Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our Amazing Pope

The faith and morals of the world are collapsing, the Faith is being trashed by the treachery of Vatican insiders, the world edges towards war, nations are being destroyed by the anti-Christian forces, the sewage of sex perversity is being rammed down every institution on earth, cowardice reigns supreme and the future looks dim but our Pope and his array of stooges are concerned about real, important problems... global warming.

From RT Today, via Reuters:

The Vatican urged US President Donald Trump to listen to “dissenting voices” and reconsider his position on climate change on Thursday, saying the US risked being supplanted by China as leader in environmental protection. “This is a challenge for us,” said Cardinal Peter Turkson, the pope’s point man for the environmental, immigration and development, when asked about Trump’s executive order dismantling Obama-era climate change regulations and his immigration policies. “Other positions and political voices will emerge and so we hope that Trump himself will reconsider some of his decisions,” Turkson said. (Reuters

Let us hope that the dim bulb who now occupies the place of Peter finally burns out.  Soon.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Murderers of Christians are protected once again

Just as Syria, along with its invited allies Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, have been pushing back the Christian killers in this terrible conflict, Israel steps in and bombs those protecting the Christians.

Here is a fascinating discussion which shows the depravity of the situation.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

St Joseph has never, ever failed our family

And that is a true statement.

I have lost count of the number times either I or my family have been.helped by him.  I have not the slightest doubt that countless others can say the same thing about this sometimes neglected Saint. Why write such a short post about such a great Saint?  I just thought I'd like to mention in public print my gratitude to him.

Everyone who needs him as I do more than ever might thank him on this his Feast Day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AT&T, Walmart, Coca-Cola and Toyota: Sponsors of Pedophilia

Though not news to this writer a recent article on LifeSite News once again demonstrated the glaringly obvious fact that Big Business works with Big Buggery to smash families and support noted pedophiles like our old friend, Terry Bean.

Terry Bean and friend
This corporate support for this unspeakable unnatural vice stinks to high Heaven and anyone who calls himself a human being, let alone a Christian, should never do business with any of these companies that support people like Bean and the organization he heads.  That he is not behind bars or hanging from a lamp post says a lot about the near-total degradation of America.

It was the corporations aligned with the Sodomites who rocketed into Indiana and essentially ordered the state to drop its religious protection law.  A craven Governor named Mike Pence went along with the cave-in, which should be a big clue as to what to expect from his as Vice-President.  A clueless Donald Trump supported the Indiana cave-in as well, which should also give you some clues as to what to expect from him.

The real enemies of mankind are not screaming jihadist fanatics but instead those who network internationally to utterly destroy the family (and also support jihadist fanaticism as well).  Look who supports this onslaught of sex perversion and family annihilation.  Zero in on the real villains, the manipulators, the string-pullers who finance and arrange these onslaughts.

Never do business with the promoters of this.  LifeSite names quite a few.  There are many others.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Council of the Craven Pledges Allegiance to Their Lord

Lifesite News informs us as the usual gang of cowards, idiots, boot-lickers, time servers, flunkeys, oily reptiles, queers and trucklers, also known as the College of Cardinals, have abased themselves once again by a typically revolting display of base servility.  Gosh, what a surprise !

Notice they pledge allegiance to Francis, not the Catholic Church and all She teaches and believes.

This getting more than comical; it's like watching the Titanic Band playing while the ship is sinking fast.  It's sad to see George Pell's name among these characters (I once held out some hope for him) but that is a good example of a man worrying more about his career than the Church he allegedly serves.  It is not surprising to see such stink weed as Maradiaga and O'Malley on the list.  They would slit their grandmother's throat for a few shekels.

Of course this is yet another distraction from the Dubia which remains unanswered and probably never will until God lifts Francis out of his shiny shoes for his final appointment with Him.

While this is a laughable display of slavishness and doesn't amount to anything important I still am sick unto death watching the disintegration of the Church.

Sieg Heil !

Monday, March 6, 2017

An interesting new look into the Dreyfus Affair....and it complements today's Catholic woes

Every time Mr Shamir puts pen to paper, more frequently now than ever thank goodness, he brings in new insights and new information detailing the world's vicious attack against the Church. Though an Orthodox believer his sympathy for Catholicism is clear from his writings.

Alfred Dreyfus, a French Jewish officer, was jailed for spying at the end of the 19thcentury. His case divided France, and ended with resounding victory for Dreyfus’ supporters. Consequently, Dreyfus was exonerated and reinstalled in the army. Now, a hundred years later, he has made a comeback. His story is about to become a film directed by Roman Polanski. A brilliant British Catholic writer, Piers Paul Read, published a 400 page book called The Dreyfus Affair, written by the superb pen of a master in search of the truth. Some pages in The Prague Cemetery by the ‘intellectual bestseller’ writer Umberto Eco deal with it as well.
Salvation Islands, French Guiana
Salvation Islands, French Guiana
Why does this story still attract writers and readers? So many people were and are arrested for security offences, quite a few of them unjustly, and suffer long prison sentences or worse. Dreyfus spent four years on Iles de Salut in French Guiana (a picture on the left), not far from Guantanamo, where hundreds of security prisoners languished for a decade (and some still do). Eighty thousand convicts (including the Papillon) went through the Guiana penal colony; so why is Dreyfus still important?
According to PP Read, this case was important because it was used against the Catholic Church. Although ostensibly the Church was not involved, the victory of the Dreyfusards was turned into a profound defeat of the Catholic Church. Perhaps an innocent man was saved, but Christian France was surely lost. The France of Henry James was gone and buried, and a new order came to France, with the media taking the place of the Church in guiding the masses, and moneyed classes taking over the nobility. This defeat of the Church was a milestone in what was described as Kali Yuga by Rene Guenon, the French traditionalist (he was 10 when Dreyfus was arrested).
The question of Dreyfus’s guilt or innocence was a minor point of little relevance, in comparison with the consequences of the case. He was a precursor of the long line of human rights’ martyrs produced by mass media, all these refuseniks, dissidents, wrongly arrested spies and what-not. Some of them were guilty and some were innocent, but each case attacked the sovereignty of the state and its traditional structures, at the same time strengthening the Empire and its Right to Protect, equipped with the latest weaponry. Dreyfus’s case was also supported by England (the US of the time) and helped to entrench pro-British elements in the French establishment.
Catholic view
Read provides the reader with a Catholic perspective. Although he gives a detailed and honest presentation of the Dreyfus affair, it is not central to his narrative in the same way that the fate of Catholicism in France is. He discusses what happened to the Catholic Church and its flock in France in these fateful years and has written a very important book for the modern reader precisely for this reason.

Read the whole article.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Still flogging the dead horse. Literally.

The customary modus operandi of the dishonest is to crucify a man or a reputation or both when that man is dead and can no longer defend himself.  So much easier that way.  In the case of the late Catholic writer Joe Sobran there must always like death and taxes be a constant spitting on his grave so as to impress people that he has committed a thought crime so heinous that it must never, ever be forgotten.

Sobran was a bit of an eccentric but was a superb writer and an original thinker, not to mention one with an inquisitive mind.  That inquisitiveness led him to examine some of the Great Taboos that one must never question.  When he did question them his career was promptly destroyed, more by his "friends" than his enemies.  Sobran would have been good friends with G.K. Chesterton had their lives crossed.  And since Chesterton is ritually dumped upon from time to time for the same reasons as Sobran is it convinces me they would have been the best of friends.

Ron Neff has examined the latest assault upon a dead man, in this column from The Last Ditch.  It opens like this:

Purging Joe Sobran again: the Cadaver Synod
Ron Capshaw at The Liberty Conservative

Our Lord enjoined us to love our neighbors and our enemies. A friend of mine used to add, "Probably because they are so often the same people." 

His wisdom inspired me, when The Last Ditch was first published, to warn Strakon: "The first time this newsletter is attacked in print, it will be in a libertarian publication." And sure enough, the first time we were attacked in print, it was in Liberty magazine (which may have been the only time Liberty took notice of us). 

Similarly, more than six years after his death, Joe Sobran continues to come under attack in conservative publications, this time in The Liberty Conservative. In a kind of Cadaver Synod, Ron Capshaw has given us "The Anti-Semitism of Joe Sobran." The point seems to be, "We conservatives are not anti-Semites, and to prove it, I shall denounce one of our own."

I guess I should not be surprised that anyone considers it necessary to attack a man no longer here to defend himself with some withering funny reply. As Joe once put it to me, "Some people just can't stop thinking about my obsessions."

A bit of background before I continue. Joe and I had met in 1980 and became friends quickly. He started his newsletter, Sobran's: The Real News of the Month, in September 1994, and for all but the last two or three issues of its history, I was its managing editor. I was the manager, editor, and proofreader of his website from 1996 until its replacement by the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation's website. All of Joe's columns and essays from that period may be found both there and at, which is still archived on the Internet.

For much of that time, I met with Joe at least twice a week to discuss both business and matters that never found their way into the newsletter or the website. We also got together for social occasions and just to hang out, and I spent a few hours with him the day before he died. During the nearly 30 years of our acquaintance, I probably knew his mind as well as anyone else. (And I'm going to say it here: a comment he made in print which was credited as being one of his best jokes ever was one he stole from me. I was honored.)

Joe Sobran's writings speak for themselves. Anyone who wants to know what he has to say about anything can usually find it in his own words without much effort. But we are not living in an intellectual climate where people make an honest effort to understand what others are saying. Instead, we are living in a time when writers and speakers brazenly misrepresent what others have said. And their readers and hearers are willing to get what passes for information from people who are either dishonest or simply too lazy not to be misinformed. I have therefore decided not to let Capshaw get away with his tired misrepresentations. And in any case, in a Cadaver Synod, someone has to be the deacon answering the charges put to the corpse, and that is the role I propose to fill.

Read the whole article.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beyond Belief

I had to hold on to my desk as I viewed this video.  Unbelievably, some Belgian reporter asked President Assad if he was "grateful" that his nation was involved in Syria.

"Grateful" does one answer such an astounding question? Watch the short video below.  Dr Assad does answer him like a gentleman.

I would have kicked the guy in the face.

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