Friday, July 28, 2017

Ghost Villages...courtesy of the Canadian government

I've been to Newfoundland though not in the area described in this endlessly interesting article.  It is a land with the cleanest, freshest most exhilarating air you could ever breath.  It revitalizes you.

Perusing the following article is helpful in reminding us that governments often make disastrously stupid decisions (what a surprise) and that an entire way of life can be obliterated by their whims. We suffer such today in America though it takes a more sinister direction here.  Nevertheless the following article [h/t Lew Rockwell] is a fascinating read which shows what really happens when citizens hear those famous words, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".

The article begins as follows:

The small village near Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, was once a charming place to live. A quaint, centuries-old fishing village, that overlooked the sea, with winding lanes, asymmetrical “saltbox” family homes, and quiet streets filled with a post office, church, and a graveyard. It would be an idyllic, country scene, apart from the fact there are no people.
The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador is home to around 300 such ghost villages.
Between 1954 and 1975, around 30,000 people were relocated as part of controversial government “resettlement” programs. Today these abandoned villages are largely forgotten and unknown, except by those who once lived there.
Newfoundland and Labrador is a vast, beautiful, often remote and isolated place. The wild landscape is home to unusually named towns such as Come By Chance, Heart’s Desire, Happy Adventure and Chimney Tickle. Dotted sparingly along its miles of rugged shorelines, and in the shelter of its thousands of tiny islands, are the “outports”; small, tightly knit fishing villages, many dating as far back as the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
By the end of World War II, the population of Newfoundland stood at around 320,000, spread out over a thousand such settlements, three quarters of which held under 300 inhabitants. Some villages, such as Tacks Beach on King Island, had a population of several hundred, while others such as Pinchard’s Island, Bonavista Bay, had just eight families living there.
These communities were largely self-sufficient, and mostly isolated from each other. They lived by fishing the abundant cod and herring fields, and by logging and seal hunting.
But life in the outports was to change forever in 1949. That was the year Newfoundland and Labrador, Great Britain’s first permanent colony, voted to join Canada. Following confederation, the government began to take a keen interest in these hundreds of isolated communities. Pondering what to do with their vast new territory, with its rich fishing fields, it commissioned studies undertaken by the Department of Welfare and the Department of Fisheries.
Anthropologists dispatched from Memorial University in St. John’s....
                                                              Read the whole article.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

No more Somalis. Please.

No, that is not a harsh headline.  That is a statement of simple, straightforward self-preservation.

The US is already plagued by a growing criminal class of fatherless, feral youths in our large cities who commit the most atrocious crimes on a daily, hourly basis, so adding more kindred spirits into this lethal mix is not a particularly great idea. The incident of the Somali cop who killed an innocent woman is all over the place and the news media is going bonkers trying to frame the story away from the reality that an individual with a probable IQ of less than room temperature was given the responsibilities of prudent law enforcement.

And as might be expected, the individual in question failed.

The following post from Steve Sailer, accompanied by some well-observed comments, tells the story fairly well.

The temptation to twist this into a specifically Muslim incident is understandable but that would be somewhat misleading overall.  A close study of Mr Noor (see his participation in "black lives matter" protests) paints a more complete picture of his mentality which doesn't seem particularly Muslim influenced. He didn't shoot this woman while yelling some jihadist shout; he killed her because of his lack of prudence, short temper, probably poor training, lack of self-control and - yes - arrogance and stupidity combined.  Such things could be ascribed to lots of people, not just imported Muslims.  He claims he was "startled" when he shot this woman.  Startled by what ?  He offers no answer to that.  In fact he is not talking at all about the incident.

Most likely this story will soon die down and join the many others in the Memory Hole.  It will resurface when another such atrocity occurs.  But if we as a nation are going to have a sense of self-preservation we have to realize that there are some people on earth who cannot mix with others and live in harmony with them.  It is what it is and we cannot change human nature.  We can be compassionate and helpful, yes.  But we must not voluntarily commit suicide.

If that means cutting back on importing more unassimilable people then that is what it will have to be.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pope Francis wants women to have breast cancer??

It would seem so, if the rumor mill is accurate which states that he wants his Modernist toadies to "reinterpret" Humanae Vitae.  Frankly, I never though HV was all that strong and forceful an encyclical as it could have and should have been.  But it was better than nothing and probably did some good among wavering Catholics.

But if the rumor is true, and the Pope is really going to liberalize the Church's teaching on the sin of contraception, then aside from the fact that he is opening the doors of Hell even wider to receive more inhabitants he will also be encouraging a practice that can lead to a terrible cancer among women. Competent, believable studies show a link between use of The Pill and breast cancer, studies which we might expect a Pope to be aware of.

So if this Argentinian Bull is going to go charging into the china shop on this issue we can expect more chaos, chaos which will exacerbate that already caused by his malignant Amoris Dementia.

Is Francis still riding his "breeding like rabbits" hobby horse ?

I wonder if this cagey old devil enjoys the chaos he causes.  The misery.  The discontent and anxiety. The destruction of the Faith in the hearts and minds of simple people.  The demographic catastrophe that is already in full swing and will get even worse, if one can even imagine such a thing.  Only some kind of monster would bring such destruction to Catholicism.  No schism of old, no unity-destroying heresy of centuries past can hold a small candle to the bad effects caused by this man (and his yelping chorus of idiots and queers).

Yet God still sees fit to punish us severely with this papal nightmare from which there seems to be no awakening.  Even the two or three sensible things Francis has done cannot undue his designs to transform the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church into a laughable farce.  Our efforts therefore would seem to be to go on our knees before God and beg Him, beg Him, to rid the Church of Francis and everyone like him.  Perhaps I am only dreaming that God would, in one fell swoop, end this malignancy.  He usually doesn't work that way.

We have our prayer work cut out for us.  Obviously.  God is all-merciful and He will act.  And God's mercy is not Francis' mercy; God's mercy is just and true: it is not the libertine "mercy" so fancied by the current regime.  If we keep in mind at all times and always rely on God's true mercy we will hopefully be able to navigate through the swamp which Francis swims in.

I hope he ponders his planned "re-thinking" Humanae Vitae as some women die in agony from their Pill popping or lose body parts in an effort to stop the cancer.  To our "woman-empowering" Pope: are you OK with that ?  Or is your pomposity so great that it doesn't protrude itself upon your intelligence ?

My money is on his General Custer-like war plan: he will charge ahead come what may.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump to really, truly end US war on Syria ?

I'll believe it when I see it but Justin Raimondo believes Trump is going to stop arming and training the murderous jihadists supported hitherto by Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia.  Please God that this is so;

From the Raimondo article:

The headline in the Washington Post said it all: “Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow.” The madness that has infected what passes for journalism today could not be more starkly dramatized: everything is seen through the distorting lens of Russophobia. It doesn’t matter that that the program had failed to achieve its ostensible goal, and that the US-vetted rebels had for the most part defected to al-Qaedaal-Nusra, and ISIS. Atrocities committed by the “moderate” rebels go unmentioned. That real experts on the region like Joshua Landishailed the move as a step toward a peaceful settlement is ignored. The only thing that matters is that, as one unnamed “current official” cited in the article puts it, “Putin won in Syria.”

From this perspective, the Syrian people are merely pawns in a geopolitical game between Washington and Moscow. Elsewhere in the piece, the authors – Washington Post reporters Greg Jaffe and Adam Entous – bemoan the fact that the US has somehow “lost” Syria. Under the cover of citing anonymous former White House officials, they write:

“Even those who were skeptical about the program’s long-term value, viewed it as a key bargaining chip that could be used to wring concessions from Moscow in negotiations over Syria’s future.

“’People began thinking about ending the program, but it was not something you’d do for free,’ said a former White House official. ‘To give [the program] away without getting anything in return would be foolish.’”

The Syrian people are mere “bargaining chips” as far as the movers and shakers of the American empire are concerned: they have no reality outside the cold calculations of power politics, the maneuvers of our know-it-all political class, who think they are qualified to run the world.
This is the same mentality that led us into the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and the equally tragic and bloody intervention in Libya, both of which resulted in chaos and the triumph of terrorism. In both cases we destroyed a secular authoritarian regime and paved the way for the growth of radical Islamist factions, enabling the spread of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and similar terrorist formations. And for what?

When the history of this era is written, the motivations of US policymakers under both President Obama and President George W. Bush will be called into question: why did they destroy the Middle East? Was it simply an error of judgment, or was something more sinister involved? Did they deliberately upend these societies, actively aiding Islamist barbarians, much as the late Roman emperors invited the Teutonic barbarians into the empire as mercenaries – who eventually turned on them and sacked Rome?

The rebel forces, both those “vetted” by the CIA and freelancers like al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, all have a program in common: the establishment of an Islamic state in the whole of Syria, which will be ruled according to the medieval strictures of Sharia law. Christians, Alawites, Kurds, and other minorities will be either subjugated, or driven out: genocide is a likely outcome of a rebel victory. Under these circumstances, any support to these elements is criminal – so why did we undertake this project to begin with?

                                  Read the whole article.

Needless to say, the country that began the destruction of Syria is none too pleased.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Spadaro: Clever, or just another toadying mouthpiece ?

CreepWatch: Why do all these Vatican villains look like clones of Rembert Weakland ??

The hoopla over the Antonio Spadaro, SJ article about American perceptions of religion and politics has me scratching my head.  I'm trying to figure out whether or not he is being clever in his observations or merely writing with very little knowledge (certainly a not surprising reality among Vatican big mouths these awful days).

He would indeed be clever if he pointed out some uncomfortable truths about so-called US "fundamentalism", which is undoubtedly true (to a point) due to the Puritan/Bible-thumping ignorance which is the flawed background of the creation of the US nation and is a mentality that has influenced far too many Catholics who really should know better.  Many of these Catholics have unwisely leaped to the defense of the US system merely because it was attacked by a moral wretch like Spadaro and in so doing have weakened their intellectual position.  That is what I mean about Spadaro being "clever"; he walked some people right into a trap by making them defend what cannot be defended, namely the exceptionalist attitude which infects too many Americans.  You don't have to defend the indefensible, our US system, while pointing out the errors and idiocies of the Spadaros of the world. Better that we keep a clear head and not extol the supposed virtues of America when it is attacked, often rightly, for its bad actions, particularly manifest today.  (Is it really necessary to point out that a nation that extols child murder and sex perversion may not be to the liking of God?)

My advice is to treat the infamous Spadaro screed with the derision and laughter it deserves and resist the attempt to defend what he calls US "fundamentalism".  He's a cagey little character and knows which buttons to push to get the reactions he wants.

Don't fall for it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not enough dead yet for Bibi

Master of the Universe "Bibi" Netanyahu apparently is still not satisfied that there aren't a greater number of dead people and smashed Christian communities for his liking.  Robert Parry explains:

A weakened, even desperate President Donald Trump must decide whether to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or to repudiate the Syrian partial ceasefire, which Trump hammered out with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 7.
President Donald Trump places a prayer in-between the stone blocks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Dan Hansen)
Whether intentionally or not, this crossroads is where the months of Russia-gate hysteria have led the United States, making Trump even more vulnerable to Israeli and neoconservative pressure and making any cooperation with Russia more dangerous for him politically.

After meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Sunday Netanyahu declared that Israel was totally opposed to the Trump-Putin cease-fire deal in southern Syria because it perpetuates Iranian presence in Syria in support of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Netanyahu’s position increases pressure on Trump to escalate U.S. military involvement in Syria and possibly move toward war against Iran and even Russia. The American neocons, who generally move in sync with Netanyahu’s wishes, already have as their list of current goals “regime changes” in Damascus, Tehran and Moscow – regardless of the dangers to the Middle East and indeed the world.

Read the whole article.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dr Frankenstein now works for Google

I knew I hated Google.

And I've come to realize how foolish it was of me to use their platform for my blog.  There were other options but that is now water over the dam.  But the things that this company is now getting into is getting more troubling with every passing day.  Now they have decided - for humanitarian reasons, of course - to release without any oversight from the residents at all a "new form" of mosquito.  Now I despise mosquitoes like anyone else, but the boffins at Google are really overstepping their bounds. Here is an article by Daisy Luther (h/t that should make the hair stand on your head or at least give you some, shall we say, concerns.

Daisy asks, "What could possibly go wrong?"  Plenty.  Her article begins thusly:

Sometimes you have to think that scientists don’t ever read science fiction, and thus have not even contemplated all the things that could go wrong when they do something like creating 20 million mosquitos in a laboratory, infecting them with a bacteria, and then releasing those mosquitos in Fresno, California.
First of all, did you even know that Google had a bio-lab?  They do and it’s called Verily. Which, I dunno, sounds rather biblical. “Verily, I say unto you…we are the purveyors of all that is The Truth.”
But I digress.
Verily plans to create 20 million mosquitoes and infect them with a bacteria in their laboratories. Then, the mosquitos will be released on the unsuspecting populace of Fresno, California, a city with over half a million people.
Why? Because, Zika.
Remember last year’s Zika scare that prompted the government to spray harmful chemicals all over citizens in Florida? That terrified a whole bunch of pregnant women and made them worry that their babies would be born with microcephaly?
Apparently, the Aedes aegypti mosquito that is thought to carry the Zika virus is prevalent in Fresno. However prevalent these mosquitos may be, there is only one confirmed case of Zika, and this woman’s partner had been traveling.
So, anyway, in a project wittily named DeBug, Verily has “created” a whole bunch of mosquitos and infected the males with a bacteria called Wolbachia. When the male mate with female mosquitos, the resulting eggs can’t hatch. And by the way, they did a smaller release of franken-mosquitos last year in Fresno. (See? says Verily soothingly. We already did this once without you knowing about it and nothing bad happened. Don’t worry, you silly mortal.)

                                 Read the whole article.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tucker Carlson tries to discuss reality with demented Warmonger


Oh, it was glorious fun, yielding the kind of satisfaction that us anti-interventionists rarely get to enjoy: not one but two prominent neoconservatives who have been wrong about everything for the past decade – yet never held accountable – getting taken down on national television. Tucker Carlson, whose show is a shining light of reason in a fast-darkening world, has performed a public service by demolishing both Ralph Peters and Max Boot on successive shows. But these two encounters with evil weren’t just fun to watch, they’re also highly instructive for what they tell us about the essential weakness of the War Party and its failing strategy for winning over the American people.

Tucker’s first victim was Ralph Peters, an alleged “military expert” who’s been a fixture on Fox News since before the Iraq war, of which he was a rabid proponent. Tucker starts out the program by noting that ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been killed in a Russian airstrike and that the talk in Washington is now moving away from defeating ISIS and focusing on Iran as the principal enemy. He asks why is this? Why not take a moment to celebrate the death of Baghdadi and acknowledge that we have certain common interests with the Russians?

Peters leaps into overstatement, as is his wont: “We can’t have an alliance with terrorists, and the Russians are terrorists. They’re not Islamists, but they are terrorists.” He then alleges that the Russians aren’t really fighting ISIS, but instead are bombing hospitals, children, and “our allies” (i.e. the radical Islamist Syrian rebels trained and funded by the CIA and allied with al-Qaeda and al-Nusra). The Russians “hate the United States,” and “we have nothing in common with the Russians” –nothing!” The Russians, says Peters, are paving the way for the Iranians – the real evil in the region – to “build up an empire from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean.” Ah yes, the “Shia crescent” which the Israelis and their amen corner in the US have been warning against since before the Iraq war. Yet Tucker points out that over 3,000 Americans have been killed by terrorists in the US, and “none of them are Shi’ites: all of [these terrorists] have been Sunni extremists who are supported by the Saudis who are supposed to be our allies.” And while we’re on the subject: “Why,” asks Tucker, “if we’re so afraid of Iran did we kill Saddam Hussein, thereby empowering Iran?”

                                                               Read the whole article.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Idiot Nikki Haley VS her boss

Donald Trump came to the White House with a reputation as a top notch businessman. He built an international real estate empire and is worth billions. He then went into reality television, where his signature line as he dismissed incompetent potential employees was, “you’re fired!”

On Friday, President Trump held a long-awaited face-to-face meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. The meeting was scheduled to be a brief, 30 minute meet and greet, but turned into a two-plus hour substantive session producing a ceasefire agreement for parts of Syria and a plan to continue working together in the future. After the extended session, which was cordial by all accounts, President Trump said the meeting was “tremendous.”

President Trump indicated that the issue of Russian interference in the US elections came up in conversation and that Putin vehemently denied it. It obviously was not a make or break issue in the conversation. President Trump’s latest statement on the issue is that “we don’t know for sure” who was behind any meddling.

Later on Friday, President Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said of the Syria agreement that, “I think this is our first indication of the U.S. and Russia being able to work together in Syria.”

On Sunday, President Trump Tweeted in praise of the Syria ceasefire agreement, adding that, “now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!”
It suddenly appeared that the current reprise of a vintage 1950s US/Soviet face-off in relations had turned the corner back to sanity. Perhaps we will be pulling back from the edge of WWIII with thermonuclear weapons!

Then President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, the notorious neocon Nikki Haley, showed up on the weekend talk shows.

                                                                Read the whole article.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Modern Men Anonymous

A new organization which needs to be officially started is the MMA, or Modern Men Anonymous.  If started it will be dedicated to freeing today's men from being the wimps they are in danger of permanently becoming.

A Ten-Step program for this organization could look something like this:

1.  Unless you enjoy having your manliness (and intelligence) insulted, stop going to current movies, most of which show men as evil ninnies or ineffectual lame brains.  Or dumbbells who have to be saved by Super Woman.

2.  Turn off the TV.  If you absolutely must turn it on, watch a classic film or TV show which depicted men as real men and had real men play the parts.  [Note:  I do not consider Leonardo di Caprio  or Benedict Cumberbun (or whatever the heck his name is) to be masculine in any sense of that word.  Most of today's male actors are store mannequins with movable arms and legs.]

3.  Get on your knees every day for some healthy prayer, like the Rosary.

4.  Start making some manly noise where it counts; like the court of public opinion.  When some effeminate clown disparages manhood speak up.  Watch their eyes bulge when you voice your disagreement.

5.  Meet your government "representatives"(sic) eyeball-to-eyeball when they try to legislate some anti-family nonsense, giving them a quiet, yet firm opinion about why they are dead wrong.  [Trust me: they don't like being confronted in this way by a man....and it is fun to watch them wilt when you do confront them.]

6.  Rejoice in the epithets that will be flung at you: "divisive", "uncaring", the usual blather.

7.  Defend your families and your homes, with deadly firepower if necessary.

8.  You be the breadwinner, and let your dear wife be the home maker and nurturer.  Yes, the second car and nice vacations and such like may have to go, but it's time to start reasserting the sensible family structure.  When they grow up your children will be forever grateful you did it this way.

9.  If you are a Catholic learn your Faith, not from vapid and poorly-formed priests, but from some good priests (they are out there) and, equally importantly, by reading great Catholic thinkers.

10. Once armed with this knowledge of Catholicism, another eyeball-to-eyeball meeting, this time with your Bishop, will definitely be in order.

I am sure this list can be added to a lot.

The loss of manhood, or the hiding of manhood, is one of the worst disasters to have hit mankind in the last century.  I needn't point out what this contempt for manhood has brought us to.  It has brought us to this, in case you need to be reminded:

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Pope and his Invalidity "Doctrine"

The Editor of the Vox Cantoris Blog wrote an interesting post last year which got me thinking about the Pope's latest ill-considered remarks about marriage validity, certainly an issue which is going to pop up regularly now with the "streamlining" (aka debasement) of the annulment process in full swing.

So half of Catholic marriages in the world are invalid, suggests the Holy Father in Rome.  Only half ? Maybe one-third ?  A couple ?


How he has arrived at this conclusion may be one of the world's great mysteries.

So given the man's startling statement on marriage validity let us go forward with the Pope and that notion of his and make the following observations which seem far more believable than the Pope's unsubstantiated claim about Catholic marriages.  The Pope has opened the door, therefore good, logical thinking requires that we examine other Sacraments and their validity.  I will gladly stand corrected by any theologian who might happen to see this post and will be kind enough to comment and correct where necessary.

So regarding invalidity, I offer the following cases.

1.  A large number of Consecrations at circus atmosphere Novus Ordo Masses, as practiced now, very definitely appear to be invalid. (Yes I am aware of the Indefectability doctrine, but I do wonder sometimes how far that can be taken given the extreme shall we say "individualism" of many priests.)

2.  How many priestly ordinations could also be invalid ?  Again, can the indefectability concept cover all the various contingencies that make up a valid ordination ?

3.  Very many penitents have unquestionably received invalid absolution for their sins. I know I have. I was so certain of this in one instance that I went to Confession again and re-confessed to another priest at another church.  (There are also historical precedents in the history of the Church for this outrage, like the scandal in Spain in the 15th Century.)

4.  How many other Sacraments are invalidly administered ?  A very good question considering the poor formation of many priests.

5.  This writer has personally witnessed a number of examples of Extreme Unction that stray so far from the words and meaning (and matter) of the Sacrament that their validity could also be seriously and rightly questioned.

Had these things crossed your mind, Holy Father, when you made your statement about invalid marriages ?

The late, great Michael Davies once wrote an excellent article for The Remnant newspaper suggesting that the doctrine of Indefectability would cover a multitude of priestly inadequacies or even deliberate tampering when administering the Sacraments.  It was a fine explanation of the doctrine but, to me at least, not altogether convincing.  Fritos and grape juice do not a Holy Communion make, indefectability or no indefectability.  A sinister priest in 15th century Spain who deliberately and with malice aforethought gave invalid absolutions in the Confessional - which eventually prompted a papal order that all penitents who confessed to this man confess again to another priest - would in my view not be a candidate covered by that indefectability doctrine. [The whole story of this incident is well told in William Thomas Walsh's Isabella of Spain.]

So how far, Francis, are you willing to explore this "invalidity" business vis-a-vis the other Sacraments ?

I know that to ask for clarification from Francis would be met by his trademark "silence of the tomb" response.  Nevertheless I have to ask:  Any thoughts, Your Holiness?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Russian Orthodox denounce EU death sentence of Charlie Gard

“Monstrous decision of the European Human Rights court demonstrates the deepest crisis of the notion of human rights protection. Today the right to life gives way to the right to death,” head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion said in his statement.
According to the hierarch, the situation is especially dramatic as the parents cannot take a decision independently. The metropolitan wonders “why in the 21st century in a free democratic state a family is locked in one clinic because of the court decision and cannot turn to another clinic.”

                                                       Read the whole article.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Billionaire Jeff Bezos buys all rights to the Bible

I wouldn't be surprised Dept.

After buying nearly everything he ever wanted in his whole life small business eliminator and multi-multi billionaire Jeff Bezos has acquired all publishing, film, stage and television rights to Holy Scripture.  Having recently acquired the planet Mars, where he intends to spend part of the winter months, the entrepreneur felt that good marketing demanded his purchase of Holy Writ.

He was also concerned that with so many different translations of the book out there he wanted to streamline the process by having his own singular approved version.  He emphatically stated he will not be using as his source the Latin Vulgate, remarking that we have all moved on from Medieval times.

Henceforward no one on earth (or the heavens) can legally print or sell the Bible without payment to Mr Bezos.  Marketing strategists, in admiration of his near-abolishing of all competitors in any industry he chooses to enter into, stated that this purchase is yet another example of Bezos' highly effective methods of improving the market.  The War Street Journal wrote that "here again is another example of the glories of the American free enterprise system pursued with vigor by one of its greatest captains."

(All kidding aside, Jeff Bezos is the absolute epitome of the type of greed-driven businessmen, having risen without trace and suddenly owning trillions, that Hilaire Belloc, Chesterton and the so-called Distributists warned us against.  His much vaunted marketing technique is to cheapen everything and force any competitors still standing to do the same.  The result is more junk. Those who shop at Whole Foods might note big cheapening changes coming soon now that Bezos has bought them out.

Enjoy your zillions, Jeff, and enjoy your power trip.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Assad is winning against the terrorists - so Israel steps in to correct that situation

As the possibility of the Syrian government and their allies prevailing in their fight against terrorists approaches, Israel is interceding to do everything it can to prevent that outcome, says investigative journalist Rick Sterling.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fired at a “Syrian military artillery position” on Saturday in response to “projectiles launched” at Israel from Syria, the IDF said on Twitter.
This attack follows five almost identical incidents in the Syrian and Israeli sections of the Golan Heights over the past week.
While no casualties have been reported on the Israeli side, two Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed by Israeli fire last Saturday.
Investigative journalist Rick Sterling says the situation could escalate, as Israel now seems to be launching cross-border strikes into Syria on an almost daily basis. 
“As the Syrian army advances and slowly but surely is crushing the armed opposition, the terrorists within Syria, Israel is escalating its attacks and its intervention. It should be noted that where these projectiles are falling is actually Syrian territory; it is Israeli occupied Syria,” he told RT.

Read the whole article.
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