Friday, July 29, 2016

Vladimir Putin is trying desperately to tell us something

But is anyone listening?


The recklessness of our bought politicians is truly breathtaking.  Arrogance combined with amorality is a combination that virtually assures that dire consequences will be the result.

I would hope that good men like Roberto de Mattei and Sandro Magister would also listen.  As greatly as I admire these two staunch defenders of the Faith I cannot avoid pointing out that their view of today's Russia as an aggressor nation is without justification.  Far too many people swallow the tall tales put out by the world's controlled media instead of sitting back and using their common sense.

All of these impending worldly disasters pale in comparison to the disasters which now await the Catholic Church and which are in fact unfolding in the Church as we write. Therefore it is what happens in the Church that carries more importance than even worldwide nuclear war if, God forbid, that is what the villains have in store for us.  But we nevertheless present these words of Mr Putin, the words of a man with a clear head, as a reminder that disasters can be avoided if we do what we are expected to do.

(h/t Patrick Foy)

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Vox Cantoris said...

The anti Russia, anti Putin commentary at the DNC Convention and their mocking of a Trump about a "bromance" is very concerning. It is the drumbeats of war and it is unacceptable.

Russia is not our enemy. It is Christian, more so than us in Europe and North America. It is civilised and richly cultured land with a tremendous history. Poets. Literature. Music. Architecture. Science.

Russia is not communists, it is not Marxist, though I am afraid we are, culturally to be sure.

Russia is not our enemy. I look forward to a Trump Presidency and twice a year meetings with Putin.

Why the heck not?

Aged parent said...


I told my son who is on his way to graduate school that if he doesn't turn in a paper on time he could always say to his professor, "Vladimir Putin stole my homework". Hey...if it works for the Democrats, why not him?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Russia is not communists, it is not Marxist, though I am afraid we are, culturally to be sure."

New blog on the kid : Should Abortion be Forbidden (against "Father Thomas Reese, a Catholic Jesuit professor" and feat. Putin)

Joe Potillor said...

Indeed, Russia is not the enemy, God have mercy on our nation

Anonymous said...

We can appreciate President Putin's concern with respect to Russian security and geopolitical status and 'prestige', but what really concerns us in Western Europe is the survival of European Christian civilization. Our 'leaders' intend bringing into Europe between 1 and 5 million rape-u-gees per year for the next 10 years. The Kalergi Plan in high gear. We cannot survive that, it will be more irreparable than a limited nuclear war.
In 1960 Khrushchev told Nixon "we will bury you", he meant it but didn't succeed. Putin has no intention of burying us, but our 'leaders', Merkel, Hollande, have every intention of burying us and are succeeding.

CJ said...

2017 is going to be a very interesting year. I hope we survive it.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I saw beginning of video.

Agreement of 1972 for some reason forbade defensive weapons as to nuclear wars.

US withdrew from it, which brought down the Soviet Union.

Putin sees that withdrawal and the installation of a nuke SHIELD as an agressive act and Russia's investments in nuke OFFENSIVE weaponry as a defensive act.

I see this as rather hypocritical.

Both sides have bad leaders, now.

If Putin wins, he will try to be popular among the ones he will have conquered and imitate the faults, but not the few virtues, one of which is freedom of speech, which Obama and Merkel nevertheless have.

Di said...

Nothing is going to happen to us that GOD doesn't permit.
There is more damage done by a heretic from the pulpit than a nuclear bomb being dropped. The destruction of the Catholic faith is due to luke warm Catholics(PERIOD)
As St. Bernadette said:
An official of the French Army asked St. Bernadette once whether she feared an invasion of the Prussians. She responded, “I ONLY FEAR BAD CATHOLICS.” He responded, “Don’t you fear anything else?” She said—“NO, NOTHING!”The Secret to Defeating the devil
"... the genius of satan is to deceive the human mind in order to seduce the human will. Memorize that logic. satan knows that all the evil in the world begins with ERROR. Let me repeat. satan knows that all the evil in world begins with error. In other words, all sin in the human heart begins as untruth in the human mind."
~Servant of God Fr. John Hardon

Aged parent said...

Hans: Thanks for the comments. There are people like the disgusting Masha Gessen, lesbian extraordinaire, who prance around Russia demonizing Putin with nothing dome to stop them. And the Moscow Times, decidedly anti-Putin, seems to be flourishing. So Russia does seem to have some freedom of speech. Here in America try criticizing a homosexual pervert and watch yourself lose your job and your reputation in seconds.

Joe: I tend to agree. I see no acts of aggression by Russia against the US. If someone has any evidence to the contrary I will certainly read it.

Anon @ 2:07pm: It would seem Europe is seeing a replay of what happened to Spain in the 15th century, and the behind-the-scenes actors pushing this "immigration" seem to be of the same Tribe that was opening the gates to Muslim hordes then. Of course we know that had their been no merciless bombings of Arab countries by American poodles (and their proxy warriors like ISIS) there would be little immigration in the first place.

CJ: I think you're right.

Di: I could not agree more. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have read of a Catholic prophecy that Russia will invade France and destroy the Muslim horde. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I can't recall who said it or wher I read it.

Aged parent said...

I've not heard that before, Anon.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Anon, I had heard it like this:

1) Russia and Turkey invade France together;
2) Russia then drives Turkey out.

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