Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mr Trump: How about replacing Pence with Farage?

Note to cowardly politicians (and those who cave in to sex perverts):  this is how to speak truth to power.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Brilliant Idea from Big Business: bee contraceptives

The worldwide collapse of the honey bee population has many nations worried.  It is now directly affecting our health and our food supply.  So what is the response of the Captains of Industry, those beloved Plutocrats of song and fable?  Confect an insecticide that acts as a contraceptive for honey bees!

From F William Engdahl:

Most will wonder what I mean when I say Bayer AG, the German chemicals and drug company, the same one that just absorbed Monsanto, makes bee contraceptives. This is precisely what a newly-published, peer-reviewed scientific study confirms. Contraceptives for bees are not good for the world, no better than another product invented in the labs of Bayer, namely heroin. Bayer makes a class of insect killers known as neonicotinides. Their free use worldwide threatens bee pollination and the entire food chain.

A study just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Biological Sciences), identifies a dramatic reduction in sperm count in bees exposed to two of Bayer AG’s most widely used pesticides—thiamethoxam and clothianidin. They found that those two neonicotinoids, “significantly reduce the reproductive capacity of male honeybees (drones), Apis mellifera. Drones were obtained from colonies exposed to the neonicotinoid insecticides or controls, and subsequently maintained in laboratory cages until they reached sexual maturity…the data clearly showed reduced drone lifespan, as well as reduced sperm viability (percentage living versus dead) and living sperm quantity by 39%.

The study continues: “Our results demonstrate for the first time that neonicotinoid insecticides can negatively affect male insect reproductive capacity, and provide a possible mechanistic explanation for managed honeybee queen failure and wild insect pollinator decline… As the primary egg layer and an important source of colony cohesion, the queen is intimately connected to colony performance. Increased reports of queen failure have recently been reported in North America and Europe; however, no studies have so far investigated the role of neonicotinoids and male health to explain this phenomenon.”

They conclude, “For the first time, we have demonstrated that frequently employed neonicotinoid insecticides in agro-ecosystems can elicit important lethal (reduced longevity) and sublethal (reduced sperm viability and living sperm quantity) effects on non-target, beneficial male insects; this may have broad population-level implications… Although recent improvements to regulatory requirements for evaluating the environmental impacts of insecticides have been adopted, none so far directly address the reproduction of beneficial insects.”

EU Reviewing its Ban
In 2012 amid an alarming wave of sudden bee colony collapses across the European Union and growing indications that the new class of chemical pesticide—neonicotinoids—promoted primarily by Bayer AG, was responsible for what the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the advisory board to the EU, called an unacceptable risk, the EU Commissioned banned the three most widely used neonicotinoids for three years. The ban affected thiamethoxam, clothianidin and imidacloprid. The first two, thiamethoxam and clothianidin were the neonicotinoids tested by the new study.

Now the EU Commission, a new commission, has initiated a review of their ban. The scientists today at EFSA have initiated a review of their 2012 assessment on the dangers of neonicotinoid pesticide use to bee colonies. The review is expected to be completed by January 2017. Bayer and the pesticide industry, including Syngenta, are strongly lobbying for a rollback.

Bayer’s neonicotinoids are widely used across the agriculture regions of North America. Despite the growing evidence that the widely-used pesticides cause bee colony death, the US Government has yet to follow the EU ban. In January the US Environmental Protection Agency published first field trials, some ten years after widespread introduction of neonicotinoids in the US agriculture. Their results showed that imidacloprid, one of the three banned in the EU, can cause beehive populations to fall. Despite this, the US Government has yet to take any cautionary action.

The entire food chain
Most of us city slickers, who think food magically grows on the shelves of our local supermarket, have little appreciation of what’s at stake here.

Read the whole article

Friday, August 26, 2016

Lifting up the rock and watching the cockroaches

I wonder if during this hectic election year Americans are interested in what their own government, in tandem with other governments, are doing to destabilize nations and bring misery upon many peoples including Christians.  Americans wonder why fanatical Muslims seek revenge upon people.  They wonder why the Islamic world is enraged against us.  They wonder why atrocities pile up daily. They would not have to wonder if they would pay attention to what is being done in their name.

It is not so simple, as some would have it, that Islam is a false war-like religion bent upon world domination. We know it is a false religion and we don't need nincompoops like Mr Robert Spencer et al to enlighten us on this point.  It isn't the rabble-rousing tactics of the Spencers, Gellers, Horowitz' or Shillmans we need now; what we need is a sober, sensible look at the reality of what is happening in the lands where Christ walked.

The following article is an up-to-date look at what the Christians in Syria are facing at the hands of the criminal states that are trying to destroy her.  These states include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and our own dear Uncle Sam.  Readers will note that the protectors of the Christians in Syria include President Assad of Syria, Russia and Iran (yes, Iran too).  While the following article makes no claims to infallibility it does offer a helpful look at the facts.  With these facts we can better understand and fight the propaganda that is leading us inexorably to war, misery and the annihilation of the Christian presence in the Middle East.  As any health practitioner worth his salt will tell you, look for the origins of the sickness.

From the article:

On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combating ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus.
According to the BBC, “A dozen Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS). Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes.”
Al-Masdar reports on the progress of the Turkish military offensive by writing:

The Turkish Special Forces, alongside the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Faylaq Al-Sham, reportedly captured their first village during this new offensive dubbed “Operation Euphrates Shield.”

According to Faylaq Al-Sham’s official media wing, their forces captured the village of Tal Katlijah after the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists quickly abandoned the area in order to reinforce Jarabulus.

ISIS has mostly abandoned the small area between Jarabulus and the Turkish border, leaving only small units to resist the advancing Turkish-backed rebels.

The Turkish-backed rebels are now attacking the hilltop village of Tal Sha’er, which is along the road to Jarabulus.

What Is Turkey Doing?

The Turkish invasion is predicated on the basis of “fighting ISIS,” a wholly unbelievable goal since Turkey itself has been supporting, training, and facilitating ISIS since day one. Not only that, but Turkey is arriving in Syria with terrorists in tow since, as the BBC reported, “Between nine and 12 tanks crossed the frontier, followed by pick-up trucks believed to be carrying hundreds of fighters from Turkish-backed factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA).” If Turkey was interested in stopping terrorism, why would they lead the charges for more terrorists to enter Syria? Indeed, if stopping terrorism was truly Turkey’s goal, it is capable of sealing the border from its own side without any need for invasion so why the war the party?
Turkey’s interests do not lie in stopping terrorism. Far from it. Turkey’s foreign policy and military decision to invade Syria are based along three lines; its desire for more territory (which it believes was stolen from it long ago), its willingness to continue working with NATO in its attempt to destroy the secular government of Syria, and its concern over the Kurdish expansion.
With this invasion, Turkey has solidified its willingness to risk outright war with Syria and perhaps even Russia in order to fulfill the goals of NATO and Anglo-American powers who have sought to destroy Syria from the beginning. Part of this strategy is the creation of “buffer zones” and “safe zones” in the north, precisely the concepts that were re-floated and discussed by the United States and U.K. only days before the invasion. Note that the invasion and operations are centering around Jarablus, the eastern border of the famed Jarablus corridor which, bordered by Afrin and Azaz in the west, make up the last fully functioning terrorist supply routes coming in from Turkey. These were precisely the dimensions that were discussed by Western think tanks and NGOs in regards to what a “safe zone” in Syria should look like. Although argued on the basis of “giving civilians somewhere to go” the zones were supposed to be controlled by “moderate” Western-backed terrorists and were clearly designed to prevent the Syrian government and Russian forces from closing the supply routes coming from the Turkish side of the border into Syria.

This “safe haven” is also a way for the neo-Ottoman Erdogan to lay claim to more territory in order to placate his dream of becoming the 21st Century equivalent of the leader of the Turkish empire. At the very least, this desire for more land under the Turkish flag will lead to a situation similar to that of the Golan Heights, which Israel has illegally occupied for decades but which there is frequent threat of military action and controversy.

Read the whole article.

And this:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


May I recommend to my readers this fine article from Brother Andre Marie of Saint Benedict Center? It deals with the twin evils of indifferentism and apostasy, two scourges which the world, in what seems its dying agony, now endures.

From Brother Andre:

Indifferentism is the condemned heresy that advances the possibility of salvation in any religion. Apostasy (according to Father Hardon) is the “complete abandonment of the Christian religion and not merely a denial of some article of the creed.” There is a certain inexorable logic — or at least a psychologically coherent dynamism — that facilitates the journey from indifferentism to apostasy. It may take some time — a few generations perhaps, which is a brief span in the life of the Church — but indifferentism will feed the beast of apostasy.
Do we live in a time of widespread apostasy?
In his 2003 post-synodal exhortation Ecclesia in Europa (No. 9), Pope John Paul II spoke of the spiritual condition of Catholicism’s heartland: “European culture gives the impression of ‘silent apostasy’ on the part of people who have all that they need and who live as if God does not exist.”
The wording of that last sentence may be somewhat dispassionate, but it is thereby no less utterly cataclysmic in its implications. If the Révolution tranquille in Canada was “quiet,” it was still a revolution against Christ the King. So, too, to speak of a “silent” apostasy of the former Christendom is to make a very loud denunciation of a people who once produced saints but have now forgotten God.

Read the whole article.

What do Pope Francis and George Soros have in common?

Apparently they both want to destroy Europe as a Christian continent.

Possibly it is the naivete and showbiz shtick that makes the Pope want to do it. Who can know?  It is clear what Soros has in mind: the destruction of the last remnants of Christendom, a fanatical revenge fantasy that he has the money to possibly make happen.  Regardless of their individual motivations, Francis and Soros want to see the uniquely Catholic character of Europe disappear.

More revenge from the Soroses and their ilk; more self-annihilation from Rome.

Francis, Francis, is a swine like George Soros really the type of man you wish to emulate?

[Editor's Note: I wrote this post in late June but held back from publishing it due to some further information I was aware that was coming down the pipeline.  With the latest from Julian Assange's WikiLeaks that has now hit the fan, information we strongly suspected would be the case, we present this post, one which points out the strange ideological connection between the Pope and one of world's nastiest Jewish Oligarchs.]

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mr Orban speaks his mind

Will Hungary be the next one out the EU door?  Many Hungarians hope so, bless them, and are going to make their voices heard on October 2nd, when that nation will hold a referendum on the advisability of accepting more migrants into their borders.  This referendum will surely be a "testing the waters" moment for Hungary and - who knows? - it may be the beginning of Hungary's own Brexit.

I needn't add that there is one super rich Hungarian who will fight Orban tooth and nail over this.  You will not be surprised to learn that the name of that man is George Soros.

From William Engdahl:

Will Hungary be the next nation to exit the dysfunctional European Union? The question isn’t at all as far-fetched as it might seem. On October 2, voters in Hungary will participate in a nationwide referendum to vote whether they agree to the forced settlement of migrants in Hungary by the EU or not. It’s a major issue in Hungary, a land of proud and staunchly independent-minded people who have endured 150 years of Ottoman rule; wars with Habsburg Austria until the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 created a peaceful coexistence under the dual Monarchy of Austria–Hungary. After that, Hungarians were subject to the Soviet Union since 1945, initially under the dreaded Mátyás Rákosi, until it became the first Warsaw Pact communist country to declare a constitutional republic in October, 1989 and open its borders to Austria, setting in motion the domino fall of East Germany and then of the entire Warsaw Pact and, ultimately, the Soviet Union. Like every nation, they have a very special history.

It might well be said that Hungarians, always an ethnic melting-pot population whose parliament enacted the first laws of ethnic and minority rights in the world in 1849, are not a passive people when they sense something is wrong in the way they are being treated. So it is today regarding the Brussels proposal that Hungary and other EU member states must accept a Brussels-determined number of political war refugees from the Middle East and pay for all their costs whether they want them or not. Countries that refuse to take their quota would face severe financial penalties. In 2015 some 400,000 refugees arrived in Hungary in 2015 before a four-meter high razor wire fence was erected on the border with Serbia.

About half, or 200,000, attempted to gain asylum in Hungary, and after government procedures, only 264 refugees were granted political asylum. Since the erection of the fence the inflow via the so-called Balkan Route has all but stopped. The Austrian government has also decided to cooperate with the Orban government in jointly patrolling their common border.

Hungary is joined in opposing the Brussels mandatory refugee quota proposal by the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland–the so-called Visegrad Four group. So far only Hungary has decided on a national referendum on the issue. Polls show well over 66% opposed to the mandatory quotas, including Orban, who has urged a No vote.

Hungary’s outspoken Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, the only prime minister since 1989 to serve a full term and be re-elected, is very popular among Hungarians for speaking his mind against what he feels are wrong policies coming out of Brussels. Many Hungarians see him as a modern David pitted against the far larger Goliath, the faceless, unelected EU Commission.

On October 2 Hungarians will vote on a single question in a special national referendum: “Do you want the European Union to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary even without the consent of Parliament?”

Orban: ‘terror risk…’

On the war refugee issue Orban minces no words: “Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to sustain itself, or for the country to have a future,” he said in a recent interview. On the contrary, he stated, “Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk. This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy.” Whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them.” As far as Hungary is concerned, he stated in an interview with RT, “migration is not a solution but a problem…We don’t need it and won’t swallow it.” The Hungarian government insists that the right to decide refugee issues should be reserved exclusively for national governments.

Hungary and three other central European states that constitute the Visegrad Four group, which includes Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, have been opposing the mandatory quotas the EU wants to impose on each member state. Last December Hungary filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice to thwart the EU’s attempt to redistribute incoming arrivals across the European Union. A decision could take years. The referendum is intended to give a broad popular mandate against Brussels’ forced quota attempts.

First step to EU Exit?

Clear to all from Brussels to Berlin to Budapest is that Hungarians will vote an overwhelming No to refugee forced quotas. At that point the real question will be will Hungarians hold a second referendum, as the British did recently, to vote on leaving the EU or not when it becomes clear that Brussels will ignore the Hungarian vote with their usual deafening silence. The idea of a Hungarian EU exit is not unthinkable at all at this point now that Britain has become “first out the door,” establishing the precedent exit is possible.

Read the whole article.

Monday, August 22, 2016

How's this for stupefying arrogance?

From Daniel McAdams:

Just when you thought US foreign policy could not get more absurd. Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, who is listed as “commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria,” has issued a warningto the Syrian military that if its counter-insurgency operations on Syrian soil leave US troops on Syrian soil “feeling threatened,” the US military would “defend itself.”
That needs to be broken down to even be believed.
The Syrian military is fighting an armed uprising on its own soil. The US government is training and equipping several factions of that armed insurgency, in this case the Kurdish YPG militia. The US military is also operating on Syrian soil alongside and in support of the YPG militia. Members of the YPG militia have, over the past several days, been firing on Syrian government forces. The Syrian air force returns fire on its own soil and the US military that is illegally operating on Syrian soil issues a warning to the Syrian government to stop firing on insurgents on Syrian soil!
Read the rest here.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Victoria: AVE MARIA



Composer Alfred Newman used this piece as the anchor to his beautiful score for the 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Banality on Steroids

I must say that if the Roman Catholic Church were ever to die today it would die of terminal banality. Catholics have been showered by weak, poor teaching for decades now, so the powers that be, in this instance the current occupant of the Chair of Peter, offers us banalities that might sound great to eighth graders recently emerged from some advanced course in being nice but sound empty to everyone else.

The Pope has issued a kind of manifesto to the simpering Archbishop Vinczeno Paglia, another compromiser when it comes to the one, true Church of Christ, another incarnation of Rembert Weakland, or a poor man's Rembert Weakland, whichever you like.  He has been appointed the head of two pontifical academies regarding family life. Among the topics Paglia will oversee will be the Church's teaching on abortion.  This will be somewhat of a first here, having an Archbishop who doesn't seem terribly interested in abortion heading a pontifical academy that is supposed to make Catholics aware of the authentic teaching on abortion.

Read these marching orders in the pages of Crux:

The editors of Crux tell us on their masthead that they are "taking the Catholic pulse". They might want to know that things that are dead have no pulse.

Words are designed generally speaking to convey a certain meaning.  To wit: what is the possible meaning of Francis' "marching order" which will focus on "an authentic human ecology" to restore "the original balance of creation between the human person and the entire universe"!  (Goodness, the entire universe no less.  Has our Pope been seeing too many space movies?)  To anyone who can decipher that phrase and rewrite it into something plain, simple and compelling I will offer a reward.  If an interpreter can get through the phrase "an authentic human ecology" he will have earned the reward just for trying.

Then there's this stirring call to arms: "Reciprocal respect between the sexes and among the generations".  If that doesn't produce a whole slew of new Francis Xaviers ready to go out and convert people to the Catholic Faith I don't know what will.

Is anyone uplifted by such drivel?

I'll bet the Bishops love it, though.  With such empty words they can pretty much do as they please knowing their backsides will be covered by the current Roman Regime of Boring Indifferentists.

Amusingly, Crux magazine tells us that Francis' words give an indication of where he wants the Church to go.  They do?  Where?  What in that jumble of incoherence, pap and empty platitudes gives any indication of a solid direction the Church is supposed to be going?  Such words might do for hippies (are there still any around?) or a Woodstock, Part Two, but as "marching orders" they leave an awful lot of room for any freewheeling interpretation one would wish to give to them; substance-wise they are devoid of any meaning at all.  Two reasons why our Bishops must love them.  They're so full of oodles and oodles of Gaudiam et Spes.

The signals being sent from Rome for decades indicate with refreshing clarity that no sound catechetical teaching will be offered anymore by the Catholic Church. Articles like the one linked above are further proof of that if any more proof were needed.  Therefore the one viable solution is that lay people have to do the catechizing.  The Church has abandoned that job, near totally with this current fellow in Rome, so the job falls to parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  That would mean real catechism classes among families.  How that would be arranged would be the purview of the individual families themselves but it might be a pleasant idea to offer a forty-five minute class on, say, a Sunday afternoon, and follow that with a big bowl of popcorn or some other special treat.  First the serious, then the fun. Old fogey grandads and grandmamas can chime in if called upon, and the whole class can easily be turned into an enjoyable family gathering.

Naturally that would mean a learning curve on the part of teachers but thanks to a number of enterprising souls there are now many resources to help in the learning journey.  A few such would be Roger McCaffrey's Roman Catholic Books, the invaluable offerings at IHS Press, Loreto Publications and many others.  Not a bad idea to first know what we're talking about.

The Church has demonstrated that it doesn't "do" catechizing.  The schools certainly wont do it.  By process of elimination that means laymen have to jump in and do the job the Church refuses to do, to teach the Faith to future generations until God takes pity on us and gives us a great Pope again.  If the Faith is to be passed on, if it is to be kept from dying out altogether, then the lay people will have to get the job done.

No one else will.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stealth Euthanasia

Not surprising, of course, considering the fetid stink of the dying American empire. But this article by Ron Panzer is very much worthy of a good, careful read.  It tells the grim story of so-called "hospice care" like you probably have not seen before. It begins thusly:

Selected excerpts, along with bracketed comments by Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D.
(The bold, italic, and red font text that the author uses in Stealth Euthanasia are copied as is here.)
When the federal government becomes the big HMO itself, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death sentences for some, even many. The new health care reform law creates several methods that are likely to result in rationed care under the guise of “limiting expenditures,” or “keeping costs down.” [The power elite’s 2010 “Affordable Care Act” is a giant step towards their goal of installing a government-controlled and run, centralized, single-payer health care system — “the big HMO itself.”]
About 40% of all American deaths now occurring in hospice. [The new politically correct American way to die.]
This book provides a rare glimpse of the realities of health care in America that you will find nowhere else [This is not true. See my 2015 Journal of American Physicians and Surgeonsarticle “Modern Medicine at the Crossroads,” also on LRC, and other articles and books on these realities by other investigators.]
Because of the HIPAA privacy regulations, nobody interested in researching what is actually going on in hospice can get access to the data, so hospices that have an agenda can act without any outside interference or supervision. [This is a key point in the book and an important insight by the author.]
Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, who our President appointed Health Advisor, promotes the “Complete Lives System” that is being implemented to ration care. Donald Berwick, who our President appointed administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a strong proponent of Comparative Effectiveness Research which will also be used to ration care. Under the new law, “Accountable Care Organizations” [ACOs] are set up which will force very aggressive rationing practices by medical groups. [Despite substantial effort the “Complete Lives System” could not be incorporated in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Furthermore,ACOs are fast going bankrupt.]
Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research institute (PCORI), whose main activities will result in rationed care. [After considerable opposition the IPAB was also removed from the ACA.]
Palliative care (symptom management).
There is one practice that is sweeping through hospices and being very widely used: terminal or palliative sedation. This involves permanently sedating the patient, allowing the patient to dehydrate and die. It looks outwardly peaceful as the patient is made to sleep in a medically-induced coma, but the patient’s death is the result. [Sad. But true.]
The top level policymakers have decided that people will die in hospice or palliative care units and that they will be pushed into hospice through a wide variety of means. $3.6 billion saved in one year. Think that motivates the government? That’s nothing compared to the savings when the people placed into hospice doubles in the years to come. That’s the plan. If patients are hurried along toward death, the savings skyrocket! [To make matter even worse, it will not make much difference in ever-rising medical care costs.]
The “culture of death” that promotes imposing death through euthanasia, assisted-suicide or the Third Way in hospice (terminal sedation) views the pro-life movement as “the enemy.” In fact, they view traditional American society as “the enemy,” something to be manipulated and defeated so that their goals can be achieved. It is clear that traditional American values are pro-life. The Declaration of Independence mentions specifically the right to life!
Its 1994 Charter for Health Care Workers specifically warns against depriving the dying of the “possibility of living his own life, by reducing him to a state of unconsciousness not worthy of a human being. This is why the administration of narcotics for the sole purpose of depriving the dying person of a conscious end is a truly deplorable practice.” [This brings to mind the spirited 2006 movie Two Weeks with Sally Fields, which my wife and I saw recently, from Netflix, which I highly recommend.]
Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and 96% of its services for pregnant women are abortions.” [The author describes how a fetus, viewed on ultrasound, even in its first three months of life reacts and fights to keep from being aborted by an abortionist.]
But withholding the patient’s regular medications, way before the patient reaches the end, active phase of dying, pushes the patient into a crisis. The patient then appears to be “actively dying” and is then either sedated, given morphine and other opioids, or both, and that un-needed cocktail of medications completely destabilizes the patient, who then dies. The trusting family doesn’t know what happened. Sometimes unneeded laxatives are given to promote uncontrolled diarrhea and contribute to life-threatening dehydration. [Pretty sickening.]

Read the rest of the article.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Man up, Mr Trump

Stop worrying about the tender feelings of sex deviates, or those "advisers" of yours who gave us Mike Pence, Peter Thiel at the Convention and all the other recent blather we have been hearing from you.

From Mike Sheuer:

Mr. Trump, you have fallen into a snare placed for you by the Republican establishment people on your team, most of the media, and by Hillary Clinton and her advisers.
The name of that trap is “complexity” and it is used by both party establishments to explain why they never solve any of the problems America faces. Oh, they promise to do so, but when they fail – and they always fail – they say it is because the problem is too “complex”, too “multifaceted, or too “nuanced”, and that it needs great amounts of time and enormous sums of money to solve. [NB: Like the “generational war” against Islam lusted for by those 50 Israel-First war-mongers who wrote you the public letter.]
Clear, commonsense, patriotic, and non-complex ideas brought you to the dance and won you the nomination, do not throw that success away by the playing the bipartisan enemy’s confuse-bilk-and-deceive-the-voters game called “complexity”.
Try the following:
Organizing Principle: AMERICA FIRST
Components of the Principle:

Read the rest here.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mr Israel Shamir reveals the Secret of Identity Politics

One of the little codes I live by is this:  if you want the right answers, go to the experts.  Since the experts know more than I will ever know this seems to be a sensible policy.

One such expert is undoubtedly Mr Israel Shamir

Mr Shamir takes a look at identity politics with regard to the current presidential race and offers some thoughtful ideas to help us navigate through the mess.  This writer is more skeptical of Mr Trump than Shamir is but on the question of how "the narrative" is formed and promulgated he is unquestionably the expert.

If one has never read Shamir before I will mention that his criticisms of his own people, though often harsh, are said with that natural affection one has for one's own kind. He is never hateful, but he is very much a realist.  He understands his own people and that is why his insights are so valuable.

From the article:

The Jews can be a formidable enemy: devoid of scruples, they hunt in packs. Like aunts in P G Wodehouse’ fiction, they do not stoop to fair play: they go for the jugular. The hunt for disobedient leaders is their favourite national sport; and woe to a politician who crosses their path. They occupy commanding heights in the US media and finance and they can undermine politicians susceptible to pressure.
Luckily, they can be defeated. Powerful and cunning, Jews are not demonic and possess no magical superhuman powers. They are a force among many forces. Time and again they reached the pinnacle of power and were dislodged. This may happen to them in the US, as well.
It will not be the end of the world, nor the end of history, neither the end of the Jews. Only the Jewish dream to end history will end, at least for a while, while the world will go on. For their attitude is not all bad; they are needed; just their dominance became too total. For America and mankind to thrive, it must be rolled back, not eliminated.
The best politicians are those who succeed in repulsing a concerted Jewish action without giving an inch AND without antagonising the Jews too much. FDR and JFK, even Richard Nixon did it, so can Donald Trump.
The Donald succeeded in doing just that in the affair of the six-pointed star. He was attacked; ADL chief Jonathan Greenblatt urged Trump to apologize. “He should just admit the offense and apologize,” Greenblatt said in an interview on “CNN Tonight”. “I think this would satisfy all of the public – on the right and the left, Democrats and Republicans.”
Trump refused to apologise. He insisted that the star is just a star. He even took his staff to task for removing the offending image. He did not restore it, true, but he volubly scolded an easy-to-bend assistant. This ability to withstand pressure is the most encouraging feature of Mr Trump.
Just compare him with Jeremy Corbyn who took the bait and began to apologise, expel his supporters and demonstrate that he is unable to withstand Jewish pressure. It did not help him at all, the attacks on him grew exponentially.
Trump did not apologise, for it would never satisfy the Jewish appetite for apologies. They always fish for an apology, and an apology always makes them ask for more, and more. The ADL, the notorious organisation that spied on activists, ran its own spies and provocateurs, is the leading tool in this endless search for apology. Refuse apology, otherwise you invite more pressure for more apologies.

Read the whole article.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Theologians of Hollywood

Consider this.

A Hollywood that has lost the ability to make a decent television commercial has remade "Ben Hur".

A Hollywood whose understanding of history is on the same intellectual level as a four year old has remade "Ben Hur", a historical movie.

A Hollywood who has shown its tremendous religious sense by making such unforgettable masterpieces as "Noah" (the one starring the guy who screams all his lines) has made another religious movie.

A Hollywood that has long since demonstrated that it is utterly incapable of telling a story has, yet again, remade a venerable classic.

A Hollywood that hasn't had an original idea in forty-five years has been reduced to "reimagining" older and better films for the very simple reason that they haven't had an original idea in forty-five years.

With this new exercise in cinematic obliviousness the movie industry gives new meaning to the phrase, "They just don't get it."

And by the way:

Who would like to bet that a Hollywood which continually laughs and mocks the styles of the past has cast a lead actor with a five-day growth of beard on his face?


Who is going to plunk down good money to see this rubbish?

Friday, August 12, 2016

World Moron Day, 2016

Words Fail Me Dept.

And then there is the charming video of events in Poland in this Gloria TV report:

I'm tempted to once again mention the famous Belloc quote about standing by and watching the Barbarians but will instead point out that this sort of thing is not Catholic. Clueless young people travel long distances for an emotional "high" offered by a media-celebrated Pope.  What good will this do for them?  What solid, demonstrable good?  Emotions do not produce Saints, and these jamborees are nothing if not emotionalism gone to extremes.  Archbishop Bugnini must be smiling from beyond the grave.  I won't say he is looking down and smiling, because it is doubtful he landed in a place where he would be looking down on anything.  More likely he is looking up.

I feel profoundly sorry for the young people who attend these organized idiocies. It fills me with a deep sadness to see them so badly served by their spiritual leaders. For I know that these kids are not being spiritually nourished at all despite the so-called Masses being offered and the scores of Confessionals strewn about the grounds of these events.  These young people need to see and understand their Catholic heritage; instead they are offered mindless rock tunes and the sorry spectacle of nuns and priests acting like asses, gyrating and grooving to what some people call "songs".

I cannot but believe that God is offended by these displays of mass hysteria, a hysteria helped along by American "showmanship" and all the glitter and glamour so beloved of the entertainment industry.

How many conversions - real conversions - will result from a visit to World Youth Day?  Probably not many.  There may be emotional conversions but those kinds of conversions don't last too long.  Real, true conversions of heart and mind are quite rare these days, and for very understandable reasons.

The world looks at these events and laughs at the shenanigans of a dying Church trying to be "with it" and producing only chortles of derision.  A serious-minded Protestant, searching for the Truth, is sure to be put off by this kind of thing.  Any hoped-for ending of the schism between Catholicism and Orthodoxy will be killed by these never-ending "dumb shows".  Why should the Orthodox wish to contaminate their beautiful liturgies with this kind of crap?  Is there anything edifying in these gatherings that would inspire a Jew to come to the Faith?  A Muslim? Anyone?

If Jesus Christ Our Lord wishes us to convert people to the Faith, as He commanded, "World Youth Days" are not going to be the vehicle that accomplishes this.  Tawdry music that would embarrass an amoeba, nuns and priests behaving like they do at these things are hindrances, not helps, to conversions.  I don't recall Christ saying, "Go and teach all nations to imitate Michael Jackson", unless I missed something.

Hell is real.  What an awful, devastating thought.

How many souls will fall into The Pit "like snowflakes"?  How many indeed.  It is with a sense of astonishment that we observe so many Churchmen refusing to talk about this.  Do they really not care?  Possibly they are among those who don't believe in it as a real place.  These are serious questions not easily dismissed.

What is the explanation for this seeming indifference to the reality of everlasting damnation?

How does World Youth Day bring more souls to a serious contemplation of their final end?  From what I have observed, it doesn't.  Dancing and singing, with an occasional sacrament thrown in, is the stuff of these embarrassing pseudo rock concerts.  Teach them about the reality that is Hell?  Doubtful.

Perhaps it is the Church's winking, nodding acceptance of the Protestant teaching that basically everyone goes to Heaven which is driving this suicide march.  I have little doubt that these winks and nods will loom large this October when the Pope visits Lund, Sweden.

I doubt I am the only one who has had enough of this third-rate paganism promoted by a Church that has for all intents and purposes lost its way.  But there is hope, of course. It doesn't look like it but there is. The road back will start one day, and then all this fog will dissipate and we will begin to see clearly again.

Long and hard though the road back will be it will begin, in God's good time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another Clinton-related body shows up

(with thanks to

Just like the good old fun days of Bill, Vince Foster and all that good stuff.  It really is hard to keep up with all the mysterious deaths of people who expose the devilry of the Clintons.  Perhaps their long association with the Arkansas mafia explains much of this.

But while the media is going hysterical over Trump's call to the Second Amendment supporters to come out and vote - hilariously morphing that into a suggestion that Trump is calling for violence against Hitlery - they are strangely silent about the body count involving Mizz Clinton.

From Thomas DiLorenzo at Lew is reporting that an old Clinton crony at the UN, who has “contributed” millions to the Democratic National Committee and has been convicted of violating securities laws, was found dead, having miraculously crushed his own throat “accidentally” while working out at a gym.  Two days before he was scheduled to be interviewed by the FBI about the Clinton email crimes.  Textbook scenario of the Clinton crime family.

As of today we need to add yet another body to the list:

I guess Lady Macbeth was a piker compared to the Clintons.

And in other news about the land of the free and home of the brave, showing you how a real oppressive government works:

Is this a great country, or what?

photo of two war criminals hugging.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Little Sisters of the Who??

One has to admire the corporate media.  For sheer brazenness and mendacity they have no peer.

In Catholic circles the story of the recent partial victory of the Little Sisters of the Poor is well-known. Everywhere else, it is not known at all.

Mollie Hemingway explains:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Power of "Nyet"

A lovely article that warms the cockles of one's heart (h/t  It begins like this:

The Power of “Nyet”
[O poder do “não”]
[Het vermogen van “njet”]

The way things are supposed to work on this planet is like this: in the United States, the power structures (public and private) decide what they want the rest of the world to do. They communicate their wishes through official and unofficial channels, expecting automatic cooperation. If cooperation is not immediately forthcoming, they apply political, financial and economic pressure. If that still doesn’t produce the intended effect, they attempt regime change through a color revolution or a military coup, or organize and finance an insurgency leading to terrorist attacks and civil war in the recalcitrant nation. If that still doesn’t work, they bomb the country back to the stone age. This is the way it worked in the 1990s and the 2000s, but as of late a new dynamic has emerged.

In the beginning it was centered on Russia, but the phenomenon has since spread around the world and is about to engulf the United States itself. It works like this: the United States decides what it wants Russia to do and communicates its wishes, expecting automatic cooperation. Russia says “Nyet.” The United States then runs through all of the above steps up to but not including the bombing campaign, from which it is deterred by Russia’s nuclear deterrent. The answer remains “Nyet.” One could perhaps imagine that some smart person within the US power structure would pipe up and say: “Based on the evidence before us, dictating our terms to Russia doesn’t work; let’s try negotiating with Russia in good faith as equals.” And then everybody else would slap their heads and say, "Wow! That's brilliant! Why didn't we think of that?" But instead that person would be fired that very same day because, you see, American global hegemony is nonnegotiable. And so what happens instead is that the Americans act baffled, regroup and try again, making for quite an amusing spectacle.

The whole Edward Snowden imbroglio was particularly fun to watch. The US demanded his extradition. The Russians said: “Nyet, our constitution forbids it.” And then, hilariously, some voices in the West demanded in response that Russia change its constitution! The response, requiring no translation, was “Xa-xa-xa-xa-xa!” Less funny is the impasse over Syria: the Americans have been continuously demanding that Russia go along with their plan to overthrow Bashar Assad. The unchanging Russian response has been: “Nyet, the Syrians get to decide on their leadership, not Russia, and not the US.” Each time they hear it, the Americans scratch their heads and… try again. John Kerry was just recently in Moscow, holding a marathon “negotiating session” with Putin and Lavrov. Above is a photo of Kerry talking to Putin and Lavrov in Moscow a week or so ago and their facial expressions are hard to misread. There’s Kerry, with his back to the camera, babbling away as per usual. Lavrov’s face says: “I can’t believe I have to sit here and listen to this nonsense again.” Putin’s face says: “Oh the poor idiot, he can’t bring himself to understand that we’re just going to say ‘nyet’ again.” Kerry flew home with yet another “nyet.”
Read the whole article.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Extortion Racket Goes On and On

From Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept:

For all the chatter about animosity between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, The Washington Post reports that “a senior Israeli official will arrive in Washington next week for a final round of negotiations involving the largest military aid package the United States has ever given any country and that will last more than a decade after President Obama leaves office.” The U.S. already transfers $3.1 billion in taxpayer money every year to Israel – more than any other country by far – but the new agreement Obama is set to sign “significantly raises” that amount, and guarantees it for 10 years.

In response to this massive windfall, Netanyahu is angry that he is not getting even more. For some time, “Netanyahu was holding out for as much at $5 billion a year.” Also, Israel has been opposed to efforts to direct more of that aid to U.S. military contractors rather than Israeli ones (so this “aid” package is as much a transfer of U.S. taxpayer money to weapons manufacturers in both countries as it is to Israel itself). Moreover, “Israelis are also said to be displeased with a U.S. position that whatever amount of money they agree on will be final and that Israel will not go to Congress requesting more money.”
Usually, when someone hands you billions of dollars in aid, you’re not in much of a position to demand more. But the rules for Israel when it comes to U.S. policy, as is so often the case, are simply different. Even as Israel has aggressively expanded settlements of the West Bank (often in a way designed to most humiliate the U.S.) and slaughtered civilians in Gaza, U.S. aid simply increases more and more. What’s particularly fascinating about all of this is that Netanyahu originally intended to wait until the “next administration” to finalize the deal because, assuming that would be Hillary Clinton, he believed (with good reason) he would get an even better deal, but is now worried about an “unpredictable” Donald Trump, who has spouted standard pro-Israel rhetoric before AIPAC (and worse) but had previously espoused the need for “neutrality” on the Israel/Palestine question and has made “America First” the rhetorical centerpiece of his campaign.

Read the whole article.

Editor's Note:  Not to be indelicate, but why does it take a Jewish homosexual like Glenn Greenwald to speak the truth about this never-ending rape of US taxpayers?

More here:

Your tax dollars at work:

Gaza, 2014 (I could have picked a more grisly photo)

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