Tuesday, June 24, 2014


His Excellency Bishop Thomas Paprocki has just ordered in his diocese the restoration of the Tabernacle to a prominent place in all churches.


It is a first step, but an important one, and we commend His Excellency.

In these dark days the temptation to congratulate a Bishop on doing something right, something that should have been done decades ago, is very great.  Some will say, not without justification, that these things should be done as a matter of course so why thank a Bishop for doing something he should have been doing all along.  But the present circumstances being what they are we should nevertheless comment on and support those Bishops who refuse to follow the destructive herd mentality and practice of so many of their weak-willed and spineless brethren.  So we at The Eye Witness congratulate the man, and we note that this is not the first time Bishop Paprocki has done the right thing.

God bless him and keep him for that.

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