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Patrick Foy takes a look at the Incident in Nice

Journalist Patrick Foy takes a look at the mayhem in Nice and puts two and two together, as he always does.

An important conclusion to be drawn from the terror attack in Nice, it seems to me, is that national leaders are incapable of protecting their fellow countrymen from such horrors perpetrated by isolated, deranged fanatics. That is hopeless. For starters, it would require, at the very least, a full-scale police state. If and when this stark realization sinks in, people in America and Western Europe will begin to ask their leaders, "How did we get ourselves into this mess?" So far, they don't have a clue. I have a simple answer, "It's the foreign policy, stupid." That is not what people want to hear.

On the one hand, I suppose it is easy to blame everything on history...we could start, perhaps, with the secret 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement between England and France in which they agreed to divide up the Middle East after destroying the Ottoman Empire. This presumption was followed by the even more pernicious Balfour Declaration of 1917, a unilateral declaration by the British War Cabinet. Its implementation by Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill immediately after the Great War created a series of ticking time bombs. These two circumstances--Sykes and Balfour--endorsed by Washington, unlocked a roller-coster and threw the key away. That's ancient history, but we are feeling the repercussions today. 

On the other hand, we have more recent follies to consider. Fast forward to 1990/91, not too long ago. Saddam Hussein decided to annex the fake-state of Kuwait, which had been set up by the British and detached from Iraq. H.W. Bush, sitting in the White House, decided that the United States had the right and obligation to stop it. One wonders why and from whence the American Republic derived such a right and prerogative. I am mystified by the very premise of it all. In the aftermath, Iraq was thrown out of Kuwait and is subjected to a murderous economic embargo, carried out by H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush. 

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as a result of these sanctions. Clearly this was an unstated "regime change" project, which after a decade of implementation, had gone horribly wrong and did not work. Since it did not work, Dick Cheney and his sidekick, G.W. Bush, concocted and hyped a phony scenario for Iraq, centered upon alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that threatened the peace and stability of the world. All a tissue paper of implausible lies, which the Congress and Senate of the U.S. eagerly embraced, including such notables as Hillary "it was a mistake" Clinton and Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden. The hidden agenda and what motivated such tinpot politicians to authorize the invasion of Iraq I won't go into here, because it is a huge scandal. Suffice it to say that the gates of hell were opened, and ISIS has been the ultimate result. 

The deranged murderers in Paris, Nice, Istanbul, Orlando, Brussels and elsewhere--not to mention lower Manhattan and the Pentagon in 2001--all were motivated to kill innocent Americans and Europeans in response to American and European intervention in the Middle East. Is this alarming phenomenon Islamic terrorism? Not exactly. It is a combination of Arab nationalism backed up by religious fanaticism. These Sunni Muslims are not trying to convert us or take us over. In terror, they are seeking revenge for perceived injury, and they want to drive the West out of the Middle East. This naturally includes Israel, which they regard as another form of European colonialism, in a post colonial world, imposed upon the Palestinian Arabs by European and Russian Jews. You can't have refugees from a war in 1948 still sitting in refugee camps and locked up in the Gaza strip without causing resentment and blowback. We are getting the latter in spades. There is no end in sight.

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Anonymous said...

A good article by Patrick Foy, but in ascribing current events to past follies he is perhaps missing one half of the pernicious Zionist project. That these policies were unsound and implemented by 'useful idiots' is not in dispute, but the originators and guiding lights of these wicked policies knew exactly what they were doing and anticipated their likely consequences. The journalist and historian Douglas Reed wrote a length on this subject. Without going into rant mode the evidence is fairly clear than Zionism is using the political instability they created in the mid-east to destroy European civilization and in particular Christianity. The foundation of the Israeli state is the key, an expendable tool, for the achievement of global dominance. They are succeeding and there is no opposition from those institutions with the most to loose.

Aged parent said...


B flat said...

This seems a plausible explanation, but is really another variant on blaming present woes upon white supremacism of the past, whether it be crusades or other expeditions by Europeans beyond the Mediterranean world. That has been a tactic of the marxists in destabilizing racial minorities in the US and Europe for the last seventy years. Did the arabs ever have strong national identities which the West violated?
It does nothing to explain why the concept of National Sovereignty, which was sacrosanct for UN founding members all through the Cold War until the 1990's has been overridden by the UN and violated by the USA within the last twenty years. Why has the sovereignty of the Vatican, and the Holy See been violated repeatedly in the last few years by the USA and other powers? In retaliation for which military interventions? Why is the sovereignty of African nations scorned repeatedly, and infringed as the price of international (USA)Aid? Globalisation has changed the rules fundamentally, but what democratic decision imposed this on the world?
Of course, the West will be blamed for it in the future but readers will know their own share of responsibility for this. As much as mine for the Federal funding of Planned Parenthood, Caritas distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients, or the government's encouragement of unchecked muslim migration.
Furthermore, were any of the terrorist attackers of this 21st century identified as coming from refugee camps housing people displaced in 1948 or earlier? I don't believe so.
There is something else at work at the moment, much bigger even than the political ambitions of greedy and shallow men, intent on destroying European civilization which they see as an obstacle to their plans. What they are attacking in fact is Christendom, which is now enfeebled by a century of increasing faithlessness of most people in developed countries. St Paul wrote to the Church in Ephesus that we are struggling against not flesh and blood but ....against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. (Eph 6:12) Holy Scripture was given for our instruction. To ignore St Paul's words, or exclude them as irrelevant to our political reality, is foolish and faithless.

How long do temptations assail us as individuals before we fight against them effectively by not relying on our own strategies, but rather by prayer, fasting, and faithful Christian life, putting our trust in God to win this battle for us. I am advocating active opposition to the evil within our limited capabilities, not passive acceptance of what seems inevitable. But the necessary and vital ingredient for success in the political sphere is identical to that which works in the personal moral sphere. It is the same as instructed at Fatima: repentance, prayer, and fasting by all who truly mean it when they pray: Our Father...Thy Kingdom come, They will be done on earth etc.
Viva Christo Rey!

Aged parent said...

Thanks Bflat.

I believe Mr Foy's point is that these current events have a past history, and that knowing that history helps us to understand the present. That is all he was trying to do, I believe. By understanding the past we avoid being manipulated and herded like cattle to the slaughterhouse.

It is also what this blog has been trying to do since it began five years ago.

Thank you for your excellent comment.

B flat said...

Dear Aged Parent. You are right about the importance of knowing and understanding our past.Our enemies don't even want us to know or understand the present, that is why they have manipulated and control both education and the media. This is as true in the Church now as in the World. Your perception of being herded like cattle to the slaughterhouse is very evocative, as well as being apposite. We are mixed in with other sheep, although we belong to Christ's flock. We must know His voice, and not follow any other. He does not herd us like cattle for slaughter, but leads those who know His voice and follow him to pasture. John 10:1-4ff. Nothing there about "accompaniment" as the ideal pastoral practice. He leads, we follow, to a full and happy eternal life.

Aged parent said...

Well said, B flat

Anonymous said...

It's debatable if the Nice incident was "isolated, deranged fanatics", as the police cars blocking the Promenade des Anglais had been removed just minutes before the truck appeared.
It's also debatable if foreign policy has anything to do with it, as the guy was a Tunisian.

Aged parent said...

Interesting, Anon. Thanks.

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