Sunday, February 26, 2017

Old Poison, New Bottle

We have all been through this nightmare before.  It's just a little more blatant than it used to be.

Remember Humanae Vitae, the flawed but basically fine document issued by Pope Paul VI? There was open rebellion against it by numerous leading Bishops.  And not one of those Bishops was ever disciplined for this betrayal and treason.  Remembering that, is it really so hard to understand what is going on in the Church, now headed by a Pope far worse than Paul VI?

[The late Hamish Fraser always surmised that Humanae Vitae was released prior to the institution of the New Mass in order to build up papal sympathy before imposing the Novus Ordo thereby hoping to dodge some of the shock and criticism that he would come.  Is it possible that some new, benevolent gesture will be forthcoming to outraged Catholics, to solace them and let down their guard, for something more wicked that this way will come?]

Just a reminder that though their tactics have become more sophisticated and the traitors more arrogant the same script is usually followed.

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