Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why not the Constitutional Option?

Which, stated, is simply this: that Congress can remove.the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction in certain cases....like sodo-"marriage".

William Quirk argues the case in Chronicles:


Easier said than done.  The Democrats are in thrall to the sodomite lobby and the Republicans are in thrall to pro-sodomy billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.  But I suppose if enough people started mentioning this to their representatives some good might come out of it.

I have very little hope left for any US politicians  Even Mr Bobby Jindal, after boldly announcing that he will not allow this homosexual onslaught to befoul his state and showing therefore some signs of courage, quickly announced after the Court's "decision" that he will only allow it if ordered by the courts!!  Bobby, dear, do you think it will take the courts more than about ten minutes to order you to do it?  I don't suppose you could stick to your guns and just tell Washington to go to Hell, could you? Will they send in federal troops to harass your state?  Very possibly.  But isn't it better to let the world see with their own eyes the military forces of the country using guns and tanks to enforce the unspeakable crime of sodomy?

The politicians love the Supremem Court.  They can let them do all this damage and then hold up their hands lamenting that there is nothing they can do.  It is a coward's perfect option.

But there is something they can do, as William Quirk lucidly explains above.  We still have this option in the case of this mounting degeneracy.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Dear "Supreme Court": No, I don't think so.

Epitaph for the failed experiment that was America
A few years ago on this blog this writer made use of an old saying: the Devil has the people by the throat.  It was the ancient lament of peoples watching the disintegration of their homelands by forces that were most certainly of  sinister origin.  This lament has turned up more recently by other writers on the internet for it describes perfectly where we stand today.

There are sure to be countless analyses of today's decision by the Nine Divine Oracles.  But there is no need for analysis.  It was expected, pre-ordained by the degenerate elites of the ruling class. There is nothing to analyze.  Put in simple terms, five employees of the Federal Government voted in favor of their employer, so let us put away at last the facade that we are a "democracy" and that there are "checks and balances" that ensure good government.  It is a sham.  It has always been a sham.  It has been that way since 1776.

A bought and paid for Congress could have stopped this by simply removing the Court's jurisdiction from such matters.  But Congress is the plaything of the Haim Sabans' the George Soros' and the Sheldon Adelson's of this world, all of whom want this degeneracy to be foisted upon the weak, so don't look to them for relief.  Or "checks and balances". (As is the usual practice when something horrible comes from the federal government, be it contraception, the forced destruction of Catholic neighborhoods or abortion, they always find a Catholic of sorts to drop the bomb.  In the case of the queer marriage decision, it is pseudo-Catholic Anthony Kennedy who does the honors.)

Do not be shocked at the Supreme Court decision.  A country that has degenerated as low as America has is to be expected to see this.  An illustration of this degeneracy can be found by reading the "lyrics" of creatures known as "Rap singers", but I don't recommend it.

The prancing deities of Washington and their trolls are all atwitter now.  They've told the world where America stands, and on whose side she stands.  Watch them as they swish and exult in their easily-won victory to become lower than animals.  These are the same people running around the world imposing their "values" on other countries.  These are the same people who are provoking Russia into another world war. In their minds, now that sodomy rules this nation they believe they are invincible and they are now blithely antagonizing a nation that is not ruled by sodomy. If (God forbid!) it should actually come to war it is not too difficult to figure out who will be victorious.

Americans are understandably appalled by this as any right thinking person would be, but they shouldn't be surprised.  In the grand scheme of things America is nothing.

People all over the USA are shocked.  But why?  The "judicial" decision of these five twits, lesbians and ignorami is comparatively minor compared with the real victory of the dark forces:  the real harbinger of the Satanic stranglehold was Ireland a few weeks ago. This blasphemy was not imposed on the Irish by their corrupt government.  No.  Irishmen chose this abomination to fall upon their heads.  That is bigger news than the last, dying gasps of the United States.  When the people of Ireland willingly spat in the face of God, a people that once gloried in their Catholic Faith, that was the official beginning if you will of what we all know is coming.

Organization and coordination techniques tell quite a story. The fact that you have an onslaught that is so perfectly coordinated as this one should tell you that there is a great Intelligence behind it.  That co-ordination even includes prelates of the Catholic Church, as is quite evident in this upcoming Synod.  And timing is everything. I do not say that Cardinals Kasper and Marx and others consult with George Soros on a regular basis.  They don't have to.  Some thing or some one is directing them and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to guess who it is: a being usually described as the Father of Pride...and lies.  Am I saying that certain Catholic prelates are doing the will of the Evil One? Yes, of course.  Let's stop being faint-hearted about this; let us rather face the reality: the Devil's agents sometimes wear clerical collars. They may not know they are doing the work of evil but they are most certainly doing it. They too can be puffed up with Pride.  Have we all forgotten about Arius?

So now the sodomites officially have the upper hand in Ireland and America and dozens of other nations.  Indeed they have the whip hand.  And they will use it.  Their target of choice, to no one's amazement I hope, will be the Catholic Church.  It is the last man standing.

What is to be done  Frittering away our energies and money supporting Republicans who will not come to our rescue, a presidential race between Haim Sabin's Democrats and Sheldon Adelson's Republicans are not sensible options.  Nor is allowing one's self to be mesmerized by the daily bread and circuses provided by the Ruling Class.  I hope we don't squander our efforts in those directions.

The First Saturday in July is coming in a few days.  This is as good a time as any to start or re-start the First Saturday devotions.  This poor writer will get off his complacent rump and will be at Mass on July 4, 2015  [not watching "bombs bursting in air" nor participating in state worship parades].

One thing seems to be crucial just now.  It is a good time  to approach our pastors and Bishops to let them know that we will stand behind them if they should uphold the teachings of the Church. A hand-written letter or an email requesting a meeting would I believe prove productive.  I doubt the Robert Lynches or some of the others will give us the time of day but that's life: they will be dealt with when they meet their Maker.

Let your priests and Bishops know now that you will stand with them.  I would like to see Days of Fasting and Prayer instituted in dioceses all over the world.  Perhaps we can all persuade our pastors that this is the time to consider that.  As Catholics we know that fasting and prayer, together, are powerful weapons against devils.  Our current Pope once instituted such a day of fasting and prayer to prevent an American air strike on innocents in Syria.  It worked.  The indestructible world power that was preparing to rain death and annihilation upon innocent Syrians was stopped.  That same power is raining sodomy and abortion on other lands and on us. Fasting and prayer will stop them again.  It is a weapon in our arsenal that we would do well to use.

Despair is not an option now, but hope is and courage is.  Banish fear as best you can and remember Who it is who is on our side.  These corrupt nonentities in Washington who fancy themselves having the power of Zeus have drawn the battle lines clearly and for that we can be grateful.  There is no more shilly-shallying, no more wondering if someone in that benighted city will come to their senses.  They won't.  They are either cowards or demons or demented. Prepare for the worst but rest assured in the fact that Christ is King, the Supreme Monarch.  The King will protect His subjects.

They are preparing their weapons but we are preparing ours - and ours are much better.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside the Mind of a Monstrous Man

Let us thank the hackers for this one.  They have uncovered the exploits of one of the world's truly rotten men.

CyberBerkut hacked into George Soros' private emails.  Here is what they found:


An interesting look into how the world really works and a look into the minds of both Mr Soros and his friend, Nathaniel Rothschild...and Soros flunkey Jeffrey Sachs, who is now advising the Pope on climate issues and who talks about the Pope in such soothing tones. I do wonder if the Holy Father realizes he is being played for an utter fool by Messrs Sachs, Soros and Rothschild.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marco Tosatti Speculates on the Kasper Proposal

Dr Maike Hickson over at Catholicism.org writes about the speculations of journalist Marco Tosatti. Tosatti's observations center upon the confusion engendered by Cardinal Kasper's switching of stories regarding the Pope's approval of his plan for radical change in Catholicism:

From the article:

"While observers of the discussion concerning the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family are still wondering what it was that has recently caused Cardinal Walter Kasper suddenly (but stammeringly) to deny that which he had claimed a year or so ago – namely, that Pope Francis personally supports his “Kasper proposal” – the well-informed Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti now has his own explanation.
On 10 June, in an article placed on his own blog linked to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, and entitled “The Pope, Kasper, the Denial,” Tosatti quotes the crucial part of the Kasper interview with Raymond Arroyo where Kasper now claims that he did not really have the support of the Pope in his reform proposals concerning the moral teaching and practice of the Church, especially about “remarried” divorcees: “… no, I would not say that he [Pope Francis] approved of my proposal, no, no, no.” Tosatti comments:
These are words that in a way surprised everybody, because they are in contradiction to that which one has been given to understand in the recent months. Eye witnesses of meetings with Pope Francis concerning this topic, as in the one which took place prior to the creation of the recent Cardinals, have a completely different memory; rather, they remember just the opposite.
More importantly, Tosatti reveals what just also happened during the recent assembly of the Italian Bishops’ Conference in May of 2015. Behind closed doors, says Tosatti, Pope Francis is alleged to have said the following: “Some Cardinals have published a book with the single intention to fight against Kasper; that is what a mortal sin is (against charity, probably).” 1
Read the entire article here: http://catholicism.org/glimpses-behind-closed-doors-marco-tosatti-on-cardinal-kaspers-self-correction.html

We can only speculate, as Tosatti can only speculate, about what is going on in the preparations for the next round of the Sodomy Synod.  Whichever way our speculations direct us it is likely that this gathering will turn very ugly, and unlikely to produce any good fruits to nourish the faith of Catholics.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Get the Hook

This morning's newspaper in my town, amid stories of black violence against white people, unimportant sports news that is made to seem important, pro-sodomy and pro-war propaganda from Washington and other notable sources and the latest news about which over-the-hill rock groups will be playing at the upcoming Summer festival next week, we find more ramblings from Peter's Chair in Rome.

These unhistoric and somewhat incoherent ramblings amount to some tardy finger pointing at governments during world war two who did not do enough to get rid of the concentration camps.  In order one supposes of papal preference, top billing goes to the Jews, then the gypsies, then the Christians (thanks for mentioning it) and, of course, homosexuals.  Homosexuals had to be mentioned because it is "the thing to do", and all good soldiers in the fight against racism and faggophobia must do their bits.

No historical context for these remarks was given, no suggestions as to what might have been done, not even any hindsight observations about how people should have responded to them - nor even how many people knew what was even going on in those camps, just as there are many Americans now who have no idea what was/is going on in our little secret camps around the world - or if they do know, refuse to acknowledge it.  It's all very nice and easy and cozy to castigate your ancestors about their failings real or imagined but not so easy to stand up to the current powers that be and demand an end to their injustices.  These remarks may win Rome some points with the Jewish press and the homosexuals but we cannot see how a single soul will be saved here and now, especially since no specifically Catholic view of the matter was expressed. When one incessantly talks in generalities it is not surprising that few consciences are pricked.  What these remarks seem to suggest is yet another performance for the ruling elite who like it so much when the powerful can be brought to, shall we say, their point of view.

As this dog and pony show has been going on a bit too long now our only response is: Get the Hook.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Faith, Mercy, Delusions

Thomist writer James Larson looks into mercy and faith in another of his thoughtful, penetrating articles at The War Against Being.

A sample:

In other words, in this life in which our intellects see God only in a “dark manner” through faith, which is an anticipation of the Beatific Vision, there can be no charity without this faith. And, most significant for our understanding of the relationship between faith and charity, “Just as mortal sin is contrary to charity, so is disbelief in one article of faith contrary to faith. Now charity does not remain in a man after one mortal sin. Therefore neither does faith, after a man disbelieves one article.” (II-II, Q.5, A.3). For someone to culpably doubt or disbelieve in even one article of our Faith therefore necessitates that charity totally ceases to exist in such a person. Any notion, therefore, that the demands of charity can supersede faith, or contradict faith, is a profound delusion of Satan.

Larson has much to say and it is important that we study it most carefully for the wealth of information it contains.  In this coming "Year of Mercy" it is incumbent upon us to know what we're talking about when we speak of mercy and why doctrine is not be shunted aside when dealing with the subject.  James Larson in this article helps point us in the correct direction.

The rest of his article, "The Truth of Mercy", can be read at this link:


Friday, June 19, 2015

Arrogance, Thy Name is Victor Fernandez

Pride is the favorite tool of certain Angelic Intelligences who made it quite clear to their Creator that they would "not serve".  Arrogance goes hand in hand with pride and if there was an Academy Award for that sort of behavior it would have to be awarded to one of Pope Bergolgio's right-hand men, Victor Manuel Fernandez.

Sarcastic, cynical, smug and indifferent, Fernandez is telling us quite clearly that the Church is going to change and there will be "no going back".  How terribly funny.  Where have I heard those words before about not going back?  Genesis?

Dr Maike Hickson tells us quite a bit about this character in an article at Catholicism.org:

On May 10, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published an interview with Archbishop Victor Fernández who is a close collaborator of Pope Francis. He is said to have ghost-written Pope Francis’ first Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, and to be now involved in the drafting of the Pope’s encyclical on questions concerning the environment. He had previously worked together with then-Cardinal Bergoglio in Argentina, and headed Cardinal Bergoglio’s team redacting the touchstone Latin-American bishops’ (CELAM) document ofAparecida in 2007. His words are therefore to be taken very seriously, since, more than most people, he knows the Pope’s mind.
This interview immediately caused a stir in Rome because it turned out to be a more-or-less direct attack on the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller. “Catholics know from reading the Gospel that it was to the Pope and the bishops that Christ granted a special governance and enlightenment — and not to a prefect or some other structure,” Fernández said. “When one hears such things, one could almost get the impression that the Pope is merely their representative or one who has come to disturb and must, therefore, be monitored.” This criticism aims unmistakably at Cardinal Müller and his prominent official remarks that his duty as the head of the CDF is “to provide the theological structure of a pontificate.”Vatican Insider journalist Andrea Tornielli had himself previously and quite sharply rebuked Cardinal Müller for his public remarks.
Fernández himself is already known for his earlier ridiculing of Cardinal Müller publicly. On the third day of the October 2014 Synod on the Family, where Pope Francis appointed him a member of the drafting commission for the final report on the Synod, Fernández spoke to reporters and said that Pope Francis had invited everybody in the Synod to speak up “without fear that Cardinal Müller will come after you.” The reference to Cardinal Müller reportedly caused chortling in the press room. Cardinal Müller was and is among those prelates of the Church who have strongly opposed any altering of the Church’s essential moral teaching concerning marriage, as it was clearly taught by Jesus Christ.
Fernández is also known for his sardonic comments in an interview with the Argentine journal La Nación right after the October 2014 Synod on the Family, where he said: “There was only a group of six or seven fanatics, somewhat aggressive, who didn’t represent even 5% of the total [of the Synod Fathers]. […] Perhaps we missed saying, at the very least, with Pope Francis: ‘Who are we to judge gays?’” With these words, Archbishop Fernández showed his own sympathies for the reformers during the last Synod, and for Pope Francis’ expression “Who am I to judge?” During the same press conference of 9 October 2014, he insisted that doctrine can be further developed: “When it’s said that this is a ‘pastoral’ synod, it doesn’t at all mean that one cannot deepen the doctrine,” he said. “We need to develop the doctrine on the family much more. If we came here only to repeat what we’ve always said, the church wouldn’t grow.” At the time, his words were considered to reflect Pope Francis’ own views.

Read the rest at this link:  http://catholicism.org/close-advisor-of-pope-speaks-about-popes-methods-of-changing-the-church.html

Fear not, Victor Manuel Fernandez: the Church will go back, and be greater than ever before, while you, and all you stand for, will find yourself in the dust bin of history, where the good God will drop you.

But do keep smirking, Your Excellency, and enjoy your triumph while you may.  .

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Laudato Si: the Mountain Gives Birth to a Mouse

And don’t start like the old writer of epic cycles:
‘Of Priam’s fate I’ll sing, and the greatest of Wars.’
What could he produce to match his opening promise?
Mountains will labour: what’s born? A ridiculous mouse!
(Ep.II.3, 136–9)

                                                (Horace, The Art of Poetry)

The huzzahs have begun and the minds have been closed and the Vatican mountain has given birth to a mouse.  Sound and fury have signified nothing.   And the Church's enemies have just been handed another heavy club to beat God's people with.

I look about me and see devastation in the Church.  I see the annihilation of one nation after another to the Devil's favorite perversion - for others, that is; it revolts him so much that even he looks away after helping men to commit this heinous, unnatural vice.  I see a Mass which is a parody of what was once the most beautiful thing on earth, a Sesame Street-styled liturgy that appeals to those with IQ's of about 79.  I see priest after priest, Bishop after Bishop, Cardinal after Cardinal talking filth and heresy and being rewarded while the good Churchmen "are sent empty away".  I see a Church close to extinction, or at least giving every outward sign of it, and with all this staring us in the face the current successor to St Peter is concerned about temperature.

Humans can pollute lakes and streams, yes.  They can befoul the earth with their chemicals and Frankenstein-inspired manipulated seeds.  Shiftless people living off the public welfare can turn once beautiful neighborhoods and cities into garbage cans and crime-ridden hellholes. But are we really being asked to believe that man can affect the vastness of outer space?

To Peter I ask:

Have you perhaps forgotten the social encyclicals of your noble predecessors Leo XIII and Pius XI?  Are you unaware of how saintly monks in the Ages of Faith taught ignorant native peoples how to cultivate and conserve their lands and produce abundant food?  Do you recall the magnificent economy of the Catholic Middle Ages which was so just and so stable that prices stayed about the same for nearly 500 years and men needed only labor for six months to earn enough to feed their families for twelve months?

You rightly condemn corporatism and an unbridled free market, something the Church has done for centuries before you were ever born but never did She give encouragements to governments to get more oppressive, which your encyclical seems, I say seems, to do.  Yes, there are crooks, oligarchs and charlatans who deny the idea of man-made climate change but have you noticed the crooks, oligarchs, charlatans and truly vile men who support that doubtful notion?  And are you aware that ignorant people, myself included, have enough horse sense to realize they are being conned, swindled and maneuvered into a worldwide prison by those who think a million gas lawn mowers can somehow cause the stars to fall from the heavens?

Yes, there are evil people in the world who do terrible damage to the world we live in both environmentally and politically.  Why don't you name them?  Name the big companies protected by the government - the same government that applauds the man-made climate change meme: BayerAG, Monsanto, BASF, etc.

On June 5th Mr Joe Doyle, the distinguished Catholic from Boston, penned this note to The Pilot.  It is worth reflecting upon, Your Holiness:

Acknowledging the obvious — that the text of the encyclical is, as of this date, unknown — five considerations are in order:
  1. Catholicism has traditionally criticized liberal capitalism as an economic system, particularly in its treatment of workers and debtors. It is consistent therefore, with traditional Catholic social teaching to extend that critique to an examination of the impact of capitalism on God’s Creation — the natural environment.
  2. We should remember, especially in Boston, that an indifference to the environment had a devastating impact on inner city Catholic communities, when, a half century ago, a corporate driven public policy to promote highway construction obliterated urban Catholic  neighborhoods. It was the incipient environmental movement which finally halted the injustice of eminent domain.
  3. There is a danger however, in any cooperation with an ecological movement that is militantly secularist, profoundly anti-life, and intrinsically committed to population control.
  4. There is also the risk that some in the Church will exploit the encyclical to revive the “seamless garment” argument, in order to diminish the centrality of the struggles to defend the sanctity of innocent human life, and preserve the integrity of traditional marriage and the natural family — the two greatest challenges in the moral order confronting what remains of Christian civilization today.
  5. Finally, neither the Holy Father nor any other member of the hierarchy have a specific competence in scientific matters, nor could any ecclesiastical authority bind Catholic in questions which require purely prudential judgments.    
These are the observations of a Catholic who understands the long history of his Church and who doesn't believe the Church was born in 1965. (With thanks to Catholicism.org)  A little bit of Mr Doyle's wise remarks can be found in Laudato Si, but only a little.

Finally, I must ask our Peter this:  how does this encyclical save one soul from the fires of Hell?  How does it in any way heal the deep wounds in Christ's Church?  I know it helps the ignorant and the enemies of the Church, emboldening them.  I know it will drive away, as if using whips and chains, some who might have thought about becoming Catholics.  I know it will attract the superficial, the unthinking, the modernists for whom nothing is a sin except avoiding Modernism, and I know many of these who flock to you now will become sorely disillusioned when, at last, the Church comes back to her senses.

Yes, we weary Catholics will pick through this thing and find the good in it, for there is some good in it to be sure.  While we are being mocked, ridiculed and hated by your new friends we will still point out the few good things we find in it.  Then too, we can make a judgment, not about individual details of your encyclical, good and bad, but of its effect on a weak and dying Church: there was much publicity and public relations effort put into the begetting of this thing, but all your monumental effort has produced a mouse.  There are more serious things to be worrying about, Francis, than this.

And one more thing, Holiness: young people yearn for eternal Truth, not carbon emissions.

And the Gates of Hell still beckon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The next time one of those beheading videos shows up...

....please try to remember how this all started.

The following report is not news to me.  Regular readers here are aware that there was mounting evidence that ISIS was created by the US government, Israel and Saudi Arabia, as a proxy army used to destroy Syria and its president, Bashar al-Assad, and that we have published numerous posts on the topic.  Though elements of it were speculation, they was based on hard facts.

Now the US' role in the creation of these monsters has been officially confirmed - and the news media, which has been covering this up for months, is scrambling to look for a place to hide.

The evidence has at last arrived and here is a report detailing it:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-23/secret-pentagon-report-reveals-us-created-isis-tool-overthrow-syrias-president-assad

Innocents being murdered, priests being kidnapped and tortured, ancient treasures destroyed...all so that Israel can get rid of Assad and America can glom on to more oil reserves (and do Israel's bidding, as they generally do) and Saudi Arabia to eliminate some competition.  The controlled media keeps us focused on the gory details and the Hollywood-style beheading videos but never how these murderous criminals came into existence.

When the diplomatic efforts of Russia and the organized prayers of the Catholic faithful defeated the US' planned annihilation of Syria in 2013 the destroyers of that ancient land had to come up with Plan B, and that plan had several prongs: keep Russia on the ropes by arranging the coup in Kiev and organizing an army of extremists and supplying them with money, weapons and training.

                                                  Jihad Plumbing

From the photo above it looks like Mark 1 Plumbing from Texas City was joining the Jihadists. Not really.  So we might ask ourselves (and Pamela Geller and Jihad-watchers David Horowitz and Robert Spencer might ask themselves) where ISIS obtained this lovely Ford F250 truck. From a recent artile "Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys" we find the answer:

Since the spring of 2012, the State Department has also been providing millions of dollars of what it calls “non-lethal aid,” including, “MREs, combat casualty bags, and surgical equipment,” according to Mother Jones magazine, which also reported in 2013 that the US had precious little control over who ultimately received this aid, and whether or not it ended up giving succor to terrorists. Later, this non-lethal aid came to include pick-up trucks. So, perhaps that’s where ISIS got those wonderful Toyotas.
For “Buy American” types whose patriotism is offended by seeing American-backed Islamic extremists driving around in Japanese trucks, there is something you can do about it. Apparently, if you sell your Ford truck in the US of A and it ends up at auction, there’s a chance it might wind up in Syria. Just don’t forget to remove any identifying decals before you sign the title transfer. A Texan made this mistake and sorely regretted it after he starting receiving death threats. As the Huffington Postreported in December 2014:
“A Texas plumber says he has no idea how his company’s work truck ended up in the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria.
The truck, a black Ford F-250 with the logo for Texas City’s Mark-1 Plumbing emblazoned on the door, appeared in a tweet posted Monday by the Ansar al-Deen Front, a jihadist group operating near Aleppo. In the photo, a man fires an anti-aircraft gun mounted to the bed of the truck, presumably where plumbing equipment used to sit.”
“No idea,” huh? Let’s just say it was almost certainly your tax dollars at work.

It is difficult, I know, for ordinary good people to contemplate cynical evil of such depths, especially when it is committed by their own leaders.  Because it is so difficult to face this (as it was difficult for this writer to face it) many people simply stopped thinking about it and willy-nilly accepted the Official Narrative.  I find this odd if for no other reason than that the same government that is committing these war crimes is also the one promoting sodomy and sexual perversion on a global scale.  As neocon creep Michael Ledeen so famously said, America's best response is "creative destruction".

The US has invaded and creatively destroyed numerous nations (they're not above incinerating innocent populations either, as the Japanese or the citizens of Dresden could tell you), they have creatively destroyed the very concept of morality with their promotion of heinous crimes like abortion and buggery.  They have creatively destroyed our wealth and our savings and our jobs and they have creatively destroyed the nation that America once was.

To the good folks who look in on this blog from time to time I encourage you, when you hear of yet another ISIS atrocity, to direct your anger at the source, so as to immunize yourselves against the propaganda, and to not fall into despair.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Last Irish Outpost is Ready for Self-destruction, or the Revenge of the Druids

London-controlled Northern Ireland now wants to follow the example of the southern part of Ireland and join them in committing national suicide.  The Northern Poofs are on the march to bring the New Marriage Lunacy to Northern Ireland and are taking to the streets in Belfast, no doubt with generous financial help from notable Irishmen like George Soros.


We will see if the Protestant portion of Ireland caves in like the Catholics in the South.  I assume that they will but we shall see what we shall see.

For those who have not seen it we can recommend this poignant blog post over at Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, The Lost Piety of Catholic Ireland.  It is beautifully written and says in a few words more than this writer has heard in a decade from church pulpits.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Self esteem: get rid of it

We men need a slap in the face, and a hard one at that.  We need to wake up from our lethargy. In his essay, To the Men, Brother Andre Marie gives us both barrels.  It is as sobering as it is necessary.

A couple of quotes:

Gentlemen: Let’s talk about your self esteem. Get rid of it. Self esteem is garbage. Both low self-esteem and high self-esteem are based on pride and disordered self-love. These are not Biblical or Christian concepts, but worldly ones. We need to die to ourselves, not to feed the beast of pride. Self esteem is pride. The modern cult of self esteem stems from a pop psychology that hates God. How’s this for self esteem: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”?

The spiritual writers remind us of the necessity of compunction of heart, contrition for sin, and humility. We must seriously cultivate those by acknowledging first our radical dependence on God for all our gifts of nature and of grace, and second, by acknowledging our sinfulness: our deserving of eternal damnation in hell by only one mortal sin (yet how many have we committed?), the countless venial sins that we’ve excused with lame excuses about relief from life’s difficulties, the bad example we’ve given others (including wives and children), our moral cowardice before a world that mocks Christ, and the fact that we don’t seem so swift as to “get it” when these things are pointed out to us. We go to confession, but then, like dogs returned to our vomit, we commit the same sins, we wallow in the same filth: Pornography. Infidelity by unchaste glances at other women. Ruining our own children’s innocence by letting the serpent of sexual impurity into our lives and therefore into our homes. Treating our wives like objects of lust on the one hand and fearing their displeasure on the other should we dare to assert our male patriarchal authority as head of the family. The failures pile up, and I’ve only touched a couple of commandments.

The more we cower in fear the more Goliath becomes emboldened.  The more we go with the flow the more the flow will propel us to disaster.

If we men begin to act like men then perhaps Churchmen will start acting like men.  And when that happens then and only then will the Satanic forces begin to quiver and to shake.

Read it all right here.

Why Are Politicians Lower than Snake's Bellies?

Lindsey Graham provides the answer:


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10th: The Pope, Mr Putin and the Media

After sitting open-mouthed and aghast at the headlines today regarding the visit of the Russian president to Pope Francis I had to sit back amused at the workings of the media gnomes.

The US ambassador to the Vatican, and reliable toady of the Obama administration, Kenneth Hackett, got the US' take spread all over the media outlets fast, beginning last night.  It went something like this: "We hope the Pope will use this opportunity to pressure Putin into taking a stronger stand against Russian aggression in Ukraine".  Immediately all the major news outlets ran with this, each one dutifully repeating America's veiled threats with the utmost seriousness; one had to plod through the search engines to find a story that didn't repeat this.  Funnily enough neither Mr Hackett nor the presstitute media bothered to mention the fact that it was the USA that brought the turmoil to Ukraine in the first place.  But no matter.  The USA wants Francis to publicly scold Putin so they can win another propaganda coup that the world media can publicize day and night.

Clearly this was a US ploy to pressure the Vatican into falling in line with the other nations it has pressured to do so, like France, Germany, Canada, England, Australia, Poland, etc.

Other news reports came to the totally unsubstantiated conclusion that the Pope was urging Putin to stop the rush to World War 3.  Using a simple phrase of Francis', that Mr Putin work for peace in Ukraine (which he has been doing since February 2014 by not only refraining from invading but by brokering the Minsk Agreements) and that Mr Putin do all he can to offer humanitarian aid (which Russia has been doing since the mess started), the news media twists that into having the Pope demand that Putin not start WW3.  It is utterly fascinating how the media can paint a picture which is patently untrue and yet sound as if they are reporting actual reality.  It takes real skill to manipulate the public so deftly.

The other endlessly repeated mantra was that the meeting was "fraught with tension, blah, blah". Since no official communique of the meeting has yet been distributed as of this writing I scarcely think it likely that such a statement could be made.

Then there were the headlines.

"Putin keeps Pope waiting, gets told off by Francis on Ukraine", from the Daily Beast "Did the Pope Diss Putin?" and another good one: "When Popes Meet Dictators".  (I don't seem to recall one like that when Francis met Obama.) Of course nothing of the kind happened but that doesn't stop an irresponsible media from their penchant for yellow journalism.  What else can one expect from a media now pushing the government's pro-sodomy, pro-war agenda?  It is extremely funny, in a dangerous and deadly sort of way, to see the spin machine running at full throttle.

So the media spin means nothing, really. The truth is that at this point we don't know what they talked about for nearly an hour.  Ukraine, certainly.  And the Middle East.  We can only surmise the rest. Perhaps we will never know much about this long, private conversation.

As to the players in this drama I can say that I am not in my own mind certain that this is the right Pope to be dealing in a matter of such delicacy, the relations between Rome and Russia.  I can only hope that cool heads in the Vatican, with a solid understanding of world events, were able to brief him before the meeting.  The Obama regime has been leading the pack in spreading false information and inflammatory rhetoric that in other times would have brought about a war.  And flunkeys like Ken Hackett have undoubtedly been filling the Pope's ear with the approved propaganda line.  A similar tactic was used by Washington to get John Paul II to back America's Iraq adventure back in 2003 but John Paul wasn't buying.  Even Washington's sending neocon reliable Michael Novak to Rome didn't move the Pope.  So we can entertain some hopes that the current irrational hatred of Russia and its leaders as exemplified by Washington did not find a hearing in the Vatican.  Time, however, will tell.

All we know about today's meeting is that the country that did the most to bring turmoil to Ukraine is urging the Pope to back their actions and, so far, the Pope doesn't seem to be going along with it.  In fact he gave Mr Putin an "Angel of Peace" medallion, something sure to enrage those who have both a visceral hatred for Putin and a scant acquaintance with the alternative media. Considering that Mr Putin has kept his cool in the face of outrageous accusations against him, troops and missiles stationed within three miles of the Russian border, worldwide opprobrium against him whipped up by Jewish and corporatist media and unjust sanctions against his nation this writer would say that he has more than earned his Angel of Peace medallion.

But the uncertainty that the Pope exudes still presents problems.

Pope Francis, alas, has not distinguished himself in his governance of the Church thus far, allowing confusion, treason and outrage to go on in the Church unhindered and contributing to it himself directly with some sorry episcopal appointments and undeniably strange words and actions.  Can this be the right man for this job at this time?

But, who knows?  Maybe this meeting was fortuitous in a way that only God knows. That the Russian Federation is clearly trying to heal itself from its ugly past by its slowing down the abortion monstrosity and the homosexual juggernaut must, one hopes, make an impression on Francis.

It is also true that in another instance the recognizing of the State of Palestine by the Vatican under Pope Francis has righted a great wrong.  In the words of Brother Andre at St Benedict Center, "Recognition of the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people is a simple matter of justice."

Many of my fellow Catholics find this troubling but I would urge them to investigate the truth of what is really going on in the Holy Land before passing judgment.  That truth is readily available on the internet; it is not readily available on TV, Rush Limbaugh or in the fevered imaginings of Robert Spencer and his mentors, David Horowitz and Pamela Geller.

The point is that even a Pope who has fumbled so badly in some areas is still capable by God's grace of doing the right thing in other areas.  That is why, I presume, the Church requires us to pray for our pontiffs. Whether or not he is doing the right thing vis-a-vis Russia is something that will be revealed to us in God's good time.

Other than recognizing the breathtaking (and mind-numbing) dishonesty of the news media and the federal government over this meeting between the Pope of Rome and the Russian president there is really nothing much more to say until more details come out, if any.

Vladimir Putin and his Angel of Peace medallion

Now can we bring back King George III?

Judge Napolitano has some typically sobering thoughts on where We the Sheeple are heading:

If you plan to visit a college campus this month, don’t be surprised if you see signs and placards encouraging you to “Restore the Fourth.” Restore the Fourth is not about an athletic event or a holiday; it is about human freedom. The reference to “the Fourth” is to the Fourth Amendment, and it is badly in need of restoration.
In the dark days following 9/11, Congress enacted the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act has many flaws, including its prohibition of certain truthful public speech, but its most pernicious assault is on the constitutional right to privacy.
One of its sections permits federal agents to write their own search warrants and serve them on persons and entities who by law are the custodians of records about others, such as physicians, lawyers, bankers, telecoms, public utilities and computers servers. The same section of the act has been used perversely by the NSA and the secret FISA court to authorize the bulk collection of data.

Read the rest at this link: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/05/andrew-p-napolitano/restore-the-fourth/

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Matins of St Clare

From his four symphonic impressions called "Church Windows" by Ottorino Resphigi:


Saturday, June 6, 2015

One of Ireland's Assasins

I really have only one thing to say about billionaire Chuck Feeney, the man who gave millions to the pro-sodomy movement in Ireland which led to that nation's rejection of Jesus Christ:

look at his eyes.

They are the eyes of a man who is dead inside

They are the eyes of a man comfortable with some sort of twisted inner revelry and turmoil..

The eyes are, indeed, the window to the soul.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Disgusting Lies About Syria from the US and Israel

It is extremely difficult keeping one's blood from boiling over the outrageous lies being spread by the US and Israeli governments over Syria.  These lies by the stooge Barack Obama are simply disgusting.

The Christians of Syria support President Assad because they know perfectly well what is coming if he is ousted by the US and Israel.  It will mean their extermination.  That is why they are doing what they can to fight the proxy army of the US/Israel alliance, also known as ISIS.  The Christians are fighting for their homes and their lives.

The Alliance in a nutshell: http://www.syrianperspective.com/2015/06/u-s-aids-and-abets-isis-captured-isis-terrorist-confirms-american-assistance-in-taped-interview.html

When the original 2013 murder raid on Syria by US bombers was thwarted by Vladimir Putin's intervention and the Pope's ordered Day of Fasting and Prayer for Syria, it is quite clear that the enraged beast was furious.  Revenge was swift: in a few months Kiev was in flames courtesy the US/Israel Alliance and suddenly a well-equipped, well-trained and well-funded army of terrorists known as ISIS began battering on Syria.  These lunatics who run around murdering, beheading and destroying ancient artifacts are doing the dirty work, the "softening up" process, before the US and Israel strike.  So far Assad has been beating them back - which makes the Alliance even more furious. So now they are resorting to a worldwide campaign of lies which they will use to stir up US public opinion to support the bombing raid that was prevented by the Pope and Putin.

I will let a cooler head describe this latest gambit.  A sample:

Christians understood that it was “going to be very dangerous for them, to put it very mildly,” if the anti-Assad forces were victorious, a Syrian church official said just a few months into the uprising.
“They wanted to kill us because we were Christians,” recounted an 18-year-old girl fleeing Homs a year later. “They were calling us kaffirs [infidels], even little children saying these things. Those who were our neighbors turned against us.”

Read the whole article at this link: https://consortiumnews.com/2015/06/05/obamas-big-lie-on-syria/

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Miracle of the Marne, 1914...and Today

As we enter a new phase in the Great Culture War we might reflect on certain historical incidents of the past and relate them to the present difficulties.  In view of the onslaughts against the Faith that are growing to fever pitch, particularly those directed by a satanically-inspired sodomy movement, we might re-read this story not only for our own edification, but possibly as a sensible battle plan.

It is true that the Church has not officially endorsed the story herein but, after all, it took Rome 400 years to canonize Joan of Arc.

[with thanks to the Universal Living Rosary Association]


When we think of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast day we celebrate on February 11, we think first of the many miracles from the miraculous spring of water that Our Lady gave as a gift for healing the sick, both of body and heart. Many of these miracles have been studied by the Church and declared miraculous, that is, of heavenly origin. But, still, there are many other happenings that have not been pronounced as miracles but which still remain unexplained. The Battle of the Marne is one of these happenings.

Even the history books refer to this battle as a great MIRACLE of World War I: The Miracle of the Marne. But because there is no official decision from the Church concerning the authenticity of this event, we are left to draw our own conclusions.


In September of 1914, the German Army was making its way towards Paris. They were advancing so quickly down the valley of the Marne River that they were convinced already of their victory over the French, and chanted among themselves, "ln Paris, in two days' time!"

Paris itself was in total chaos. The French government had already left the capital for Bordeaux and the panicking civilians were fleeing the city on foot, horseback, train or any other means possible. Though the British had sent reinforcements to help their French allies, the Germans still far-outnumbered them. To make matters worse, the French Seventh Division, coming in from the frontier to join the Sixth Army in defending Paris, was unable to move because of the rail system, which was "choked" with fleeing civilians.

The desperate situation prompted Gen. Joseph Gallieni, military governor of the French Army, to dispatch the emergency troop reinforcements by using a fleet of Parisian taxi cabs. In one night, some 600 taxis ferried approximately 6,000 French reserve infantry troops to the front.

This was on the 8th of September, feast day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the same time in the Diocese of Paris, the Bishop of Meaux, Cardinal Marbeau, made the promise to Our Lady that, should She spare their city, he would build a monument in her honor when the war was over. And, all across France, people were on their knees, with Rosary in hand, humbly beseeching the Virgin to protect them in their great hour of need. We can believe, therefore, that, for this reason, on that very same day, the inexplicable happened: the entire German army suddenly retreated, turning back from Paris. It was later reported that some 100,000 German soldiers saw the Virgin Mary "pushing back" the German Army.

Most of these men kept silent because they had been ordered "under pain of death" not to speak of the apparition to anyone. But a letter addressed to the Carmel of Pontoise recounts that: "On 3rd January 1915, a German priest, wounded and taken prisoner during the Battle of the Marne, died in a French ambulance where he was cared for by some nuns. He had told them: "As a soldier, I should keep silent, but

"We saw the Virgin Mary, dressed all in white, with a blue belt, leaning Her head toward Paris."

As a priest, I must say what I have seen. During the Battle of the Marne, we were surprised to be pushed into retreat, because our numbers were legion compared to the French, and we expected very soon to arrive in Paris. But we saw the Virgin Mary, dressed all in white, with a blue belt, leaning her head toward Paris. She turned her back to us, and with her right hand seemed to push us away ... I saw her myself and a good number of my companions also." (This description of Our Lady, "... dressed all in white, with a blue belt ..." is the same description given by St. Bernadette at Lourdes, France in 1858.) About the same time, two German officers, also wounded and prisoners of war, were admitted into a French hospital run by the Red Cross. When they saw there a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, a nurse (who could speak German) heard them exclaim: "Die Frau von der Marne!" "Oh, the Virgin of the Marne!" She asked them to speak about this, but they refused. (http://thewandererpress.com/featured-today/september-1914-the-miracle-of-the-marne/)

The MIRACLE at the Battle of the Marne was reported in the newspapers all across France in January 1915, just one hundred years ago. When we recall that World War I continued through November 1918 and resulted in 16 million deaths, leaving 20 million wounded, we catch a glimpse of the sorrow Our Blessed Mother must have had on our behalf. War is humanity's great failure. Today, with wars and conflicts continuing throughout the world, we need to remind ourselves that Mary intercedes for both her faithful and her unfaithful children. What hope of mercy must have been given to both those spared in France as well as the soldiers who saw the vision and went on to suffer terrible battles for three more years!

The heart of the message of Our Lady given to St. Bernadette at Lourdes, stated simply, is a call to the sick of body and soul, that God loves us as we are, and is always calling us to conversion. Let us turn back to the Father, through Our Lady's invitation, and as the Bishop of Meaux once pleaded with Our Lady to spare Paris, let us also plead with her to spare our countries from another World War, and to help us to find healing, not only of body but also of soul.

Monument of Our Lady of the Marne, erected by Cardinal Marbeau after the War.
The inscription beneath the statue reads: "You will go no further."
God works miracles now and again to give the Faithful confidence that it is He Who is speaking; and if He is graciously pleased to do so at Lourdes, it is because He wants us to listen to Our Lady's words to Bernadette, calling us all to Repentance and Prayer.

Click here to download a full color .pdf version of this article

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Usual anti-Catholic hilarity

High Comedy Dept.

A deep, dark dungeon, where all that medieval torture goes on

Those theologians and historians at the Huffington Post have once again discovered the deep, dark secrets of medieval Catholicism.  Thank Heaven we have such investigators at the Huffington Post and 6th grade vocabulary specialist Dan Brown to unearth facts that seemingly were buried for centuries.

It's those nasty nuns again...


I do hope Cardinal Kasper, he of the rotting teeth, will bring up this sensational find at the Synod in October.

[One does wonder how those medieval nuns, what with their begging for alms, creating and running the first hospital systems, feeding and clothing the poor, praying day and night, composing brilliant chant, etc., even had time to do all those nasty things.they're accused of with such unceasing regularity.]

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