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James Larson: "Lift up your heads"

From the pen of James Larson, some thoughts very much worth considering, as devastating as they are hopeful.  The title of his article below, though dramatic, does not necessarily indicate in which direction this article is going to go. That will become clear as one reads through it.

The Antichrist
And the Papacy of Pope Francis
But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.” (Luke 21: 28)
The above-quoted words of Our Lord were spoken after He had enumerated many of the evils that can befall his faithful followers – both at the end of time, and all those situations and foreshadowings which will prefigure the final confrontation between Christ and Antichrist, and between the City of God and the City of this world.
Jesus begins, appropriately, with a warning against following any of the many false messiahs who will precede His Second Coming: “Take heed you be not seduced; for many will come in my name, saying, I am he; and the time is at hand: go ye not therefore after them.” He then proceeds to enumerate a host of other evils which might indeed, on the natural level, force us to cast our heads downwards in despair and loss of faith: wars between nations and kingdoms; earthquakes, famines, and pestilences; terrors from heaven and other great signs; persecutions; delivering up “to the synagogues and into the prisons”, “dragging before kings and governors”; betrayal by parents, brethren, kinsmen, and friends; being put to death; being hated by all men for His name’s sake. A similar list is offered in Matthew 24.
It matters little whether we choose to apply Our Lord’s words to the Apostles themselves, to the times of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., or to the time immediately preceding the Final Judgment. Each of these applications is legitimate because the essential truths enumerated herein apply to all generations of Christians: the world necessarily hates Christ and His followers, and will wage unceasing and accelerating war against them until the final confrontation between the Antichrist and Christ.
But it is not necessarily this list of evils, to which the Christian life is subject, which is difficult for us to accept. If we have any knowledge of the Gospel, we must know these things to be inevitable. Rather, it is the “lifting up of our heads” while we are suffering such trials that provides the greatest challenge. Every manifestation of the spirit of Antichrist performs its unique seduction upon the faithful of that particular period in human history. It can be easy for us now to place things in perspective that occurred in the past – “How could Judas have been so blind?” – but it can be nigh unto impossible to possess such perspective when a new form of the outpouring of evil is upon us. It can overwhelm us with the sense that what we are now seeing is something entirely new which presents an unsolvable dilemma, that our faith is a chimera, that the Church has failed, and that Christ’s promises have failed Such is the real work of the spirit of Antichrist down through history, and thus the enormous importance of Our Lord’s words of warning and preparation.
The seduction of this spirit of Antichrist which we now face would seem the most poisonous and insidious in all of Christian history, and therefore presents an enormous temptation not only to despair, but to profound bitterness, loss of charity, schism, and sedevacantism. The following is written, hopefully, as a contribution to strengthening our faith, that we might lift our heads in the midst of the present crisis and rejoice in the promises of Christ and Our Lady.
In my article The War Against the Soul, which was written towards the beginning of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI, I wrote the following (I have made slight changes):
< Possibly the most mysterious passage of the New Testament is to be found in St. Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, in which he discusses the coming of the Antichrist. It reads as follows:
And now you know what withholdeth [the coming of the Antichrist], that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way”(2 Thess 2:6-7).
Irenaeus of Lyons, Tertullian, Hippolytus, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. John of Chrysostom, St. Jerome, St. Augustine of Hippo all agreed in seeing “he who now holdeth” to be the Roman Empire and the Caesars who ruled this empire. The Roman Empire represented the force of law (despite all its tyrannies, injustices, and immoralities) which prevented the “man of lawlessness” from ascending to power.
The pagan Roman Empire fell in 476 AD. However, the restraining force of the Roman Empire against “the man of lawlessness” did not cease. This principle of continuity in the history of the Roman Empire was delineated with perspicuity by Pope Pius IX in his encyclical Cum Catholica Ecclesia:
It is therefore, by a particular decree of Divine Providence that, at the fall of the Roman Empire and its partition into separate kingdoms, the Roman Pontiff, whom Christ made the head and center of his entire Church, acquired civil power. Certainly, it was by a most wise design of God Himself that in the midst of so great a multitude and variety of temporal princes, the Sovereign Pontiff enjoyed political liberty, which is so necessary for him to exercise his spiritual power, his authority, and his jurisdiction over the whole world.”
In other words, the “bottom line” behind the rule of law and social order now passed from the realm of physical force into the spiritual realm – the rule of Christian Truth and Charity. This is what built Christian Civilization. And since all of this is a gift of God through His Church, which is built upon the rock of the Papacy, it is the Roman Pontiff who must be seen as the one who “witholdeth” the rise of the Antichrist.
We might be tempted to conclude that such a “taking out of the way” of the Pope should be interpreted physically, but I believe this to be an inadequate explanation. Quite a number of Popes have been taken away from Rome and/or held prisoner by precursors of the Antichrist, and yet the moral force necessary to restrain the ascension of Antichrist remained intact.
Nor can this “taking away” be meant to signify that for a period of time the Chair of Peter is unoccupied. The world has already experienced extended Papal interregnums, and these have not provided the conditions necessary for the ascension of Antichrist.
All of this should tell us that what we are dealing with here is the possibility of the interior intellectual and moral force of the Papacy being eliminated or diminished in such a way as to create a sufficiently pervasive spiritual vacuum into which the Antichrist will be able to gain entrance and ascend to power. It is this spiritual vacuum which I have detailed in all my articles concerning the philosophy and theology of Joseph Ratzinger. I do not intend to rehash all that here. But there is one quote from Joseph Ratzinger early writings which I believe epitomizes the extent to which the once absolutely certain intellectual and moral force of the Church and the Papacy has been reduced to a small, timid, and virtually inconsequential voice:
To say this is to imply that faith must clearly adjust itself to an intellectual pluralism that cannot ever be reversed, and within this intellectual climate must present itself as a comprehensible offer of meaning, even if it can find no prolegomena in a commonly accepted philosophical system. That means, in the end, that the meaning which man needs becomes accessible in any case only through a decision for a meaningful structure. It may not be proved, but can be seen as meaningful." (Faith and the Future, p. 74-75)”
Can we even begin to imagine any Pope from the time of Peter up until Vatican Council II conceivably making a statement which so reeked of spiritual castration? If this was still the position of Pope Benedict XVI, then it gives ample testimony to a Papacy that was very close to being in that position of philosophical, theological, and moral bankruptcy as to constitute its having been “taken out of the way”. >
This bankruptcy has been dramatically accentuated during the Papacy of Francis, not because his philosophical and theological orientation and ideas are much more radical than that of Benedict, but because Francis, unlike Benedict, is a troubadour loudly and crudely acting out these heresies and demonic errors upon the world’s stage. And, contrary to the fantasies of many Traditionalists, it is clear that Benedict approves. At the recent ceremony (June 28, 2016) featuring Pope Francis honoring Benedict on the 65th anniversary of his priesthood, Benedict stated, “Thank you, Holy Father, for your goodness, which from the first moment of your election has struck me every day of my life We hope that you can go forward with all of us on this path of divine mercy, showing us the path of Jesus, toward Jesus, toward God.” As I have clearly delineated in other articles, Pope Francis’ “path of mercy” is constituted by a silence towards Christ’s Truth, which facilitates an inclusiveness towards evil. Pope Benedict’s fulsome embrace of this agenda is proof-positive that his “hermeneutics of continuity” ultimately devolves into a simple prostitution to the evils of this world.
Concerning the “leaven” of the Pharisees, Our Lord said, “For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops.” The consequences of what was spoken in the darkness of Joseph Ratzinger’s philosophy and theology are now being shouted, through the words and actions of Pope Francis, from every headline, and carried on every wave of the media. It is a spiritual miasma which penetrates everywhere, and receives from a jubilant world the exclamation, “He is one of us!” - “He has been taken away!”
It is important to admit to ourselves that our present situation is without precedent in the history of the Papacy. The Church has certainly had Popes who were profoundly immoral. It has had Popes who have been wrong in their personal views in regard to some point of doctrine, or who made horrendously bad juridical decisions. But never has it had a Pope who believed that Divine Revelation was itself an evolutionary phenomenon (as does Benedict and, apparently, Francis), and who believes that a bogus mercy trumps Catholic doctrine (as Francis has explicitly expressed), and who loudly and triumphantly proclaims this to be so. We are therefore faced with a situation, which seems to have never been anticipated in all of the sermons and writings of the early Church Fathers (and others down through history) concerning the subject of the Antichrist and his rise to power – that a Pope himself could become so interiorly corrupted, philosophically and theologically, as to become the cause of his own being “taken away” as the effective intellectual and moral force which prevents the rise of Antichrist.

Read the whole article here.

[Editor's note;  In your kindness I ask our readers to offer a prayer or two for the family of Mr Larson.  Many thanks.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. I have read your blog for a couple of years now, and Mr. Larson's also, and have finally been moved to comment. The archives at Mr. Larson's "WarAgainstBeing" blog have been invaluable in explaining the whys, hows, whens, and whos that have brought our Church to her current state. I will say 'a prayer or two' as you request, for you and yours as well as for Mr. Larson and his family.
Your blog is greatly appreciated. I don't have much time to comment but I'm sure there are many other silent yet thankful readers!

CJ said...

"I wish to state that I do not support in any way either the sedevacantist position, or that of the SSPX or any individual or group that has defied the Pope in his discipline and government of the Church." Defied the pope?? Wow. That totslly ignorant of facts and laws of the Faith comment regarding the SSPX is enough for me to distrust everything else this man says.

I will still add him to todays rosary but it will be for his conversion to the truth.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Anon. Your comments are always welcome.

Aged parent said...


Thanks very much for your comment.

In my 40+ years of watching the Church disintegrate and commit suicide I have encountered many, many people who share my sorrow over the Church's ongoing Crucifixion. While all of them lament what is going on in the Church not all of them agree on certain points, points on which one side is sympathetic and other unsympathetic. It's sad but that's the way it is. Generally I try to find common ground in my dealings with fellow Catholics (though not always!) and work with them for the restoration of the Church, hoping and praying that God will eventually smooth out all the difficulties.

Personally, I am quite sympathetic to the SSPX, and have admired their tenacity over the years. Are there certain aspects to the Society that I don't see eye-to-eye with them on? Yes. But in general I wish them well and hope that they will be one of the medicines that will restore Catholicism to good health. I haven't written about the SSPX here on the blog because I don't think I am competent to discuss their situation intelligently. And in any case so many other better writers have already done so, so there is hardly any need for my two cents worth. But if I were to write about them it would be sympathetic to them even if I would have to gently, and I hope charitably, offer a minor criticism or two.

It is the same as the ICKSP. I greatly sympathize with them but that doesn't stop me from offering a criticism or two, when appropriate, which I have done in the past on this blog.

What I do when I read a solid Catholic who says something that I disagree with I read what he has to say and then make my own evaluation based on what information I have. A good example is Dr E Michael Jones. He is a brilliant writer and original thinker but he has this odd obsession (extremely odd, considering what has been happening in the Church in recent years) to expend tremendous energy on finding as much fault with "traditionalists" as he can. On certain issues he is absolutely spot on; on others, like the arguments of so-called Traditionalists - or even the Fatima story - he seems to have a weird blind spot that prevents him from facing the issue head-on. But even with all that I respect him and read him.

James Larson is a brilliant writer. Perhaps the best way to read him is to take in the totality of his articles and then come to your own conclusions.

As always, CJ, thank you for your comments. Please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

How dares Mr. Larson say that Benedict approves ? How can he be so blind ?
Benedict tried hard to repair the mistakes/horrors of Vatican 2, but was hindered in his mission not only by the usual saboteurs, but also by the fact that the matter was so delicate.
He had to work his way around the infallibility doctrine, he couldn't just declare the whole Vatican thing a fiasco because the infallibility of the pope would then have been called into question. And it would have opened a big can of worms.
Benedict was tirelessly writing and doing what he could about it, and he had just managed to get some sort of consensus that Vat 2 was just about "pastoral" advice, not dogma. But it would have taken many more years to drum this into the heads of the rebel bishops and priests, and even the little that he did angered the Velvet Mafia in the Curia.
And so he was deposed.

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your comment, Anon.

I don't believe Vatican II was intended to offer any binding dogmatic decrees. It was, in the words of the Council Fathers, only a "pastoral" Council that did not intend to issue infallible decrees. That being the case, the infallibility of the Pope would not have been in danger had Benedict or any other Pope decided to throw the whole thing into the ash can.

I cannot speak for Mr Larson but I believe he is merely pointing out the liberal tendencies of Cardinal Ratzinger, some of which may have been carried into his papacy. We can certainly thank Benedict for the good things he has done while at the same time recognizing that he did have a somewhat Modernist background.

I am not bashing Benedict. Just pointing out that he is a complicated man.

Anonymous said...

AP, it is my opinion that Benedict may have believed for a while in the good of the modernist reforms of Vat 2, but then he realized what they really were. He said something to that effect (only more diplomatically) many years ago in an interview about Hans Kung. He said he got scared when he saw the student riots of 1968 and felt that the modern reforms seemed to have played a part in that.

But at the time he was young. And then he lived for so long in the shadow of JP2, being forced to approve of things he didn't like, as he was getting more traditional the older he grew. And as pope, the media crucified him when he tried to seriously return to the source.

I think there is about Benedict the same misunderstanding re modernism as there is about his teacher Romano Guardini. They both can be made to serve the Second Vaticanists if we choose certain bits and pieces of their writings, but the whole of their work speaks otherwise.

Maybe he was too weak, but then he was also too old by the time he was in a position to do something.
And the sabotage was unbelievable. There is a video on GloriaTV where he is openly snubbed by most German bishops who refuse to shake his hand. The rot was too deep. It must have surely been working secretly since at least the time of Pius XII if we judge by the rapidity with which everything was arranged for Vat2 and so many high clerics agreed with it.

Personally I feel that the Lord has allowed Benedict to live in order to give the CC a chance to turn back from the road to hell where it is lead by Francis. He gave a sign when the Vatican was struck by lightning on the day Benedict resigned.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon, for that helpful addition to the story.

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