Sunday, July 24, 2016

And they stood and cheered

Not taking my blood pressure into account I occasionally watched a few moments of the Republican Convention.  On Thursday night, the last night of the gathering, I watched here and there, as much as I could stomach.  It's true I didn't expect much but I was not prepared for what followed.  The official festivities began with a so-called "invocation" by some obese televangelist who was as embarrassing as he was ridiculous.  I shut him off pretty quickly.

Later I managed to catch some ravings by Reince Preibus, a GOP bigwig, delivering the usual boilerplate rubbish about the Republicans.  When he said that the Republicans stood for "peace and prosperity" half of my supper landed on the TV screen.

But the last straw came later.  I flipped channels to see some super rich creature (Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal) standing at the podium telling the attendees that he was "proud to be gay".  How far have we fallen as a nation that the so-called "conservative" party would put before an audience a sex pervert, a buggerer, a man engaging in unnatural vice.  As insulting and obscene as that was the worse came right after he said that: the audience stood and cheered.

It was at that moment that I resigned myself to the inevitable, that the nation is beyond redemption by any human means, and begged God's mercy.

I have finally awakened from my sleep.


Wolverine said...

The 'train left the station' for me back in the fall of 2008 when the banksters held a gun to the American economy and Republicans and Democrats in Congress both caved into their demands for unaudited bailouts of close to a billion dollars. I remember waiting for my 'conservative' heroes (ie. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News etc.) to shout from the rooftops their disgust at the injustice to the American taxpayer...instead silence or excuses. From that moment forward I realized what we were doomed and that there were no 'good guys' left.

Aged parent said...

Of course you are perfectly right.

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