Monday, June 9, 2014


If you can stomach this, please read it:

Things like this are becoming all-too-common in our modern police forces.  Common sense is thrown to the winds.  I don't have to tell anyone that there are policemen out there who are calm, conscientious and honest but I can also tell you that forty years ago scenes like the one described were extremely unlikely to have occurred.  Anywhere.  Now they happen almost weekly.  Indeed there are blogs and websites popping up writing about this new violence committed by police.

A nation that expects to be governed justly cannot abide this sort of thing for very long.


Even more:

Let's get on the phone with our Mayors and Police Chiefs and kindly but firmly remind them that despite the many dangers police officers are thrust into common sense does not have to be the first casualty.  I believe we have to be seriously concerned about a situation which could quickly go out of control.

There is still time, I believe, to rein in the people who commit these outrages, and the way to do that is locally, and to avoid all Left-Right politics.  These are our homes our neighborhoods and our cities we are talking about.  Let us keep military-style tactics out of our neighborhoods.

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