Thursday, March 31, 2016

Presidential Revival Meeting

I'm not sure if this is a Jimmy Swaggert good ol' Camp Meetin' or a presidential campaign stop.


[Note: Not to necessarily pick on Mr Cruz, but this kind of thing makes one cringe.]

[If I was able to ever ask Mr Cruz a question I would ask him: "After your appearance last Monday at the AIPAC meeting I was confused if you were running for president of Israel or the USA?"

It was hard to tell.

Not that any of the other candidates at that meeting with the Sanhedrin were any better, mind you.]

Monday, March 28, 2016

Archbishop Goodier on Pontius Pilate

Telly Savalas as Pontius Pilate

An excerpt from Archbishop Alban Goodier's The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

"We look back on the life of Jesus and notice but few occasions when He has come in contact with the ruling Romans; yet always there has been a deference, a friendliness, which cannot be mistaken.  The second miracle recorded at Cana, the cure of the official's son, may well have been wrought on the son of a Roman.  In Capharnum, after the Sermon on the Mount, He had healed the servant of a Roman soldier, and on that occasion had broken out in praise of the Roman's faith.  He had said that many would come after, from East and West, and would enter the Kingdom when the natural heirs would be cast out.  He had been the friend of the tax-collectors, men disliked because of their service of Rome; one of them He had made a chosen disciple.  When His enemies had come tempting Him about the tribute, He had taken in His hand a Roman coin, and had bidden men give to the Roman Emperor his due.  They had tempted Him again, because of a slaughter by Roman arrows in the Temple court.  But Jesus had said not a word against the Romans; He had only turned the occasion to speak to the Jews themselves.  In His parables He had spoken of princes and kings, of merchants and foreign powers; He had always spoken of them with respect.  Only at the Supper that night had He warned His disciples, the future princes of His own kingdom, that their standards were not to be as were the standards of other rulers; but even then He spoke with no word of complaint or criticism.

"Now, when we find Him before Pilate, from beginning to end His attitude is the same.  He treats Pilate always with respect; He calls upon him no woe; He will warn him, but He will not blame him; in His manner throughout there is a consideration for Pilate which would have made one more sensitive to the truth realize that he was dealing, not with a criminal on his trial, but with a friend.  Indeed one might think Pilate himself realized it.  What Roman governor, with a despicable Jew, a Jewish criminal, before him, would have condescended to such lengths as Pilate condescended in his conversation with Jesus that day?  Yet as the hours of the morning dragged on, the Judge and the Criminal became only the more intimate.  At first Pilate had before him just a Jew for whom he cared nothing; at the end he passed sentence on One who had won not only his esteem but a place in his heart.  But a little more courage, a little further response to the affection stirred within him, and not Pilate and Herod, but Pilate and Jesus might have been intimate friends from that day.  Such, even under this ordeal, was the heart of Jesus Christ."

(Alban Goodier, SJ, The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, PJ Kenedy & Sons, New York, pp 243-244.)

Max von Sydow as Jesus Christus

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Christus Resurrexit! Vere Resurrexit!

A Blessed Easter to all the readers if The Eye Witness, and their families.

Rembrandt: The Supper at Emmaus

Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25th: From Adam to the Cross

Peter Denies Christ by Rembrandt

Author William Fall reminded me of this the other day:

Incidentally, we know by tradition that the anniversary date for Our Lord's crucifixion is March 25th, the same day on which He was conceived in the womb of the Blessed Virgin, and also on which Adam was created.  This year, Good Friday happens to fall on March 25th -- it does not happen very often.

I had been long aware of this charming and interesting tradition.  It most certainly was passed down from generation to generation, going back to the earliest years of the Church.  A touching thought as we contemplate the sufferings of Our Lord on Good Friday, 2016.

Gustave Dore: The Darkness of the Crucixion

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Roberto de Mattei on the upcoming Exhortation

Forgiving the usual wretched computer translation, the gist of de Mattei's article is here for all to see:  [Nlote:  you may have to right click on the article to get the English version.]

A quote from the article:

What are these "innovative practices"? The key word in the document is " integration ." Those who are in an irregular situation will be "integrated" in the community may become catechists, liturgical animators, godfathers christening or confirmation, wedding witnesses, and so on. All activities that the traditional practice of the Church to this day forbids them because of public sinners situation.

If de Mattei is correct, and the Pope allows the Bishops to decide on a case-by-case basis what sinful relationships can be excused by the Church then we have the proverbial "Camel's nose in the tent" scenario. First it will be rare, then more common and then finally accepted.

The inch-by-inch whittling away of the doctrinal edifice of the Church continues apace.

Go to Joseph, protector of Holy Church, in the month dedicated to him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Mrs Clinton email, and the annihilation of Christians

The reason for the destruction of Syria and its Christians - not to mention its hapless innocent non-Christians - is now laid before us thanks to Wikileaks which has released one of Hillary Clinton's notorious emails.

It explains much why Christians and its remnants in the Middle East are facing obliteration.

I return to this subject often here for the purpose of helping my fellow citizens and fellow Christians understand how a once relatively peaceful Middle East has turned into a chaotic stew of murdered civilians, destroyed churches, escaping people and civilizational catastrophe.  It has always been with one goal in mind that these crimes have been committed, and now that goal has, once again, been exposed.

Not that this is any big secret.  The fanatical neocons in Washington have made it abundantly clear who they are backing in this, some of them too stupid to realize that the horse they are backing is responsible for all this mayhem and death, and some of them knowing full well what they are doing as they carefully examine which side of their bread the butter is on.

Clinton is hardly alone in this degrading and slavish support of those who manipulate events so that more innocents are killed.  Nearly every congressman, senator, presidential candidate, major news outlet, major Catholic news outlet, every Dispensationalist so-called Christian has been almost literally bought off either with money, offers of prestige or religious ignorance to support the destroyers.

I don't understand it.

It would seem that every time some new atrocity boils to the surface a new Catholic voice appears either in the mainstream media or on the internet getting the story completely backward, not daring to look at "that man behind the curtain", not wanting to "go there" and, as such, staying uninformed about the true nature of the suffering in that unhappy land.  The only explanation I can find for this unwillingness to face reality is the seventy years of continuous non-stop propaganda that has been drummed into our consciousness by one side only of the struggle, the side with the most influence, money and power.

This aversion to the reality of the Middle East conflict by my fellow Christians will prove fatal, not only for the souls in the Middle East but very possibly our own.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Governor Jerry Brown of California says that if Trump wins he will build a wall around California.  No need to, Jerry.  There is a place with walls you can go and live right now without spending a nickel.  And those walls have nice padding all around them.

CDF head Cardinal Muller says that Pope Francis is not a "professional theologian".  Your Eminence, I believe we have understood that for the last three trying years.

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  So has the Boston Strangler.

The Vatican has "gone dark" for one hour on March 19th in a fit of ecological awareness.  I would suggest the Vatican has been in the dark for a lot longer than one hour.

The Vatican is also planning a sort of super compost pile as a show of solidarity with the earth worshipers.  I can think of quite a few ecclesiastical mutterings from the Vatican that could fit comfortably in a compost pile.

Saintly Hollywood has produced a film about Catholic child abuse.  For some reason, Corey Haim was not included in the production, nor was it produced by David Geffen.

The Catholic Church continues to collapse worldwide in attendance, teaching and living the Faith.  But fear not: prominent Cardinals are going after guys who grill hamburgers on a Weber grill in their back yards.

Fat, jolly Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Clown Prince of the Catholic Church, is extremely concerned about child abuse.  But not so concerned about the homosexual child molesters with clerical collars in his diocese.

The world loves Pope Francis and delights in his every word, offering him huzzas, prizes and adulatory prose.  I do seem to recall some words from Jesus Christ about the world liking you a little too much.

If the Republicans succeed in taking out Mr Trump and denying him the nomination, one way or the other, with the help of George Soros of course, your next president will be Hillary Clinton.

Suppose they actually made a movie in the beautiful medium of 70 mm film and nobody came?  Ask Quentin Tarantino.

Catholic Blogdom is outdoing itself in infantile exuberance by giving us such thought-provoking and intelligent posts such as "10 Unbelievably Awesome Acts of Mercy".

The Pope met with the Russian Patriarch.  May we hope that Kirill knocked some sense into him?

The Peeping Tom Community is thrilled with the actions of some US mayors in allowing them into the Ladies Room.  Could it have been much more twisted and absurd in Rome when it fell?

Do we now have to add the Peeping Tom Community to the list: LGBTQLSMFTPTXYZPUSOB?  Have they been officially recognized by the Supreme Court yet?

Blaise Cupich is the poor man's Rembert Weakland.

A psychopathic lesbian harridan has been put in charge of the US Northern Command.  The world and its wimpy men celebrate.  Russia snickers. Real women mourn.  (Real men mourn, too.)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Mary Poppins reigns at St Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha.  Jesus Christ Our King, not so much.

Barack Obama announces his new pick to replace Scalia.  The announcement was not made in front of the president's favorite Bath House.

The National Health Scotland organization has discovered that fathers have something to do with raising children.

Tinpot Cardinal Kasper is so excited over this newest revolution in the Church that Francis is ushering in, one even groovier than Vatican II, that he is losing control.  Stock in adult diapers companies has just gone sky high.

Instead of releasing the Pope's exhortation on his Synod of Sodomy on the Feast of St Joseph, March 19, it is now announced that it will be released the first week in April.  Please God they will release it on April Fool's Day.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Calm before The Storm

Putting away for a moment all the distractions that are besetting us just now - presidential races, scandals, chaos and the rest - I and many others are dreading what is soon to be coming from Rome, a Rome we can no longer trust.  I refer of course to the Pope's final word, if that it may be, on his horrifying Synod of Sodomy.

More than anything else, I believe, his final statement will define his papacy and lay out for all to see what he is planning for a wounded and in some areas dying Church.  If his statement is what so many of us fear then we know that God has decided to let us, like His Son on Good Friday, drink the cup to its dregs.

We are in Passion Week now, in the month of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and Terror of Demons.  Passion week will conclude on St Joseph's feast day, the day we are supposed to hear the final Synod summation, or exhortation, from the Pope.  The portent of all this could not possibly be more significant.

Already that joke of a Cardinal, Walter Kasper, is crowing about the document, so we must expect the worst.  And the media is keeping suspiciously quiet about it even though they know full well it is planned for release on St Joseph's feast day.  If the exhortation from Francis is as bad as we expect it to be, and if the Vatican, in an in-your-face act of contempt, releases it on the feast day of the Head of the Holy Family then the current regime that controls Christ's Church will be spitting in St Joseph's face.

Frankly, I am simply not good enough a writer, or a Catholic, to write about this supreme insult that they are seemingly planning.  I lack the grit to write about it in the proper way; it is just too awful to contemplate that this could actually be happening.  I can only enter Holy Week, beginning after they release their document, and try to see that it is the Church hanging on that Cross now, as Christ once did.  This document, if it is what we expect, will be another nail spiked through Jesus' hand, and another jeering cry of malice towards Christ and His Church.

Perhaps Pope Francis is simply off his crumpet.  I just don't know.  That he is incoherent and inconsistent, yes. That he has the characteristics of a martinet, yes.  That he is capable of doing good if he so chooses, yes.  Yet if this document is what the execrable Kasper is hinting it will be, it - and all the other disastrous innovations of this papacy - will turn the average Catholic into the average protestant.  And it will be the end of conversions.

I wont say that my sins, my personal sins, did not contribute to God's anger,which is now being manifested in the crucifixion of His Church.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A hopeful sign: the Men of Switzerland are saying "No"

Last Wednesday, the Swiss National Council voted to withdraw the country’s dormant application to join the European Union (EU). A clear majority of Swiss voters are not interested in joining the EU. And no democratically sanctioned application was ever submitted. However, it has been “in the drawer” for some time.
Recently, the motion to withdraw that unwelcome piece of paper was finally submitted by the Swiss
Peoples’ Party (SVP). SVP won a majority in the parliamentary elections held last October. 116 out of 200 MPs supported this motion. It is also worth noting that last year, Iceland withdrew its application to join the EU.
Not many people know or remember that back in 1992, the Swiss Federal Council held a secret meeting where 4 out of 7 members approved to officially apply to join the EU. In what I consider a cloak-and-dagger operation, the members of the Federal Council approved the membership application without informing either their political parties or the people of Switzerland. This isolated act, which was considered an act of treason by a large number of Swiss citizens, has finally and officially been eliminated this week. Some politicians argue that the motion to repeal the application was ‘unnecessary’ to begin with because the Swiss people made it very clear in the past that joining the EU was not an option. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that this motion to dismiss the application officially constitutes a symbolic act.
Over the past few years, we have witnessed a noticeable shift in the Swiss political sentiment regarding the EU. The Swiss public has repeatedly refused anything that could compromise Swiss sovereignty and independent decision-making. It refuses to adhere to another entity’s rules, the EU included. On several occasions, the Swiss people voted against the recommendation of the Federal Council. Right-wing, pro-freedom parties like the SVP are gaining more and more ground in this regard. The Swiss citizens understand that the long legacy of Swiss independence and neutrality could be at jeopardy should it fall under the EU’s umbrella.
The SVP message is clear: the more centralization and the more federal government influence, the more the confederate system of Switzerland will be dismantled and infringements on personal freedoms will increase. What this stance underlines is the deep-rooted understanding that the people of Switzerland remain the ultimate sovereign and not their elected government representatives and professional bureaucrats. Politicians should serve one purpose only, and that is to serve the people, not to rule them.

Read the whole article here.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fahrenheit 451 - 2016 Version

Skip the somewhat ignorant comment about "right-wing bigots" in this article (has the author never heard of Left-wing bigots?) and read how the new book burners ply their trade:

Anyone who isn't concerned about this, should be.

Because one day they're going to demand other books to be "disappeared".  Like maybe your St Andrew Missal?

Shades of Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451".

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mr Soros' Little (paid) Munchkins have been busy again


The fabled terrorist Bill Ayers was also on hand.

So, when you don't like a candidate, you threaten violence, rape and shootings.  Seems reasonable.

But George Soros, sugar daddy of the Black Lives Matter movement, appears to be digging deep into his wallet once more.  Thanks for tipping your hand once again, George.

Like him or not, Trump is getting the right kind of enemies.


Christopher Manion has some thoughts:

and more:

Scalia, the Court and the Last Straw

An interesting discussion by William Lind on the reverberations caused by the death of Judge Scalia:

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is far more important politically than most commentators have perceived. It opens the door to an action that could break up the country.
At present, the Court has a four-vote block of hard-line cultural Marxists. When Scalia was alive, that block was balanced by four other Justices who were moderately to very conservative. The Chief Justice mediated between the two blocks, sometimes voting with one, sometimes the other, but almost always voting in favor of moderation.
With Scalia gone, the Left can prevail but the Right cannot. Even if the Chief Justice votes with the conservatives, they fail on a tie. If he votes with the Left, they win.
If Hillary Clinton is the next president, Scalia’s seat will undoubtedly be filled by someone who votes with the Left. The Republican Senate will not have the guts to leave the seat open for four years–four years in which, again, the Left can win but the Right cannot. The same outcome is possible with a Republican in the White House: both Earl Warren and Souter were Republican picks.
Should the Left get a five-vote block, the Supreme Court will become a “Revolutionary Tribunal” which will stop at nothing to force cultural Marxism down the throat of the rest of the country. It is easy to think of issues where that would be disastrous. Outlawing home schooling comes to mind. But there is one issue where a ruling by the Court could destroy the American state itself. That issue is “reparations”.

Read the whole article here.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Why we went to Iraq...and who provoked us to do it

Mendacity drops so eloquently from his lips......

And watch Michael O'Hanlon of the Israeli-centric Brookings Institute tell us that we have to get rid of Assad, even though he is supported by the Christians.  Which means, of course, that our tax dollars will be used to annihilate Christians in Syria.

Charming people

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The US Navy is doing what?????

Perhaps it is time to rein these bastards in.  Any takers, presidential candidates?

Exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation has been shown by medical studies and the Navy to cause numerous health problems, including corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, sterility, altered penile function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, chest pain, and sparking between dental fillings. And that list is far from complete.
That being said, electromagnetic warfare testing and training has been covertly conducted by the U.S. Navy on public roads in Washington State — for over five years.
An exclusive report from Truthout divulged the secretive EMF testing, discovered through a number of Freedom of Information Act requests coupled with contradictory and fumbling public statements by the Navy and Forest Service.
“An email thread between the Navy and US Forest Service between 2010 and 2012, recently obtained via [FOIA] request filed by Oregon-based author and activist Carol Van Strum in November 2014, revealed that the Navy has likely been driving mobile electromagnetic warfare emitters and conducting electromagnetic warfare training in the Olympic National Forest and on public roads on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula since 2010,” reported Truthout’s Dahr Jamail.

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Good for you, Viktor Orban

A real man has stood up and defied the European Union Stalinists.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has emerged as the leader of the pro-sovereignty opposition to the dictates of the EU's Brussels bureaucrats. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel swung open Germany's doors to hundreds of thousands of migrants (mostly from places "liberated" by Germany's ally, Washington), Orban quickly saw the disaster that was coming and rushed to defy Brussels and build a border fence at lightning speed. 

When Brussels told Budapest that it had to take in its "fair share" of migrants flooding Europe thanks to Germany's promises of asylum and lots of free things, Orban told the Euro-crats to take a hike, that he would solve the problem democratically by holding a referendum to see what Hungarian citizens wanted.

That cloud over Brussels was in fact steam from the ears of the EU's ruling elites, who are not accustomed to being defied. 

And then things began going very badly indeed for the Eurocrats, who had miscalculated in spectacular fashion.

Read the rest here.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Vatican Factions

Future evaluations of the current state of the Catholic Church, once the fog and mist of the present is swept away by time, will include a study of the various factions that have caused the enormous problems within the Church during the 18th through the 21st centuries (if we can assume that the present crisis will even be resolved in the 21st century).

But perceptive people can see that the present disaster in Catholicism is caused by Modernism, that "synthesis of all heresies", as St Pius X noted.  How the various Vatican factions currently exercising power deal with Modernism is the reason for these reflections.

It is not easy to pinpoint all of the various factions, sub-factions, and sub-sub-factions involved.  It is simpler to generalize a bit while still keeping close to the facts of the case.  Let us make an attempt to identify these various groups and what they are trying to accomplish.

In Rome today there is still a very small but hard core group who are trying to do what Christ commanded, and who take the Virgin Mary's words at Cana seriously: "Do whatever he tells you". They comprise a definite faction albeit a small and weak one who, events seem to show, have very little influence in those events.  Among these men are no doubt sinners, but sinners who know they have sinned and have done the necessary things to make peace with God via the Sacraments.  Their sins, whatever they are, do not prevent them from fighting for the Faith as much as they can.  They know that a Catholic who sins is a hypocrite, but they also know that Confession and penance remove the hypocrisy.  So they do what they can with the little influence they have.

Only God knows why He has allowed to be reduced to nearly nothing the strong, Catholic voices in Rome.  He has His reasons, which will unfold in the future.

The next group, larger than the first, are the hierarchical figures who want to be solid Catholics and want to see the Church aright again but lack the courage to act.  This writer has often dismissed these types and called out their cowardice.  In calling out this lack of backbone however it is not to be supposed that these fearful ones are doing nothing.  Surely they are praying for an end to this unholy mess and that is far from ineffectual.  And surely they are deeply hurt and disgusted in their hearts at what has become of the Church they love.  They look on helplessly, most of them, as the train wreck becomes worse and in near despair turn to prayer.  They sit in silence as one horrendous statement or action after another emerges from some of the highest authorities in the Church and they are tortured inside by it all.  Some will awaken before it is too late and start to act or speak, others will prefer to wait for someone else to speak up before they muster the courage to follow.

We can hope that as the dark clouds get darker above St Peter's they will find courage.

Our third faction is without doubt the largest.  These are the time servers, the toadies, the go-along-to-get-alongs, the bored, the silly...even the ludicrous.  They are mere employees of a corporation, "yes men" who will never rock the boat, never contribute original thoughts, never think of anything other than being efficient paper-pushers.  The Sacraments are very "ho-hum" to them; why bother with all this mumbo-jumbo, they might say to themselves.  Confession is such a bore to them so they don't bother with it, or if they do it is mere perfunctory chit-chat with a priest friend.  This group, too, is riddled with effeminate types,  And worse. They are cowards and lick-splittles to a man who would rather sell their mothers into white slavery than be caught dead defending the Faith.  They are nonentities, team players and trained seals.  They are a cancer in the Church but a cancer that could, with proper treatment, be healed.  Death relieves the Church of some of them regularly but unfortunately another one just as vapid will replace them.  When they die there will be few to mourn them for their whole lives have been nothing but an empty cassock, servile to power and nothing else.  They are deadly to the Faith.

Who will miss these men?  Only God knows.

As we look at the next faction, not as large as the previous one, we should know that these kind have always been lurking around in God's Church.  However, throughout the history of the Church rarely have we seen such so dedicated to the destruction of Catholicism as it has been practiced for 2K years, and never have we seen so many, and so many out in the open, unafraid to be nailing their colors to the mast.  Throughout the two millenia of the Roman Catholic Church these types have taken many forms but it is only relatively recently that they have coalesced, organized if you will, into an extremely powerful, extremely deadly force bent on an insane mission to fight the will of God.  These are the Modernists.

We can date the first rumblings of this cult to the early 19th century.  In those years of gestation it grew into such a formidable force that even a Pope of Rome, Pius IX, would for all intents and purposes do their bidding...that is, until he got wise to them and rejected them, thank Heaven.  It was the Modernists whose black hands were responsible for more than a liberalization of Catholicism; their finger prints were all over the revolutionary movements in Europe and the New World.  They were not stupid; they knew that the Church must change first before their crazed "New Order" of all things could be realized.  That, they concluded, is where the real war and weakening had to be concentrated.

But for some reason, we don't know why, God took a hand and put their plans on hold, for a time.  St Pius X assumed the throne of Peter. The Modernists were most definitely pushed back by this unforeseen event (they wanted Rampolla, their "Cardinal protector", to be the next Pope) and despite Pius' efforts to root them out the majority of them simply went into "hiding", becoming a sort of episcopal "converso", outwardly practicing the Faith but inwardly betraying it.  They sat quietly and bided their time, waiting for new opportunities to present themselves.  And eventually they did.  The time was right to strike boldly, and strike they did.  To any but the most obtuse it must be clear by now that the patient Modernists have won - temporarily, as Catholics know, but won nonetheless.  They have not completely achieved their desires but they have certainly changed the Church into something utterly the opposite of what it was from the time of Christ to Advent, 1969.  The facade is still there, tarnished and besmirched, but is still there.  The structure, however, is fairly close to crumbling, and will crumble further if God allows things to take their inevitable course.  A grim picture, yes.  But isn't it important to face facts squarely?

In closing we must note one more faction, perhaps the smallest but not one to discount.  It is shocking to even think about such men and women.  Our minds cannot or will not grasp this reality.  We must. This final faction though small in number has to be reckoned with: they are the ones who do the bidding of the satanic forces.  I don't know how much is true or how much is made up of the sensational fiction published by some well-known writers about diabolic practices in Rome. We don't need modern writers to write sensational exposes of this stuff; we have great historians like William Thomas Walsh who can unearth real stories of diabolical activity among religious (see his Isabella of Spain).  If it can happen in the fifteenth century it can happen now.

It is unnecessary to overemphasize the influence of the diabolists; if they didn't exist the Modernists would be sufficient to get the job of destruction done.  But let us not be naive either.  They have sold their souls to the Devil and want to bring the Church down with them.  That is the reality of their twisted thinking.  Yes, such people do exist.

The historians of the future will, we are certain, make sense of all this.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Bringers of War, Misery and Dead Christians are angry

So says Daniel McAdams;

The neocons are renowned for their courage on the battlefield. There is no keyboard they are afraid to finger. No pen they won’t commandeer. When the battle cry is sounded, they unhesitatingly push the “on” button at their computers and saddle up for battle. Off with the loafers and under the desk! “Caution to the wind! Bring in a wine spritzer, dammit, I’m off to waaar!”
While this Institute and this column most definitely do not take a position on any candidate and in fact your correspondent views voting itself with disdain in today’s corrupt US political system, it is impossible to avoid viewing with extreme amusement the collective neocon hysterical breakdown over the possibility that voters of the Republican Party – a party neocons crashed en masse starting in 1972 and especially 1976 – may be sending as their nominee for president a man who has committed the cardinal sins of:
1) Stating the obvious that the Iraq war was brought to us by the liars of the neoconservative movement and has been a total disaster for the rest of us who are forced to pay for their fantasies of world domination.
2) Suggesting that he might actually speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin to see if US/Russia differences can be worked out without a potentially world-ending nuclear war.
3) Though arguing that he is hugely pro-Israel, nevertheless suggesting that if the US is to play a role in the Israel/Palestine issue (this Institute would argue that it should not), the US side should, in the interests of any chance of success, take a neutral role in the process.
4) Wondering why on earth Obama listened to idiotic neocon advice and overthrew Libya’s strongman leader only to see the red carpet laid down for ISIS.
5) Suggesting that it may be a good thing that Russia be bombing ISIS into oblivion and that we might want to just sit back and let that happen for once.
Read the whole article here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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