Monday, October 9, 2017

Blase Cupich, the Intellectual Midget

The Great Blase has spoken.

He pontificates: We must graduate from an "adolescent" spirituality into an "adult" spirituality, by going whole hog on Amoris Dementia Laetitia.  Goodness, that's a long period of adolescence for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, Mr Cupich.  About 2,000 years.  That must be, according to this giant of theological prowess, the worst case of arrested development in the entire history of the world.

Here's a report on these statements:

Simply amazing.  The Church was, according to Blase, run by morons, kindergarteners and knuckleheads for 20 centuries, people like The Apostles, The Fathers and Doctors of the Church, St John Chrysostom, St Augustine, St Thomas More, St Thomas Aquinas, Gregory the Great, etc.  Why, even the Son of God cannot escape Blase Cupich's depiction of an early Church of incurable adolescents.  But no more, thank goodness.  Now instead of archaic Biblical admonitions from Jesus Christ we have the Church run by a New Regime of Fun, Games, Adultery and Sodomy of which this Cardinal is a major spokesman and cheer leader.

Sometimes it's amusing to probe the stupidities of such puny minds as that of Mr Cupich's.  But not always, especially when one realizes the power this man has over a gigantic American diocese.  In a new meeting the other day with fellow arch-Modernists at Boston College, the link to which we provided above, all of them slobbering over Amoris and its potential to send millions of souls directly to Hell, Cupich and his crew went into overdrive to promote Pope Francis' terrible document, a document, by the way, which has no binding authority whatsoever to back up its heresies.

Why do we wearily go on writing about these clerical misanthropes who have taken their axes and jackhammers to the foundations of Christ's Church ?  Why continue the torture of reading about them ?  It does, one must admit, get tiring.  As for this writer, however, I occasionally plumb the depths of minds such as Cupich's for two reasons: to apply a very appropriate weapon of ridicule against such personages and, secondly, to know that one day such men and their corrosive ideas will be ground into dust by Heaven.  And that provides much satisfaction.

Post scriptum:

I often wonder if Mr Cupich's first name wasn't well-chosen.  It does indicate, rhyming with another word which also begins with a "b" (such as Blase/blaze), what lies ahead for him once God calls him to account.


Anonymous said...

With number of Catholics that have left and are leaving the Faith in Chicago, Little Boy Blaise will be preaching to the waves in Lake Michigan soon. Or perhaps he could preach to the faggot deviants that inhabit the beach along the lake, which makes it off limits to decent people.

Aged parent said...

Well said, Anon. Many thanks for the comment.


Fr. VF said...

His name is "Blase," not "Blaise."

Use this mnemonic for his name: He's blasé about mortal sin.

Dad29 said...

Why continue the torture of reading about them ?

So you can warn your children. Works--mostly--for me!

TLM said...

Exactly Dad29! Yes indeed it's painful to read about the filth that has permeated the Church of Christ day after day, but to be ignorant of it is detrimental to our eternal souls and the souls that have been entrusted to us.

Aged parent said...

Fr VF:

Thanks for the correction!

Dear Old Dad29:

Good point. Well said.

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