Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Origins of Political Correctness

 A program from the 1990s, even more relevant now.

Part One:

Part Two

A good couple of programs which, good as they are, do avoid more controversial issues regarding the Frankfurt School.  For a more thorough examination of the problem we recommend the following:

Another point: Considering what we know now, the program's reliance on the opinions of David Horowitz reveals a weakness in the video which I would not doubt Mr Lind now realizes is the case. Horowitz is one of the great war mongers of our time and despite his attempts to distance himself from his Marxist past he is a neocon rabble-rouser and a supporter of the injustices going on now in the Holy Land.

When this program was made in the 1990s it was a time when all the Trotskyites like Horowitz came into the so-called Conservative Movement and misdirected it into supporting Middle East wars done at the behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia, but primarily Israel.  These neocons are now in complete control of both political parties in America.


aly said...

This is a very good succinct presentation of where we are and how we got here,

Chloe said...

What I appreciate most about this, Aged Parent, is your analysis in the last 2 paragraphs.

Aged parent said...

Aly, I am glad you found it useful.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Linda. I just thought it necessary to provide a little current perspective on the video. Nice to hear from you.

aly said...

Yes Aged parent. There is a lot written and spoken about the subject and background. It can be both absorbing and exhausting. David Horowitz is hard to look at for me. I find him untrustworthy and all around disagreeable. I was bothered by the proff Jay whilst listening and watching, but in agreement with my comment I find the presentation a succinct, informative synopsis that a lot of people should watch.

Aged parent said...


I know that Mr Lind interviewed several people, including Prof Jay, who did not share his views on the crimes of the Frankfurt crew but were useful in providing some historical background. Lind did not agree with everyone on the program.

Anonymous said...

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