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13 January 2013: HH Benedict XVI with Assistant Persecutor of the Catholic Church, Leon Panetta

Ray McGovern is a writer and former government employee who has often written well on the reality of what is happening to America, a country he has served and loved.  He writes well about how we Americans are so easily taken in by propaganda.  But Mr McGovern himself is a victim of the anti-Catholic propaganda campaigns that have been in full force since the time of Jesus Christ and are now reaching levels of malice unprecedented in human history.

Nevertheless he has written an excellent article about war criminal Leon Panetta who a week ago met with His Holiness, Benedict XVI.  At that meeting, the Holy Father reputedly said to Panetta (a loyal Obamunist, a facilitator of the drone wars which indiscriminately murder innocent people without trial, without evidence, without nothing, protector of sodomites and abortionists) : "Thank you for helping to keep the world safe."

Could he possibly have said this?

Dear God, what is going on in the mind of Benedict that he would say such a thing to this man?  If the story is true it goes a long way to explain why the Catholic Church is in the mess that it is.  When even torturers and assassins can manage a photo-op with the Pope without being told boldly and fearlessly that they are disobeying every moral precept that the Church of Christ has taught for twenty centuries it tells us much about why Rome rarely takes decisive action against the disobedience of its clergy high and low.  Even Pope John Paul II, certainly no disciplinarian himself, was courageous enough to publicly condemn the crime of abortion while standing right next to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It also explains the disgusting behavior of Cardinals like Timothy Dolan who wine and dine with these persecutors of the Church.  Why should we be upset with Dolan for joking around with the dissolute occupier of the White House at an Al Smith Dinner when his boss in Rome can meet and greet the likes of Obama stooge Leon Panetta?

If you read McGovern's article as you get near the finish you will find the usual black lies put out by the usual suspects being swallowed whole.  But aside from that McGovern makes some excellent points about the Vatican's lack of moral outrage in the face of American evil.

Benedict, alas, is no Gregory VII to Obama's Henry IV.

Herewith an account of a courageous man, Pope Gregory VII, written by Catherine Goddard Clark  from her Our Glorious Popes, courtesy St Benedict Center's website, :

Say a Hail Mary for Benedict.

ADDENDUM(January 23)

Mr Panetta, the man who is "helping to keep the world safe", has now forced women into combat as of today.  A nation that places women in combat is a nation that is lost.

Your Holiness, are you taking notice?

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