Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Usual anti-Catholic hilarity

High Comedy Dept.

A deep, dark dungeon, where all that medieval torture goes on

Those theologians and historians at the Huffington Post have once again discovered the deep, dark secrets of medieval Catholicism.  Thank Heaven we have such investigators at the Huffington Post and 6th grade vocabulary specialist Dan Brown to unearth facts that seemingly were buried for centuries.

It's those nasty nuns again...


I do hope Cardinal Kasper, he of the rotting teeth, will bring up this sensational find at the Synod in October.

[One does wonder how those medieval nuns, what with their begging for alms, creating and running the first hospital systems, feeding and clothing the poor, praying day and night, composing brilliant chant, etc., even had time to do all those nasty things.they're accused of with such unceasing regularity.]

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FLOR solitaria said...

The dear cardinal and the upstanding priests of his cohorts have never been bothered by what Protestants or Eastern Orthodox say about Catholicism, no matter how far-fetched. It's only when Catholics complain about the truth of the matter that they react.

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