Monday, October 30, 2017

Srda Popovic: Doer of Great Evil

F William Engdahl exposes the sordid career of this regime-change impresario who now has his sights set on Victor Orban of Hungary.

From the article:

Many readers likely never heard the name of the remarkable Serbia-born political operator named Srđa Popović. Yet he and his organization, CANVAS, have played a lead role in most every CIA-backed Color Revolution since he led the toppling of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, at least fifty according to last count. Now he has turned his sights on Hungary and Hungary’s popular and defiant Prime Minister Victor Orban.

On September 8, the professional regime-change specialist Srđa Popović came to Budapest and joined with the anti-Orban opposition groups in front of the Hungarian Parliament. It‘s clear that Popović was not in town to promote his Hungarian book on nonviolent regime change but rather to give aid to the anti-Orban parties before Hungarian elections in spring of 2018. Many in Hungary smell the oily hand of Hungarian-born regime-change financier George Soros behind the Popović appearance now in Budapest.

Because of the manufactured aura of “hip doer-of-good-deeds” surrounding the personality of Srđa Popović, it’s useful to look closely at who sponsored his remarkable career since he founded a tiny Belgrade student opposition NGO called Otpor! in 1998 with its now famous clenched fist logo. The career of Srđa Popović from 2000 until today suggest a remarkably dishonest manipulator in the service of foreign intelligence agencies and governments, despite his vehement claims otherwise.

Serbia’s Otpor!
Popović first came to international notice as the founder of the Belgrade student political activist organization Otpor! which means “Resistance!” in Serbian. In October 1998 Popović founded Otpor!, initially as a student protest group at Belgrade University dealing with student grievances. That was soon to change. He and other Otpor founders were trained in the methods of US regime-change specialist Gene Sharp founder of the Albert Einstein Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts and by US State Department soft coup specialists such as Belgrade Ambassador Richard Miles and other trained US intelligence operatives, including election specialists and public relations image makers.

Guiding Otpor!’s Milošević ouster operation, US Ambassador to Serbia Richard Miles was a specialist in regime change, far more so than in classical diplomacy. He orchestrated the CIA coup in Azerbaijan that brought Aliyev to power in 1993 before arriving in Belgrade, and after that went on to orchestrate the CIA coup in Georgia that brought US asset Mikheil Saakashvili to power.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID), widely known as a CIA front, had channeled the Serb Otpor! Millions of dollars in funds through commercial contractors and through the US-government-financed NGOs: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute. The Open Society Institute of George Soros was also funneling money into Popović ’s Otpor! for the toppling of Milosevic. I have yet to find a CIA and US State Department regime change or Color Revolution in which the “democracy-building” foundations of Soros were not in a kind of harmony with the Washington State Department and CIA agenda. Maybe just a coincidence.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Our Only and Final Hope

We have from time to time referred our readers to the writings of Mr James Larson whose works are always interesting if not sometimes controversial in traditional Catholic circles.  Be that as it may it is always interesting to read him for his Thomist background puts him on solid Catholic footing.

In this long but fascinating piece by Mr Larson he lays down what is our only and final hope.  Few Catholics will disagree with him on this vital point.  And as he points out we are surely near the final stages of complete collapse in the Church, aided and abetted by recent Popes, particularly the madman who now rules the roost.

Mr Larson's article begins:

Our Hope: Fatima, and What Remains of True Catholic Intelligence
For he that doth truth, cometh to the light (John 3: 21)
Fatima is our only Hope. All that follows is a journey “to the Borders” to this conclusion.
In a 27 page letter, dated July 16th, 2017, 62 intellectuals sent a letter titled Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus  Propagatis (Filial Correction For the Propagation of  Heresies) to Pope Francis addressing “the propagation of heresies effected by the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia and by other words, deeds and omissions of Your Holiness.” On September 24, the website Rorate Caeli published this document, accompanied by the following introductory Note:
There will be many Catholics, even traditionalists, whose first defeatist reaction will be to belittle this effort. But the wise, the learned in history, will understand that this is just the first part, the first piece of the puzzle, with next steps still to come in a long and extended process.
 This first step is an initiative of a theological nature that will likely lead, God willing, to an initiative of a canonical nature from those who have the mandate to act. And so it begins. [this statement rendered in bold emphasis was also the title of Rorate Caeli’s presentation of the Correctio….].
This statement is simply false. There is, in the first place, no “initiative of a canonical nature” by which the Pope can be disciplined or declared deposed. I recommend my articles A Tower of Babel: The Rush to Depose a Pope, and Cardinal Burke: The Center Will Not Hold, in reference to this subject (all articles referenced can be found in the menu of the left side of this page).
Secondly, the solution to the present crisis does not, I think, lie in an intellectual initiative. The minds of Catholic intellectuals have largely been eviscerated of the ability to penetrate to the intellectual roots of the present crisis. This is fully evident in the Correctio Filialis itself, which never penetrates to the root heresy present in Amoris Laetitia. I will have more to say about this later. First, in order to help “flesh-out” what will later be discussed, I offer the following:

                                    Read the whole article.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good things from Cardinal Sarah

In case you missed this article when it appeared last June here it is for your edification.

There is much to admire here.  How he remains gracious and patient under such a whirlwind of abuse (most of it at a Junior High school level) is an inspiring example for this writer.

It begins like this:

A growing crowd wants Cardinal Robert Sarah’s head on a platter. Open a liberal Catholic periodical and you are likely to find a call for the dismissal of the Guinean cardinal who heads the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship: “It’s past time for [Pope Francis] to replace Cardinal Sarah” (Maureen FiedlerNational Catholic Reporter); “New wine might be needed at the Congregation for Divine Worship” (Christopher Lamb, the Tablet); “Curia officials who refuse to get with Francis’s programme should leave. Or the Pope should send them somewhere else” (Robert MickensCommonweal); “Francis must put his foot down. Cardinals like Robert Sarah … may feel that with a papacy heading in the wrong direction, foot-dragging is a duty. But that does not mean Francis has to put up with them” (The Editors, the Tablet).
Sarah was not always treated as the most dangerous man in Christendom. When he was appointed to his post by Pope Francis in 2014, he enjoyed the goodwill even of those who criticise him today. Mickens described him as “unambitious, a good listener and, despite showing a clear conservative side since coming to Rome … a ‘Vatican II man’ ”. Lamb was told by his sources that Sarah was someone liberals could like, the kind of bishop who was sympathetic to “inculturation”. John Allen summed up the consensus around the Vatican: Sarah was a low-profile bishop, “warm, funny and modest”.
All that changed on October 6, 2015, the third day of the contentious synod on the family. The synod fathers were riven by the seemingly competing demands of reaching out to people who felt stigmatised by the Church’s sexual teaching and boldly proclaiming truth to a hostile world. In what has come to be known as the “apocalyptic beasts” speech, Sarah insisted that both were possible. “We are not contending against creatures of flesh and blood,” he told his brother bishops. “We need to be inclusive and welcoming to all that is human.” But the Church must still proclaim the truth in the face of two great challenges. “On the one hand, the idolatry of Western freedom; on the other, Islamic fundamentalism: atheistic secularism versus religious fanaticism.”

                                                      Read the whole article.

One editorial note.  In the Cardinal's description of the two forces working to destroy the Church he sadly fails to add the third, the one that is indeed the absolutely greatest threat, Judeo-Masonry.  This threat has been in operation one way or another since before there was any such thing as a Muslim.  But to speak of this is to break one of the great taboos, and most Churchmen prefer to remain silent about it.

When they break that silence the healing of the Church will begin in earnest.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Racism: I'm sick to death of hearing about it

This is getting so ridiculous, and so dangerous, that I wonder how it will all end.  I expect not pretty.  But now it is time to fight back, thoughtfully and calmly.  We have to stand up and say "we're not going to take this anymore".  If that means starting a website or blog, simple projects, then we must do so.

Our American negroes had better calm down, stop being so hypersensitive and, most importantly, stop allowing yourselves to be used as either suckers or cannon fodder for the turmoil which evil men want to create in this country.

You black women have to stop having illegitimate children and demand a wedding ring before engaging in the marital act.

You black men need to stop being useless and criminal drains on this country and the patience of its citizens.  Get a job, for Heaven's sake.  Every preference in hiring these days is given to your race.  So get responsible.  Oh, and it might be nice if you stop rioting, stealing, murdering and raping.

Here is what happened to Marc Faber recently...but, God bless him, he fought back.  Time we did, too.

As hypersensitivity across the world reaches a fever pitch, it seems that no one is immune to accusations ranging from racism to xenophobia. Nowhere was this more evident in the past week than when well known and highly trusted economic and geopolitical analyst Marc Faber was accused of racism after publishing a recent market commentary in his monthly Gloom Boom Doom Report. As is often the case, Faber analyzes global events using historical events as reference points, which in today’s day and age of intolerantly silencing speech and tearing down monuments is a dangerous proposition for someone who speaks with such honesty and forthrightness. So dangerous, in fact, that Faber was quickly asked to resign several board seats at top financial and mining firms around the world.
As well, the establishment media made it clear his views were no longer welcomed at Fox News and CNBC, where he has often shared colorful and insightful ideas for years.
Though the mainstream would prefer to keep the public’s eyes closed to the reality of not only history but where we find ourselves today and why, Future Money Trends featured Marc Faber in an exclusive interview, where among his latest economic and financial outlooks, he responds directly to his accusers with the candor for which he is so affectionately known.
It’s an interview that many people, especially in America, should take the time to watch because if you support the wrong political candidate, certain immigration or health care policies, traditional morals or even standing for the National Anthem, you too have been, directly or indirectly, accused of spreading hate and racism just as has been the case with Dr. Faber.
I’ve been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist… I don’t think that corresponds at all to the reality. 
I wrote a report and I wrote about capitalism, socialism, private property and property rights… and I also wrote about the tendency nowadays to want to erase history… in other words, in the U.S. they’re trying to tear down statues of people who 150 years ago had a slightly different view than other people had at the time… they also tried to tear down statues of Columbus, which historically is one of the great…one of the most important personalities

Read the whole article.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

It's reading time at Michelle Obama Library. Do you know where your children are?

This is so typical of the swine who lord it over us that it is almost funny - in a perverse sort of way.  It's nice to know that Satanic Queers are allowed such full access to children, that group of souls so desired by the Evil One.

But what else would one expect at a public library named after Michelle Obama ?

From The Duran:

The Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California hosted a horned satanic looking drag queen over the weekend to read books to young children.
The event was as part of the library’s celebration of LGBTQ History Month…which does not explain why the demon like guest, known as Xochi Mochi, was called in to read to children.
We can only imagine that as part of indoctrinating the little children to liberal left ideology, the library felt it was important to bring in the most frightful representation of liberal decay in America they could find.

Read the whole article.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Naziism and Fascism are Dead

From Bill Lind:

On both sides of the political spectrum the words “Nazi” and “Fascist” have come in common use.  I have bad news for both the nuts carrying swastika flags and the thugs known as the “Antifa” (for the “Anti-fascists”): Nazism and Fascism are dead.
Fascism and its younger, illegitimate brother Nazism were products of specific historical circumstances that bear no resemblance to today’s America.  Both sprang from tremendous anger at the outcome of World War I in two countries that suffered heavily in that conflict, Germany and Italy.  Having agreed to an armistice it thought would lead to a peace based on Wilson’s Fourteen Points, Germany was instead handed the Diktat of Versailles, which both humiliated and impoverished the country.  Thanks to her usual treachery, Italy was on the winning side (she was allied to Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1914), but the other Allied Powers treated her with contempt and she gained little at the Versailles Conference, after suffering a million casualties.  Italy had the outlook of a defeated country.
Fascism and Nazism were responses to defeat.  They worshipped strength, despised weakness, and sought to leave behind the whole Christian component of Western culture and return to the value system of the ancient world where power was the highest good.  Fatally, both turned an instrumental virtue, will, into a substantive virtue; the act of will was good in itself regardless of what was willed.  This led to such disasters as Mussolini’s entry into World War II, Hitler’s offhand declaration of war on the United States, and the Holocaust.  Italian Fascism was not race-based, but Nazism offered an ideology’s usual single-factor explanation of history in the form of Aryan supremacy.  As the joke ran in Germany, the ideal Aryan was blond like Hitler and slim like Goering.
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Senior Hungarian Official: Soros is an Agent of Satan

I couldn't agree more.  Soros, while hardly the only super-rich gent trying to dissolve Christianity into nothingness, is surely one of its highest profile faces.  A hideous, diseased face, I might add.

Here is a good article by Dan Lyman at Russia Insider detailing the courageous and true remarks by Hungarian official Andras Aradszki calling out Mr Soros for what he is, an agent of the Evil One.

It begins thusly:

Senior Hungarian Gov't Minister Says Soros 'Agent of Satan' Attacking Christianity

We couldn't agree more.
"We see the great European attacks against families, in which Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of nation states for the purpose of watering down the Christian spirit of Europe ..."
Sat, Oct 14, 2017

Here he is having a chuckle with another servant of evil
The Hungarian government has established itself as a steadfast opponent of George Soros and the globalist agenda at the political and social levels, but now they have taken the battle spiritual, warning Soros is executing a Satanic scheme to destroy Europe.
András Aradszki, Hungary's State Secretary for Energy, delivered a speech to fellow parliamentarians titled, "The Christian duty to fight against the Satan/Soros Plan," in which he warned of an all-out attack on Christianity, traditional values, and the nuclear family.

Read the whole article.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Music and Salvation

I have often wondered if great liturgical music could possibly change the thinking of even the most die-hard devotees of the new Mass.  If they were to throw out the banalities and ugliness of their current repertoires, common as dirty dishwater in most of today's churches and just as appetizing, would their minds, hearts and distant memories embrace the beauty of Gregorian chant ?

The more I muse on this the more I begin to realize the vital importance of music in our lives.  Regular readers of this blog know that I try on occasion to introduce them to musical compositions that I hope they will be pleased to hear.  Certainly one's personal taste is an important factor here: one man's meat is another man's cold porridge.  Yet I hope that by introducing them to this music it might open up for them some new appreciations for things beautiful.

I was lucky.  When I was young three motion pictures forever implanted in my brain the greatness of great music.  And these three films certainly had great, truly great, music scores.  They opened up for me a whole new world of great music, led me to the classics and reinforced what in those pre-Vatican II days the lovely things I heard in church on Sundays.  They also saved me from the "pop" music culture that was capturing the fascination of all others in my age group.  I was sometimes looked upon as a freak for not having the slightest interest in Elvis, John, Paul, George and Ringo.  I wanted well-composed music.  [For those interested those three film scores that changed my life forever were "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" whose score was composed by Bernard Herrmann, "The Robe" composed by Alfred Newman and "Ben Hur" composed by Miklos Rozsa, scores which to this day I never tire of listening to on cd.]  Not to be forgotten are my mother and dad who were admirers of lighter but no less delightful musical pieces of the Strauss waltz genre.  That too kept me away from banality in music.

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life but one of the few right things I did was to expose my children to fine music.  I believe all of them maintain a love for great music, be it composed by Beethoven, Prokoviev or Herrmann, all of whose works (and more) they are completely familiar with.  But enough autobiography.

Can great liturgical music, formed by tradition, bring back to their artistic senses even those whose musical appreciation has been stomped into the ground by what passes for Mass today ?  Looking around at a barren church landscape I have my doubts.  But we must try to help do so.  Speaking to a sympathetic parish priest is a possibility.  Letters to the editor ?  Reminding the Vatican II sycophants that even that misbegotten Council called for pride of place to be given to Gregorian Chant ?

It is also helpful to remember the Gregorian chant "craze" that hit the cd market some years back.  They were international best sellers.  Interesting.

I don't have the answers; I can only throw out an idea or two.  Hopefully someone more familiar with these matters could chime in with more solid ideas than I could muster.

In the meantime allow me to call your attention to this interesting article by Sandro Magister from last March on the necessity of returning to, at least, musical tradition.  I do not endorse his idea of congregational singing during Mass at all, which is usually atrocious, but not after Mass when we can leave if the cacophony becomes too unbearable.  In any case, the article is a good read and begins thusly:

Today, March 5, marks the fiftieth anniversary of “Musicam Sacram,” the last great document on this subject, published in 1967 with the joint signature of Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, archbishop of Bologna and president of the “Consilium” for the implementation of the conciliar constitution on the liturgy, and of Cardinal Arcadio Larraona, prefect of the sacred congregation of rites, with the approval of Paul VI.
And now the declaration presented below, published today all over the world, sketches an overview of the current state of sacred music in the Catholic Church half a century after that document, an overview that is inevitably critical, and follows this up with eight proposals for a change for the better.
The statement has been promoted by two famous musician-musicologists: the Italian Aurelio Porfiri, director of the international magazine “Altare Dei” published in Macao and Hong Kong and an author of books and essays on sacred music and liturgy, and the American Peter A. Kwasniewski, professor of theology and philosophy and choir director at Wyoming Catholic College.
They have been promptly joined by more than two hundred experts in the field of liturgical music, all over the world. The list of signers is on the website of the website directed by Porfiri, together with the text of the declaration in six languages:
Enjoy the read!

A Statement on the Current Situation of Sacred Music
We, the under signed—musicians, pastors, teachers, scholars, and lovers of sacred music—humbly offer to the Catholic community around the world this statement, expressing our great love for the Church’s treasury of sacred music and our deep concerns about its current plight.

"Cantate Domino canticum novum, cantate Domino omnis terra" (Psalm 96): this singing to God’s glory has resonated for the whole history of Christianity, from the very beginning to the present day. Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition alike bear witness to a great love for the beauty and power of music in the worship of Almighty God. The treasury of sacred music has always been cherished in the Catholic Church by her saints, theologians, popes, and laypeople.
Such love and practice of music is witnessed to throughout Christian literature and in the many documents that the Popes have devoted to sacred music, from John XXII’s "Docta Sanctorum Patrum" (1324) and Benedict XIV’s "Annus Qui" (1749) down to Saint Pius X’s Motu Proprio "Tra le Sollecitudini" (1903), Pius XII’s "Musicae Sacrae Disciplina" (1955), Saint John Paul II’s Chirograph on Sacred Music (2003), and so on. This vast amount of documentation impels us to take with utter seriousness the importance and the role of music in the liturgy. This importance is related to the deep connection between the liturgy and its music, a connection that goes two ways: a good liturgy allows for splendid music, but a low standard of liturgical music also tremendously affects the liturgy. Nor can the ecumenical importance of music be forgotten, when we know that other Christian traditions—such as Anglicans, Lutherans, and the Eastern Orthodox—have high esteem for the importance and dignity of sacred music, as witnessed by their own jealously-guarded “treasuries.”

Read the whole article. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thank you, Cardinal Sarah.....and a friendly warning

This blog would like to offer thanks to His Eminence Cardinal Sarah for his forthright defense in the Wall Street Journal on the teachings of the Church regarding homosexuality.  It was a great defense and I am grateful that a high-ranking Cardinal took up the cudgels on our behalf. Someone was certainly required to deflate that pompous ass Fr Martin (who we strongly suspect, based on his writings, is a homosexual himself) but while we thank the Cardinal we must point out one thing he wrote that, unfortunately, walked right into the buying of the Homosexual Collective Scenario.

He writes:

"In her teaching about homosexuality, the church guides her followers by distinguishing their identities from their attractions and actions. First there are the people themselves, who are always good because they are children of God. Then there are same-sex attractions, which are not sinful if not willed or acted upon but are nevertheless at odds with human nature."

The operative phrase in the article, which in its essentials accepts the the homo propaganda, is "distinguishing their identities from their attractions and actions".  He mentions a person who has an "identity".  But what is an identity?  Has His Eminence fallen for the "sexual orientation" ploy?  That a soul can be "born that way"?  I most sincerely hope not.

Any sinner can claim that he was "born that way"?  That is why to examine and think about that phrase carefully is to expose the absurdity of it.  I believe the issue is more about culpability than the notion of being born an ax murderer. Here is where a good priest will always be helpful. Yes, there are degrees of culpability: when one thinks about committing a sin, even a serious one, this does not determine his loss or gain of eternal salvation.  But one who loudly talks of committing a sin, such as sodomy, is now treading on very serious grounds.

To define the essence of all sin let us turn to our only teacher, the Church. In the ancient rite Mass we read in the Confiteor:

"I confess to almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, to all the saints, and to you, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed..., etc."

It would indeed be difficult to find anything as clear-cut as that.  Thought.  Word.  Deed.  All are sins, says the Confiteor.  Priest and penitent can discuss it in the Confessional and work out the specifics of culpability.  We kid ourselves if we dismiss sinning by "thought" as a mere trifle.  We have only to see what it leads to if we are being honest with ourselves.

It is not my place to lecture a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, especially one who attempts to bring order out of chaos as Cardinal Sarah does.  But I do believe I can warn him of the traps that are set for him which can undermine the teachings of Holy Church.

Still, I am grateful for any words from on high that try to repair severe damage.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Russia wants to confront its past

From Russia Insider:

Recently, a fascinating trend in Russian society has emerged: a peaking, nation-wide interest in history, especially post-Revolution history and, even more so, the (in)famous Stalin years.
This year, on the centennial of the Russian Revolution of 1917, Russians are finally ready to grapple with the countless ghosts of the victims of Soviet purges and repressions: the Christians, the liberals, the peasants, the nobility, the foreigners, and so many other random “counterrevolutionaries.”
This is the first large organized social attempt to address the brutal historical reality. Russians are discussing, debating, organizing exhibitions, building memorials and walls of tears for the victims. RGRU, the official Russian government publication of historical documents has created an official page called "reconciliation" for materials and news related to the memorialization and discussion of the Revolution and the Red Terror. 

Read the whole article.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Blase Cupich, the Intellectual Midget

The Great Blase has spoken.

He pontificates: We must graduate from an "adolescent" spirituality into an "adult" spirituality, by going whole hog on Amoris Dementia Laetitia.  Goodness, that's a long period of adolescence for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, Mr Cupich.  About 2,000 years.  That must be, according to this giant of theological prowess, the worst case of arrested development in the entire history of the world.

Here's a report on these statements:

Simply amazing.  The Church was, according to Blase, run by morons, kindergarteners and knuckleheads for 20 centuries, people like The Apostles, The Fathers and Doctors of the Church, St John Chrysostom, St Augustine, St Thomas More, St Thomas Aquinas, Gregory the Great, etc.  Why, even the Son of God cannot escape Blase Cupich's depiction of an early Church of incurable adolescents.  But no more, thank goodness.  Now instead of archaic Biblical admonitions from Jesus Christ we have the Church run by a New Regime of Fun, Games, Adultery and Sodomy of which this Cardinal is a major spokesman and cheer leader.

Sometimes it's amusing to probe the stupidities of such puny minds as that of Mr Cupich's.  But not always, especially when one realizes the power this man has over a gigantic American diocese.  In a new meeting the other day with fellow arch-Modernists at Boston College, the link to which we provided above, all of them slobbering over Amoris and its potential to send millions of souls directly to Hell, Cupich and his crew went into overdrive to promote Pope Francis' terrible document, a document, by the way, which has no binding authority whatsoever to back up its heresies.

Why do we wearily go on writing about these clerical misanthropes who have taken their axes and jackhammers to the foundations of Christ's Church ?  Why continue the torture of reading about them ?  It does, one must admit, get tiring.  As for this writer, however, I occasionally plumb the depths of minds such as Cupich's for two reasons: to apply a very appropriate weapon of ridicule against such personages and, secondly, to know that one day such men and their corrosive ideas will be ground into dust by Heaven.  And that provides much satisfaction.

Post scriptum:

I often wonder if Mr Cupich's first name wasn't well-chosen.  It does indicate, rhyming with another word which also begins with a "b" (such as Blase/blaze), what lies ahead for him once God calls him to account.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Respighi: St Michael the Archangel

Music to restore our Catholic fighting spirit, from "Church Windows" by Ottorino Respighi, the section entitled "St Michael the Archangel".


Friday, October 6, 2017

More Pro Life glimmers of hope

Russia will not be able to repair nearly a century of Communist damage in a few years but it is making progress, and decidedly so.  The pro-life sentiment has been steadily growing over there and we should not fail to notice.

Pro-life opponents of abortion will hold the “They Could Have Gone to School” event on September 14 to mark the start of the academic new year. The event will be held in 34 cities throughout Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Krasnodar, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Orenburg, reports RIA-Novosti.
“Members of the all-Russian movement For Life! will try to draw public attention to the fact that Russia loses the equivalent of two major schools’ worth of students every day in the country’s abortion clinics,” the movement’s press service reported.
“During the event, activists will display children’s shoes on city squares, symbolizing the daily number of abortions in individual regions and localities. Organizers plan to put out 2,000 pairs of children’s shoes in the capital on the square in Sokolniki Park, which corresponds to the daily number of abortions in the country. Volunteers are currently collecting shoes from Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region,” For Life! reports.
According to the organizers, the shoes are designed to “visualize the dry statistics of abortion.” The shoes will then be given to poor families.
Over the course of two and a half years, another program, “Save a Life,” which works with more than 140 psychologists and social workers in 86 cities throughout Russia, has managed to prevent 7,000 abortions by women with financial problems. 65,000 in all have received help from the program’s various facets. Activists believe that the state and society have enough resources to help such families keep their babies.

Read the whole article.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Syria appeals to St Michael the Archangel

If we navigate through the fog of mass media and propaganda some interesting facts begin to emerge showing us that the realities are quite different.  We are asked to believe that all Arabs (including the Catholics we suppose) are vicious terrorists, that the US and Israel are fighting ISIS, that we are always the good guys, another "great generation", whose words and actions are the equivalent of Holy Writ.

But this news item, virtually ignored in the world (and, oddly, Catholic) press sends some fascinating light on what is really happening in poor, beleaguered Syria.

They have called for the aid of Saint Michael the Archangel to protect their land, a land where Christ once walked.
September 29 is dedicated to
St. Michael the Archangel,
Warrior and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts
We invoke his protection on Syria,
on Syrian Arab Army and All Patriots,
men and women, who in one way or another,
armed with weapons or pens,
through diplomacy or through their work,
are defending the Homeland Syria
against malicious attacks by the powers of evil.

Read the whole article.

Pray for Syria, being threatened by the world at the direction of the usual suspects who want nothing but carnage, misery and the destruction of Christendom.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

God's wonderful sense of humor

Sometimes God wishes to remind us puny men who worship at the altar of science and technology that, well, He is the one in control.

A great article:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gary Potter looks at "the goddess"

There is a line of Scripture politicians commonly recite when American warriors killed in action or law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty are commemorated. They may refrain from identifying the New Testament as its source lest they risk breaching our liberal republic’s sacred “wall of separation” between Church and state, but we can do so. It is John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

We recall this saying of Our Lord on self-sacrifice because our subject here is Ayn Rand, author of phenomenally-successful best-selling novels (The Fountainhead, first published in 1943, and Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957) and leading light of a brand of philosophy cobbled together by her and that she and her disciples called Objectivism. Some have described it as “romantic selfishness.” Moral anarchy would be a better description.

A celebrity in her day, Rand was frequently interviewed on television and in print media. Numerous of the TV interviews can be found on YouTube by those who are interested. They will hear that she had a stock answer for responding to any interviewer who asked, “What is Objectivism?” or “What exactly do you believe?”

She gave the same answer in a Playboy magazine interview in 1964. She held that “man exists for his own sake, that the pursuit of his own happiness is his highest moral purpose, that he must not sacrifice himself for others, nor others to himself.”

That’s quite a contrast to John 15:13.

If the notion that the pursuit of our own happiness is our highest moral purpose strikes us as an idea that would have special appeal to a self-absorbed adolescent, we shall ignore it that it is also proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, the republic’s foundational document, as one of three “unalienable rights,” together with life and liberty. What interests us is that Rand’s philosophy figures in the thinking, and perforce the actions, of men of power today who are old enough that they ought long ago to have outgrown the self-centeredness of adolescence.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

How utterly charming

Signs of the Times:

Some addle-brained "musician" has produced an interesting video of himself lynching a white child. Aside from the innate barbarity of such an idea it must be much worse to have to watch (yeccch) or listen to (double yeccch) this "production."

As the rapper is from Florida let us hope Irma finds him.

A black rapper released a music video for a new single Tuesday in which he can be seen lynching a young white child.
The Florida rapper, XXXTentacion, put out the music video for his song, “Look at Me!,” which examines police brutality and racism in America. One part of the video shows XXXTentacion placing a white child and a black child in front of a noose. The rapper encourages the white child to place it around his neck and then proceeds to hang him.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

A flesh-eating synthetic bacteria

Another article pointing out the dangers of biological tampering.

The reports about tests on human beings that are being routinely carried out by certain Western corporations have become a sort of a trend these days.

Among others, one can recall the story about the long struggle between civil authorities of various states and the US chemical giant Monsanto provoked by research in the potential dangers of GMO products, and the Monsanto-produced herbicide Roundup in particular. The actual damage inflicted on the agricultural business of various states is yet to be carefully assessed, but even at this stage it safe to say that Monsanto’s expansion into India and surrounding markets resulted in deaths of thousands of people.

However, in the nearest future, the planet could face yet another “monster” that was bred deep inside US corporate laboratories. We are talking about the first synthetic bacteria – Cynthia, created “to combat oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico” which, according to the various reports that are often ignored by the corporate media, has mutated and has started attacking animals and humans. Now this highly lethal microorganism is on its way to Europe.

One could recall that back in April 2010 an explosion at a British Petroleum oil rig resulted in millions of barrels of oil contaminating the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the drastic measures taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe, an oil slick produced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill covered over sixty thousand square miles.

As one of the means of addressing the environmental catastrophe on their hands, Washington decided to take drastic measures, regardless of the possible consequences of those actions. It was at that time when an artificially created microorganism nicknamed Cynthia was unleashed, without any kind of examination of the possible threat it may pose to the environment.

Cynthia is the brainchild of the J. Craig Venter Institute — which was engaged in genetic engineering experiments since the beginning of the 21st century — and Synthetic Genomics Inc, and was created and funded directly by BP. It was believed that Cynthia feeds on oil, but it turns out now that it is equally willing to consume all forms of organic life as well…

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