Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preparing for the Pope's October Surprise

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Church....

I had just begun writing this post several weeks ago starting with the above sentence, and then came the news of Cardinal Burke's call for men to start acting like men (a theme we have explored here from time to time).  It is all over the internet and is easy to find.  Bravo to the Cardinal.

My thoughts, therefore, are a bit of an anti-climax to the words of His Eminence but I will offer this shortened version of what we were originally going to post.  In October of this year the Rhine Faction in the Church, which once gave us Luther and the Anabaptists, is preparing well and brilliantly their offensive for the Synod of Sodomy, Part Two, or as we call it here "The Bastard Synod".  They have tested the waters, they have assessed their enemies' strengths and fortifications and ability to respond and are preparing accordingly.  Unlike conservatives, the Modernists learn from the past and are not inclined to repeat mistakes.

This puts a tremendous responsibility on Catholics; they will have to defend the Faith against the Wolfish Bishops who are, if we can believe Cardinals like Marx and Kasper, determined to have their way.  We can assume based on all reliable reports that the Pope himself favors the revolutionary overriding of settled Catholic dogma regarding the mortal sin of sodomy and adultery using the old method, tried and true, of liberalizing the reception of Holy Communion.  Hilary White quotes the Modernist Baldissseri on these points, and he assures the world that it was the Pope himself who insisted that controversial Synod statements would be published and acted upon this coming October.  This tried and true method has worked before and very successfully 45-odd years ago with Vatican 2, the Most Exalted Council in All History.  The Rhine (and the Potomac) flowed into the Tiber during the Second Vatican Council and we can see the results of that.  Now they are prepared to repeat that magic trick once again this October.  Journalists, laymen, lowly bloggers all have to gear up for what is going to be a battle royale, one which could very well be a decisive one.  The omens are not good.  These determined Modernists have the machinery in their hands, the machinery of the Church.  It is virtually impossible to defeat those who control the mechanics.  At the closing of the Synod Cardinal Marx remarked, "The real work is about to begin".  I think we might take him at his word.

The great Bishop Athanasius Schneider, stalwart defender of the Holy Eucharist, knows what is at stake.  He fears an onslaught of sacrilegious Communions in the offing unprecedented in Church history.  Episcopal nonentities like Dolan and Wuerl routinely give sacrilegious Communions to the likes of Biden and Pelosi now, but if the Synod fathers have their way this sacrilege will explode with the spectacle of homosexuals and divorced/remarried Catholics receiving, accompanied by the additional spectacle of people like Pelosi being looked upon as a justified martyr.  If Pope Francis has not considered the ramifications of allowing public sinners, and sinners of the most vile sort, receive Communion without Confession and amending their lives then the Catholic Church will be at the moment of total collapse.  Bishop Schneider is confident that there will be a restoration, and all Catholics, at least those who have not taken leave of their senses, can agree.  But I am looking at souls falling into Hell "like snowflakes" in the interim.

We have about nine months to work together to try, with the grace of God, to defeat them, using the tools we have been given.  The tool of choice, aside from prayer and fasting, which should be on the very top of our to do list, is the internet.  Gentlemen, it is up to us to lead the way.  The ladies will be there to help us as they always will with their own wisdom, wit and tenacity, but the men have to lead this campaign.  Feminized men will be useless; feminine women will be our hearts.  We (very much including yours truly) have been deficient in protecting our wives, our children and our Church.  This hard truth needs to be pinned to our wall: we have failed too often in our duty.  And that failure has helped mightily to bring us to this sorry pass.

The response to personal failings is contemplation to begin with.

Father C John McCloskey, in referring to Hilaire Belloc, says this, which is apropos our discussion:

"Young men and their fathers can see him as a true Christian knight and warrior, who at the same time was a great family man with dozens of friends ... and a layman! And certainly in today's culture, we need men of true heroism." 

Every man must enter the lists.  There are those, we know, who will not.  These will be more and more ignored as the crisis becomes worse.  It is probably a waste of time to do battle with these types, who are termed by some "neo-Catholics".  We must concentrate our forces elsewhere and not waste precious resources with people who for whatever reason refuse to see the imminent danger we are in.

The US government pays agents to write comments to blogs in support of their pet projects, be it the promotion of sodomy, anti Russian hysteria, war mongering, support for Obamacare or what have you.  The Israeli government does the same thing, trying to use blog comments and social media to distract attention away from their misdeeds and crimes and support the Israeli narrative.  Thus we have two excellent examples to follow.  An intelligent, cogently argued response to the Modernists in the Church would be a profitable way to begin and by that we mean responding to the Modernists on their own sites.  When Crux or the National Catholic Reporter or any other of that ilk spouts their views we can reply in the comments section, calmly and reasonably.   Letters to the Editor and friendly meetings with the type of priest who would normally be uninterested in hearing anything against the Bastard Synod would in my view by a prudent and potentially helpful.

If a Cardinal like Kasper should by chance grace your city to make a speech, be there, ready with a few questions for him.  He likes to make the rounds of the speaking circuit and I have no doubt his frequent flyer miles will be adding up impressively in the next nine months.

This recent petition, which seems like a very worthy effort, is one to consider:

Men who are worth their salt protect their wives, their children and their Church.  We have just been given a reminder by Cardinal Burke.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Papal Provocation, again

We are now in the midst of another scandal which has the potential of demolishing the simple faith of many, many hundreds of thousands in the Church.  I refer of course to what everyone is talking about, the reception by the Pope of a sexually deviant couple consisting of a woman who has had her body medically mutilated and accompanied by her "girlfriend".  But let us get right to the crux of the matter: they were not received by the Pope, they were invited by the Pope, and that is what is at the heart of the matter.  A number of blogs have pointed out this latest mind-numbing escapade, the most thorough article about it which can be found at The Eponymous Flower.  Many readers have no doubt already seen it.

What this man in the Vatican has done here is to begin a process of dissolving the simple faith of the peasant in Africa or Syria or South America or anywhere where there are simple people trying to live a Catholic life.  And as usual, many of those who have written about this have avoided discussing the central point, which, again, is that these two unfortunate women were invited to visit the Pope after having written him a sobbing, self-pitying letter.

In the report we read this:

"Last fall, she had written the Pope  a letter complaining that she will be "excluded" as a "practicing Catholic" in her home parish in the Spanish city of Plasencia, since she had undergone a sex change. A priest, said Diego Neria Lajarraga,  even insulted  her as a "daughter of the devil"

Well gee whizz, darlings, what would you expect the priest to say?  You can bet your bottom dollar that you will be excluded until you receive absolution for your sins and amend your preposterously disordered life.  That rational people have to laboriously explain the obvious shows us how dangerous the situation in the Catholic Church really is.

Can we assume that after this meeting Pope Francis said to them, "Go and sin no more"?  I am afraid that in lieu of a direct statement from the Holy See we cannot make that assumption.  Can we assume this is yet another of Francis' grandstanding, bull-in-the-china-shop gambits wherein he is unaware of the spiritual damage he has just done to simple Catholics?  Once again, in lieu of a direct statement we cannot make such an assumption.  He has merrily shattered the beliefs of numerous Catholics with gay abandon essentially since he has been elected.  One can forgive a gaffe here and there.  It is when it becomes habitual that we are entitled to see a pattern.  This is just yet another papal poke in the eye.

Sandro Magister has at last recognized, and said plainly, that the Pope finds the ancient practices of the Ancient Faith somewhat repulsive.  If one so hesitant and careful as Magister can say these things then I believe we are on firm ground when we agree with him.

How wearying it is to have to catalogue these unremitting outrages coming from the Vatican.  One shudders to think what effect these papal flippancies are having on non-Catholics.  We don't have to search far for an answer to that.  Read the astonished articles of the Orthodox, the simple Protestants and others as they watch with gaping jaw these latest episodes.  Who could be attracted - and I mean really attracted - to the one, true Faith by the words and actions of the Holy Father?  There will be conversions, no doubt, though we are entitled to ask of what kind these conversions may be.  Will they be a sentimental conversion to do-goodism, or a true conversion to the Faith of Jesus Christ, our King?  I suspect the former will encompass most of any conversions which may take place in the wake of our superstar Pope.

We could say something like this: "In all fairness we don't know what the Pope told them, etc., etc."  Yes, we could say that.  But I would find it hard to say that simply because, let us remember, these two odious sexual deviants were personally invited to the private audience with the Pope and no great effort was made to keep the meeting out of the news.  The soul-baring style of the letter to Francis would seem to suggest another photo-op was in the offing.

[Another recent occurrence, and one the Pope is not directly responsible for, is the proposal of "marriage" between sex deviate and washed-up football drone Michael Sam, Cardinal Dolan's object of adulation, and his male friend atop the dome of St Peter's in Rome.  A handy photo-op was duly prepared and has been sent around the world.  More shame for the Church and more blasphemy directed against God Himself.  Though we cannot necessarily blame Francis for this infantile outrage in a direct way we can blame the new atmosphere of tolerance for mortal sin that has disfigured the Church for well nigh on fifty years, an atmosphere hardly helped by the clumsiness of the current Pope.]

Did he hear the confessions of the two women, the transvestite and the lesbian?  To ask this, I believe, is to answer it.  The current Pope has given scant evidence that he considers this unspeakable perversion terribly important.  He still has as one of his retainers the sodomite Msgr Ricca,  His Bastard Synod (which continues later this year) discussed nothing about the mortally sinful nature of this vice.

What can be done?

Many of us are commenting, writing letters to the editor, blogging, trying to bring solemnity back to our Masses (the highest example of which is the restoration of the Ancient Rite of Mass in as many places as we can), speaking out, etc.  But is there anything else?

We can (as hard as it may be) say the following prayer for the Pope:

Prayers for the Holy Father 
(to be said after the Rosary)
V. Let us pray for our Pontiff, Pope Francis.
R. The Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him to be blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies (Roman Breviary).
Our Father. Hail Mary.
(From the old Raccolta: A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, when this prayer has been devoutly said every day for a month (S.C. Ind., Nov. 26, 1876; S. P. Ap., Oct 12, 1931).
Let us pray.
Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy upon Thy servant, Francis, our Supreme Pontiff, and direct him, according to Thy loving-kindness, in the way of eternal salvation; that, of thy gift, he may ever desire that which is pleasing unto thee and may accomplish it with all his might. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen (Roman Ritual).
(From the old Raccolta: An indulgence of three years, a plenary indulgence once a month on the usual conditions, for the daily devout recitation of this prayer. S. P. Ap., March 10, 1935).

It is hard, let us be brutally honest, to say the above prayer for a man who has expressed little interest in those of his flock who are hanging on for dear life to a sinking ship.

Other than that, we need the help of Mary.  Who else can we turn to now?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mr Putin and the Auschwitz Pilgrimage


by Israel Shamir

(from the Unz Review)

The edifice of the post-1991 world order is collapsing right before our eyes. President Putin’s decision to give a miss to the Auschwitz pilgrimage, right after his absence in Paris at Charlie festival, gave it the last shove. It was good clean fun to troll Russia, as long as she stayed the course. Not anymore. Russia broke the rules.
Until now, Russia, like a country bumpkin in Eton, tried to belong. It attended the gathering of the grandees where it was shunned, paid its dues to European bodies that condemned it, patiently suffered ceaseless hectoring of the great powers and irritating baiting of the East European small-timers alike. But something broke there. The lad does not want to belong anymore; he picked up his stuff and went home. Just when they needed him to kneel in Auschwitz.
The Auschwitz gathering is an annual Canossa of the Western leaders where they bewail their failure to protect the Jews and swear their perennial obedience to them. This is a more important religious rite in our days, the One Ring to rule them all, established in 2001, when the Judeo-American empire reached the pinnacle of its power. The Russian leader duly attended the events. This year, they will have to do without him. Israeli ministers already have expressed their deep dissatisfaction for this although it was Russia’s Red Army that saved the Jews in Auschwitz. Absence of Russia turns the Holocaust memorial day into a parochial, West-only, event. Worse, Russia’s place will be taken by Ukraine, with its Nazi-glorifying regime.
This comes after the French Charlie demo, also spurned by Russia. The West hinted that Russia’s sins would be forgiven, up to a point, if she joined, first the demo, and later, the planned anti-terrorist coalition, but Russia did not take the bait. This was a visible change, for previously, Russian leaders eagerly participated in such events and voted for West-sponsored resolutions. In 2001, Putin fully supported George Bush’s War on Terrorism in the UN and on the ground. As recently as 2011, Russia agreed with sanctions against North Korea and Iran. As for coming to a demonstration, the Russians could always be relied upon. This time, the Russians did not come, excepting the token presence of the foreign minister Mr. Lavrov. This indomitable successor of Mr. Nyet had left the event almost immediately and went – to pray in the Russian church, in a counter-demonstration, of sorts, against Charlie. By going to the church, he declared that he is not Charlie.
Read the rest of the article at this link.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tar and Feathers Time

Those illustrious 9 Divine Oracles in Washington are going to decide on giving sex perverts the right to jail, fine, shame, put out of business and load down with legal costs those people who refuse to refer to their farcical arrangements as marriage.

Two of the Oracles, Kagan and Ginsburg, have already performed such "marriages".  I simply can't imagine what their ultimate decision will be in the case coming before them.

Question:  How can the nation of France muster a million and a half people to take to the streets and protest the dangerous lunacy of queer "marriage", and the United States cannot get anyone at all to turn off their TV sets and march on Washington for the same purpose?

Holy Father, there are others worried about bunnies, too

Gary North writes some interesting things.  Although he is not on the "same page" as many who might visit this blog he has written a fascinating article on the schizophrenia of the elite's Central Planners as it pertains to the population and how to control them.

After reading North's article I began to wonder just which voices the Holy Father is listening to.

A sample:

Therefore, it should not be surprising that proponents of zero population growth should be found among the college-educated super-rich. They have imbibed on the ideology of Keynesian guidance of the economy, and they are concerned that the lower classes will be able to outvote them. This same concern was fundamental to the progressive movement after 1900. The most blatant promoter of this outlook was the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. Her racist polemic against immigrants and the poor, The Pivot of Civilization (1922), is online. George Grant's biography of her is well-named: Killer Angel.

Read the rest of the article here:

It would be nice if Pope Francis, the spiritual father of the world's bunnies, would contemplate Mr North's article.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Holy Father, why did you say that?

I have read all the customary explanations written by various Catholics found on blogs and sites that link to general Catholic opinion that the Pope didn't really mean what he said when he cautioned us not to "breed like rabbits".  But the well-meaning Catholics fail to understand this: he did say it.  The damage done, which is very severe, is done.

My good wife and I brought a large family into the world.  Every time I brought her home from the hospital with a new child neighbors would roll their eyes.  One thoughtfully told one of our children to ask us if we had ever heard of the Pill.  Those who have had large families know the drill: the annoyed stares at a restaurant as we sat down to a large table, the ungentlemanly sneers received from friends and fellow workers, etc.

Once one of our helpful neighbors left a condom on our front porch (a used one, I am sorry to say) to give, I suppose, his Important Message to us.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard references from associates about "breeding like rabbits" I would be rich beyond the dreams of Midas.  One expects to hear that from average people...but must we hear it from the Pope, too?

Well, why not.  For years Catholic "marriage classes", which are now required (!) before a diocesan priest can marry you do nothing but teach you how to not have children, the "Catholic way", of course.  But the net result is the same: few or no kids.

I suppose "be fruitful and multiply" or "bring more souls into the world to give glory to God" are Jurassic ideas that have gone the way of the dodo.

Some Catholic writers are pointing to Pope Pius XII's words on large families, which were laudable and are much needed now.  Alas, when push came to shove Pius did not build upon those noble words and when asked once by a interviewer what he meant by a "large" family, he famously said, "about four".  I relate these things to you now because someone is going to throw that in your face when you bring up Pius' words.  I say this not to denigrate him but only to point out that he was not immune from some very fuzzy thinking at times.  And I am not of course referring to that preposterous nonsense that he was somehow "indifferent" to suffering Jews. [I once asked my mother why there were only four children in our family, a cheeky and untactful question, I know.  Her answer was "because that is what Pope Pius thought would be enough and she, like a good Catholic, obeyed him.]

Pius himself came from a family of four so perhaps that had something to do with his unfortunate remark.

In view of Pope Francis' words, which will have the same effect as Pius XII's only perhaps worse, I should sit down with my wife and see which of our children we should eliminate.

Large families mean that you will have to do with less, yes.  A smaller house, a mother at home with her children and not earning a second income while the Father brings home the bacon, fewer vacations, a lesser car than we would want, fewer Christmas presents for the little ones, foregoing that speedboat we have our eye on, no hideaway in the woods come Summer time, more ground chuck and less sirloin.  We may look at this and lament, understandably.  But look at what we have gained in return.

When I shuffle off this mortal coil it is comforting to know that there will be many children there praying for me.  How much better than dying alone and forgotten.

Thank you, Pope Francis.  We really didn't need this.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Silence

In the Dolomites

There is hardly ever a complete silence in our soul.  God is whispering to us well-nigh incessantly. Whenever the sounds of the world die out in the soul, or sink low, then we hear these whisperings of God.
                                                                                                                    Father Faber

A Marine Combat Veteran Notes Something Strange About ISIS

Many questions keep getting raised about this group which came out of nowhere in recent months.  Gordon Duff, former Marine combat veteran of Vietnam takes a look at some oddities:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris: Fake Outrage Gone Berserk

Has anyone else noticed that all this Outrage over the murder of those talentless cartoonists in Paris is getting a little bit over the top?

Signs of solidarity printed almost within hours (?) of the murder and distributed all over Paris. Massive demonstrations.  World leaders climbing and clawing over one another to rush to their microphones to denounce this.

I'm afraid this all getting a little too pat, a little to convenient for my taste.  I believe I am beginning to smell the first faint whiffs of a possible black ops campaign.  I could be wrong and until we finally discover some solid facts I will hold off on any direct accusations.  But as of today some of us are getting our fill of this rather quickly.

I am NOT Charlie.

No, I have no sympathy, in a specific sense, for the victims.  They were untalented buffoons who got their kicks ridiculing religion, especially - please note - Catholicism, and then that of the Muslims.  (Curiously, our Jewish brothers seemed to have escaped their satirical pen.  How odd.) I have sympathy in a general sense, the type of sympathy one has for any victim of a murder. But I will print no panegyric on their behalf.  I will not be at their funeral.  And I will not join in the laughably hypocritical calls for free speech, calls engineered by the greatest enemies of free speech in the history of mankind. In other words their deaths were the final black joke of their worthless lives.  They are now facing their judgment.  And I am reasonably certain that they were unable to see a priest in their last moments to receive absolution for their blasphemies against God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, or His Blessed Mother.  We know only too well how God treats blasphemers.  An interesting reflection on the real tragedy of this.

Peter Hitchens is also getting a bit tired of all the Charlie Hebdo hoopla.  He writes:

A sanctimonious unanimity descended on politics and the media. ‘Je suis Charlie,’ everyone said. It was an issue of liberty, we all said. They can’t silence us, stop us drawing cartoons, etc etc etc.
Great mountains of adjectives piled up on every corner, much like those hills of flowers and teddy bears we like to place at the scenes of tragedies.
You can feel the presence of the snarling conformist mob, waiting for some dissenter on whom they can fall, kicking and biting. So-called social media, in fact an intolerant and largely brainless electronic mob, has made this much worse since the sad death of the Princess.

You can read the rest of his column here:

As for the French rag's view of the world, Lew Rockwell reports this "tweet" from columnist Glenn Greenwald:

"In 2009, Charlie Hedbo fired a writer for a joke they said as anti-semitic – then he was charged with a hate crime."

Another whiff of that waving false flag, and who might have something to do with it.

Thomas DiLorenzo over at is also asking questions:

"In the aftermath of the horrific murders of the people at the French cultural Marxist magazine, the journalistic Left all over the world has all of a sudden become a voice for free speech. Yes, the same people responsible or campus speech codes and all other forms of political correctness aimed at censoring words they disapprove of.   The French Left, especially, has its collective panties in a wad and is said to be increasing the distribution of the magazine that was targeted by the murderers from  its usual 60,000 issues to 1 million in the next issue.

The French cultural Marxists take the top award for hypocrisy here, since they have long supported the French “hate speech” laws that, among other things, criminalize “insults” against various cultural Marxist mascot groups (just about everyone in society except for white heterosexual males).  In France, if you are found guilty of insulting a mascot or mascot group, the penalty is 6 months in prison and a 22,500 Euro fine.  According to the Wikipedia entry about Hate Speech Laws in France, however, no insult to Christians or Muslims is so severe as to invoke the hate speech law.  A French court even ruled that comparing the Christian cross to the Nazi swastika, as one other cultural Marxist magazine did, was “not an insult” to Christians.  There is a five year prison sentence and 45,000 Euro fine for “contesting information about the Holocaust.”
This all reminds one of how, when the Left was in the minority in American academe, the ACLU championed free speech, then turned on a dime in the 1980s and defended all of the most extreme forms of censorship by political correctness on college campuses once their cultural Marxist brothers and sisters captured most of American academe."
Of course, despite who was behind this we all know what's coming.  More laws curtailing our own freedoms, more wars, more billions for the Money Power.  It is always the same.  It never changes.
Lost in all the tearing of garments over these victims is the almost miraculously easy way it is to manipulate large groups of people virtually on a moment's notice.  Many of those marching in Paris are good people concerned about Muslim immigration.  Natural, to be sure, though I wonder how many children they have brought into the world.  One?  Two?  None?  But any time devilry against a Christian population is afoot it is always useful to have some nice atrocity by a crazed Muslim hit the headlines.  It is of little import to them that many Muslims abhor this kind of thing and are not stupid enough to bring down upon their heads even more opprobrium than before.  
How supremely easy it is for them to lead us by the nose in any direction they wish, for any purpose they want.
The nation's Catholic Bishops are their usual incoherent, bumbling selves, never for a moment looking in the mirror for causes, never blaming themselves for the Modernism that is eating away at the vitals of the Church, never - God forbid! - considering finding even an approach to begin converting Muslims (they can be converted, by the way).   

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Employees of blasphemous French rag get murdered

Pope Francis denounces the shocking murders of the editors of an obscene anti-Catholic rag like all other world leaders.  Ho hum.  Yes, it is shocking, but ho hum.

It is difficult to work up much sympathy for the creeps who produced this infantile magazine.  Their "satire" and abilities do not rank very high, judging from a few glances at their cartoons. They went on their merry way insulting the Holy Trinity (as well as Muslims and anyone else who took objection to their pornographic fantasies).  They are now before the God they mocked and will be dealt with according to their deeds.  That of course is the lesson to be learned from this even as the world wants us to cry rivers of tears for them.

We will await more details as to who was behind this before offering our own pontifications.  Of course, we will completely ignore the media, which had its story all ready to go to press within about four minutes of the incident.  Past experience has demonstrated clearly that the media will throw us off the scent post haste and are completely untrustworthy.

But a few clues are already becoming visible.  The astute Pepe Escobar has a few ideas worthy of serious consideration.  A quote from his article today:

French intel at least has concluded that this is no underwear bomber stunt. This is a pro job. That happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood. And just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”.

So it is right that we do not accept the media narrative at face value.  In stories like this it is always best practice to avoid jumping to the conclusions spelled out for us by the world's media which is owned by, essentially, six or seven men.  It is easy to become the victim of manipulation and propaganda, therefore it is essential to always ask, "Who benefits?"

Judging from the hysterical theatrics of some, like the American Stasi, aka the NSA, Mr Obama and all the other usual characters we know at least some who are benefiting from this murder.  That being the case we will watch this story unfold when genuine and verifiable facts come to light, which they will, eventually.

Here is Escobar's article, which is worth reading (as are the comments that follow it):

UPDATE January 9th:

It has been confirmed that the suspects have been killed.  What: no interrogation to see who they were working for?  No trial?  No nothing?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Presidents

We are not too interested in turning our blog into a scandal sheet but sometimes it is important to know what goes through the minds of the rich and powerful, the same people who lord it over us and impose upon us the most despicable laws while doing their utmost to smash simple morality into pieces.  The persecutors like to hide their own dark deeds and usually can depend upon the major media to cover for them whenever things get too, shall we say, interesting.

That brings us to that notable individual Bill Clinton, and the man known as Jeffrey Epstein.  Mr Epstein is a swine. A rich, well-connected swine, but a swine nonetheless. That Mr Clinton himself is no longer Emperor is of small importance; the legacy he left which still afflicts us and is made worse by the current crop of crooks who comprise the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of our government perfectly coalesces in our opinion with this news story which recently broke, the details of which are as follows:

Whenever we as Americans feel the urge to get teary-eyed about the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is good to know the kind of people who are leading this nation to its inevitable date with destiny.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How is this possible? Prominent Homosexual Arrested for Buggering Adolescent Boy

So What Else is New? Dept.

As amazing as it may seem a sex pervert, one Terry Bean, has been arrested after sodomizing a teenager.

In other news, rain causes wet streets.

The arrested sex pervert and friends
Mr Bean, who is the recipient of corporate America's largesse, runs something called "Human Rights Campaign".  We can safely assume that those human rights don't apply to teenage boys.

Friday, January 2, 2015

OUR NEWS MEDIA IN ACTION (very, very funny)

Put down your cup of coffee before watching the video linked to in this article.  You don't want coffee stains all over your monitor screen.

And the tragic thing is, it's all too true:

(And they wonder why the US citizens are so clueless about world events.)
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