Sunday, June 29, 2014


The now famous incident of Pope Francis kissing the hand of a notorious pro-sodomy priest has demoralized the world, at least that part of "the world" which has been paying attention.  I have lost count of the articles and blog posts that have been written about it.  As repellent as that action by His Holiness was, even more repellent was the attempt to justify it which cam instantly at full throttle from the Catholic Sycophant Class. These people who tried to play down the incident are those who excel at putting lipstick on a pig.  This time, however, most people weren't buying it. The action was a scandal of immense proportions and its ill effects will be played out in due course, sooner rather than later.

This papal action now joins the equally troubling "who am I to judge" nonsense that has already begun to chip away even further the crumbling edifice that was once a strong, vibrant Church.  The recent shocking incident of Boston Franciscans using the new papal watchword at a homosexual pride event (not to mention their being there in the first place) is simply the first of many bullets aimed at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ under the misleading "love the sinner" banner.  One fine writer, faced with the spectacle of the Papal Kiss, was moved to examine more closely the "love the sinner, hate the sin" idea.  That writer was James Larson.

Mr James Larson is a perceptive and brilliant writer who pulls no punches.  When you read his uncompromising assessments you know that you are in the presence of a solid, thinking Catholic who wastes no time on preciousness.  In a word, he tells it like it is.  For a world gushing over grandiose displays of love and mercy coming from high quarter's in the Church Larson offers a few reminders of how this famous phrase used to be interpreted, when the Church was in good health.

He has some reminders for Catholics who have forgotten that God is not only all merciful but all just, and he writes about things that God hates.  Yes, hates.

From Mr Larson:

Possibly the most enervating shibboleth of a weakened, effeminate Christianity is the demand that, in order to be in accord with God’s own love, we must “love the sinner, but hate the sin”. This, of course, has led to the widespread embrace of sinners in their sin, and the almost total failure of the modern Church to be a real sign of contradiction to a world drowning in sin

Drowning in sin, indeed.  Larson is at pains to remind Catholics that God has hatred for certain things and that as Catholics we must be careful when we throw around the words "love" and "mercy" with the insouciance customary of our benighted age.  That caution would also apply to Very High Personages in the Church who pour a deluge of "mercy" and "love" upon us while at the same time neglecting to warn us about the things we do that can bring about God's just anger.  And our damnation.

The Larson article attempts to assess the damage caused by that dreadful kiss of Francis wherein he would shock the world by showing a Papacy bending down before an unrepentant sodomite and blasphemer.  We have all read the benign explanation for the actions of Francis.  Now we must read the non-benign interpretation.

Mr Larson's writings are strong meat.  They are not for the faint of heart.  But we link to his blog at The Eye Witness because we believe that sometimes a bracing cold shower is better for us than a pleasant warm one. You will find Mr Larson's article, "God's Love and Hate" at the following link:


Saturday, June 28, 2014


It came a little sooner than you thought, dear Bishops, didn't it?  Our Glorious Emperor is considering signing an Imperial Decree mandating that Sodomites and other sexual perverts are not to be denied any employment whatsoever - and that includes in the churches in your respective dioceses.  Your decades of silence in the face of raw, deranged power have now come back to bite you.  Hard.

What are you going to tell His Imperial Highness when he signs this decree?

I will tell you:  you will tell him to go to Hell.

And then you will tell him, "no, we will not comply".

And you will stop writing Americanist claptrap like this juicy quote from the USCCB:

“The enduring commitment of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to uphold the dignity of each and every human person impels us to oppose unjust discrimination, to proclaim the truth about marriage, and to protect religious freedom.

Just for once - just this once, please - will you stop talking about "unjust discrimination" and "the dignity of the human person" and "religious freedom"?  No one cares what you say anyway, so why not just put a lid on that kind of humanist rubbish and start calling a spade a spade.  Stop trying to be good Americans and start trying to be good Churchmen.  Say, instead, this:

"The enduring commitment of the USCCB is to recognize that all of us, ourselves not excluded, are sinners in the eyes of God, which impels us to fight any attempt to impose the acceptance of the most grievous of mortal sins upon our people and our nation, and that being said, we will not comply with this unjust decree (which is not even a legitimate law) in any way shape or form, and that we will continue to try to help sinners do away with their sinful life".  Or words to that effect.

Will you be hated?  Yes.  Will you be subject to a media lynching?  Yes.  Joe Biden has helpfully reminded us that it was the Jewish media establishment that has been providing propaganda for the sodomite marriage putsch so please know that you will have the powerful Jewish establishment attacking you in their newspapers, movies and magazines.  The good Jews who find homosexuality to be the repugnant thing that it is will not be heard from because they, too, are afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs and the respect of their fellows.

The entire Corporatist establishment, aka International Finance, will be yelping like mad dogs at you.  And they are mad dogs, indeed.

Could Our Imperial Highness send in troops to force his decree?  Yes, he could.  There are precedents, dear Bishops.  The Civil War was one.  The other was the confrontation in the early 1960s between Governor George Wallace of Alabama when Federal troops were sent down to his state to enforce the integration of schools.  While your liberal hearts were all aflutter over what you perceived as a righteous action to counter unjust discrimination, and while you were cheering on the Johnson Administration for taking these extreme steps, you were not watching what kind of precedent was being set and how it could very well be used against you one day.

It now looks like that day is just around the corner.

Nevertheless it is your sworn duty to protect the faith, and the morals, of those in your charge, so your only response, the only one that could even be considered acceptable, is to tell that cut-rate Stalin in Washington where to go.

And one other thing: keep Dolan away from this.  He is far too compromised a character to have any positive effect.  With the Michael Sam affair being only the latest of his harmful antics, his presence will undo any good that you may be trying to do.  He has disgraced the Church enough.

Will you do any of these things that we are recommending?  I hope so, if you expect to avoid a lot of imprisoned or dead Catholics.  Which would include you, by the way.

Time is growing very, very short, Your Lordships.

Friday, June 27, 2014


It takes a homosexual to tell us honestly what our government is up to.  Justin Raimondo, who runs the AntiWar website gives us in his latest article a very clear picture of the insane agenda of the American government: how it is prepared to kill people overseas if they don't fall into line supporting sex perversion. As Mr Raimondo himself is afflicted with the vice in question we must take his words very seriously.

The article is frankly terrifying.  I cannot see how anyone can still support this crumbling edifice we call a government by sending its sons into the military to fight for it.  Now that the military is being used as the government's instrument in enforcing the acceptance of buggery worldwide I would beg all parents of young men to show them this article if they are considering a military career. [Indeed, I now understand why they were so frantic to encourage homosexuals to enter the armed forces.] To those readers who have been or still are in the military you know that this is not meant to demean you.  On the contrary it is meant to remind you.

We thank Justin Raimondo for exposing the not-so-secret agenda behind America's military escapades.  We know, of course, that there is more to it than just promoting sodomy, that it in fact plays into the plans of both Judeo-Masonry and International Finance in their sickening efforts to subjugate.  But we most not forget Raimondo's clear warning.

And we must also not forget to pray for Justin Raimondo, that he will overcome his sins, as we all must overcome our own.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


The New Face of Murder, Incorporated

Murder and arrogance, personified
May we hope that Americans are paying attention to this story?

And this follow up?

The two cretins pictured above will one day be gone and forgotten, and new cretins will replace them just as surely as Mary's little lamb followed Mary, but the despotism they are setting up, merely a continuation of the Bush, Clinton, LBJ policies, will continue apace.  They are mad as their actions show clearly, and their madness will take down an entire nation.  They are working on two fronts against the populace: destroying their sense of decency and morality by their support for sodomy, abortion and other evils and militarily by trying to quite literally rule the world for their masters in International Finance.  Will the whole system implode before they achieve their goals, or will America be subjected to a Soviet-style system of terror and fear as the Russians had to endure for over 80 years?

Time will tell.

We, of course, have the weapon that will stop them if we would but use it.  The beads.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


His Excellency Bishop Thomas Paprocki has just ordered in his diocese the restoration of the Tabernacle to a prominent place in all churches.

It is a first step, but an important one, and we commend His Excellency.

In these dark days the temptation to congratulate a Bishop on doing something right, something that should have been done decades ago, is very great.  Some will say, not without justification, that these things should be done as a matter of course so why thank a Bishop for doing something he should have been doing all along.  But the present circumstances being what they are we should nevertheless comment on and support those Bishops who refuse to follow the destructive herd mentality and practice of so many of their weak-willed and spineless brethren.  So we at The Eye Witness congratulate the man, and we note that this is not the first time Bishop Paprocki has done the right thing.

God bless him and keep him for that.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


As regards some recent canonizations, and one more to come later this year, I cannot but express great sorrow that these troubled Popes, who did so little to restore order in the Catholic Church, and in fact brought upon it shame and scandal by virtue of their increasingly syncretist leanings and initiatives, should be feted like this.

Like the scandalous farce that is Medjugorje, which will cause great pain when it is finally seen to have been a ridiculous hoax from day one, the cold water of reality is one day going to hit squarely in the face those Catholics who now venerate these man and hold them up as "great" Popes.  Will they keep their Faith after so harsh a blow?

The Church has in its twenty-century history lived through great Popes, fair Popes, mediocre Popes and outright villainous Popes.  It will live though our recent Popes, too.  But I shudder to think how many illusions, mostly self-induced, will ultimately be shattered when the truth, as it always must, begins to be perceived.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


With our thanks to Christian Order we link you to this sad letter written to the Pope by a lady struggling to know how to live the Faith in this new, odd climate emanating from Rome.  The letter has already been discussed on other Catholic blogs in recent months but the current translation is the best one we've seen and because of that is well worth reading again.  If you have not as yet read it we believe you will find it of great interest. Her letter is as pitiable as it is compelling.

This letter was written late last year.  What would this dear lady say now in view of more recent "quips" from the Holy Father?

Is the Pope hearing these tormented cries in the night, of which here is one more?

Saturday, June 14, 2014



In what must surely be one of the most hilarious pronouncements ever to emerge from the swamps of Washington D.C., John Kerry has (with a straight face) accused RT Today of being a "propaganda bullhorn" for Russia.

I am glad that I had finished swallowing a mouthful of hot coffee before reading that.

This is the same John Kerry who railed against Russia for "fomenting chaos in Ukraine" (Come again?)

We awaited from Mr Kerry a condemnation of NBC, CBS, FOX, MSN, all the major newspapers, Hollywood, and all the six or seven major corporations who own and control the world's media for being propaganda agents for Washington but Mr Kerry seemed to neglect mentioning it.  As for who was really fomenting chaos in Ukraine I will be charitable and assume that Mr Kerry thinks the entirety of humanity are idiots.

Yes, RT Today is subsidized by the Russian government.  I can see that.  I keep that in mind while reading it. But tell me: what other news outlet presents views on major issues and gives a true picture of both (or multiple) sides?  Anyone other than RT?  To ask the question is to answer it.

It has been reported that Mr Putin has stopped accepting phone calls from Obama, Kerry and other assorted stooges for the Empire.  Who could not sympathize with the Russian President?  How much patience would it take to continue accepting phone calls from people hectoring you constantly, threatening you constantly and lying to you constantly?

Demonizing your opponent is the usual tactic of those who have no credible case to offer.  And that old classic of accusing your opponent of doing exactly the same thing you are doing.  Recent US regimes are past masters at that sort of thing.

I really find it almost miraculous that Mr Putin has, so far, kept his cool amidst the outrageous fables being peddled about him, the acts of war, aka sanctions, that are being committed against Russia, the daily provocations by the US and its lapdog allies, the sending in of war ships and fighter jets right into the man's back yard, the incessant, unending stream of falsehoods that are spoken about the situation, combined with the utter ignorance of the entire historical picture - indeed the whole sorry machine that has been put together to try to topple him.

Let us again recall (because these things cannot be stressed enough) the three things that Putin did that outraged the West....and the usual suspects: 1) when he assumed power he brought to justice and to jail the oligarchs who were robbing Russia blind under Yeltsin.  That most of those oligarchs were Jewish ensured that one influential group would be clamoring and working for his destruction. 2) he began to rein in, at least a little, the homosexual onslaught against his nation.  That did not endear him to organized poofdom.  3) he used his skill in stopping the USA's little murder raid on Syria last Summer, and that was a deadly blow to the neocons and other assorted war profiteers.

Now, those three new enemies of his have coalesced into a united front to bring him, and Russia, down.  They are powerful enemies.  Ukraine, which had been in USA/CIA destabilization mode for a decade, provided the excuse to turn Vladimir Putin from the genuine hero he was by his taking the steps mentioned into the latest Hitler-of-the-month.  Notice, if you will, the expertly orchestrated campaign.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire the organizational, dogged brilliance employed by the enemies of Christianity.  It is almost always enormously successful.  Even good, solid Catholics who should know better have fallen for it.  (Today the congenitally confused Father Lucie-Smith at the UK Catholic Herald assures us that Putin is getting ready to eradicate Catholicism in the lands he is president of!  The good Father, alas, fails to provide any evidence for this claim.)

The current anti-Russian propaganda is embarrassingly bad and amateurish, though I am pleased to report we haven't yet heard about Mr Putin breaking into maternity hospitals and skewering innocent babies.  That one got great mileage here in the USA when it was employed against the German Kaiser prior to World War I, and though it was getting a little dog-eared by then it was duly trotted out once again when Saddam was the official bad guy.

Perhaps we will soon be seeing slightly re-done versions of this old chestnut:

Thankfully there are people who are still able to keep their heads.  Over at Mr Gary Potter offers his take on the anti-Putin putsch:

I don't know about you but I for one do not relish a nuclear war with Russia or anyone else.  But who are we mere subjects when the likes of Kerry, Obama and the entire Establishment want to goad Russia into war?  Applying their time-honored technique of making their opponent fire the first shot is obviously what they are about just now, so let us hope that Putin doesn't swallow that bait and oblige them.

But John Kerry will keep on trying, and he will do so while there is still a drop of blood in someone else's his body.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The Pope is chatting again, always a good time to reach for the nearest bottle of booze we can lay our fingers on.  I truly wish this man would exercise a little prudence before he opens his mouth but that is apparently not the way he prefers to do things I'm afraid.  The Catholic world around him collapses and all he can do is hurtle insults at certain Catholics he doesn't like or hold meaningless "peace" gatherings in Rome between rabbis who despise Christ and Muslims who, even if they have a certain reverence for Him don't believe He is the Son of God.  I would think he might do more good by pointing out to the world that it is dying under the weight of sin and then go on to name those sins.

Could these incessant tongue-lashings being heaped upon his own Catholic faithful possibly bespeak of a troubled mind or a troubled conscience?

Oddly enough, even though one often finds the word "serenity" in many of his speeches he does not seem to have serene thoughts himself.  And I do wish he would grow tired, as we have grown tired, of using that "seesaw" technique or dialectic of criticizing a few safe targets on the modernist side and then go for the jugular when he attacks those Catholics who are not marching in tune with the New Disorientations of recent pontificates.  Surely by now he has flogged that particular dead horse enough?  As a Catholic myself, one not prone to the hail-fellow-well-met attitude that bubbles up in most Catholic parishes, I think I can say, "Yes, Holy Father, I get it.  People who are sticking by ancient Catholic traditions displease you.  Can we go on to more serious matters now?"

Like giving the boot to people like Cardinal Dolan?  I believe there are some openings in the Patriotic Catholic Church of China where the Cardinal would fit in quite well - and be thousands of miles away from us.  I will suggest that to His Holiness the next time I see him.

But the insults keep-a-comin' and the papolaters keep reporting them with glee.  Yet surely they could give this old chestnut a rest.  No?

[I think I'd rather not link you to the Patheos article that pointed out, not without some satisfaction, that the Pope lashed out at the "rigorists" again recently. If I did I would be contributing to their "hit" count and fattening their paychecks by doing so. (I sometimes wonder if some of those characters, the boot-lickers and papolaters whom even The Wanderer might find excessive, don't deliberately try to stir up the pot so as to give themselves a pay raise when disgusted readers click on to their articles to see what they've written.)  I don't read them in any case.  Like many others I am one of the bucket men who are scooping water from the sinking ship so as to keep it afloat; I have no time to spare for people who are hectoring me for being a simple sailor and to stop criticizing the Captain who has run the ship onto the shoals.]

Speaking personally, I really don't care how many insults, serene or otherwise, come in the direction of Catholics such as myself who try to live the way that Catholics of old used to live and worship.  I smile when I hear them, just as I would smile if I heard them from some ill-tempered boor at a nearby table at a restaurant who hated Catholics and would not restrain himself from letting the world know his opinions.  Water off a duck's back, and all that.

It is possible this Pope will go to his grave with this weird attitude, or that something will happen that will finally change that upbeat, Pollyanna outlook of his into a more realistic one, though, frankly, considering the unbelievable nightmares the Church has been suffering through in recent decades I'd hate to see what it would take to open his eyes.

Perhaps one day he will awaken to the fact that all is not well in the Church and that perhaps he has been shooting his bullets at the wrong targets.  Until then Catholics will have to keep enduring the insults and his lack of resolve in dealing with the most serious crisis the Church has ever known.  We'll have to keep praying and punching, as dear old Hamish Fraser used to say.

As for the man himself I've given up trying to figure out why he is uncomfortable with his patrimony and the Catholic culture of two millenia.

I guess I will just have to accept the fact that he is a child of his times.


Another great statesman wishes to join the hallowed ranks of those occupying the Senate Office building in our nation's capitol:

She would fit right in with the chiselers, swine and ward-heelers, aka Senators, who stink up that building.  And since it has often been said that a partially-trained rhesus monkey would do as competent a job in office as most US senators this candidate should have no trouble filling the bill.

Monday, June 9, 2014


The Devil roars, and his victims find themselves impotent in their efforts to stop him as he slowly but surely and bit makes the world dance under his whip.  We, his victims, find ourselves stymied at every turn, unable to even protect our own children from the machinations of his henchmen.  All the levers of power are now seemingly guided by his hand.  We needn't catalog them.

Why, then, do the good find themselves impotent against him?  I suspect that the answer is that God is going to allow us to stew in our own juice for a little time longer.

The Fiend runs the world, for he is the prince of this world.  A common expression of Catholics in ages past when some misery or another overcame their country was to exclaim that "the Devil has the country by the throat".  Indeed.  A perfect expression to describe our present situation.  Some countries are still trying to fight him in certain ways but even they are constrained by an umbrella of malignancy that hangs over the entire earth. I hasten to add that America is not one of those fighting countries; on the contrary, our nation is blissfully accepting the yoke of the Evil One and rejoicing in it.  We only delude ourselves if we reject the obvious.

But let us face the fact calmly and recognize that this is the true situation.  The devil has most of the world by the throat and Our Father in Heaven is permitting it, for the moment.  Where does that leave us?

It is tempting to answer that question by saying, "I haven't got a clue".  And in one sense, I haven't. The Sentimentalists will smile benignly at me and reassure me not to worry, that "God has everything under control". Yes, indeed He does, but I suspect not in the way our sentimental friends would like to believe. While there is a grain of truth in the attitude of these kindly folks, that we should put our trust in God and just keep living our life, that attitude often does not wish to confront the stark reality that is this: we are being hit on all sides with evil so breathtaking, and so malignant, that we cannot be accused of cowardice if we find ourselves trembling a little at the sheer power of the demonic forces.  But, again, where does that leave us?

It leaves us, hopefully, with the realization that it will be the Church that will overcome the forces of The Enemy and no one else.  Only the Church.  It will have to be, hopefully soon, a Church united, though, and at the moment the Devil has taken care of that, too. Turmoil infests the Church from top to bottom and there is treason in high places, clearly the work of the prince of the world whose every move is designed to unleash confusion and create division.  Can we stop denying that there is treason in high places?  Some Catholics cannot abide such a thought.  They are akin to the Catholics of the 60s who were so disoriented by the strange Paul VI that they had to concoct a theory that there was an impostor in the Petrine Office and that what we were witnessing were the actions of a perfect double to Montini!  Yes, that really did happen (you younger Catholics may not remember that particular nonsense). 

The devil's success in this sphere has been nothing short of spectacular.  Pride has been his weapon of choice since Genesis and he has honed that weapon well in the ensuing epochs.  How many treasonous clerics, or lukewarm Catholics, can not trace the origin of their disorder to pride?  Avarice, yes; lust, decidedly so. But pride trumps them all in the end and usually finds itself embedded in all the other vices somewhere.  We now have "pride" festivals and parades celebrating sex perversion, a telling marriage of pride and lust if there ever was one.

Yes, the Church will overcome it all when, and only when, enough Catholics - including Catholic priests, nuns and Bishops! - take their religion seriously, so seriously that God will finally grant through the intercession of his Mother, the utter destruction of the devil's plans for us.  The serpent's head will be crushed under the heel of a Certain Woman....if and when enough Catholics start behaving like Catholics.  Behaving like Catholics does not mean falling into the errors of papolatry or lukewarmness, or rash judgment or the constant presumption upon God's mercy.  Hard, unpleasant facts will have to be faced sooner or later, and if that means we have to help a sodomite extricate himself from his sin, or stand firm in the Faith when being attacked by those in the Church who are supposed to be protecting us, or find ourselves more often in the Confession line instead of the Communion line then that is the way it is going to have to be.  If that means politely telling our Bishops that they have no right whatsoever to impede the ancient practices of the Faith, liturgical or otherwise, and if that means rising from our tuffets and finding parishes who will work with us to restore some of those ancient practices then that is one of the jobs, albeit hard, that will have to be done. Being respectful to those in the Church who hold authority does not mean accepting their injustices, by the way.  If we do accept them we again relegate ourselves to impotence in the face of manifest cruelty.

The cold winds blowing from Rome right now will make it much, much more difficult to do our part to restore order in the Church.  Pray for these "shepherds in the mist" that God will either bring them to their Catholic senses whole and entire, or replace them if needs must.

Right now, for reasons only God knows, we are being tested by injustice, by the brickbats of sycophants, by ineffectiveness in the fight against an unprecedented onslaught of evil and by the apparent abandonment of our own shepherds.  We are not the first to have faced such things.  But God did not leave us without weapons.  I would like to suggest that we use them like we've never used them before.

And lest we forget,  He does show us what can be done from time to time when times become particularly tough.  There was once a 14-year-old girl in France.....


If you can stomach this, please read it:

Things like this are becoming all-too-common in our modern police forces.  Common sense is thrown to the winds.  I don't have to tell anyone that there are policemen out there who are calm, conscientious and honest but I can also tell you that forty years ago scenes like the one described were extremely unlikely to have occurred.  Anywhere.  Now they happen almost weekly.  Indeed there are blogs and websites popping up writing about this new violence committed by police.

A nation that expects to be governed justly cannot abide this sort of thing for very long.


Even more:

Let's get on the phone with our Mayors and Police Chiefs and kindly but firmly remind them that despite the many dangers police officers are thrust into common sense does not have to be the first casualty.  I believe we have to be seriously concerned about a situation which could quickly go out of control.

There is still time, I believe, to rein in the people who commit these outrages, and the way to do that is locally, and to avoid all Left-Right politics.  These are our homes our neighborhoods and our cities we are talking about.  Let us keep military-style tactics out of our neighborhoods.


Paul Craig Roberts takes a look at the worldwide political establishment.  Well worth reading.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Right now, my fellow gentlemen, your children are being subjected to the vilest form of pro-sodomy propaganda in the entire history of mankind.  Not hyperbole.  Fact.  These are the children you fathered. What are you going to do about it?

You are their protectors.  You have to help raise them.  You have got to stay around as head of your family, not spend your entire lives at the office or running off to fight in unjust American wars. Your place is with your family, now more than ever.

An entire generation of children is being given over to sexual miscreants whose manner of living and thought can only be described as deranged.  What are you going to do about it?

Is the school you're sending them to making them begin to accept sodomy?  If so have you walked into the principal's office with blood in your eye and asked them what is going on?

Are you not particularly careful about the movies they go to or the TV they watch, especially during their most impressionable years?  For that matter, how careful have you been about what you watch?

If they want entertainment show them movies about men who act manly: Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Robert Mitchum, etc.  Yes, some of these movies are in black and white. So were the charcoal sketches by Rembrandt and the photographs of Ansel Adams.  Get over your fear of black and white.  It wont bite you.

Stop letting these children of yours watch horse shit.  Show them something edifying.

Do you pray with them?  Every day?  If not, you better get cracking.  And real soon.

Do you attend one of these lousy and stupid Masses said by an effeminate priest?  Get out of there and try to find something reverent.  I needn't remind you that there are options if you look hard enough.  Don't allow the friendships and camaraderie of regular parish life keep you attending a Mass designed to bore three-year- olds.

In other words, man up, because your children, your precious little ones, are being assaulted, really and truly assaulted.  Understand this, please.

Get off your tuffets, stop worrying about those who will call you names or not want to be your friend anymore and start protecting the hearts, minds and souls of the children you helped bring into this world, the ones who are made for Heaven.

Get out of the cesspool before you have to endure the spectacle of one of your children lecturing you on the evils of Catholicism.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Now you have your very own US postage stamp!  It honors one of the Heroes of Buggery, a certain Harvey Milk.  The Patron saint of child molesters has just been honored by the United States of America, that well-known land of the free and home of the brave.

In a land awash with unnatural vice this is hardly surprising.  (I often ponder what some good military men think about these things when they are asked to give their lives for such a government.)

What is also not surprising is the craven cowardice of certain religious leaders who hear no evil, see no evil nor speak no evil when it comes to this crime.  Can someone draw our attention to a comment about this latest outrage coming from any Catholic prelate in the land?  I would like to imagine that at least one or two would say something and if they do they will receive accolades from this quarter.

We are often asked, and quite rightly, to pray for our religious and our Bishops.  That prayer is usually a hope that they will be moved to do something, to say something, to act.  But we can also pray that God will take pity on the faithful and remove the Bishops who by their silence and inaction allow this disease to spread like wildfire.  So we will continue to pray for them, that they find their courage and speak out and, failing that, we will pray that God will act by replacing them with men who will stand up to this ever more sinister persecution. [Of course, Professor Candida Moss of Notre Dame - late of Tooting-on-the-Thames, England - believes that stories of persecution of Catholics are all made up.  So don't trouble her about these matters.]

Persecutions come in all flavors: soft, hard and/or ballistic.  In America we are in "soft" persecution mode just now but it is not unreasonable to suppose that could change, and rather quickly, if the powers-that-be decide the time has come.  There are many who see the USA as a nation about to implode and that the leaders, sensing this, will wildly strike in any direction as they take their last gasps of air.  Possibly.  I do not know.  But if that theory is true soft persecutions can quickly become hard ones.

So despite the writings of blonde-bombshell-turned-instant-professor Candida Moss, we are clearly in a persecution phase.  There is no doubt whatsoever about that.  It may not end up in arenas with lions (on the other hand, it may) but it is most definitely happening.  It is, of course, Satanically inspired.

Hang on tightly to the one weapon that will defeat them: your rosary.

Monday, June 2, 2014


1.  Who is Mark Shea?
2.  Get me Mark Shea.
3.  Get me a Mark Shea type.
4.  Get me a new Mark Shea.
5.  Who is Mark Shea?


You may find this article as insightful as I have.

It is honest and it is truthful and it may just possibly save your life one day.

What it doesn't do, and perhaps cannot do, is to explain how we have come to such a pass.  That is where reality must come in.  In the here and now we must face facts; facing them may save our lives.  Literally.

While I can see no human solution to this festering problem I can at least continue to pray for relief from it. Beyond that, there is no human solution that I know of.

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