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Shamir: Why Europe is to be Muslimized

This post is a bit of a cheat because it is the same one posted a few days ago.  The reason why I am doing this is because after re-reading Mr Shamir's excellent article it dawned upon me that he was writing not so much about Donald Trump as he was explaining why the Muslim "immigration" problem is metastasizing as it is.  Shamir explains this European invasion as a tactic to a greater end game, and he exposes the masterminds behind it.  That is the real story people need desperately to understand.  Hence, this re-boot of the article.

[Editor: Israel Shamir is a noted Jewish journalist who has converted to Orthodox Christianity]

"I’d suggest a simple explanation. Jews want to import Muslims to fight Christ and the Church."
President Trump had paid a hefty advance to the Jews. He did (almost) all they wanted for their Jewish state: he promised to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem thus legalising their annexation of the holy city; he condoned their illegal settlements, he gave them starred positions in his administration; he told the Palestinians to drop their case in the ICC or else, he even threatened Iran with war. All that in vain. Jewish organisations and Jewish media attack Trump without slightest hesitation and consideration. His first step in curbing the soft invasion wave had been met with uniform Jewish vehemence.
He was called a new Hitler and accused of hatred of Muslims: what else could cause the President to arrest, even for a few months, the brave new migration wave from seven Middle Eastern states? Today he singles out Muslims, tomorrow he will single out Jews, said Jewish newspapers. Migration is the lifeblood of America, and the Muslim refugees are welcome to bring more diversity to the US.
Massive demonstrations, generously paid for by this notable Jewish philanthropist Mr George Soros, shook the States, while judges promptly banned the banning order. They insisted the orders are anti-Muslim, and therefore they are anti-constitutional. Somehow the constitution, they said, promises full equality of immigrants and does not allow to discriminate between a Muslim and a Christian.
This sounds an unlikely interpretation of the US Constitution. The US, and every other state, normally discriminates, or using a less loaded word, selects its potential citizens. The choice of seven states hasn’t been made by Donald Trump but by his saintly predecessor: President Barack Obama, this great friend of Muslims, made the choice personally some years earlier. So Trump had made a most moderate and modest step in the direction of blocking immigration by picking states already selected by the Democratic President.
One could reasonably claim that people of the seven states have a very good reason to hate America, and the reasons were supplied by previous US Presidents.
Libya, the most prosperous North African state until recently, had been ruined by President Obama: NATO invasion had brought Libya down; instead of stopping migration wave Libya had been turned into a jumping board for the Africans on their way North.
Syria is another Obama’s victim: by his insistence that ‘Assad must go’, by massive transfer of weaponry, money and equipment (remember white Toyota pickups?) to the Islamic extremists, he ruined this country.
Iraq has been ruined by President Bush Jr: he invaded the most advanced Sunni state, broke it to pieces and gave the centre of the country to the Isis.
Somalia has been ruined by President Bush Sr: he invaded this unfortunate country in the early nineties, when the USSR collapse allowed him to do so under the UN flag. Since then Somalia has become the supplier of choice of migrants and refugees for Sweden (there they formed the biggest community in Malmo and elsewhere), the US is also keen on getting them.
Yemen has been destroyed by Obama with Mme Clinton playing an important role: she facilitated delivery of weapons to Saudi Arabia in real time as they bombed Yemenis.
Sudan was bombed by President Clinton; afterwards this country had been dismembered and separate South Sudan had been created. Both halves became dysfunctional.
Iran is the odd one in the Magnificent Seven. It has not been invaded, has not been bombed, just threatened with invasion and bombardment for many years since President Carter. This country has no terrorists, it did not fail, its citizens are not running seeking for asylum. It was placed on the list by President Obama, who planned to bomb it, but never got to do it.
While Bush, Clinton and Obama bombed and invaded these countries, the Democratic humanitarians including their Jewish leaders just applauded and asked for more bombs. But they became appalled when Trump promised: no more regime change, end of “invade the world/invite the world” mode. Wikileaks put it well: bomb the Muslims, and you are fine; ban the Muslims, and you are the enemy.
Apparently, the people who instigated the Middle Eastern wars wanted to create a wave of refugees into Europe and North America in order to bring more colour and diversity to these poor monochrome lands. Welfare state, national cohesion, local labour and traditions will disappear, and these countries will undergo a process of homogenisation. Never again the natives will be able to single out Jews, for there will be no natives, just so many persons from all over the world, celebrating Kumbaya.
The Jews will be able to get and keep their privileged positions in Europe as they do in the US. They won’t be alone: by their success, they will establish a pattern to copycat for whoever wants to succeed in the new world, and masses of imitation-Jews will support the policies of real Jews.
Still, Jewish insistence on the Syrian refugees’ acceptance and on Muslim immigration in general is a strange and baffling phenomenon. Hypocrisy is too mild a word to describe that. We may exclude compassion as a cause for it. There are many thousands of natives of Haifa in Israel who suffer in Syria and dream to come back to their towns and villages, but the state of Israel does not allow these Syrian refugees to return for one crime: they aren’t Jews.

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Wolverine said...

Great article! As you state, it's so critical for believers to wake up and understand the real threats driving this world.

Anonymous said...

In previous articles Mr Shamir always seemed to pull his punches, never quite hitting the target. Well, he appears finally to overcome his reticence or fear of naming names. He is of course correct, the genetic and material destruction of Europe is part of the end-game for the removal of Christ from the hearts and minds of the remaining faithful Europeans, wherever they may reside.
This wicked policy is not new. It was tried during and after the 'French' Revolution. The sanitized history books never address the real reason for Napoleon's strange escapades in the sands of Egypt. His intention was to mobilize a vast Islamic army for the 'revolutionary' cause. Turkey took a very dim view of any challenge to its power in the mid-east and so thwarted his plans. But that setback didn't prevent his stationing a large contingent of Egyptian cavalry in Spain. An action which resulted in the popular Spanish revolt against 'French' rule in 1808.
The plan reappeared again from the shadows during the 1920s with the writings of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi (can't make up names like that!). This guy was no minor player, he was well connected with Freemasons, banksters such as Paul Warburg, and old-time aristos the likes of Otto von Habsburg. The Kalergi Plan advocated the destruction of Europe and its transformation into an Afro-Islamic extension of the mid-east. We are witnessing that unfolding horror today.
The fact that Freemasons, Jews, and assorted globalists want to destroy Christianity should not surprise us, but it is really infuriating to see the Vatican and even local bishops acting in a similar manner. A couple of examples; the archbishop of Marseilles, George Pontier, is an open Freemason and advocate of Muslim immigration. The late Cardinal Martini of Milan, while not of the 'brotherhood', was a big time commie and an enthusiastic supporter of immigration.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Wolverine and Anon, for your comments. I was fascinated by Anon's historical analysis.

Alas, judging from my reader stats very few are interested in these questions. Whether it is plain disinterest or hesitance to look at the causes of these horrors more closely, I do not know. But as this blog struggles to fight propaganda I guess I'll keep slogging along.

Thanks again for the fine comments.


Henry Elgin said...

Please continue the important work of exposing the people and situations that are dedicated to the destruction of Christianity.
You are one of the brave ones that will call a spade a spade. Calling out the Jews publicly for their perfidious ways is most welcome and refreshing.
People in the west have been cowed from decades of "the victim Jew" rubbish and are afraid that they will be labeled an "anti-semite".

Martina Katholik said...

Thank you aged parent.
The bloggers

Martina Katholik said...

The bloggers "maurice pinay" and " call me jorge bergoglio" have exposed for years the forces that are behind the destruction of Catholicism while most Catholics prefer to keep their eyes shut.

Chloe said...

I doubt Catholics will wake up bc they are mostly pro ------ evangelical protestants at this point.

Kathleen1031 said...

What a confusing topic, and after a lifetime of propaganda, I doubt I can rightly comprehend all that is going on here. But it is confounding to me, how the Jews behave on immigration, liberal voting, etc. Always has been. Something about all the silence, they are just quiet as mice about many things when one would expect them to be united and vocal. I do not hear any defense of the Constitution, defense of Christians, concerns about Muslims, etc. It has struck me as more than odd for quite some time. Most Jews seem to be in the Democrat/Liberal vein, atheists or secularists. Like I said, I don't claim to comprehend it, but I would not be surprised to find something bad going on behind the scenes. There can be no argument there are many powerful Jewish people in the world, and we see the world is going to pot, mainly now due to these huge invasions of Muslims into Europe and eventually, the US. Using political correctness phobias has worked marvelously well at controlling the masses and opening the floodgates. They truly are smarter than everyone else at getting what they want, the de-Christianization of the world, if that is true. I would even believe Soros et al had something to do with Benedict XVI "retiring" and getting Bergolio IN.
President Trump's election was surely an unpleasant surprise, but they're keeping the heat on.
May God help us.

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