Sunday, April 19, 2015

Putin's Brain


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Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, I just came across this article. Can you comment, please since Putin is mentioned. Maybe start a new thread?

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

Thank you for writing.

The late Hamish Fraser was writing about the Communist influence in Liberation Theology back in the 1980s in his periodical, Approaches, so I am very familiar with all this. Hamish was under no illusions about the Marxist orientation of some of the liberation theologians, and those who were merely do-gooders and/or useful idiots. And Hamish used to be a Communist until he converted to Catholicism, so he was in a position to know.

Having said that, and having read the piece you linked, I am not sure how such a "revelation" (which is not new) affects anything going on in today's Russia. Of course a number of Orthodox churchmen were servile to the regime and/or outright spies. And Putin was at one time a very low-level KGB man stationed in East Germany. But we have to look at where we are NOW. The Soviet government is gone. It essentially imploded. And despite the unrelenting, hysterical US propaganda machine, Putin is not Stalin. He interests me because he seems to be just what he says he is, the president of Russia looking out for Russian interests. And he is one other thing: he is one cool customer because he is trying to avoid another world war despite the constant provocations the USA has been engaging in, like surrounding him with Patriot missiles, for one thing. The War Party is itching for a fight with Russia and so far Russia is not taking the bait.

It is hard, I know, to look objectively at world events when the entire US/EU establishment is essentially lying to its people via the kept media. If you will allow me, I'd like to refer you to two interesting articles on this subject:


Finally, I do not like to directly criticize my fellow Catholic bloggers, but a number of good, solid Catholics are unaware of the changes going on in the world today and, because of that, a more susceptible to propaganda. Please read the links and let us know your thoughts on them.

Again, thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your thoughtful time spent in answering me. I agree completely re: Putin, fellow Catholic bloggers and I am not naive with regard to the liars and propagandist media who have been in overdrive to sway the world's opinion against Putin. There is one world leader who is busy doing the work of the Devil and it is not Putin.

I will check out the two links you posted. I have read enough of your intelligent, honest commentaries to know that you were the one to come to with the article by that Catholic blogger who, by the way I had never heard of before following a link posted elsewhere online..

As always, thank you for knowledgeable response. God bless.

Aged parent said...

I'm glad you found the info helpful, Anon. Dr Cathey's article was long but well-researched. And the interview With William Lind linked at was quite interesting, too. And Lind is a respected historian with international contacts, not a small internet bloke like me.

And all of this does not preclude the necessity of praying for the conversion of Russia, and an end to that unnecessary thousand year old schism.

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