Friday, June 5, 2015

The Disgusting Lies About Syria from the US and Israel

It is extremely difficult keeping one's blood from boiling over the outrageous lies being spread by the US and Israeli governments over Syria.  These lies by the stooge Barack Obama are simply disgusting.

The Christians of Syria support President Assad because they know perfectly well what is coming if he is ousted by the US and Israel.  It will mean their extermination.  That is why they are doing what they can to fight the proxy army of the US/Israel alliance, also known as ISIS.  The Christians are fighting for their homes and their lives.

The Alliance in a nutshell:

When the original 2013 murder raid on Syria by US bombers was thwarted by Vladimir Putin's intervention and the Pope's ordered Day of Fasting and Prayer for Syria, it is quite clear that the enraged beast was furious.  Revenge was swift: in a few months Kiev was in flames courtesy the US/Israel Alliance and suddenly a well-equipped, well-trained and well-funded army of terrorists known as ISIS began battering on Syria.  These lunatics who run around murdering, beheading and destroying ancient artifacts are doing the dirty work, the "softening up" process, before the US and Israel strike.  So far Assad has been beating them back - which makes the Alliance even more furious. So now they are resorting to a worldwide campaign of lies which they will use to stir up US public opinion to support the bombing raid that was prevented by the Pope and Putin.

I will let a cooler head describe this latest gambit.  A sample:

Christians understood that it was “going to be very dangerous for them, to put it very mildly,” if the anti-Assad forces were victorious, a Syrian church official said just a few months into the uprising.
“They wanted to kill us because we were Christians,” recounted an 18-year-old girl fleeing Homs a year later. “They were calling us kaffirs [infidels], even little children saying these things. Those who were our neighbors turned against us.”

Read the whole article at this link:

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