Thursday, July 21, 2016

And I thought we were finally rid of Rembert Weakland

Rembert's Revenge: Blase Cupich

Scraping the very bottom of the barrel for ecclesiastic promotion is an exercise which the Vatican has recently raised to an art form.  The weird collection of dolts, cowards, sneering hypocrites, effeminate poseurs and outright poofs who now inhabit the Vatican, and hundreds of Chanceries around the world, is truly a sight to see.  And Blase Cupich is a sight to see.

We are back in the days of "Jadot's Boys", that group of undistinguished men who were given high office under the recommendations of Archbishop Jean Jadot, who was in charge of vetting the men who would become Bishops.  Jadot, who was strongly rumored to be homosexual, managed to get into positions of power men who were not only possible homosexuals but most certainly avowed Modernists. Pope Paul VI gave us Jadot and Jadot gave us men like Rembert Weakland, a flaming homosexual. We also have Jadot to thank for the execrable Howard Hubbard and Roger Mahony among others.  Jadot's close friendship with Bernardin of Chicago is another fact hardly calculated to inspire confidence.

This blog has been calling Blase Cupich the "poor man's Rembert Weakland" ever since his pasty-faced visage was presented to us by his Modernist patron, Pope Francis.  At the moment we will continue calling him that because it really would be hard to find someone worse than Weakland.  So until such time as Cupich outdoes Weakland, which I frankly suspect is possible, he will remain the cut-rate Rembert.

But he is now shaping up to be a cut-rate Jean Jadot, too, thanks to his new position as the Grand Selector of Future Bishops.  In fact Cupich may have even more control than Jadot ever had since Jadot was merely an Apostolic Nuncio; Cupich may have an international influence.

The good God is indeed furious with us to allow this to happen.

Here is Blase on Halloween in his brand new Bishop's costume

Here is Blase looking for the teleprompter, or cue cards

Here's Blase with his doddering old grandpa

Here's Blase with some guy who just got punched in the nose

"I don't think these colors match, Bruce.  It's just not me."


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've managed to commit 2 deadly sins along with detraction and calumny in one post. That's got to be some kind of record.

Aged parent said...

Perhaps, Anon. But ridicule has a long and noble heritage, and both Messrs Weakland and Cupich are richly deserving of it.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about how Weakland tried to steal the television station from Mother Angelica years ago. She always called out the bad guys on every stunt they tried to pull off. Boy, do I miss that nun! Imagine what she would have had to say these past few years.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon. I wasn't aware that Weakland was trying to get control of Mother Angelica's tv network.

I'm sure were she alive today and able to have a platform she would be very, very blunt. She might also have died of a broken heart, seeing what has become of her beloved Church.

DJR said...

Cupich's appointment to the See of Chicago makes laughable Cardinal George's prediction back in 2012 regarding his successors.

Poor Cardinal George did not anticipate the pontificate of Pope Francis.

"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the Church has done so often in human history."

Cupich dying in prison? For the Faith?

Too funny!

Unknown said...

Very clever.

Православный физик said...

May Pope Francis, and Cupich retire....yesterday

Anonymous said...

It's no laughing matter, but I had to laugh while reading the article. Their love of 'dialogue' will be no avail when the islamic fury is unleashed on them. In some ways we should feel sorry for these sad delusional men.

CJ said...

AP, looks like you have started something. Guess Anonymous 3:55 PM better her finger out and start pointing.

Aged parent said...

DJR: Well it is certainly unlikely that Cupich would "slowly help rebuild civilization", to use Cradinal George's words. Quite the opposite I would think.

Karl Rahner Jr: Thanks for the kind words.

Joe P: I'm with you on that, Joe.

Anon@5:26am: I agree. Having dialog with someone holding a scimitar across your neck might indeed be difficult.

CJ: Thanks for the link at The Remnant. I looked at it. Very funny!

Unknown said...

There should be a 'Cupich Watch' website started.

Dad29 said...

IIRC, it was Cdl. Mahony (L.A.) who led the charge against EWTN. Wouldn't be surprising to learn that Weakland was involved in the plot--he did try to block EWTN from the local cable carrier, after all.

Aged parent said...

Karl: That would be a good idea - for someone with a strong stomach!

Dad29: Thanks, Dad.

CJ said...

I checked online and yes, Weakland and Mahony tag-teamed to get their hands on EWTN. Mother Angelic had railed against the "Christa" (female corpus) during a pageant for the JPII visit. No complaints from the Polish pope of course, but those involved got a rebuke from Mother that they will never forget. I''m sure Mahony's hiney is still stinging. Weakland, quick to defend Mahony's hiney pops up and calls the justified dressing down Mother gave "disgraceful, unChristian and offensive". Mother reaponded by telling him to "stick his head back in the toilet". She had balls. I like that.

Weakland apparently still does not think his faggotry and payout of $300,000 to his accuser to be "disgraceful, unChristian and offensive".

Aged parent said...


I did not know that about her, but my respect for her just shot up to the stratosphere.

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