Thursday, April 9, 2015

Senator Tom Cotton, Stupidhead

Where do these morons come from?  What is it about Arkansas that produces people like Tom Cotton and the Clintons?

Tom Cotton, bankrolled by the usual Zionist fanatics, is an utter, complete and total embarrassment.

and this, from Daniel McAdams:

If we recall,  the USA government assured us in 2003 that the Iraq war would be a "cakewalk", which would take a couple of weeks at most to finish up.  That was twelve years ago.  Now Iran, which is a much larger country and is not a danger to the US, (and has no nuclear weapons program despite the malignant lies to the contrary) or a danger to anyone in the region (and would not be stupid enough to invite annihilation by attacking a nuclear-armed Israel), is a country we can destroy, according to Senator Stupidhead, in "a couple of days".  This man is either insane or a total patsy to the corporatist/zionist cabal that runs US foreign policy.  Raining down death upon innocent people who mean us no harm does not seems to protrude itself upon this man's intelligence.  To understand such a mentality perhaps I should read "The Manchurian Candidate".

This man, indeed most Republicans and Democrats, need a good priest to explain to them the Just War doctrine of the Church.  Strangely enough I doubt they would be much interested.  If I may I would like to urge my readers to beware getting caught up in this war fever being promoted by so many unthinking Catholics and others.  If I could I would urge them to stop reading neocon front publications like, for example, Newsmax which pretends to be Conservative while promoting untruths about the real dangers that face us.  If I had the word skills I would try to put into eloquent phrases the reasons why we should not allow ourselves to be used and manipulated like puppets by forces which are not Catholic.  I would hope that my readers will continue to ask "Why?" when being corralled into wars with everyone from Yemenites to Russians.

And I would remind them, respectfully, that Republicans talk a great deal about "family values" (whatever that means to them) but when elected simply go along with the Democrats, perfectly illustrating the fact that the Official Left and Official Right, and the Democrats and Republicans, are two sides to the same coin.   "My son, beware the Right; but, my son, beware the Left", as the old French saying goes.

And now we have this clown from Arkansas wanting to get us into another aggressive, unjustified war which, he assures us, will be over in a couple of days.

But what more can we expect from the Stupid Party?

Senator Cotton, you are a danger to yourself and others.  And by your lunatic and reckless words and actions you will create more terrorists who will out of exasperation kill innocent Americans. You will have the blood of innocents on your hands forever.

I doubt he even thinks about that.


Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, thank you for your hard work in keeping us informed. It is with some reluctance that many of us conclude that America cannot be 'saved'. It is under the total control of a well ensconced and hostile elite, and moreover, the fundamental principles on which it was founded have led to major strategic errors of judgement and policy.
The same is also true I fear with respect to the Catholic Church. The hostile elite is not so visible but major strategic errors have accumulated since the 11th century split with the Byzantine Church. The effects of the Renaissance threatened to dissolve the Church but it was saved paradoxically by the Reformation. Had the reformers been of one mind it is unlikely the Church could have resisted the onslaught, but their disunity energized the Council of Trent to reaffirm traditional doctrine in unambiguous language.
What was Vat II all about? It was worse that a surrender document, it was the longest suicide note in history!
Barring a miracle the Church will go the way of America.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Gary, for the thoughtful comment.

Your phrase re Vatican II as "the longest suicide note in history" is brilliant! I wish I'd thought of it.

A blessed Easter Season to you and yours...


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