Thursday, January 8, 2015

Employees of blasphemous French rag get murdered

Pope Francis denounces the shocking murders of the editors of an obscene anti-Catholic rag like all other world leaders.  Ho hum.  Yes, it is shocking, but ho hum.

It is difficult to work up much sympathy for the creeps who produced this infantile magazine.  Their "satire" and abilities do not rank very high, judging from a few glances at their cartoons. They went on their merry way insulting the Holy Trinity (as well as Muslims and anyone else who took objection to their pornographic fantasies).  They are now before the God they mocked and will be dealt with according to their deeds.  That of course is the lesson to be learned from this even as the world wants us to cry rivers of tears for them.

We will await more details as to who was behind this before offering our own pontifications.  Of course, we will completely ignore the media, which had its story all ready to go to press within about four minutes of the incident.  Past experience has demonstrated clearly that the media will throw us off the scent post haste and are completely untrustworthy.

But a few clues are already becoming visible.  The astute Pepe Escobar has a few ideas worthy of serious consideration.  A quote from his article today:

French intel at least has concluded that this is no underwear bomber stunt. This is a pro job. That happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood. And just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”.

So it is right that we do not accept the media narrative at face value.  In stories like this it is always best practice to avoid jumping to the conclusions spelled out for us by the world's media which is owned by, essentially, six or seven men.  It is easy to become the victim of manipulation and propaganda, therefore it is essential to always ask, "Who benefits?"

Judging from the hysterical theatrics of some, like the American Stasi, aka the NSA, Mr Obama and all the other usual characters we know at least some who are benefiting from this murder.  That being the case we will watch this story unfold when genuine and verifiable facts come to light, which they will, eventually.

Here is Escobar's article, which is worth reading (as are the comments that follow it):

UPDATE January 9th:

It has been confirmed that the suspects have been killed.  What: no interrogation to see who they were working for?  No trial?  No nothing?


Anonymous said...

Cui Buono indeed! As expert analysts dust for fingerprints we can expect to see palm prints of Mossad all over.
Of course this does not negate the terrible future Christians face in France as they are inexorably squeezed between a hostile government and a rapidly growing Muslim population.
Didn't Our Lady of Fatima say that whole nations would be destroyed? Well, it appears it is going to happen by wholesale population replacement.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and do not understand what the commenters...or you, AP are trying to say.

Aged parent said...

I am merely saying that at this point we should await solid facts before believing the mass media, which has a habit of lying to us. This incident could be a simple case of revenge for blasphemy, or it could be a classic "false flag" black operation. Hard to say at this point, which is why we're keeping an open mind.

I thought Pepe Escobar's article was interesting in that he is asking, "who benefits?" from this attack.

Anonymous said...

I never read anything other than the murderers did their filthy deed because of "blasphemy" aginst their devil prophet. Eponymous Flower had an image of one of the cartoons put out by the publisher. Judging by that truly blasphemous image insulting God Himself I would think that if anybody were to be on a murderous rampage it would be Christians. But then the Christian religion forbids such acts, The muslim religion of Satan however, commands it.

Nobody in their right mind would trust the media today. They are known more formtheir lies than for truthful journalism, but that wasn't the Amish who slayed those people.

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