and mayhem before US forces could move in and finish the job of destroying the country and ousting Israel's enemy, Bashir Assad.  In 2013 the time was considered right to step in.  A propaganda campaign (later proven false, of course) accusing Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people went into full swing.  Everything was ready to go, the US planes were about to depart.

Then something happened.  A Pope called for a day of fasting and prayer to stop the destruction of Syria, and a world leader stepped in to call America's bluff by convincing Assad to destroy his chemical weapons cache.  Suddenly, the war plans ceased.  I leave it to readers to determine who and what stopped several belligerent countries from demolishing innocent Syria.

Furious, the US decided on revenge to get back at the nation that they believe stopped their war on Syria,  A few months later, in February of 2014, a coup was staged in Kiev on the border of Russia and a pro-US puppet and oligarch was installed.  This CIA coup has wrecked the relations of many countries in the area, and engendered hatreds and suspicions on all sides.  Mission accomplished.

But Syria, then Iran, were still on the hit list.  ISIS, flush with money, American weapons and sophisticated training, went berserk.  Beheadings began, some real, some staged.  Low information citizens were buying into this, allowing their patriotism to rule over their common sense.  So the war drums beat again against Syria, thanks to the utter confusion created by a worldwide media which, I never tire of reminding people, is owned by essentially six or seven people, working hand-in-glove with the government.

ISIS horrors were becoming so blatant that people were demanding that it be crushed.  So, with the situation now ripe, America and Israel began bombing in Syria, without informing Syria, indeed ignoring the Syrian citizens with contempt by just showing up with their bombs.  (To get some idea of how the Syrians reacted to such arrogance imagine Chinese jets flying over Texas to bomb the locals, without being asked.) Why did they move on Syria now?  Because it was becoming clear that the Syrian army was making tremendous strides in crushing ISIS.  So the American and Israeli planes started to bomb....but not ISIS; they bombed Syrian army installations, civilian infrastructure and civilians.  After nearly 2,000 claimed sorties over Syria by the US, ISIS was growing stronger and Syria was being essentially demolished.  The ISIS supply lines were left intact, interestingly.

It was becoming clear that despite the successes the Syrian army was having in crushing ISIS, it was still not enough.  So the Syrians called upon and invited their long-time ally Russia for help. Before Russia would respond however, it had to get authorization from its parliament. Additionally, Russia invited the USA to work with them and the Syrian Army to crush the terrorists.  Washington flatly refused.  At the UN on Monday Vlad Putin once again called on other nations to help crush the villains but under pressure from the US, many sat timid and quiet.  So Russia, at the request of Syria, decided to act.  Yesterday, their planes began going after the ISIS monsters in earnest.

Washington was aghast.

Last night I was beginning to put these thoughts together in preparation for a post when I realized the full propaganda campaign was already in full swing.  The swiftness was breathtaking.  "Russia is targeting civilians", "Russia's efforts are doomed", "Russia is making it worse", etc. How the world media can turn on a dime instantly like that, and almost at the same moment, is further indication of the collusion between those six or seven media giants and the Empire.  The tragedy is that many good people are going to buy into this, using their emotions instead of their heads and allowing their patriotism to trump their critical thinking.

The mendacity of the government/media complex is a sight to behold,  There are, however, saner heads out there who can help:


Those two brief articles are very useful and can help counteract the Obamunists as they misinform, misdirect and throw fog in the faces of our fellow countrymen.

Writer Patrick Foy makes an interesting point:

"As for ISIS, the Sunni crazies, funded by our other "allies", the Gulf states, all you really need to know about how serious the U.S. was in destroying ISIS can be found in a casual remark by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at the end of an article in the NY Times last Thursday, September 24th. White House Says President Obama and Vladimir Putin Will Meet Next Week. Here's the paragraph at the end of the article:

At a news conference with the Ukrainian defense minister at the Pentagon, Mr. Carter expressed worry that Russia may use its military buildup to indiscriminately attack Syrian rebels who oppose Mr. Assad, a move he compared to “pouring gasoline” on the war there.

In other words, attacking ISIS is not a good idea, according to the U.S. Secretary of Defense. We all know that Washington is the world's expert on "pouring gasoline" into explosive areas of the world. And by the way, how do you indiscriminately attack an organized army of terrorists? Sounds difficult. Talk about obfuscation! My point is, Obama is irrelevant, except in his capacity as a front man." 

There is grave danger ahead, though.  Since the US refused to join with Russia, Iraq, Iran and others to stamp out the ISIS pestilence, Russia asked them to get their planes out of the skies over Syria (where they were never invited to be anyway) and let the serious people get the job done.  America refused.  They then offered to coordinate information between Syrian Army intelligence, Russia and allies, and the US.  The US, at the time of this writing, also refused that. So there is potential for something really bad to happen here.  Israel swaggered in warning everyone that if any bombs enter their space they will retaliate.  Amazingly, as if on cue, a mysterious explosive appeared just inside the Israeli "border", and then Israel flew in and bombed some Syrian Army staging area.  With two irrational, sociopathic people like Mr Netanyahu and Mr Obama at the switch anything can happen. Keep praying.

Muslim Shi-ites and Christians under Mr Assad have been extricating radical Muslin Sunnis like ISIS from their once-peaceful land for nearly a decade.  They have had successes, but at a terrible cost.  Now they have a powerful friend helping them.  Let us see what happens.

The fact that John McCain is becoming unglued over Russians eliminating ISIS is certainly telling, if nothing else:


Pat Buchanan weighs in:


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