Saturday, June 21, 2014


As regards some recent canonizations, and one more to come later this year, I cannot but express great sorrow that these troubled Popes, who did so little to restore order in the Catholic Church, and in fact brought upon it shame and scandal by virtue of their increasingly syncretist leanings and initiatives, should be feted like this.

Like the scandalous farce that is Medjugorje, which will cause great pain when it is finally seen to have been a ridiculous hoax from day one, the cold water of reality is one day going to hit squarely in the face those Catholics who now venerate these man and hold them up as "great" Popes.  Will they keep their Faith after so harsh a blow?

The Church has in its twenty-century history lived through great Popes, fair Popes, mediocre Popes and outright villainous Popes.  It will live though our recent Popes, too.  But I shudder to think how many illusions, mostly self-induced, will ultimately be shattered when the truth, as it always must, begins to be perceived.


ColdStanding said...

Leaving you no choice but to throw yourself at the foot of the Cross and beg for mercy.

Which is what the Holy Spirit has been convicting man of for low these many centuries.

However, man is stubborn, stiff-necked, and hard-hearted. Has been since the fall. Every illusion of innate human goodness must be stripped away. Including the common Catholic failing of having some sort of claim of ownership on the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican 'powers that be' will be very ill advised to proceed with the proposed canonization of Paul VI, even if the allegations made against him are untrue.
The modern papacy seems determined to discredit itself, well let it do so. We are powerless to stop it anyway, and only when the unsound pre-fabs are removed from the edifice can the rebuilding begin.

Elizabeth said...

I so appreciate your thoughts, your writings. God bless you.

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