Thursday, April 30, 2015

Post-apartheid South Africa

Since the end of dreaded "white rule" in South Africa things haven't necessarily improved.

This is, alas, nothing new for these horrible attacks on nuns (such as those in the Belgian Congo some years back) can only happen when there is no wall between the civilized and the savage.  A hard saying, yes, but realities are realities.  It is also worth noting that these kinds of unspeakable crimes are occurring with greater regularity in an increasingly dystopian America, where the race of the perpetrator and the race of the victim are exactly similar. (For example, here is a story of a bored teenager who decided to kill somebody, because he was, well....bored:

The whole recent history of how South Africa has slowly been relapsing into barbarism is not a pretty sight.  This relapse was well-chronicled by the late Ivor Benson, a resident of that land, who saw it all as it was happening and predicted that things like this would happen with more frequency.  Many of his articles were published in Hamish Fraser's periodical, Approaches. Not surprisingly, few would listen to his warnings in their hysterical mad rush to end apartheid.  Indeed he was showered with the usual epithets for mentioning inconvenient facts that escaped the notice of the mainstream media.

Pray for the soul of Sister Gertrud.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Purchase of Presidential Candidates

King maker Sheldon Adelson

This is "same old, same old" to veteran observers of how politics really work, and how candidates are really selected, but for those of you who would like to be informed how presidential candidates are bought and sold, and who when elected always do the bidding of those who fund them, here is an excellent analysis of how the game works.

This has been going on for a long, long time.  The article serves as a timely reminder of the near-futility of becoming excited by a presidential race.

It also neatly explains why nothing ever changes and the country we live in goes from calamity to degradation to worse.  A pity our school history books never discussed this.

(FWIW: the mega-billionaire donor in question - pictured above - is also a key supporter of the movement to legitimize sodomy.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

God Bless her!

A woman finds out her son is among the lawless rioters and looters in Baltimore - and takes action.

She gets my vote for "Mom of the Year".

UPDATE 4/29/15
Apparently this amusing video was taken down due to, ahem, "copyright" issues.  Of course that has never been a problem before when showing, say, police retaliating after having been attacked by mobs/  I guess when something shows up that doesn't fit the mainstream media's playbook it must disappear.

If we can find another version of this we will post it.  In any case, kudos to the black Mom who beat the stuffings out of her thuggish son for participating in this media-induced nonsense.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Charm of God

This rather charming story of a herd of elephants who pay their last respects to a man who protected them is a needed antidote to the usual depressing news.

Compassion, it seems, can even sometimes be found in the animal kingdom.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Churchmen, do not worry

The stench of sodomy is destroying the Church from the lowest pew to the Vatican.  Countless souls are going to hell because of this vice, a vice so awful that even the Devil, having tempted men into committing this mortal sin, looks away in disgust.  Unless these poor, wretched souls confess and receive absolution and amend their lives they will be eternally damned.

There, Your Excellencies, Your Holinessses, Reverend Fathers, we've said it now so you don't have to.  Now you can go back to what you were doing and not have to worry any longer about preaching against this vice. You can continue with your photo-ops, your meetings with the high and the mighty, you can revel in all the good press you will receive from the media and sodomite-friendly presidents, and you don't need to be bothered with telling anyone they are living in a state of mortal sin.

We'll do that for you.  We laymen, writers, bloggers, people in the pew...we'll relieve you of your duty to teach since you apparently aren't terribly interested in doing so.  Don't preach sermons telling Catholics that contraception, abortion and sodomy are destroying souls and destroying countries. That's not your job.  Your job is to train altar girls, and make sure we're all participating at what you call a Mass and things like that.

We'll take the hits, the lawsuits, the persecutions, the destruction of our livelihoods (perhaps even our lives, I guess) the opprobrium of the media and everyone else.  We bakers and photographers will see our businesses ruined, our reputations torn to shreds, our bank accounts disappear simply for the pleasure of relieving you of the burden to teach faith and morals.  And you don't even have to visit us in jail if you don't want to.

We'll watch our own churches shun us, or former Catholic friends abandon us and our pastors studiously ignore us.  We accept this because we know you don't wish to get your hands dirty by teaching the Faith. You can continue to golf, go to the movies, sit on your thrones, smell your sheep, get interviewed on TV, receive the goodwill of impostors, heretics, blasphemers and haters of Christ.  Don't worry; we'll do your fighting for you.

You have more important things to do.  You have to scurry to Rome and share a glass of wine with the cowards who connive with our oppressors.  You have to worry about the environment, about saying anything Christ-like that might offend rabbis or Hindus (Heaven forbid that you try to convert them!), There are meetings with Happy Clubs and Happy Organizations you must address.  You must extol diversity and Welcoming.  This is what you must do.

So please don't trouble yourselves about having anything to do with Catholicism.  Continue to sit on your collective rumps and enjoy the cheers of the crowd.

Because, as I said, I guess we'll have to do your job for you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gates and Rockefeller, Masters of Eugenics

The poor get poorer and the rich get richer...and they kill people.

Another fascinating report from William Engdahl on what Bill Gates and David Rockefeller have been up to recently.

From the article:

"Eugenics was a fraudulent social theory that a “better society” could be created by eliminating “undesirable” human blood lines and promoting the desirable types like those of Rockefellers or DuPonts or their likes. To the present day eugenics is the guiding ideology of the very rich, loveless American oligarchs including Bill Gates and David Rockefeller. To this day the major financial backers of the criminal activities of the UN WHO (World Health Organization) and their fraudulent swine flu pandemic scares are the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"

Hardly surprising.

It is good to be on the case of these characters if for no other reason than it serves as a reminder of what Hilaire Belloc always warned would happen when Capitalism, unrestrained, held sway. More and more people, especially those of a conservative bent, are beginning to ask why the Right should be so obsequious towards Capitalism.  There is, after all, a Third Way, a Catholic way, that doesn't involve either Socialism or Capitalism.

I think to begin to answer these questions Mr Engdahl's article would do nicely.

First appeared:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dr David McKalip's Open Letter to Bishop Robert Lynch

An excellent open letter to Bishop Lynch from Dr David McKalip, MD.

Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch
Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg
February 23, 2015
Your Excellency,
It is with humility and respect that I write a letter of deep concern to you to be shared with the public. This open letter relates to your recent public statements regarding creation of a government-defined same-sex “marriage”. (I write this openly since you have specifically declined to meet with me to discuss this matter or answer these questions in writing.) In your statements[i], published in the Tampa Bay Times on January 7, 2015, you were right to point out that there may “no doubt be confusion”  relating to the understanding of changing societal definitions of marriage by Catholics.  In that spirit, I write to ask you to clarify some matters and help this faithful member of the Catholic laity clear up confusion created by this matter and by your public discussion of this matter.
To clear up any confusion I will offer some questions that I hope you will answer in public, in the same way in which you have made public your thoughts on the matter of so-called same-sex “marriage” created by the government. My questions will refer back to the document that has been defined by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church as the basis of Catholic doctrine, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).  His Holiness, Saint Pope John Paul II, described the Catechism as an “authoritative exposition of the one and perennial apostolic faith” and as a “sure norm for teaching the faith,” as well as a “sure and authentic reference text” for preparing local catechisms (cf. Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum, no. 4).”

Read the rest at this link.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Our friends at Restore DC Catholicism alerted us to the excellent petition organized by LifeSite News.

This is one effort we can all get behind.  Please sign it and please pass it along.

Aged Parent,
The Eye-Witness

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Formidable Enemy: America's CEOs

Must reading from writer Tom Piatak over at Chronicles.  How exactly right were such writers as Chesterton, Belloc, Penty and Father McNabb, who warned us about the inherent evils of Capitalism (aka, the mirror image of Communism) gone mad.

From Piatak:

Last week's furor over the version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act approved in Indiana and awaiting only the governor's signature in Arkansas was illuminating. Once again, the contemporary left demonstrated that it values conformity, not tolerance. Indeed, the left is now committed to using the full power of the state and the culture to secure approval of what was controversial only a few years ago and unthinkable a few decades ago.  
Even more interesting, though, is what brought about the surrender to the left in Indiana and Arkansas. On April 2, CNN Money ran an article by Charles Riley about Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. Benioff was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Indiana law, threatening to pull investment from the state and offering to provide monetary assistance to employees who wanted to leave the state because of the new law. Riley quoted Benioff as stating, "This is a really important point that, you know, CEOs have a lot of power and control on investment in states and we want to invest in states where there is equality. One thing that you're seeing is that there is a third [political] party emerging in this country, which is the party of CEOs." One would think that CEOs like Benioff would be satisfied with the two parties they now substantially control, but even the small possibility that ordinary Americans might be able to enact laws displeasing to him is more than Benioff can bear.
Even more interesting is the fact that The New York Times applauds the rise of the party of CEOs. In an editorial on April 3, the Times opined that "Big corporations like Walmart, Apple, Salesforce.comand General Electric and their executives have done the right thing by calling on Indiana and Arkansas to reject 'religious freedom' laws designed to give businesses and religious groups legal cover should they deny services to gay couples."

Read the rest at this link:

America's CEOs are a formidable enemy but not an omnipotent one.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In the Pope's back yard

Little boys in northern Italy being trained to be "gender neutral".

This is occurring in the north of Italy, the back yard of the Pope.

Your Holiness, could you have some compassion for these little children having their psyches twisted by sex perverts, by saying something about it?

"Boys masquerade as witches, fairies, or other typical female figures. Girls, as knights, kings, or other typical male figures. They then exchange clothes. Yes, the boys wear the girls’, the girls the boys’. And they touch each other and name their genitals, and so on."

Little children....the guinea pigs of queers.

Will you say something about this hideous program, Francis?  Will you, at long last, say something?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Religious Wars

An interesting article and podcast from Richard Epstein.  Mr Epstein is a Libertarian and while there is much in the Libertarian outlook with which a Catholic cannot agree his arguments presented here are nevertheless interesting and worthy of consideration. There is much food for thought here.

Our country is in the midst of a heated and corrosive debate over what protections the law should afford to religious liberties. The matter reached its boiling point on March 17 when Indiana passed a now amendedReligious Freedom Restoration Act that was, with significant variations, patterned on the federal 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Hard as it is to remember, the federal RFRA represented an overwhelming bipartisan rejection of Justice Scalia’s 1990 decision in Employment Division v. Smith, which stood for the proposition that “the right of free exercise does not relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with a valid and neutral law of general applicability on the ground that the law proscribes (or prescribes) conduct that his religion prescribes (or proscribes).’”
Having enunciated that broad principle, Justice Scalia then upheld Oregon’s decision to deny unemployment benefits to Alfred Smith, a member of the Native American Church, because he was fired for having ingested peyote, a banned substance, as part of his religious rituals. Under Scalia’s iron logic, the disparate impact of this law on Smith did not require Oregon to make any accommodation for his religious beliefs. The denial of unemployment benefits here was collateral damage, given that Oregon did not initiate criminal proceedings against him, as it might have done if he had ingested peyote for recreational use.
Justice Scalia’s dangerously broad neutrality proposition prompted massive disapproval at the time because of the potential breadth of its application. Under that rule, the United States could draft Jews or Muslims into the military and force them to eat pork. After all, they have the choice to go hungry in order to not violate their religious convictions. It could also require commercial Kosher butchers to slaughter meat in accordance with federal health laws inconsistent with kosher rituals.

Read the rest at the following link:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The President and the Deeper Meaning of Easter

The supreme and glorious leader of the American Empire, and erstwhile Banana Republic, when he isn't castigating Christians for all their less-than-Christian behavior (this from a man who murders by drone countless thousands of innocent people every single year) shares the true meaning of Easter and thus represents the values and traditions of the citizens in his fiefdom:

Most edifying.

Other Presidents, on the other hand, celebrate Easter in other ways:

Hungary's Viktor Orban (above) at High Mass

Another world leader (above, right) at Easter.

A Blessed Easter to all our readers.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mr Obama declares war....on free will?

Megalomania ultimately leads to death and madness.  And killing.  Behold the Emperor of the Earth, Barack Obama, now declaring war on free will.  He is a merciless killer of the innocent, a classic war criminal, and in his mind he now believes he can dispense with free will altogether:

This megalomaniac wants to stop the practice of helping homosexuals give up their self-destructive manner of living by "outlawing" any kind of therapy that attempts to lead them into healthy, normal lives.

Will dragging priests out of Confessionals who absolve sinners of the sin of sodomy be next?  Yes, I'm afraid it will.  And we can imagine what kind of fierce fight against that will be put up by our religious leaders.

Can anyone tell me if any other dictator in history has ever dared to impose such a thing on the citizens he ruled over?  Has there ever in history been a man and a nation so committed to a death wish of this sort? Yes, this monster will be gone in 2016 but everyone knows that this campaign to enforce buggery will not stop with his exit from the scene.  Another Democratic monster or Republican idiot will continue on as before.

Is there a physical power that can stop this, or at least slow it down?  Oddly enough, there is - if those who hold that power would ever dare use it.  I am not speaking of the helpless people, who really have little to no power.  I am speaking of the Catholic Bishops.  If they would but open their mouths to denounce this demonic enterprise for what it is, loudly and long, the powers-that-be would pause.  Of course predictions are always "iffy" but I do not believe the federal or state governments are yet ready to incarcerate the entire populace.  Close, to be sure, but not necessarily ready to move.  The Bishops by their very God-given words clarifying the teachings of Christ and His Church would strike fear into this particular Beast.  It is a power they have but will not use.  Some Bishops are stirring to the danger ahead but not enough.  Oh, they will be retaliated against of course.  Let them retaliate.  Let them expose the cloven hoof a little bit more.  I often wonder if Bishops realize the power God has placed in their hands.

This is indeed a madman who is running America.  A hypocrite who condemns Christian violence while sending drones to kill innocents overseas and doing everything in his power to keep the crime of abortion legal.  He is a man without feeling, without empathy, a sociopath who never considers the evil he has wrought. He is a puppet of Wall Street and of Israel (don't be fooled by the "good cop, bad cop" game being played just now), and of all the enemies of Christendom.  He, like Bush, Clinton, et al, is a symbol of everything that is askew with the world.  Like all megalomaniacs he will imagine he can change the laws of nature.  He is Marcus Aurelius' mad son Commodus.

Being a puppet he cannot fill this rather tall order all by himself.  His Masters who control the corporate world and the media will do the job for him.  He is but the figurehead.  It is the Haim Sabins and Sheldon Adelsons of the world,  the Kochs and the Soroses, who make him and his fellow Democrats, and their supposed Republican "rivals", dance.  [Sabin and Soros fund the Democrats; the Koch brothers and Adelson support the Republicans.  But they all support sodomy so don't waste too much time rooting for either candidate in the upcoming election.]

These ancestors of the Pharisies.will continue to do what they always do and what they have always been trying to do for 2,000 years.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Senator Tom Cotton, Stupidhead

Where do these morons come from?  What is it about Arkansas that produces people like Tom Cotton and the Clintons?

Tom Cotton, bankrolled by the usual Zionist fanatics, is an utter, complete and total embarrassment.

and this, from Daniel McAdams:

If we recall,  the USA government assured us in 2003 that the Iraq war would be a "cakewalk", which would take a couple of weeks at most to finish up.  That was twelve years ago.  Now Iran, which is a much larger country and is not a danger to the US, (and has no nuclear weapons program despite the malignant lies to the contrary) or a danger to anyone in the region (and would not be stupid enough to invite annihilation by attacking a nuclear-armed Israel), is a country we can destroy, according to Senator Stupidhead, in "a couple of days".  This man is either insane or a total patsy to the corporatist/zionist cabal that runs US foreign policy.  Raining down death upon innocent people who mean us no harm does not seems to protrude itself upon this man's intelligence.  To understand such a mentality perhaps I should read "The Manchurian Candidate".

This man, indeed most Republicans and Democrats, need a good priest to explain to them the Just War doctrine of the Church.  Strangely enough I doubt they would be much interested.  If I may I would like to urge my readers to beware getting caught up in this war fever being promoted by so many unthinking Catholics and others.  If I could I would urge them to stop reading neocon front publications like, for example, Newsmax which pretends to be Conservative while promoting untruths about the real dangers that face us.  If I had the word skills I would try to put into eloquent phrases the reasons why we should not allow ourselves to be used and manipulated like puppets by forces which are not Catholic.  I would hope that my readers will continue to ask "Why?" when being corralled into wars with everyone from Yemenites to Russians.

And I would remind them, respectfully, that Republicans talk a great deal about "family values" (whatever that means to them) but when elected simply go along with the Democrats, perfectly illustrating the fact that the Official Left and Official Right, and the Democrats and Republicans, are two sides to the same coin.   "My son, beware the Right; but, my son, beware the Left", as the old French saying goes.

And now we have this clown from Arkansas wanting to get us into another aggressive, unjustified war which, he assures us, will be over in a couple of days.

But what more can we expect from the Stupid Party?

Senator Cotton, you are a danger to yourself and others.  And by your lunatic and reckless words and actions you will create more terrorists who will out of exasperation kill innocent Americans. You will have the blood of innocents on your hands forever.

I doubt he even thinks about that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EASTER IN SYRIA: This is Christian Courage

I wonder if we Christians here can muster up the courage of those in Syria.  We are being persecuted by Big Buggery; they are being persecuted by religious fanatics.  What links us to them is this: both our enemies and theirs are financed, supported, organized and equipped by the same people.  We forget this at our peril.

From   [A caveat: this site's "advertisements" are deplorable.]

Damascus, SANA - Christian denominations in Syria, who follow the
Western calendar, celebrated Easter, with celebrations limited to
prayers and masses due to the circumstances in Syria and in honor of
In the Roman Catholic Patriarchate in Damascus, a huge mass was held,
led by Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All East Gregory III
Laham, assisted by a group of priests.

Patriarch Laham affirmed during the sermon that Christians of the
East are unified despite the suffering visited on them by terrorists,
adding that they are determined not leave their homeland.
The Patriarch called for bringing an end to killing, displacement and
suffering in Syria, also making reference to Palestine which he said
“must return”.

He called for moving ahead with dialogue and reconciliations among the Syrians.

“With these hopes of resurrection, we send heart-felt wishes from
Damascus to the entire world on Easter…the feast of crossing from death
to life…from slavery to freedom …from humiliation to dignity and from
war to peace,” he added.
The Patriarch implored God to protect the Syrian people, Army and
leadership and to help bring the kidnapped back to their families,
particularly the bishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi.

In the National Evangelical Church of Damascus, a mass headed by Rev.
Peter Zaaour was organized. In his sermon, Zaaour said that for the
fifth consecutive year, the Syrian people are facing the “cruelest forms
of aggression in history.”
“Syria is a model of love, harmony, civilization and national
firmness, that’s why powers of darkness in the world seek its
destruction”, Zaaour added.

Meanwhile in the Armenian Orthodox Archdiocese, Primate of the Armenian
Church of Damascus Bishop Armash Nalbandian urged in his Easter sermon
the Syrians to pray to God “to bless our beloved homeland with peace,
brotherhood and prosperity.”
Meanwhile in other provinces, the celebrations of Easter in churches
which follow the Western calendar in Syria were limited to observing
prayers and masses due to the current events.

The clergymen elaborated in their sermons on the meanings of the Easter, which represents love, tolerance and sacrifice.

The heads of Christian sects implored God to bless their homeland
with security and safety and to bring to an end the suffering of the
Syrians at the hands of terrorists, stressing that co-existence that
distinguishes the Syrian people will enable them to achieve victory over
their enemies.
They also hailed the unbreakable bonds binding the Syrians, pointing out that Syria will remain the homeland of love and peace.

In this regard, Christian denominations who follow eastern calendar
in Syria performed prayers and masses on the occasion of Palm Sunday.
In the church of Mar Elias in Doil’a neighborhood in Damascus a mass
was held led by Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and
all East.
Patriarch Yazigi called on the Syrians to pray for their country and to prevail peace in Syria and the whole region.

A mass was also held in the Syriac Catholic Church, headed Mor Dionysius Jean Kawak, the Archbishop in charge of the Patriarchal office in Damascus.

On his sermon after the mass, Kawak prayed to God to protect Syria and its Army and to achieve victory against terrorism.

And more Christian courage from Syria:

Monday, April 6, 2015

No Going Back

When the discussions arise about reclaiming our heritage there are various cries instantly heard telling us that we cannot turn back the clock.  We are assured this cannot be done.

Even Rome has so stated: there is no return to those old days.  We must put these old practices out of our heads.  We have no further use of them.

Rome has spoken.

But something has now happened in Rome in the past two years.  It would appear that their minds have now changed on the subject and that there will be a going-back.... the late 1960s and the 1970s.

The Church of the Leisure Suit is at last being restored, and all is well with the world again.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Composer Alfred Newman depicts the Crucifixion and the darkness of the third hour in this sequence from the 1953 film, The Robe.


Newman's music came not only from his mind and his heart but from his soul.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

"...Then they spat in His face and buffeted Him..."

The Cardinal who talks, and talks, and talks, etc.

My Dearest Cardinal Dolan:

Will you kindly shut up?

Will you please stop talking, tweeting, texting, granting interviews and bringing more shame upon the Catholic Church?

I know you like to be in the limelight but you see, Your Eminence, every time you open your mouth you show the world how frightfully shallow you are.  You broadcast your very low level of competence, your fear of the powers-that-be, your cowardice and, I'm afraid to say it, your limited intelligence.  This is well in evidence every time you grant an interview; the interviewers know you are going to say something foolish or clumsy and cause further despair and confusion to the remaining faithful Catholics trying to cling on to the last vestiges of sanity.  Control your pride, Your Eminence, your desire to be noticed; it is getting you and the Church into more trouble than it already is in.  I am hardly the only writer asking that perhaps your lip needs to be buttoned.

But if you cannot keep your pride in check, at least close your mouth.  Stop talking.  Go quietly on your business of governing the diocese Pope Benedict so unwisely entrusted to your care.

Go on a retreat at a strict Catholic monastery.  Stop roaring with laughter.  Fast.  Pray.  It is Lent; cease bloviating on every topic under the sun and start to maintain a dignified silence.  Try some sound Lenten reading.  Put away von Baltasar and take up Dom Geuranger or Father Faber.

Before you embarrass yourself and the Church any further, Your Eminence, please just shut up.

Aged Parent,
The Eye Witness

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

J'accuse His Excellency Bishop Robert Lynch....

The pastiest of pasty-faced prelates
It is fitting during this Holy Week that we review some of the more notable of current day Iscariots.

The Bishop of Tampa/St Petersburg, Robert J Lynch, needs to be deposed for the good of the Catholic Church and the souls in that diocese.  This has to be said plainly.  I call upon the Pope to remove said Bishop from his See, for the good of the Catholic Church and the souls of that diocese.

To the long list of his derelictions of duty, his questionable manner of living, his cowardice, the protection of sodomite priests in his diocese, his use of church donations to pay off those who brought credible accusations of homosexual advances, the strong hint of financial malfeasance in awarding lucrative diocesan construction projects to his "special friends" and his indifference in the face of the starvation death of Terry Schiavo can now be added his open promotion of the mortal sin of sodomy.  Such a man is unfit to be a Bishop of the Catholic Church.  He is a disgrace to his cloth, a cause of scandal whose continued presence as a Bishop gives strong evidence of an outrage that needs to be immediately addressed by Rome.

Here is the evidence:

Glancing over these links suggests the emergence of a clear pattern.  This pattern becomes even more visible when we read some of Lynch's most recent statements, which are very telling.

Judas has nothing on him.

Are you listening, Pope Francis?  Perhaps you might put your song-writing efforts aside for awhile and deal with such episcopal traitors as the one who now disgraces the Diocese of Tampa/St Petersburg.

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