Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Cardinal who talks, and talks, and talks, etc.

My Dearest Cardinal Dolan:

Will you kindly shut up?

Will you please stop talking, tweeting, texting, granting interviews and bringing more shame upon the Catholic Church?

I know you like to be in the limelight but you see, Your Eminence, every time you open your mouth you show the world how frightfully shallow you are.  You broadcast your very low level of competence, your fear of the powers-that-be, your cowardice and, I'm afraid to say it, your limited intelligence.  This is well in evidence every time you grant an interview; the interviewers know you are going to say something foolish or clumsy and cause further despair and confusion to the remaining faithful Catholics trying to cling on to the last vestiges of sanity.  Control your pride, Your Eminence, your desire to be noticed; it is getting you and the Church into more trouble than it already is in.  I am hardly the only writer asking that perhaps your lip needs to be buttoned.

But if you cannot keep your pride in check, at least close your mouth.  Stop talking.  Go quietly on your business of governing the diocese Pope Benedict so unwisely entrusted to your care.

Go on a retreat at a strict Catholic monastery.  Stop roaring with laughter.  Fast.  Pray.  It is Lent; cease bloviating on every topic under the sun and start to maintain a dignified silence.  Try some sound Lenten reading.  Put away von Baltasar and take up Dom Geuranger or Father Faber.

Before you embarrass yourself and the Church any further, Your Eminence, please just shut up.

Aged Parent,
The Eye Witness


Anonymous said...

Per below, your - mine- Bishop Lynch below suffers from Dolan-itis as well........and he has a knack for offering Un-solicited commentary most often pushing his agenda on the unsuspecting west central Fla flock.

Joe Potillor said...

A lesson the Holy Father himself could learn too

Anonymous said...

According to the old proverb,empty vessels make the most sound.

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