Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris: Fake Outrage Gone Berserk

Has anyone else noticed that all this Outrage over the murder of those talentless cartoonists in Paris is getting a little bit over the top?

Signs of solidarity printed almost within hours (?) of the murder and distributed all over Paris. Massive demonstrations.  World leaders climbing and clawing over one another to rush to their microphones to denounce this.

I'm afraid this all getting a little too pat, a little to convenient for my taste.  I believe I am beginning to smell the first faint whiffs of a possible black ops campaign.  I could be wrong and until we finally discover some solid facts I will hold off on any direct accusations.  But as of today some of us are getting our fill of this rather quickly.

I am NOT Charlie.

No, I have no sympathy, in a specific sense, for the victims.  They were untalented buffoons who got their kicks ridiculing religion, especially - please note - Catholicism, and then that of the Muslims.  (Curiously, our Jewish brothers seemed to have escaped their satirical pen.  How odd.) I have sympathy in a general sense, the type of sympathy one has for any victim of a murder. But I will print no panegyric on their behalf.  I will not be at their funeral.  And I will not join in the laughably hypocritical calls for free speech, calls engineered by the greatest enemies of free speech in the history of mankind. In other words their deaths were the final black joke of their worthless lives.  They are now facing their judgment.  And I am reasonably certain that they were unable to see a priest in their last moments to receive absolution for their blasphemies against God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, or His Blessed Mother.  We know only too well how God treats blasphemers.  An interesting reflection on the real tragedy of this.

Peter Hitchens is also getting a bit tired of all the Charlie Hebdo hoopla.  He writes:

A sanctimonious unanimity descended on politics and the media. ‘Je suis Charlie,’ everyone said. It was an issue of liberty, we all said. They can’t silence us, stop us drawing cartoons, etc etc etc.
Great mountains of adjectives piled up on every corner, much like those hills of flowers and teddy bears we like to place at the scenes of tragedies.
You can feel the presence of the snarling conformist mob, waiting for some dissenter on whom they can fall, kicking and biting. So-called social media, in fact an intolerant and largely brainless electronic mob, has made this much worse since the sad death of the Princess.

You can read the rest of his column here:

As for the French rag's view of the world, Lew Rockwell reports this "tweet" from columnist Glenn Greenwald:

"In 2009, Charlie Hedbo fired a writer for a joke they said as anti-semitic – then he was charged with a hate crime."

Another whiff of that waving false flag, and who might have something to do with it.

Thomas DiLorenzo over at is also asking questions:

"In the aftermath of the horrific murders of the people at the French cultural Marxist magazine, the journalistic Left all over the world has all of a sudden become a voice for free speech. Yes, the same people responsible or campus speech codes and all other forms of political correctness aimed at censoring words they disapprove of.   The French Left, especially, has its collective panties in a wad and is said to be increasing the distribution of the magazine that was targeted by the murderers from  its usual 60,000 issues to 1 million in the next issue.

The French cultural Marxists take the top award for hypocrisy here, since they have long supported the French “hate speech” laws that, among other things, criminalize “insults” against various cultural Marxist mascot groups (just about everyone in society except for white heterosexual males).  In France, if you are found guilty of insulting a mascot or mascot group, the penalty is 6 months in prison and a 22,500 Euro fine.  According to the Wikipedia entry about Hate Speech Laws in France, however, no insult to Christians or Muslims is so severe as to invoke the hate speech law.  A French court even ruled that comparing the Christian cross to the Nazi swastika, as one other cultural Marxist magazine did, was “not an insult” to Christians.  There is a five year prison sentence and 45,000 Euro fine for “contesting information about the Holocaust.”
This all reminds one of how, when the Left was in the minority in American academe, the ACLU championed free speech, then turned on a dime in the 1980s and defended all of the most extreme forms of censorship by political correctness on college campuses once their cultural Marxist brothers and sisters captured most of American academe."
Of course, despite who was behind this we all know what's coming.  More laws curtailing our own freedoms, more wars, more billions for the Money Power.  It is always the same.  It never changes.
Lost in all the tearing of garments over these victims is the almost miraculously easy way it is to manipulate large groups of people virtually on a moment's notice.  Many of those marching in Paris are good people concerned about Muslim immigration.  Natural, to be sure, though I wonder how many children they have brought into the world.  One?  Two?  None?  But any time devilry against a Christian population is afoot it is always useful to have some nice atrocity by a crazed Muslim hit the headlines.  It is of little import to them that many Muslims abhor this kind of thing and are not stupid enough to bring down upon their heads even more opprobrium than before.  
How supremely easy it is for them to lead us by the nose in any direction they wish, for any purpose they want.
The nation's Catholic Bishops are their usual incoherent, bumbling selves, never for a moment looking in the mirror for causes, never blaming themselves for the Modernism that is eating away at the vitals of the Church, never - God forbid! - considering finding even an approach to begin converting Muslims (they can be converted, by the way).   


Anonymous said...

Very true! To add anything is almost superfluous, other than to say the Grand Orient Lodge, the real rulers of France, must be highly amused how easily it is to manipulate the 'sheeple'.
Of course the really sad thing is the state of the Catholic hierarchy in France; men completely without balls or brains.

Damask Rose said...

You're right Aged Parent. The people can't see they're being led. It's kind of subliminal. The message being - you can criticise Islam and Catholicism. Catholicism being the big one, because we worship the non-recognised Son of God.

Damask Rose said...

Forgot, "More laws curtailing our own freedoms...". They need to spy on PEGIDA.

Anonymous said...

Some fodder for the conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know if "Je Suis Charlie!" would be an absolute defense against crimes such as asking for proof of the holocaust...?


Bring on the hot babes. That is wayyy more better.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Jews have used this as their usual "poor us, we are soooo persecuted, schtick."
Very predictable.
Leave it to the "chosen" to publish these infantile, obscene cartoons in the first place.

Leslie Lim said...

I really like your ideas. I truly appreciate your effort in publishing this article. Keep it up and God bless.


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