Monday, November 23, 2015

Creepy priests and non-creepy priests

In the interests of helping Pope Francis warn the faithful against priests who give him the creeps, and those who give him warm feelings, we offer this gallery of photos to help readers in identifying the types referred to by the Holy Father.


Some weird old guy in Italy

Herbert Vaughan - they made him a Cardinal yet!
Creepy seminarian who justly wound up in a concentration camp

Who is he looking at?  Or shouldn't I ask?

The distinguished Bishop ackerman

The ultra-manly and masculine James Martin
The noble Bernardin, while being devoured internally by AIDS
We trust this will be helpful to our readers in spotting the type of seminarian or priest our current Pope wishes us to avoid, and the type he likes very much.

Just to prove that Francis puts his money where his mouth is, here are two examples of fine, non-creepy men he has put into high positions:

What, me worry?
A kindly homosexual caresses his pontiff


Anonymous said...

I especially like the Liberace look alike at the end.

More comparative photose, please!

Anonymous said...

In my ignorance I used to consider the Church was very near to collapse. I was wrong, the Church collapsed many years ago, we are now just trying to avoid being hit by the remaining bits of flying debris.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bernardin had AIDS?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear. Bernardin died from pancreatic cancer, not AIDS.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon(s):

Thank you all for the comments.

I was well aware that by saying Bernardin had AIDS that I would get a response. Was it a reckless thing to say? A calumny? I knew that he had died of pancreatic cancer, and the commenters were obviously correct in pointing that out.

But, actually, I am going to leave the comment in for the following reasons: there is no doubt at all that Bernardin was a homosexual. The evidence is too strong to doubt it. Secondly, one of his boyfriends, Stephen Cook, eventually died of AIDS. Cook had publicly outed Bernardin at the time he learned he was dying and even though there was a sort of "reconciliation" between them (whatever that means) prior to Cook's death I believe the confession of the dying man carries more weight. If Cook had AIDS, and he had, it is not above probability that Bernardin had it, too. I cannot remember where I saw it but there were a few published articles making the same claim. I will do a little digging to see if I can find them.

Those aren't the only crimes the Cardinal was accused of. As a member and protector of the "Chicago Boy's Club" he had his hands mired in filth for decades. Some have even suggested his complicity in a murder, not necessarily as the perp but as someone who knew about it and tried to cover it up. I won't go that far, but let us say if proof ever does surface about this complicity it would not surprise me in the least.

Thanks again for the comments.

Anonymous said...

So he probably took it in the butt on occasion but died of pancreatic cancer. Therefore you post that he had AIDS because an alleged former seminarian boy toy died of AIDS.... Makes sense to me! Logic at a level that even Aristotle would be impressed with.

Anonymous said...

Aged parent said...


Well, AIDS isn't spread by mosquitoes.

Guardian said...

Thanks for mentioning Cardinal Bernardin. Truly one of the worst clerics of the last century in the USA.

If anyone gets a chance, please head over to my blog. We are focusing a lot on the Real Presence and a call to action:

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Guardian. Excellent blog.

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