Thursday, January 31, 2013


Renowned war criminal with one of the tools of her trade

Here's something to warm the cockles of our hearts.  One of the noted murderesses of the United States governing elite looking benignly at a flying machine that comes out of the sky and kills people.  She holds the little drone as if it were her firstborn, with a little caution, much motherly pride and a happy grin on her face.  In her little mind the happy thoughts of blown up children, mothers, grandparents and sheep herders dance in her imagination.

It must take some odd kind of personality that enjoys killing....killing infants in the womb and legally protecting and promoting their killers, killing innocents abroad who have never done us the slightest harm.  For this lady, and for the swine who employ her and associate with her, murder is fun.  And what could be more brave and more noble than cheering on some robot in a military costume sitting at his computer screen and pressing those buttons that, like the martian machines in H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, rain fire and death and misery upon a populace?

While Lady Macbeth cuddles her little darling, my readers, I ask you to think long and hard about the Just War doctrine which has been trashed and ridiculed by this country, both the Left and Right hands of it, for many decades.  General Sherman and Honest Abe were the ideological descendants of General Lynch, of "lynch mob" fame, as were the Wilsons, Roosevelts, Bushes, Clintons and Obamas that followed, a long line of murderers of the innocent, be they innocents in Manila, Hiroshima, Dresden, the South, the West, Germany, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine.....or anywhere.  And on and on it goes.

Recommended reading: from the great IHS Press, Neo-Conned and Neo-Conned Again.  It would be impossible for me to speak too highly of IHS Press.  Their selection of books have the capability of changing the world.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Patron of Mortal Sinners
The rumor in the air - whether planted in the news or actual news - is that the Boy Scouts are considering changing their policy of allowing child molesters into their organization.  I said child molesters.  I didn't say merely homosexuals; I said child molesters, because that is the MO of any homosexually-disturbed person who would want to surround himself with young boys.  Forget all the garbage about how wonderfully family-oriented these homosexuals are; they want to be around young boys.

Here is a link:  It comes from the Houston Chronicle.

Now is the time to let your local Boy Scout group know what you think about this.  Be courteous, but be firm.  Simply tell them that your boy will not be permitted to be in a Scout troop that has a homosexual group leader in it.  Don't be overly courteous.  Act like a man, fathers, and act like lions, mothers, and let them know very clearly what you think about this.  And don't leave it to the local leadership to necessarily bring your concerns to the national leadership.  Get on the phone, on the email, or send a letter to the national leadership of the scouts, demanding - yes, demanding -  that this madness be stopped forthwith.

Of course, this could be a smokescreen or an attempt by the homos to bully the Scouts, using embarrassment to push this through.  This is at the moment uncertain.  Regardless, it is time to act.  Catholics, talk to your priests and Bishops and ask them to speak out.  Non-Catholics, talk to your own religious leaders.  Don't wait.  Do it today.

And if some bewildered Scout bigwig starts giving you the "compassion" and "inclusion" rubbish, just ask him if he has noticed what has been happening in the Catholic Church in recent years, which has been suffering from an infestation of homosexuals into its priesthood unprecedented in its entire 2,000 year history.  And what has been the result of that infestation?  Ruined lives, shame and financial catastrophe.  You might ask the Scout bigshots if that is what they wish to happen to the Boy Scouts.

Am I the only one who is sick unto death of this homosexual juggernaut?  If you are as sick as I am then do something about it.  Today.

A reminder: a great way to defeat devils is by prayer and fasting.  St Joseph is the Terror of Demons, by the way, and since this is clearly a demonic situation we might ask St Joseph's help.  Perhaps giving up that night out on the town would be nice, or skipping dessert for a few weeks.  Prayer and effort, working together, is always a good combination.

Regarding talking to your priests: don't let them brush you off.  Ask them politely but firmly, to say something not only from the pulpit, but publicly.  Our Bishops are past masters at avoiding saying anything about anything, but they need to be given the opportunity, by you, to speak out.

The ball is in our court now.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The talk world is abuzz about the decision by Leon Panetta (one of whose admirers is Pope Benedict, I am sorry to say), obviously acting on orders of his bosses, to place women in combat positions.  Listening to the various talking heads one is amazed.  The liberal types praise the decision as a victory for women (?) while the so-called conservative types say, essentially, "well it's OK, as long as they can keep up with the men"(?)

Let us cut through the fog created by the two-headed libcon beast and face the stark truth: a nation that would dare to send women into combat is a nation that is sick in it soul.  It is lost.  The question is no longer if the Benighted States of America will collapse; it is a question of when.  No nation that would do this to its wives and mothers can be expected to last too much longer.  Notice that neither the libs nor the cons even address this.  And why should they?  They are in essence two heads of the same coin.  The monstrosity of placing a woman into combat has not even protruded itself upon their intelligence.

Nor should this come as a surprise.  The twisted minds of the power elite in government, media and business are every day forcing some perversion or another down the throats of those it illegitimately rules.  Abortion and sodomy are its current favorites but if we are honest with ourselves in America we will see that the rot set in a long, long time ago making it inevitable that we would be at this sorry pass.  The seeds of this destruction of morality were already sewn in the late 18th century, and have been slowly coming to fruition since that time.  Many of a patriotic bent are loathe to accept this judgment.  But until they see that it was the false principles of the Enlightenment and its bastard child, Deism, sprinkled with a healthy dose of that scourge of Christianity, the masonic cults, that brought about the nation that we currently live in they will never be able to understand what is happening to them.

Question: Can we now offer apologies to Phyllis Schlafly?  That poor women was laughed to scorn for suggesting that the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" of the early 70s would pave the way for placing women in combat.

Not anchoring one's self to the Truth is what produces this kind of outrage.  Few care.  "Women hold high positions in business, are firemen and policemen, so why are we upset about sending them into combat?"  You will hear that illogical cliche a thousand times.  But what about the nature of women?  Alas, propaganda has been so successful that far too many women and girls have fallen for it.  This propaganda has succeeded in robbing women of some of their natural, unique virtues.  No longer content with creating homelife and bringing up their children, the job assigned to them by God Himself, they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the clever ones into turning their world, and society along with it, topsy-turvy.  Yes, "women hold high positions" Ma Barker.

The sorry results are all too clearly seen around us, and the worst of it is the children brought up not by their mothers but by paid babysitters or overburdened grandparents.  Children not brought up by their natural parents are quite easy to spot: the either sullen and terrified ones or the out-of-control screamers are almost in every case those brought up by someone other then the person whose responsibility it is to do so.  These children finally get to see their tired and worn-out parents, who are so out of touch with them that they are at a loss as to how to deal with them, only after they've returned home from work.  And by then they are usually too exhausted to even play with them.

That situation is bad enough.  But we must ask what kind of a woman, single or married, would go off to battle so that her children will not see her for a couple of years, or possibly ever again? 

I would deem that woman a deeply troubled soul even, potentially, a lost soul, a casualty in the aggressive and perverse war against femininity.  It is horrible enough for men to have to go to war; but a woman? [Let us put aside for a moment in this discussion our patriotic Americanism, with muskets and flintlocks and Bowie knives at the ready, fighting the historical battles of centuries past.  The kind of aggressive, unjust wars that America has been fighting of late should be shunned by all soldiers, and all real patriots.]  It is an insult to her better nature; indeed it is an insult to her nature, period. 

Our present world makes the promoting of propaganda a piece of cake.  Billboards, the internet, music, radio, television, movies, newspapers and the ubiquitous hand (most often unseen) of the Big Government/Big Business conglomerate are daily, hourly, dumping this malignant garbage into our heads.  It takes an extraordinary person to keep his or her sanity in the face of such a juggernaut of mendacity.  A woman who would leave husband and children to go off into the military, either as a liberal feminist crusader or a conservative misguided patriot, is a woman who has succumbed to these lies and needs help.  Our help.

Alas only we average ones can offer that help.  She will most likely not find help from her church, whatever "denomination" it is.  As usual the Catholic leaders, cowards nearly to a man, will not dare to speak up against this monumental evil.  They have been doing yeoman work ignoring moral evils for several generations now so it is hardly likely they will summon the courage to cry out against this.  After all, chivalry is so medieval, kind of like the ancient Mass.  They can't be bothered teaching the Faith and its necessity for eternal salvation.  That's not their job, for heaven's sake!  So it will be up to us to do what we can to encourage these women to be ladies, not amazons.  Funnily enough, some conservative blowhards are worried more about women falling into the hands of those nasty Arabs and the fate worse than death that awaits them in their clutches.  If recent history is anything to go by they will, if captured, be treated far better by their captors than by their fellow US soldiers.  (And, horribly, they will be treated better by their Arab captors than some gung-ho  women treated the captured Iraqi freedom fighters in Abu Gharib.)  A film producer acquaintance of mine was in the military in the 1980s and she said to me that even then the place was rife with lesbians.  Imagine how it is now under the lunatics who are currently in charge of the Washington asylum.  So these women in the military have to face not only very angry Arabs whose countries we are invading and whose families we are killing but they will be at the mercy of the normal male soldiers who are even now contributing to the rape statistics, and they will also be at the mercy of female sexual deviants.  This is the kind of life a normal, healthy woman would aspire to??

Of course even so grim a story as this has its comic side.  The sight of some of these plump harridans brandishing a rifle and striking a gallant pose while trying to look tough has to be seen to be believed.  Quite pitiful, really, though I would imagine that Stan Freberg or Sid Caesar would have fun with this absurd situation.

But cannon-fodder is always in heavy demand by despotic regimes so Leon Panetta will do his bit to supply more it.  International Finance and its attack dog, the USA, are hungry animals. More warm (for the moment) bodies are required to invade countries who have done us no harm but are very much in the sites of these maniacs who run our country from the shadows.  And now these tragic women will be that fodder. 

And they will give up everything.  For nothing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Movies Made By Degenerates For Degenerates Dept

Go ahead, Mr Tarantino, make my day.
No person alive today with a vestige of culture or Christianity, or simple common sense for that matter, would waste a moment's thought on dung-flinger Quentin Tarantino.  Why should anyone concern themselves with a perpetual adolescent and cinematic fake whose brain has been addled probably since infancy by gore and deranged sex?  Normally I wouldn't waste the time on such a loathsome individual..

But as a harbinger of the spiritual darkness that is descending I find that a brief notice of this man's efforts behind a camera might be useful.  About his latest production "Django Unchained", which is nothing more than near imbecilic assemblies of various shots of blood-letting, the prestigious movie critic over at The Wall Street Journal, Joseph Morgenstern, has this to say:

“wildly extravagant, ferociously violent, ludicrously lurid and outrageously entertaining, yet also . . .   very much about the pernicious lunacy of racism, and yes, slavery’s singular horrors.”

The purple prose to the contrary, what do such words say about Mr Morgenstern?  To this writer it says that Mr Morgenstern has lost his marbles at the very least.  Nor is he alone in his hosannas.  Most other critics, men and women who have lost whatever artistic discernment they ever possessed (if they ever possessed it in the first place), have said similar nonsense which, out of a concern for their personal embarrassment, I wont repeat.  There appears to be no stupidity in this digital extravaganza from the Junior High-level of acting to the bad writing, directing and deliberate distortion of the truth that they are able to find fault with.  Not even the fact that such obscene images are an obvious incitement to racial violence, which will be carried out by those of a very small intelligence and a very big chip on their shoulder, seems to make any difference to these critics.  One wonders how they can walk away from such a movie without feeling sullied, or raped, by a man whose lack of cinematic skill is only equalled by his lack of even a basic neanderthal intelligence.

If "Django Unchained" can even be noticed by the critics let alone discussed by them then this is the very end of serious movie criticism.

And the spiritual darkness which this film heralds?  Look at the attendance numbers.  That is what frightens me.  Many of my children are gone and married.  We have tried to teach them the rights and the wrongs of morality.  We exposed them from infancy to fine music, good films, good books and tried to keep them Catholic.  But I cannot  control them now.  My stomach wrenches at the thought that something or someone might tempt them to go see this garbage.  And it hurts me to imagine that happening.

I was once visiting a friend working on a film at Pinewood Studios in London.  When I had to leave I found myself sharing an elevator ride with one of the most disgusting "directors" ever to disgrace a movie screen.  I was sorely tempted to punch him in the face (I was younger then) yet held back.  But on the other hand if ever I have the pleasure of running into Mr Tarantino in the future I will give back to him what he has repeatedly given to us:




And this:

Sounds like a cold-blooded killer to me.


Here's a partial list, with names and ages, of the children killed by the President via his drones:

Monday, January 21, 2013


13 January 2013: HH Benedict XVI with Assistant Persecutor of the Catholic Church, Leon Panetta

Ray McGovern is a writer and former government employee who has often written well on the reality of what is happening to America, a country he has served and loved.  He writes well about how we Americans are so easily taken in by propaganda.  But Mr McGovern himself is a victim of the anti-Catholic propaganda campaigns that have been in full force since the time of Jesus Christ and are now reaching levels of malice unprecedented in human history.

Nevertheless he has written an excellent article about war criminal Leon Panetta who a week ago met with His Holiness, Benedict XVI.  At that meeting, the Holy Father reputedly said to Panetta (a loyal Obamunist, a facilitator of the drone wars which indiscriminately murder innocent people without trial, without evidence, without nothing, protector of sodomites and abortionists) : "Thank you for helping to keep the world safe."

Could he possibly have said this?

Dear God, what is going on in the mind of Benedict that he would say such a thing to this man?  If the story is true it goes a long way to explain why the Catholic Church is in the mess that it is.  When even torturers and assassins can manage a photo-op with the Pope without being told boldly and fearlessly that they are disobeying every moral precept that the Church of Christ has taught for twenty centuries it tells us much about why Rome rarely takes decisive action against the disobedience of its clergy high and low.  Even Pope John Paul II, certainly no disciplinarian himself, was courageous enough to publicly condemn the crime of abortion while standing right next to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It also explains the disgusting behavior of Cardinals like Timothy Dolan who wine and dine with these persecutors of the Church.  Why should we be upset with Dolan for joking around with the dissolute occupier of the White House at an Al Smith Dinner when his boss in Rome can meet and greet the likes of Obama stooge Leon Panetta?

If you read McGovern's article as you get near the finish you will find the usual black lies put out by the usual suspects being swallowed whole.  But aside from that McGovern makes some excellent points about the Vatican's lack of moral outrage in the face of American evil.

Benedict, alas, is no Gregory VII to Obama's Henry IV.

Herewith an account of a courageous man, Pope Gregory VII, written by Catherine Goddard Clark  from her Our Glorious Popes, courtesy St Benedict Center's website, :

Say a Hail Mary for Benedict.

ADDENDUM(January 23)

Mr Panetta, the man who is "helping to keep the world safe", has now forced women into combat as of today.  A nation that places women in combat is a nation that is lost.

Your Holiness, are you taking notice?

Sunday, January 20, 2013



There is an antidote to the abominable sewage flowing out of today's Hollywood.  In fact there is more than one antidote.  There are many if we care to look, films which edify as well as entertain, films which extol life rather than denigrate it, films made by artists rather than cash-register jockeys.  It will be this writer's pleasure from time to time to remind readers of these hidden treasures.  If the motion picture is destined, for better or for worse, to be a part of our cultural heritage then I will do my bit to remind the world of films which enrich our culture and which offer not only diversion, but a sense of beauty.

THE BICYCLE THIEF(1948) from Italy is a sad, truthful, entertaining, enriching and beautiful film.  The best stories are the simple ones.  This lovely movie told a story that could hardly be simpler: a poor man at last finds meagre employment hanging posters around the city of Rome.  His bicycle is essential to his continued employment for he uses it as his only means of transporting himself and his supply of posters.  But his precious bicycle is stolen and he and his young son spend the rest of the film looking for it.  From such a simple story line there emerges one of the most compelling human dramas I have ever seen on a screen.  Millions of words have been written about this movie but no words can convey the depths of emotion inherent in it.  One has to see it.  Every father should see it.  Every downtrodden, or unemployed, or heart-broken father should see it.   Every family should see it together.

Thanks to an enterprising theatre owner who occasionally showed classic films I was able to watch it on a big screen, the way its makers intended it to be seen.  Such opportunities, alas, are fast disappearing.  If ever it is shown in a theatre go see it.  But since that is becoming more unlikely with each passing digital day what is left to us is to watch it on video.  A story like this needs to have all our attention; daily home distractions will destroy the carefully built up atmosphere and tension created by director Vittorio De Sica.  Find a quiet evening at home, keep the lights down as low as possible, turn off the cell phones and give all your attention to this exquisite little masterpiece of pure cinema.  Put aside 90 minutes of undistracted time and witness one of the finest things ever done for the screen.  You will never regret those minutes.

Don't let the fact that poseurs and fakes like Martin Scorcese or Bernardo Bertolucci, who promote the film, keep you away from it.  THE BICYCLE THIEF is an example of what film making is supposed to be.  No one who sees it can walk away from it unmoved.  No one will fail to see a little of themselves in the characters on the screen.  Uplift your spirits and yourself and witness this remarkable work.

There has never been a movie that depicted so eloquently the love between father and son.  It is doubtful there ever will be again.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


The EPA, the "environmental protection agency", has just been caught red-handed (literally) in an insidious activity unthinkable by any normal standards of basic morality or ethics.  It is hard to conceive that the government's contempt for citizens could be more obvious.

As this writer has been saying for several decades, we are the Nazis now.

Indeed, we are worse.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Once again the consequences of a Church left ungoverned can be found in the kind of chaos we see here:

The French Bishops, close on the heels of a spectacular show of courage on the part of close on one million Frenchmen who marched in Paris to oppose sodomarriage, have declared that some kind of civil union between two sexual deviants would be acceptable to them.  May I speak bluntly?  Every single French Bishop who put his name to that statement should be removed from office by the Pope.  Sacked,  Fired.  Cashiered.  Done.  Will it happen?  Never.  The reason: a terrified Vatican that refuses to discipline its wayward sons.  Like a doting parent who refuses to restrain little Billy from going about the house breaking windows the Vatican refuses to deal with the treason in its midst.  And just as little Billy, left unrestrained, will grow up to be a destructive and potentially criminal adult, the Bishops who say and do outrageous things with no fear that the Pope will ever intervene will continue on saying and doing outrageous things which will lead to confusion and the destruction of immortal souls.

The French Bishops state that a properly "united" homosexual couple can live chastely.  Your Lordships: try placing a glutton in a room full of the choicest steaks, desserts and snacks and see what happens, or place a drunkard in charge of the liquor cabinet.  Your Lordships, have you simply lost your minds or are you deliberately favoring the mortal sin of sodomy?  Which is it?  All Catholics, not just Frenchmen, are entitled to a response from you.  And the same request can be made to the Holy Father: Your Holiness, we are entitled to an explanation.  We Catholics who struggle to keep body and soul together would wish to know how it is possible that the Bishops of France can endorse these horrors and go unpunished.

Have we completely swallowed the Calvinist notion that no matter what we do in life we will be "saved", that God will somehow take care of everyone no matter what and see that they enjoy a blessed eternity?  If the Roman Catholic Church is beginning to endorse Calvinism then that might explain why they aren't terribly concerned about what these mitred idiots are doing to the souls of those in their care.  If we are all automatically saved then why bother with all this fussing about Bishops endorsing the civil unions of those who commit buggery.

If the Church has not accepted Protestantism then it has to make a choice.  It is either fish or cut bait.  The time for patience is rapidly ending; the time for allowing the Roman wheels to grind slowly is nearing its end.  Unless some swift and decisive action is taken, and taken very soon, then it can credibly be said that the Church is reaching the end of its tether.  I feel horribly sorry for the Holy Father.  He lacks the courage necessary for the job at hand (he has apparently admitted that "my authority ends at that door").  He is a carrier of the very disease he often condemns in his statements, refusing to come to the obvious conclusion that the wrong-headed ideas he espoused as a young man would one day lead to the sorry state we are in.  Like the designer of the Edsel or the Yugo he refuses to see that he has made a mistake in his philosophy.  He even celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Church's own Edsel, the Second Vatican Council.  For every good man he raises to the Episcopacy he raises two more villains to high office.  He needs constant, unceasing, daily prayer.

But now what about the French Bishops who are actually as we write endorsing a kind of legally recognized "union" between two homosexually disturbed people?  That they made this unbelievable statement right on the heels of the march in Paris cannot be considered anything but a slap in the face to those who marched against queer marriage.  The late, great Hamish Fraser once told me that France has produced not only the greatest Catholics but the worst Catholics, those Catholics who would save the Church and those who would destroy it.  It is evident to me which category the French Bishops fall under.  Their pretty words, their soothing pseudo-Catholic responses will mean nothing to those who know a betrayal when they see one.  And smell one.

To you, French Bishops, I leave you with this thought: woe to those who scandalize the little ones.  I've paraphrased that from Jesus Christ.  Perhaps you've never heard of him. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Interior of the Holy House of Loreto

From the venerable St Andrew Daily Missal (1937 edition) on the Feast of the Holy Family:

"Is it not fitting," says Leo XIII, "to celebrate the royal birth of the Son of the supreme Father, of the house of David and the glorious names of that ancient line?  Yet it is more consoling for us to call to memory the little house at Nazareth and the humble life lived there; thus celebrating the hidden life of our Lord.  For there the divine Child  received his training in Joseph's humble  trade; there hidden and sheltered, He grew up and showed Himself ready to share the toil of the carpenter's life.  'Let the moisture,' he seemed to say, 'trickle over my limbs before they are drenched with the torrent of my blood, and the pain of this labour shall go to atone for the sins of men.'  Close to the divine Child is His tender Mother; close to Joseph stands his devoted wife, happy to relieve their toil and suffering by her loving care.  O Thou, who wast not free from toil and care and who hast known adversity, come to the aid of the unfortunate, crippled by poverty and struggling against the difficulties of life (Hymn for Matins)."

When one visits this sacred place, the Holy House of Loreto, as this writer was once fortunate enough to do, one is very much aware that a tremendous history attaches itself to it.  There is no doubt when you step inside that you should not be there.  No sinful man should enter there; it is too holy a place.  Domine, non sum dignus.  Standing inside such a dwelling the true sense of unworthiness comes very clearly to mind.  It is easy to leave the House with an inner feeling of bitterness at one's self, bitterness over past failures.  The Holy Family lived in this house, and if you dare to set foot in it a new responsibility makes itself known to you.  This goes far beyond the mere emotionalism of standing in the home where Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived.  A demand is made upon the visitor, a demand to live a different kind of family life than, perhaps, you have been living.

It is impossible to forget the overwhelming sense of awe, if we can still use such an over-used word, at being present in such a place.  But awe is the perfect word for it encompasses fear, wonder and respect at the same time.  It is easy to tremble in the presence of such holiness.

A visitor to the church wherein is kept the holy house will if a member of a group be herded into it altogether at once.  Naturally in that type of a situation it is difficult not to wonder at the smallness of this one-room domicile.  But if we can see it singly without a bustling crowd it all then seems quite adequate somehow.  It is an amazing place and I can only urge everyone to make it one of life's goals to visit there.  A more suitable pilgrimage in these days would be hard to imagine.

"Verily Thou art a hidden God," says the psalmist as quoted in the Gradual of today's Mass, still during Christmastide, the Feast of the Holy Family.

Behold the place where He was hidden.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


One wonders why in the world anyone would be talking about, promoting, or taking seriously, something called ZERO DARK 30, a digital moving image now being projected on screens as we write.  Who would watch such a thing, if my information about the content of it is accurate?  It was directed by someone called Katherine Bigelow.  Who is Katherine Bigelow?  And if we find out, should we even care?

What we have here is a digital moving image (I refrain from using the word "film" because they are no longer shooting on that beautiful medium) made by a person who "has risen without trace" explaining to all of us Americans that torturing innocent Muslims was a great way to learn the whereabouts of a man who (credibly) had been dead for a decade.  The Mad Mullah Osama bin Laden had to be publicly disposed of - quite a feat considering he was already dead - in a Hollywood sort of way by the US government, and once this overwrought production was completed to the mass huzzahs of the media world then the Hollywood machine went into swing and made a "movie" about it.  Bread and circuses.

We wont detain ourselves talking about the propaganda show now on worldwide screens.  It is the usual combination of dreadful writing and directing, high school-level acting, over-the-top sound effects, weaving camera movements, shouting and general incoherence...and lots of violence for the audience to salivate over.  (Question:  when one watches this kind of thing, does it induce nausea?  I would hope that it does.)

What is interesting is the visible and no longer deniable close collaboration between media and government.  It doesn't even have to be carefully concealed anymore.  It is easy to find an ignoramus like a Bigelow, or a Quentin Tarantino, to make this sort of stuff.  Hollywood is full of such people, with egos and delusions of self-importance far weightier than their abilities.  They are products of an educational system that has taught them nothing but untruths and trivia.  They are robots.  So Washington can rest well assured that its approved stories will be dutifully told by Hollywoodians desperate to have their names and faces on the front pages.

This strange production asks us to believe that the inhuman treatment, torture and killing of supposed suspects is justified if it rids the world of crazy madmen.  It attempts to shore up the hoax of a so-called "war on terror" being waged by our betters with our dollars and futures.  It asks us, like the attendees of one of Emperor Nero's stadium games, to cheer on such blood-letting.  Can you believe that some of your neighbors, your co-workers even (sadly) some of your children are watching such things, and with approval?  Film aficionados will smirk at the ineptitude of the makers of this, but what of the general public that has not practiced much in the way of artistic discernment?  One does wonder what kind of a mind it takes to sit through such garbage without feeling sullied.

There are critics of ZERO DARK 30.  But some of them show their ignorance and their anti-Catholic bigotry by comparing the work of Bigelow to Leni Riefenstahl, or claiming we have adopted the mindset of the dreaded Spanish Inquisition.  Sad, if that's the best they can come up with.  In the first place Bigelow is no Leni Riefenstahl.  Miss Riefenstahl was a genuine artist of the first rank.  She is, of course, endlessly criticized by both the uninformed and the mendacious for her directing of TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, a film made at the request of the Nazi party.  While ignoring her DAS BLAUE LICHT(THE BLUE LIGHT) , her incredibly beautiful "mountain" films and her brilliant OLYMPIA, they refuse to allow the woman the right to tell her own version of how she came to make the Party film.  Those who wish to know, and to understand what was going on in Germany at that time, can consult her autobiography.  Riefenstahl had an excuse; Bigelow has no excuse.  She differs from Riefenstahl in two critical areas: she has no directorial ability and she knows she is carrying water for her heroes in the White House.  Riefenstahl had tremendous cinematic ability and was, like most other Germans, unaware of the troubling ideas of the Leader.  The people who made their Osama extravaganza are well aware that the US president quite literally murders innocent people by drones, by torture and God knows what else every day.  The Germans in 1934 on the other hand, let us recall, didn't have the internet.

Regarding the Spanish Inquisition, if the movie's critics knew what it was all about and what it was trying to achieve and what were the historical circumstances at the time they certainly would not be comparing the methods used by the Federal Government today with that body.  One example may suffice.  Unlike the US government, the Spanish Inquisitors were scrupulous in making certain that the accused had every means possible for his defense, including lawyers and a trial.  When some gung-ho soldier presses his little video game button and fires his hellfire missiles at some innocent bystander thousands of miles away carrying out the orders of the commander-in-chief, there isn't a whole lot of time for a trial.  The critics of this propaganda show would be better to use the example of the Salem witch trials.   It is a much more apt comparison.

Still, any efforts to show up this thing as the government propaganda that it is are welcome.  We must never allow our family or our friends to buy into the Party Line and that is why when not laughing these boot-licking productions right off the screen we should be telling it like it is with regard to them.  Far more importantly we should be asking ourselves what kind of people we have become to have let our nation come to such a sorry pass.  That it was inevitable is no reason to cease being introspective about it.  When nine senile old men decided like some divine oracle to allow the murdering of the innocents in their mother's wombs in 1973 that should have been the final curtain call to the whole sordid business of Americanism.  We have the blood of millions on our hands. 

This blog is small and of little influence.  But if by some miracle someone who is in a position to shake some sense into the heads of my fellow citizens can read these thoughts, well and good.

There is one Body on earth, however, that can and should be decrying this obscene injustice that is the completely phony "war on terror" and all its pomps and works.  It is the one Organization that has the moral authority to speak on such evils with authority.  Today its voice, however, is muffled and it speaks in ambiguous terms.  That voice is the voice of the Catholic Church.  There is a propaganda campaign afoot to discredit Pope Pius XII for remaining "silent" during World War 2.  The campaign is fantastical and unworthy of serious discussion.  But there is a sort of silence occurring right now, the silence and ambiguity of the Vatican at the horrors being committed by many governments against the innocent.  Pretty phrases and platitudes are not going to have much effect.  Thundering statements of raw truth will.  There are hopeful signs that a few at least are waking up in Rome and are speaking out.  The history of the Church is filled with stories of both muddled indifference and glorious achievement.  But we must respectfully remind our Church leaders that they must begin to get real serious, real soon.

The first way they might begin to get serious is to cease receiving these monsters for Vatican photo ops, and to cease wining and dining with them.  You do not feed a monster who is trying to kill you; you starve him instead.  Diplomacy is one thing; giving aid and comfort to the enemies of Christ is quite another.

And the second thing they can do to begin getting serious?  Heal the beaten and bloody Church.  If we cannot even project to the public a view of the Church with a single holy Liturgy, a disciplined clergy and a house-cleaning of rats then there are few people who will want to take a serious look at the Church.  But if a healing process does begin, if the vermin eating at the Church's vitals are dismissed, if the Mass is restored to its ancient splendor, if beauty in music, in art, in writing, in architecture in personal lives once again becomes the norm, then will we see a real flowering of the Faith again.

And if the Church is healed, eventually so will nations be healed.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I don't know if any rational person knows quite what to make of this.  I'm sure I don't.

From World Net Daily:

Perhaps it is time to do away with these guilt trips we have been saddled with all these years, courtesy the government-media complex, and start trying to figure out what can be done about this kind of thing.  Shall be just let it happen without giving it much notice?

This isn't terribly encouraging either:

This is not an alarmist blog.  It is not a blog intended to create mere opprobrium toward people.  But awareness may save a life one day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


As we approach this holy night, let us ask the Patron of the Universal Church, and Terror of Demons, to protect the Church as he protected the Christ Child in his Divine Infancy.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Would that the world, especially the Catholic world, especially the silent men in the Vatican who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, listen to the words of a courageous Jew named Nat Hentoff.  Would that the benighted souls who inhabit the land mass called the USA would listen to him.  Would that his fellow liberals would listen to him.

In the article here Mr Hentoff talks about the Newton tragedy.  Too much has already been written and spoken about this terrible thing but Mr Hentoff's take on the situation should make every single one of us sit up and take notice.  There are criminals all around us, and they are sociopaths. 

Read this man's words.  And weep.
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