Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why not the Constitutional Option?

Which, stated, is simply this: that Congress can remove.the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction in certain cases....like sodo-"marriage".

William Quirk argues the case in Chronicles:


Easier said than done.  The Democrats are in thrall to the sodomite lobby and the Republicans are in thrall to pro-sodomy billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.  But I suppose if enough people started mentioning this to their representatives some good might come out of it.

I have very little hope left for any US politicians  Even Mr Bobby Jindal, after boldly announcing that he will not allow this homosexual onslaught to befoul his state and showing therefore some signs of courage, quickly announced after the Court's "decision" that he will only allow it if ordered by the courts!!  Bobby, dear, do you think it will take the courts more than about ten minutes to order you to do it?  I don't suppose you could stick to your guns and just tell Washington to go to Hell, could you? Will they send in federal troops to harass your state?  Very possibly.  But isn't it better to let the world see with their own eyes the military forces of the country using guns and tanks to enforce the unspeakable crime of sodomy?

The politicians love the Supremem Court.  They can let them do all this damage and then hold up their hands lamenting that there is nothing they can do.  It is a coward's perfect option.

But there is something they can do, as William Quirk lucidly explains above.  We still have this option in the case of this mounting degeneracy.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. While I don't agree with the decision, where were conservatives when the unelected lawyers were overturning campaign finance laws in their Citizens United decision?

S. Talton said...

It is time that everyone cease putting even a smidgeon of faith in the efforts of man and drop to their knees in prayer to the Triune God instead. My family is DONE with voting and signing petitions. Prayer is our ONLY recourse.

Dad29 said...

The option you mention is what makes Ted Cruz different from many of the other "R" candidates. Others yammer about "amendment," which will NEVER get done.

We also note that Mitch McConnell deliberately mis-characterizes that option as "an amendment" to confuse the people.

But we all know about Mitch, and never expected the truth to pass his lips.

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