Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Now you have your very own US postage stamp!  It honors one of the Heroes of Buggery, a certain Harvey Milk.  The Patron saint of child molesters has just been honored by the United States of America, that well-known land of the free and home of the brave.


In a land awash with unnatural vice this is hardly surprising.  (I often ponder what some good military men think about these things when they are asked to give their lives for such a government.)

What is also not surprising is the craven cowardice of certain religious leaders who hear no evil, see no evil nor speak no evil when it comes to this crime.  Can someone draw our attention to a comment about this latest outrage coming from any Catholic prelate in the land?  I would like to imagine that at least one or two would say something and if they do they will receive accolades from this quarter.

We are often asked, and quite rightly, to pray for our religious and our Bishops.  That prayer is usually a hope that they will be moved to do something, to say something, to act.  But we can also pray that God will take pity on the faithful and remove the Bishops who by their silence and inaction allow this disease to spread like wildfire.  So we will continue to pray for them, that they find their courage and speak out and, failing that, we will pray that God will act by replacing them with men who will stand up to this ever more sinister persecution. [Of course, Professor Candida Moss of Notre Dame - late of Tooting-on-the-Thames, England - believes that stories of persecution of Catholics are all made up.  So don't trouble her about these matters.]

Persecutions come in all flavors: soft, hard and/or ballistic.  In America we are in "soft" persecution mode just now but it is not unreasonable to suppose that could change, and rather quickly, if the powers-that-be decide the time has come.  There are many who see the USA as a nation about to implode and that the leaders, sensing this, will wildly strike in any direction as they take their last gasps of air.  Possibly.  I do not know.  But if that theory is true soft persecutions can quickly become hard ones.

So despite the writings of blonde-bombshell-turned-instant-professor Candida Moss, we are clearly in a persecution phase.  There is no doubt whatsoever about that.  It may not end up in arenas with lions (on the other hand, it may) but it is most definitely happening.  It is, of course, Satanically inspired.

Hang on tightly to the one weapon that will defeat them: your rosary.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder is NARAL is protesting. Riiiiiight!

Anonymous said...

Gee "aged parent", while perusing your non-stop, vitriolic hatred of gays on your non-stop, vitriolic hatred of everything "blog", I can't help but think, "The lady doth protest to much."
Perhaps, "aged parent", you, yourself are deep in the denial closet. Food for thought, eh?

Aged parent said...

The usual tiresome retort that one can see a thousand times on any website or blog that exposes the devilry of the Poof Patrol. It usually means, of course, that the shoe is most likely on the other foot.

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