Friday, January 2, 2015

OUR NEWS MEDIA IN ACTION (very, very funny)

Put down your cup of coffee before watching the video linked to in this article.  You don't want coffee stains all over your monitor screen.

And the tragic thing is, it's all too true:

(And they wonder why the US citizens are so clueless about world events.)

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Nothing but the facts, ma'am. said...

With the internet there is no reason to be ill-informed of world news, albeit not one is really trustworthy. They all have their Bagdad Bobs. Still, a quick sampling around the net usually will paint a fifty-fifty picture of what is going on. Personally, I would get my news from RT and PressTV before FoxNews. MSNBC, and their sister Commie stations have not been on my television screen in twenty years (which explains why my brain cells have not died) so they are not even in the running.

Also, reading forum and blog comments of those with boots on the ground helps.

I do not mind that American "journalism" is being mocked. Intelligent Americans mock it too.

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