Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bits and Pieces

George Will has left the Republican Party, ostensibly because of Donald Trump.  We wish he would leave the country.

The Jewish press is still heaping calumny on Pope Pius XII, referring to him as "Hitler's Pope". Perhaps they might take a close look at Francis, who might accurately be described as Stalin's Pope.

Comedy Central:  Someone at Skidmore College wrote on a whiteboard Donald Trump's political slogan, "Make america Great Again" (though shouldn't it be "Make America Sane Again"?)  Because it was written on a WHITEboard, the College is deeming this a hate crime.  Will we all have to turn in our whiteboards now?

Murkiness still hangs over the whole episode of the Orlando shootings, and we really don't know yet the whole story, if we ever will.  But the media circus that followed seems to want to start a new movement, "Queer Lives Matter".

For four centuries the Lutheran church has been slowly dying until today it is only a tiny fraction of what it once was, with near-empty churches and very little influence.  Seeing this terrible situation, Pope Francis will ride to the rescue and do all he can to revive Lutheranism this October.

The two Most Notable and Wonderful Nations Fighting Terrorism, Israel and its assistant, the USA, are busily training new fighters to tear Syria apart and expel all the remaining Christians.  Israel is also sending in its medical personnel to take care of wounded ISIS creeps so that they can return to Syria and fight.  That'll get those ISIS terrorists!

Good casting:  If any theatre manager is contemplating a revival of Shakespeare's Macbeth, I recommend the personages illustrated below to portray the Three Witches:

Some creature who calls himself "Ludacris" will be performing for Navy personnel at Guantanamo Bay on July 4th.  We thought torture was outlawed.

George Soros has something in common with his 15th century ancestors.  Spanish Marranos were busy helping the Muslim hordes invade and occupy Spain, Portugal and elsewhere, until Queen Isabella put a cramp in their style.  Old George it seems is now trying to complete the work his co-religionists began back then.

The British said "NO!" to Old George, Goldman Sachs and the rest of that wretched crew when they voted to leave the EU.  We doubt very much the oligarchs will go quietly away and let the will of the British people prevail.  Some prayers for Our Lady's Dowry might be in order right now.

Pope Francis says that half of all marriages are invalid.  Caterers and meeting hall owners are delighted, believing that millions will now have to get remarried.  Perhaps Francis owns some catering companies??  Just asking.

Planned Parenthood has assured us that the undercover videos showing their barbarous (and illegal) actions are all lies.  Well, if you can't trust Planned Parenthood, who can you trust?

Perpetual adolescent Steven Spielberg is about to cast his gaze upon Pope Pius IX, who insisted a baptized Jew be brought up Catholic and is making one of his interminable movies about it.  Knowing Mr Spielberg's ham-fisted approach surely a group of Jewish violinists will be playing on the soundtrack every time the little boy is depicted, and ominous clanking bells will be heard every time the Pope is depicted.

The money-grubbing weirdos who now run the studio built by Walt Disney are becoming much more Poof-oriented.  That heat you feel being generated underground is being caused by Walt spinning in his grave.

Over 99 percent of all murders of Negroes in America are committed by other Negroes.  Haven't heard too much from the looters and loudmouths who usually take to the streets every time one of their own gets a deadly comeuppance from the cops.

Alert!!  Thousands of Russian tanks, hardware and soldiers are amassing on our border with Mexico, parading around and looking very menacing.  President Obama is issuing stern warnings to the Russians!  Ooops....sorry....I got that wrong.  It is US and NATO troops, missiles and hardware amassing on the countries abutting Russia.

How dare Russians locate their country so near to our military bases!

Like him or not, Donald Trump is most definitely the choice of those who voted in the primaries. That is why, of course, the Republicans are doing everything possible to elect Hitlery.

The new slogan of the Republican Elite: "Be a Good Republican.  Vote Hillary."

Freudian slip?  Either Karl Marx has been posthumously elevated to the Cardinalate or a not very far-fetched Freudian slip was put into print.

The economy-manipulating oligarchs warned the British that if they voted the wrong way over Brexit that the markets will plunge.  And they did.  A coincidence, surely.

Auschwitz Fatigue.  Even the Holocaust Industry is beginning to show cracks, so it must be shored up from time to time.

A nonentity great actor named Mark Rylance (who?) has been selected by The Great Spielberg to portray........

Another brilliant casting choice by Mr Spielberg

....Pope Pius IX?  We wonder if he will he remove his ear ring for the part.

Wretched Papacy.  Our esteemed Francis, spouting the party line begun by Reinhard Marx, has now said that the Church should apologize to the buggerers of adolescent boys.  What a terrific idea that is.  Undoubtedly an apology to those who practice bestiality cannot be far behind.

It is said one of the Pope's favorite books is "Lord of the World" by Benson.  Possibly Pope Felsenburg Francis is using it as a textbook.


Anonymous said...

Great pic of Pope Che, but who are the 3 witches?

Anonymous said...

Three of the UGLIEST females I ever saw in my life. If most women were this ugly the population control nuts would have it made.

Aged parent said...


Those three delightful ladies are three of our illustrious Divine Oracles, also known as the Supreme Court.

Chloe said...

Including SoWantSomeMore

fr anthony Brankin said...

you have one of the best blogs i have ever read

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Linda and Anthony. I have to keep doing these satirical posts once in awhile to keep my head from exploding.

Thanks again for visiting the blog.

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