Monday, October 31, 2016

The Other Earthquake

While Italy trembles, awaiting further destruction (200 aftershocks since yesterday), the other earthquake, the one in Lund, Sweden, goes merrily along.

Francis commemorates the breakup of Christendom with his huzzahs and interfaith church services, while devastated Italians crawl out from under the rubble and weep over the breakup of their homes, their towns, their ancient churches.

Even the Basilica of St Paul in Rome shows cracks now.

But Francis has his priorities, as most callous people do.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

When Laurel and Hardy came to Ireland

St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh Bay, Ireland

Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy.  Who can fail to be charmed, amused and uplifted by their unique comedies.  They were our kindly, bumbling uncles always getting the worst of whatever enterprise they were engaged in.  We loved them because we saw real people in their performances, people we knew and loved.  They were able to lift our spirits no matter how dark and ugly the world around us was becoming.  In their small, unassuming way they were truly a gift to suffering mankind.

In the mid-1950s when they were getting old and their best films were behind them they were induced to make a series of personal appearances in Europe, not only as a sort of vacation they had long put off but as a way of wondering if anyone still remembered them.  One of their first stops was Ireland, and this is what happened when they arrived:

“The docks were swarming with many hundreds of people. ‘It’s strange, a strange thing,’ Stan says in recalling that day, ‘our popularity has lasted so long. Our last good pictures were made in the thirties, and you’d think people would forget, but they don’t. The love and affection we found that day at Cobh was simply unbelievable. There were hundreds of boats blowing whistles and mobs and mobs of people screaming on the docks. We just couldn’t understand what it was all about. And then something happened that I can never forget. All the church bells in Cobh started to ring out our theme song, and Babe looked at me, and we cried. Maybe people loved us and our pictures because we put so much love in them. I don’t know. I’ll never forget that day. Never”.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Tom Piatak corrects Rod Dreher on Trump

British statesman Enoch Powell began his most famous speech with this observation: "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils."  I thought of Powell's cogent dictum often over the last week or so, as Rod Dreher (and others) have been loudly insisting that Trump's moral failings prevent Christians from voting for him, and even implying that supporting Trump somehow represents a betrayal of Christianity.  Even more recently, Dreher has tweeted, "By the time this thing is over, Trump will have indelibly stained everyone who stood with him.  Christians, please think hard about this."  Since tens of millions of American Christians of all denominations will in fact end up voting for Trump, that's an awful lot of indelible stain to go around.
Of course, virtually no one will be voting for Trump because of his moral failings.  Those failings are an embarrassment to his supporters and a source of joy to his detractors.  Not even Trump is defending those failings.  (I discussed those failings here.)  He has apologized forthrightly for his comments on the Access Hollywood tape, and denied that he behaved badly toward the women who have come forth on the eve of the election to accuse him of unwanted kissing and groping.  And, at this early stage, it seems that Trump's denial is more believable than some of the accusations, including the claim that Trump groped a woman like an "octopus" in a first class cabin three decades ago. 
Since Trump's boorishness is not the basis for his support among Christians, the question is whether there are reasons that would justify Christians deciding to vote for Trump.  The answer to that question is an emphatic yes, since there are clear differences between Trump and the only other person running with a chance of being elected president on November 8, Hillary Clinton.  There are in fact numerous differences on important issues between Trump and Clinton, but two are particularly relevant in considering Dreher's fulminations against Trump: religious liberty, which Dreher believes is imperiled by the Democrats, and the prospect of yet more American intervention in the Mideast, opposition to which is the raison d'être of the American Conservative, the magazine for which Dreher writes.

Read the whole article.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bits and Pieces

George finds a mouse in his bedroom

George Clooney is demanding - yes, demanding! - that Americans vote for Hillary. Well I guess that settles the matter.

The Darwin Award for the Most Loathsome American Bishop this year goes to......Blase Cupich!  Competition was fierce, though.

The American government has announced that it intends to closely monitor the upcoming Russian presidential election, even sending representatives to the polls there to make sure the elections are "honest".  The Russians thought that was OK and then suggested that Russia would likewise send representatives to American polling places on November 8th.  The US government, aghast, said "no".

Julian Assange, in the middle of dumping damaging emails about Hillary Clinton, suddenly got his internet connection cut off in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. How odd.

Mr Obama claims Trump is "unfit" to hold office and has no experience.  Obama's previous experience before being selected by the Money Power was smoking dope in his dorm room.

Vatican officials are desperately trying to find some new kind of sex pervert who can get hugged by Pope Francis and have their picture taken with him..  They've had queers, transvestites, child molesters, the Obamas, you name it.  Maybe they can come up with a man who surgically changes himself into an aardvark.

The Anti-Defamation League assures us that anti-Jewishness is on the rise in America.  Responds one commenter:  "Anti-Semitism is so rampant in America that Jews cannot obtain employment at universities, law firms,  Wall Street and  especially Hollywood."

Wondering who runs the USA?  This might help.

The US media is disgusted (they claim) with the foul mouth of Donald Trump and have expressed their outrage from their perches at ABC, CBS and NBC, the networks that spew pornography every night of the week in prime time.

Pope Francis: James Bruen over at Culture Wars was wondering if you would consider the marriage of Mary and Joseph to be valid?

A preview of coming attractions for Americans: a Clinton campaign bus dropped raw sewage onto a city street rather than a proper disposal site.

The media, aka Mrs Clinton's personal PR firm, is saying that the Russians are interfering with the US elections and that they are behind all the email exposes. Desperation, thy name is Democrat (and Republican.  Let us never forget why they are called "the Stupid Party").

The generosity of the Israeli government knows no bounds. The remaining Palestinians - you know, the people who have lived there for 5,000 years before being kicked out - are allowed a generous two hours of water per week by the government.

Francis keeps his promise.  When questioned shortly after his election to the papacy Francis was asked what he would do with the Homo Mafia in the Vatican. He answered that he would have to "see about it".  And he did.  He has brought into important Church positions and promoted more sodomites than all his predecessors put together.

Black Lives Don't Matter.  At a protest over the killing of a black criminal by a black policeman, a black shoots and kills another black.

Vladimir Putin is practically begging people to wake up and see how the elites are trying to ignite World War III.  Very few are waking up.

Pope Francis it seems has an enemies list.  So did Stalin.

Suppose they made a movie and nobody came?  Ben Hur, not too surprisingly, spite of the promotion given it by the culturally and cinematically illiterate Bishop Robert Barron.

Suppose they held a political rally and nobody showed up?  Tim Kaine, Hillary's vice-stooge draws a whopping 30 people at a Florida rally.  Apparently crowd control personnel were not needed.

Hollywood wasn't always infested by ideologues.  See SANTA FE TRAIL, a simplified but essentially accurate account of the slavery issue and of the murderous John Brown, who was brilliantly portrayed by Raymond Massey.

Happy Halloween.  Our papal autocrat is going to scare all Catholics on October 31st by singing the praises of Martin Luther.  To be fair they both have one thing in common: they both want people to go out and sin lustily and frequently.

White Lives Don't Matter. Those wily "teenagers" are at it again;

The Syrian army, assisted by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah is making great gains in defeating ISIS.  Naturally, in response, America is now sending more weapons to ISIS and Israel is shelling Syrian army positions.

Catholic Higher Education.  DePaul University President, the saintly Father Dennis Holtschneider ordered pro-life students take down their "Unborn Lives Matter" posters.

In a report by a social agency that keeps records nearly one hundred per cent of young black males involved in crime grew up with no fathers in the house. Strangely, the news media doesn't seem terribly interested in this.

Fresh from his photo-op with Pope Francis the Great Actor Leonardo de Caprio is being investigated for possible financial fraud.  He should be investigated for passing himself off as an actor.

The new slogan making the rounds: "President Nixon put a man on the moon.  President Obama put a man in the ladies room."

Rosemary's Baby Speaks.  [h/t Lew]

Edward in Fairyland: Our friends at Vox Cantoris have highlighted the shenanigans of pretty boy priest Edward Beck, the guy with the stylish coiffure. He'th jutht adorable.

Michael Moore took a break from his McDonald's visits to scream an obscenity-laden lament that Trump will win.  Perhaps he is afraid Trump will ban fast food outlets.

Lesbian trull Judge Sotomayer apparently wanted to hit Judge Scalia with a bat.  If she really wanted to hurt him she need only have sent him a photo of herself.

"Make Soros Happy".  Well, surely we all want to do that.

George Loves Blase.  George Soros is heavily promoting "progressive" Bishops like Blase Cupich to create the kind of Church he (and apparently Francis) wants. How nice.

Mafia Don or Bishop?  Mr Cupich of Chicago

The Pot calling the kettle Black.  CNN resident dog dropping, Van Jones, refers to Donald Trump with a word that perfectly describes himself.

Will someone please put Turkey's president Erdoghan in a cage and lock him up?  The schizophrenic leader first backs Syria then attacks it, first works with Russia then shoots down a Russian plane (in Syrian airspace), first rejects the US/Israel support of ISIS then protects ISIS.  The man is certifiably nuts.

Be All That You Can Be:  our new formidable fighting forces now include sex perverts and transvestites.  Better watch out, Russia: if a war breaks out our soldiers will hit you with their purses.

Back in the day Bishop Fulton Sheen said, ” When any civilization is healthy and vigorous, the Lower Orders ape their Betters ; when it is in decay and dying, the Betters ape the Lower Orders.”   
If that doesn't describe the world today, especially America, I don't know what does.

The Shrine on Mount Tabor was vandalized yesterday with many valuable church items stolen.  The "official" story was that the motive was robbery.  I will believe that when I am convinced that none of the stolen items end up in a New York pawn shop, the kind that usually close on Yom Kippur.

Long overdue.  Pope Francis, maybe it's time to suppress the Jesuits again.  Starting with yourself?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Syria?

Why the war on Syria?

These pages have been trying to untangle the mess that is the Syrian war by looking at the causes.  We have linked to numerous scholarly and well-balanced pieces by knowledgeable people as to why this carnage is going on.  But far too many wish to focus only on the Muslim backlash, even more so on the rise of the fanatical sects within Islam responsible for so many recent horrors.

But we are interested in.... the why.  Why did these things happen in the first place?  Why are some Muslims (usually of the Sunni variety, as opposed to the Shia variety which does not want bloodshed) committing such horrific acts of depravity?  Why do they now look to the US as their bitterest enemy when in decades past no country was more respected in the Arab world than America?


There is a catalyst to all this if one cares to know what it is.  If one really cares about stopping the massacre of innocent Christians, if one really has mercy for those who are suffering, then it would be productive if we investigate the causes for all this evil.  It is not good enough to look at the bleeding limb of a human being and decry the bleeding.  Better that we should know why it is bleeding and then begin to bandage the wound.

The following article goes into the question of "why".  It is not comprehensive in diagnosing the "why" but it does go a long way into explaining who it is that started this evil.  I recommend its careful perusal.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Diabolic assault on the very Idea of Europe

"The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith", the famous words of Hilaire Belloc.

As of now, Europe is being destroyed not only by the hedonism hammered into her by wealthy Tribesmen and their lackeys, but now by the clever move of sending aliens into Europe to completely eradicate all traces of its glorious Catholic past.  Based on Mr Belloc's phrase and also what we are seeing with our own eyes only the Faith can now save Europe.

This new effort at destruction is a brilliant, may I say diabolical, ploy.  The "elite" (let us call them that for now) are using their American attack dog to destroy the Middle East to make it safe for their favorite little country, the refugees are pouring into Europe and Christendom dies a little more.  The icing the cake is a Pope who is thrilled with the idea of changing Europe forever.  A perfect storm? We think so.

William Engdahl has written an interesting piece about this, the money quote of which is this:

According to sources in Budapest, an allegedly Soros-supported organization, No Borders, is reported by Serbian papers to have urged migrants in Serbia, blocked from entering the EU by the Hungarian border fence, to set out for the Hungarian border. Those reluctant to depart were reportedly pushed and shoved, allegedly even beaten by the activists to get them going, like a cattle stampede. A group of several hundred migrants – all men aged around 30 with the exception of two women – are on their way to the Hungarian border. No Borders is the same amorphous organization that has been involved in the refugee trouble inCalais.

This is a well-organized, well-funded, brilliantly executed move coupled with an effective strategy to direct people's anger at the refugees and away from the perpetrators.  Mr Engdahl mentions some of the sinister actors involved though he stops short of naming the religious affiliation of the destroyers. Fine.  It is no secret - especially among Europeans - who it is who is organizing their destruction.

Writes Engdahl:

Now before you react, I am fully aware that the Norwegian Nobel Committee which decides Nobel Peace Prize winners has usually chosen based on a globalist agenda, one might call them corrupted by it. I’m aware they have in the past given the prize to some very not-peace-loving candidates including Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, even the European Union. Nonetheless, I want to nominate the courageous Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, for the award. Let me explain my reasons.

He stands, together with more than three million of his fellow Hungarians, opposed to the destructive demands of the unelected, faceless bureaucrats of the European Union, to block the forced future imposition of refugees from Syria and who knows where, in Hungary. His stand might well be the catalyst to stop the disintegration of the nation-state in Europe, and stop a social conflict that threatens to rip Europe apart in a frenzy of hate and destruction.

The Notable Referendum

I’ve noted before that Viktor Orban is unusual for a European politician or prime minister. He is actually a genuine democrat, which clearly is why the EU Commission and so many fake democratic EU leaders demonize him and call him totalitarian or who knows what. Now, as most reading this know, on October 2 Hungarians went to vote in a national referendum. Hungary, unlike Germany and other EU nations, allows its citizens to express their preferences in referendum form. Orban has used this tool in the past to be sure whether he has a strong popular backing for major decisions.

The results on October 2 saw 3 million 204 thousand eligible Hungarians voting on the refugee referendum. An impressive 95% of those, or 3 million forty four thousand, voted No! to the Brussels plan of forced national refugee quotas. The mainstream media across the EU claims it is a mandatory quota but only for some two thousand refugees. Reality is it is a forced quota for any and all refugees the EU accepts from now on. That’s what makes it so dangerous. The schemers behind the EU refugee crisis intend to use it to destroy national sovereignty, eliminate borders, the nation-state, and national identity.

The total Hungarian voter turnout was 43% of eligible voters. The question they were asked translates: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

In a press conference immediately after the results were made known, Orban declared, “As regards those who voted, today nine out of ten people decided in favour of Hungary’s right to make sovereign decisions. We may be proud, I believe we may be proud that as the first Member State of the European Union, and the only one so far, the Hungarian people had the opportunity to state their opinion on the issue of immigration.” He added, “… this is perhaps the most important issue for the years ahead, the future of Hungary, the future of our children and grandchildren: whom we should live together with; what will happen to our culture; what will happen to our way of life and our economic system, revived with great effort; and what will happen to our Christian roots.”

Finally Orban once more pointed, as he has repeatedly, to the un-democratic nature of Brussels and the EU Commission: “There is a modern-day population movement in progress around the world. The waves of this have reached Europe, spectacularly and painfully. The question now is what the response of the European Union will be. The EU’s proposal is that we should let the migrants in, and that it should mandatorily distribute them among the Member States, and that Brussels should decide on this distribution.”

Read the whole article

Only the Faith will save Europe...and the world.


Mission Accomplished, George:

The Soros & Co plan is working well.  The Usual Suspects begin aggressive wars in the Middle East using their American attack dog to do the dirty work, flood Europe with aliens, many of them criminal and hostile, force out the natives.  It is the same plan as that hatched in America during the 1940s and 50s where peaceful, idyllic towns and cities were turned into crime-ridden hellholes. That was on a smaller scale but the principle was the same.

Friday, October 21, 2016

What Mr Trump has unleashed

From Jack Kerwick:

Irrespectively of how he, in fact, will govern if he becomes president, it’s no longer possible to deny that Donald Trump is indeed the anti-Establishment candidate.
To get as far as he has, Trump has had to battle the Regime every step of the way.  Now that the election is less than a month off, it has dispatched its agents from all quarters to not just defeat Trump, but to crucify him.
The Clintons and their legions of surrogates from the Obamas to the Bushes, from the Republican leadership in the Congress to all of the major media are tirelessly doing anything and everything to destroy the one person who (they at least believe) poses the biggest threat to their Empire.
Yet, as of this writing, Trump is still standing and the outcome of this contest remains an open question.  He will continue standing, I predict, right through Election Day—whether he wins the race or loses it, for Trump has already won.
To repeat, Trump has won.
Most Americans have long admitted to having, if nothing else, an intuitive sense that both Washington D.C. and the media are corrupt.
Trump has confirmed in spades that they’ve been right to trust their gut.  His candidacy has revealed for all with eyes to see the existence of a massive, sprawling government-media complex created and preserved by an elite that advances its class-interest behind the veneer of such rhetorical fictions as “Democracy,” “the Will of the People,” “Equality,” and the like.
This ruling class of like-minded individuals is accustomed to directing the lives of the rest of us.  However, its exercise of control is just as subtle as it is relentless, facilitated by an abstract, ahistorical, universalistic ideology.  Its proponents describe the latter in terms of “values,” “ideals,” “principles.”  Though Democrats are reluctant to invoke it, the doctrine of “American Exceptionalism,” the creed that America is nothing else than a proposition or idea, also expresses this ideology.  Moreover, it makes the ideology that much more marketable by lulling the casual hearer into thinking that the affirmation of this borderless, globalist doctrine is equivalent to an assertion of patriotism.
Trump, whether he intended for this to happen or not, has in effect deconstructed this myth.  He’s revealed that while the Regime promotes its fiction in the name of the citizenry, millions and millions of Americans, those to whom Hillary derisively referred as “deplorables,” resolutely reject it.
There have been other whistleblowers on the Regime.  Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are two of the most prominent that immediately come to mine.  In fairness, even Bernie Sanders’ candidacy shed light on the corruption of Democrat Party politics.  But Trump is the first in our lifetime that has succeeded in actually exposing in all of its nakedness the manipulative, deceptive, and hypocritical nature of the whole Establishment.  Sanders is a leftist tool, and while Buchanan and Paul are both principled men—vastly more principled, in fact, than Trump—the cold hard truth of the matter is that they had neither the exposure nor the brashness to do in decades what Trump has managed to do within less than a year-and-a-half.
If the left and the neocon alt-left in Washington and the media think that a defeat at the polls for Trump is going to spell defeat for the movement that his candidacy brought to the fore, then they are even more delusional than we think.  Most Americans, regardless of party, distrust the media.  The tens of millions of Americans who found a voice in Trump despise it.  Whether Trump wins or loses on November 8, but especially if he loses, Trump’s impassioned base will hold the Regime’s court-appointed hacks accountable.  If he loses and Hillary Clinton proves to be the disastrous president that we know she will be, the contempt on the part of Trump supporters toward the faux journalists and commentators will only intensify.

Read the whole article here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Regarding the Lund Horror of 31 October 2016


There isn't much that can be said for Pope Francis' latest scandal which will take place in Lund  on October 31st, other than that it constitutes a betrayal of Saints, scholars and martyrs who fought for and defended the Faith against those who tore Christendom asunder five hundred years ago.  One thing it is not: it is not unprecedented.  The trail to Lund was blazed by John Paul II with his visits to Lutheran temples and by Benedict XVI who continued that sad legacy.

The only thing left to cap this insult to God would be for some Pope to authorize a sort of ersatz "canonization" of Luther.  In these days of disorientation such a hing cannot be ruled out.

Mr James Larson has written about these things, some of which we have presented here.  The following quote sums up very well what is at stake :

Possibly no single event will more clearly unite all the elements of this Catholic disintegration than Pope Francis’ scheduled visit to Lund, Sweden on October 31, 2016 in order to kick off a year-long celebration honoring Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolution (culminating on Oct 31, 2017 – the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church). 

Along with Lutheran World Federation President Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan and General Secretary Rev. Dr. Martin Junge, the Pope will lead an Ecumenical Commemoration and common worship service in Lund Cathedra – based on the Catholic-Lutheran Common Prayer, released in January 2016 by both the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity PCPCU) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). ThisCommon Prayer, in turn, “follows directly” from the publication in 2013 of the document titled From Conflict to Communion (the fruit of 50 years of ecumenical dialogue between the PCPCU and LWF). The Common Prayer praises Luther and “the many guiding theological and spiritual insights that we have all received through the Reformation”, and commits both Catholics and Lutherans to the premier guiding principle that all future relations should “begin from the perspective of unity and not from the point of view of division….”

Truly it is hard to imagine that the Church leadership has gone so far off the rails as we see now with the current Modernist Regime in power.  But it is impossible to deny the reality.  In-depth studies of what Lund means to the Church can be found by persuing the various articles on Mr Larson's blog,

Who was this man, Martin Luther?  He was a tortured man, given to religious excess when still Catholic, hot-tempered, initially concerned with the foul corruption in the ministers of the Church of his time (a corruption that pales in comparison with the corruption in the Church today) but ultimately abandoning her.  He was learned but emotional in the extreme.  He could weep for a wounded deer in the forest and at the same time call for the slaughter of peasants who carried his reforms too far - to their logical conclusion in fact.  His concerns soon led him to heresy and defiance and the defending of princes who could steal Church property willy-nilly while taking a second or a third wife.  He was horrified to see what his "reform" had done to the unity of Europe (eventually culminating in the rise of the Anabaptist  madness in Munster Germany, a veritable feast of murder, bestiality, fornication and weird religiosity) yet charged ahead anyway even in the face of the disaster he could see with his own eyes.

Historian Christopher Hollis states that "He had thrown overboard Reason, and all controversy must cease when the controversialist repudiates Reason.  There is nothing for it but the slanging match.  To this Luther had very readily taken, and his last writings are hardly those of a sane man."

From the Lutheran reform came the errors of capitalism, the worship of the state and the crushing of the poor. We may be so bold as to ask if Francis aware of such things, he who is so concerned by the plight of the world's poor and the exploitations of the rich.

The modern rise of oppressive states ruled behind the scenes by the super-rich owes everything to the 16th century reformers.  For Luther, and later Queen Elizabeth, princes would have absolute rights over the Church.  Americans need only to look around them to see the iron hand getting nearer to the throats of the populace.

And this is the man and the Movement our current Pope wishes to celebrate?

Larson comments on the document From Conflict to Communion, written by the fuzzy-headed pseudo theologians of our Vatican to commemorate their love affair with Lutheranism:

“In the course of history, the Lutheran ministerial office has been able to fulfill its task of keeping the church in the truth so that nearly five hundred years after the beginning of the Reformation it was possible to declare a Catholic-Lutheran consensus on the basic truth of the doctrine of justification [as explored in my article The Dream of Nabuchodonosor, this statement is a blatant falsification], If, according to the judgment of the work of the Second Vatican Council, the Holy Spirit uses ‘ecclesial communities’ as means of salvation, it could seem that this work of the Spirit would have implications for some mutual recognition of ministry. Thus, the office of ministry presents both considerable obstacles to common understanding and also hopeful perspectives for rapprochement.”

So are we now to believe against the entire teaching of two thousand years, codified by infallible statements, that salvation can now be found in Protestant sects?  Apparently so, according to the trademark ambiguity of the Vatican IIistas.

The late Mr D.B. Wyndham-Lewis finds Luther's doctrine "often vague, often subtle, often confused", a charge that could easily be laid in our day against a Walter Kasper, a Urs von Baltasar or a Jorge Bergoglio.  "Its implications," writes Wyndham-Lewis "may be summed up altogether in one phrase: that there exists no visible Church on earth, no central and universal and unchanging Christian Authority, derived from Christ Himself."

A very familiar ring sounds in our ears with this description by Wyndham-Lewis about how the Mass was quietly removed from the populace of Saxony and Scandinavia.  "The Saxon populace was...'so attached to he Mass that nothing could tear it from their hearts' (Melanchthon).  Luther therefore arranged the introduction of novelties by degrees, in such a manner that the simple could not notice them; for example, under his regime in Saxony in 1527-8 the outward forms and the Ordinary of the Mass were preserved and the Host and the Chalice elevated as was customary, but the Canon of the Mass, the consecrating portion and center and raison d'etre of the whole Sacrifice, was quietly omitted, thus nullifying the whole....Thus was the Mass filched secretly and unawares from the northern Germans."  [D.B. Wyndham-Lewis, Charles of Europe ]

The Mass reformers of Vatican II learned their lesson well.

Priests, Bishops, scholars and layfolk all went to the gallows in countries like reformed England defending the Catholic Faith and the Mass.  Men went mad with despair over this shipwreck of Europe.    Now their sacrifices and memories and tragedies will be forgotten by a Vatican that has lost all its connection with the past.  On October 31, 2016, a Pope of Rome will consign the memories of all these men and women who suffered to save the Faith in Europe to the trash in what must be assessed as a crazed effort to warp the teachings of a Divinely-instituted Church.

Our only hope lies in the reality that God is not mocked forever.

[Note: for a superb evaluation of Luther and his role in the breakup of the unity of Europe we suggest obtaining a copy of Charles of Europe by D. B. Wyndam Lewis.  Your library will most likely have it or a used copy can by purchased at reliable online sellers like]

[Note: I had inadvertently written here that this meeting in Lund was to take place on October 17th.  Thanks to a careful reader who caught the error I have modified the post to reflect the actual date of the Pope's visit, which is on the 31st.  Apologies for the error.]

Friday, October 14, 2016

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the sex-obsessed prelate

In saner days Vincenzo Paglia would be in jail.  The police would have nabbed him for showing pornographic pictures to children, hauled him away in the squad car and set him before a judge.  He would have been sentenced and served real jail time. But these are not saner days, as should be obvious to anyone who has been awake lately.

Vincenzo Paglia is a Bishop of the Catholic Church and a confidant of a Pope who will surely go down in history as one of the Ten Worst Popes of the last two thousand years.  I don't have to recount the Paglia story here. Readers are well aware of what this character has been up to and for those who don't know I would recommend reading about him in this article.  Paglia and his toadies are about to unleash upon Catholic children and families a "sex education" program designed to kill the innocence of children.  It is all part and parcel of the Pope's approach as outlined in his Amoris Laetitia.

Now let us be straight and clear.  Anyone who would expose children to what Pagila (with the blessing of our extremely odd Pope) is attempting to expose them to is a total disgrace to the cloth he wears. And, yes, he should be in jail. Literally. That the Pope encourages him in this form of child molestation tells us, we must presume using simple human logic, that the Pope himself shares the same beliefs as his protege.  I seriously wonder if Paglia and Francis realize that they will answer to God for this.  Do they even think about this?  Honestly, who can know? I recall what Prof. David Allen White wrote to me a number of years ago, that "God will not allow this to go on much longer".  That dire assessment was written before the current pontificate.  Surely we are edging closer and closer to the last straw, the one that will finally break the camel's back.

I had not been paying too much attention to this story initially. With all the lunacies emanating from Rome of late, bombarding us like squashed bugs on a windshield, I was unaware of what these clerical cockroaches were up to.  But experience should have kept me more alert.  The article by Dr Rick Fitzgibbons was the catalyst for taking a closer look at "The Meeting Point" the Church's shameful foray into what they call sex education but what others are calling a recruitment device.

Taking a closer look did not include looking at the pictures that accompanied the text.  Stronger stomachs than mine will have to wade through that, but I got the drift over what was being depicted.  My initial thoughts rushed towards the faces of innocent children sitting in class and being exposed to this.  Who can imagine what an assault such things are upon children?  Indeed, who would do such a thing to a child? What kind of person has the mindset to abuse little boys and little girls in this manner?  Dr Fitzgibbons believes that such a mind has serious mental problems.  I would posit that such a mind may be possessed.

Such a mind has also lost any remaining vestiges of Catholicism it might have had, too.

A person who would contrive to show pornographic images to children may be many things but is definitely one thing: a sex pervert.  What other explanation is there?  I imagine some will come up with the customary litany of cliches, that Paglia is "misguided", has "made a mistake", has not "thought through the implications of this program", etc. These kinds of explanations will not wash anymore.  The time to believe in such fairy tales is long past. The simpler explanation is the true one: he is a seriously disordered man who has no qualms about exposing little ones to obscene imagery.  In other, simpler words, a sex pervert.

And an embezzler too, apparently.

A high-ranking prelate of the Catholic Church showing dirty pictures to little boys and girls.  This is what the Church has been reduced to in 2016 AD.

Pretty in pink: Vincenzo Paglia

[My blog statistics show that I occasionally have readers in the Vatican.  Who, I don't know.  It could be a Bishop, a priest or a janitor.  But whoever it is I hope they will get word to Paglia that he is endangering the souls of Christ's little ones.  And that he will pay dearly for that when God calls him.

May God pay him that little call soon.]

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Max Steiner: The Miracle of Our lady of Fatima

Protege of Gustav Mahler, student of Ricard Strauss, beloved composer of film scores, Max Steiner.

In 1952 he was commissioned by Warner Brothers to provide the music score to their film THE MIRACLE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA,  a simplified but still moving cinematic rendering of the events in Fatima, Portugal a century ago.

A sampling of his lovely score, the Miracle of the Sun sequence, taken from acetate recordings of the original soundtrack.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

George Soros, The Flag Merchant

Always instructive to track the activities of that Master of Chaos, George Soros.

From Wayne Madsen:

Global hedge fund tycoon and political provocateur George Soros is leading a war of symbols, namely flags and banners either resurrected or conjured up by his myriad non-profit groups, to stir religious, racial, and ethnic tensions the world over. From the Serbian OTPOR! movement and its clenched-fist symbol adopted by protests groups around the world to the menacing black and white flag of the Islamic State, which first appeared during the Soros-backed «Arab Spring» rebellions, Soros’s «false flag» factories have been running at break-neck production speeds.
Soros and his acolytes saw the importance of symbology in the writings of Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston, Massachusetts. Although Sharp’s catechism of how to conduct non-violent resistance and revolution has been likened by some political scientists to Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, his concepts on upsetting the political status quo appear to be borrowed more from the likes of Mao Zedong, Karl Marx, and Adolf Hitler.
Among Sharp’s necessary tools to conduct political action are «flags and symbolic colors», «slogans, caricatures, and symbols», and «banners, posters, and displayed communications». The «symbolic colors» have been used by Soros- and Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored «color revolutions» in Ukraine (Orange) and Kyrgyzstan (Pink) and attempted color revolutions in Iran (Green), Kuwait (Blue), and Burma (Saffron).
Using the Sharp template and financing from Soros and the CIA-linked National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Symbols were used in the themed Arab Spring revolutions in Tunisia (Jasmine) and Egypt (Lotus) and attempted revolutions in Georgia (Rose), Lebanon (Cedar), Uzbekistan (Cotton), and Moldova (Grape).
It is now more than obvious that Soros and his minions, known as «Sorosites» – a clever play on «parasites» – in the Balkans, contracted with flag factories to churn out banners of former regimes in the uprisings in Libya and Syria. In Libya, the rebels who rose up against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi in 2011 brandished factory-fresh, still-creased red-black-green horizontal tricolor with the white crescent and star used by the old Libyan monarchy, the regime that Qaddafi overthrew in 1969.
Almost simultaneously, Syrian rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad hit the streets of major Syrian cities with factory-fresh green-white-black horizontal tricolors with three red stars used by Syria during the French League of Nations mandate and by the Republic of Syria in 1961. It was obvious that in both cases, the Soros- and NED-sponsored opposition groups in Libya and Syria foresaw a return to a pro-Western Libya as had existed under the feudalistic King Idris until his overthrow in 1969 and a Syria not unlike the pro-Western regime of Major-General Abd al-Karim Zahr as-Din, a Druze who ousted the pro-Gamal Abdel Nasser regime in Damascus in 1961. However, for Soros and the regime change advocates under U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, there would be disappointment.
Instead of pro-Western regimes taking power in Libya and Syria, major swaths of territory fell to jihadist forces who mainly owed allegiance to the Islamic State but with a few swearing loyalty to Al Qaeda. Regardless of what jihadist entity they supported, these rebel groups received support from Saudi Arabia, the Turkish Islamist government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Gulf emirates of Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Kuwait.
Instead of the flags of the former pro-Western proxy regimes appearing over buildings in Libya and Syria, factory-fresh black and white flags of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) flew from flagpoles, windows, and balconies from Benghazi and Sirte to Tripoli and Derna. In Syria, new ISIL flags were raised from Raqqa and Majib to Idlib and Palmyra. To the east, in Iraq, ISIL flags replaced those of the U.S.-installed Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.
One indication as to the source of the new ISIL flags was reported on October 7, 2014 by the Jewish Telegraph Agency from the northern Israeli town of Nazareth Illit. Gardeners in the factory area of the city discovered a bag that had fallen onto a street from a truck. Twenty-five new black and white ISIL flags were found inside the bag.
A number of questions were raised by the discovery. Were the flags manufactured by a factory in the Jewish city? It is known that the Israeli military provided logistical and other support to jihadists fighting across the Golan Heights border in Syria. Were ISIL flags part of Israeli propaganda support to the jihadist rebels? Additionally, did Soros and the NED outsource the production of ISIL, as well as the flags of former Arab regimes, to the Israelis for distribution in Libya and Syria?

Read the whole article.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Episcopal Junk Peddlers at work

Here we go again with the same old tripe:  we need married priests due to a dearth of vocations.

Does anyone, anyone at all, really still buy this?

We need married priests like we need a hole in the head.  What we need is men. Dedicated, strong, manly, spiritual men.  Why aren't these types attracted to the priesthood?  It is not because they cannot have a wife.  The reasons why these kinds of men are uninterested in the priesthood is due to he emasculation of the priesthood, the Mass, the sacraments and I dare say the Church herself, and a man's total uninterest in what passes for the priesthood these days thanks to the Modernist virus.  It is as simple as that and no expensive time-wasting Church commission is needed to discover this truth.

What man wants to join a club where all one has to do is to make a complete ass of oneself mincing and prancing around an ugly altar or sitting quietly in the background while some ridiculous old bag sings (off-key) some new hymn that wouldn't have passed muster in kindergarten?  What serious man, wanting to save souls, would have the slightest interest in working under the coterie of episcopal buffoons that now grace the world's chanceries and who are nothing but toadies for whatever regime is in power, in Church or State?  Men don't want to go along to get along; they want to lead, and in the case of the priesthood that means leading their flock to Heaven.  They are not going to get that job done wearing silly, effeminate "vestments" hand-crafted by nuns lacking totally in any artistic or millinery talent.  They want to be seen in the robes of reverence, not the cast-off rags of aging hippies.

The modern Church, the modern Mass and the modern priesthood is not going to attract good and real men.  It will, however, attract time-servers, cowards, sex perverts and dullards of every stripe and hue.

This is perfectly well known by the masters of chaos who now rule the roost in Rome.  First they create the priest shortage problem, a deliberate, calculated act, then create the false solution: married priests, or priestless churches, or lay-run parishes.  Anything but the right medicine.  We must always remember that "the result achieved is the result intended".  I cannot imagine what more it would take to convince people that this priest shortage was a policy, not a problem.

The new El Supremo in Rome, the Argentinian martinet, has decided that there will be yet another Synod to discuss the vocations crisis.  Only the most obtuse will fail to see what will be coming from that.  Married priests for certain; women priests very possibly.  The Revolution must go on, and the episcopal Talleyrands and Voltaires will be very active in the coming months.  And I have no doubt that the Lund Horror, about to hit us in a few days, will lay much groundwork for the next Synod of Infamy, as well as for a further advance of what can only be described as a Masonic victory dance on the grave of the Catholic Church.

There are many grave-diggers who have done the early spade work to bring us to this pass.  In the late 18th century, a few short years after the French Revolution, the Church's grave site was selected and the initial digging started.  In the 19th century more workers in masonic aprons grabbed their shovels and continued the digging.  A few pontiffs saw the dangers and said something; others said nothing. In a state of shock St Pius X and his loyal helper Merry del Val tried to root out and stop the destrucion with the Oath Against Modernism.  They failed.  Following Pius very little else was done with the exception of a few solid papal encyclicals, most of which were ignored anyway since they were rarely backed up by papal enforcement. (An example: Pius XI wrote some wonderful encyclicals but could not bring himself to any meaningful enforcement.  But on the other hand when it came to Action Francaise he acted swiftly.....and wrongly.)  The next Pius, the twelfth of that name, also seemed deaf to the cries of warning Catholics (and the Virgin of Fatima) and would go on to prepare the way, knowingly or unknowingly, for the monumental folly of Vatican II.  And in that sad bargain he advanced the sinister Montini which would propel him to the papacy.  This is not to denigrate people like Pius XI and XII; it is only to show that they were capable of making horrible mistakes in policy.

Then came the disasters of John XXIII, Montini and John Paul II.  John Paul II who began the public degradation of the Church with his apologies (!) to the Jews*, the Protestants and the rest.  When we look at the nightmare we are now living through we must never forget the groundwork that was laid, and who laid it. Francis is merely continuing, with force majeure, the policies of his immediate predecessors,  Though he is certainly unique in his approach he nevertheless is merely continuing the Revolution (It has been noted that Freemasonry was especially active in Latin America for two centuries.  It is just possible that this explains at least some of the policies of Bergoglio).

If we wish to see real men in the priesthood we will need to understand the forces arrayed against them.  The traditional orders are producing some fine men, of course, even if a few bad apples occasionally find their way into these orders.  But I fear this is not enough.

The Church as now run and administered will do terrible damage to those good men who really do have a vocation and yet are not ready to plunge into a seminary that teaches what the Church had always taught before the Revolution. If they are not weeded out by the homosexualists who are still very much in control (contrary to the absurd protestations of Cardinal Dolan whose chancery is infested with them, like so many other chanceries) they will be demoralized by the rubbish shoved in their faces by their teachers.  To be fair, there are some Vatican II-ized seminaries that are trying to teach and nurture vocations but how long that will last under the current dire situation is unknown. Even if they come out of the seminary sane and unscathed they will soon be confronting a Wuerl, or a Cupich....and Amoris Laetitia.

When the drumbeat begins for married priests and/or women priests do please let the drumbeaters know that they are talking the merest nonsense and if they really want to create vocations (which, of course, they don't) they had better put away the altar girls, the idiotic vestments and the idiotic New Mass.  Have smelling salts on hand when you tell them this.

* [This is especially ripe.  When John Paul II in 2000 wanted to create diplomatic relations with the Israeli-occupied state, something all of his predecessors, deeming it unthinkable, categorically rejected for obvious reasons, the Jewish leaders would only accept this rank injustice to the Catholic Palestinians if the Church publicly apologized for 2,000 years of Catholic persecution of the Jews. The Pope complied.]

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yes, it really happened: Jewish man arrested for asking a question.

Every time one turns on PBS television one is treated with old newsreels of Nazis arresting or harrassing Jews in 1930s Germany.

It is now happening here, in Kansas City of all places, But with an interesting twist. At a lecture given by neocon war hawk Dennis Ross, a young Jew, concerned about state-sponsored terrorism, asked an uncomfortable question.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The executive director the Kansas City library system says he is "outraged" that prosecutors continue to pursue charges against a man who was arrested after asking pointed questions during a library discussion about the Middle East peace process and an employee who tried to intervene.
Although the arrests occurred in May following a speech by author and diplomat Dennis Ross, the library system only recently went public about its opposition to charges, the Kansas City Star reported (
R. Crosby Kemper III, executive director of the city's library system, said "we're going to be living in a different kind of country" if people can be arrested for asking questions at a library. "If this kind of behavior is unacceptable to the police, then I guess we're going to have to shut the library down."
Issues arose after Ross finished speaking and took a question from Jeremy Rothe-Kushel concerning whether Jewish Americans like Rothe-Kushel should be concerned about actions by the U.S. and Israel that amount to "state-sponsored terrorism."
"When are we going to stand up and be ethical Jews and Americans?" Rothe-Kushel asked.
When Rothe-Kushel tried to ask another question, a private security guard grasped his arm, followed by an off-duty police officer, both employed by the Jewish Community Foundation. Rothe-Kushel then shouted, "Get your hands off of me right now!"

Read the whole article here.

More here:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

China's Patriotic Catholic Church is alive and America

It is very funny to watch some clueless Catholics decry the phony "Patriotic Catholic Church in China" as a church that basically cozies up to the regime, does not dare criticize the regime, carries out the regime's agenda and, in a nutshell, uses Catholicism only as a facade while seeming blissfully ignorant about what is going on in the Catholic Church here in America.

But is not exact same situation occurring right now in the USA?  In the USA the Catholic Bishops helpfully inform us poor white trash that we are all racists. Moreover, no one else could possibly be a racist, least of all the young black males responsible for over 80% of the criminal mayhem occurring in America. Christopher Manion explains:

Back in July, Catholic News Service reported: “Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, Georgia, who was the first African-American president of the US bishops’ conference, has been appointed as chair of a new task force of the U.S. bishops to deal with racial issues brought into public consciousness following a series of summertime shootings that left both citizens and police officers among those dead.”
A racism task force. This could be very good news indeed — if Catholic bishops are willing to confront the issue squarely and theologically. They’ll have to do better than their last major statement on the subject, issued 37 years ago. Their 1979 Pastoral Letter on Racism had a stark, if simplistic message: “racism” is a “terrible sin”; moreover, while “most” whites are racists (whether they know it or not), nobody else is.
According to the pastoral letter, the “racism that permeates our society’s structures and resides in the hearts of many among the majority” is a sin so “subtle” that that most of us don’t even know that we’re sinning!
In their letter, the 1979 bishops both beat their breasts and threw some stones, asserting: “Each of us [in the racial majority], in varying degrees, is responsible. All of us in some measure are accomplices,” they alleged, though they inserted a curious caveat. “Perhaps no single individual is to blame,” they wrote. “The sinfulness is often anonymous but nonetheless real. The sin is social in nature. …” Anonymous sin that floats out in the ether, which we’re not even conscious of committing — that doesn’t sound like traditional moral theology so much as fuzzy, late-70s sociology with a dash of cultural Marxism. Perhaps anonymous sin can only be repented of by anonymous Christians.

Read the whole article.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Please God that he learned something

Pope Francis in Georgia, surrounded by astounding relics, traditional liturgical music and a respect shown his Sacred but much abused Office.

As I watch him surrounded by such ancient tradition I wonder if any of this has any effect upon him, any sense of a connection between the ancient world and today.

Will he learn something from this, from an Orthodox people who have not trashed their traditions and kept their beliefs?  Look at the faces of those Orthodox in the video and see what their eyes are telling him.  Listen to the liturgical music, ancient in its Russian and Arabic character.  Will he see the true nature of this terrible division in Christianity?  Sadly this seems unlikely in his superficial views on what he calls "proselytism".

Will these things be on the mind of Francis when he travels to Lund in a few days, to further stab the hearts of the martyrs who suffered for the Faith at the hands of the Protestant "reformers"?

I have my doubts.

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