Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marco Tosatti Speculates on the Kasper Proposal

Dr Maike Hickson over at Catholicism.org writes about the speculations of journalist Marco Tosatti. Tosatti's observations center upon the confusion engendered by Cardinal Kasper's switching of stories regarding the Pope's approval of his plan for radical change in Catholicism:

From the article:

"While observers of the discussion concerning the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family are still wondering what it was that has recently caused Cardinal Walter Kasper suddenly (but stammeringly) to deny that which he had claimed a year or so ago – namely, that Pope Francis personally supports his “Kasper proposal” – the well-informed Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti now has his own explanation.
On 10 June, in an article placed on his own blog linked to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, and entitled “The Pope, Kasper, the Denial,” Tosatti quotes the crucial part of the Kasper interview with Raymond Arroyo where Kasper now claims that he did not really have the support of the Pope in his reform proposals concerning the moral teaching and practice of the Church, especially about “remarried” divorcees: “… no, I would not say that he [Pope Francis] approved of my proposal, no, no, no.” Tosatti comments:
These are words that in a way surprised everybody, because they are in contradiction to that which one has been given to understand in the recent months. Eye witnesses of meetings with Pope Francis concerning this topic, as in the one which took place prior to the creation of the recent Cardinals, have a completely different memory; rather, they remember just the opposite.
More importantly, Tosatti reveals what just also happened during the recent assembly of the Italian Bishops’ Conference in May of 2015. Behind closed doors, says Tosatti, Pope Francis is alleged to have said the following: “Some Cardinals have published a book with the single intention to fight against Kasper; that is what a mortal sin is (against charity, probably).” 1
Read the entire article here: http://catholicism.org/glimpses-behind-closed-doors-marco-tosatti-on-cardinal-kaspers-self-correction.html

We can only speculate, as Tosatti can only speculate, about what is going on in the preparations for the next round of the Sodomy Synod.  Whichever way our speculations direct us it is likely that this gathering will turn very ugly, and unlikely to produce any good fruits to nourish the faith of Catholics.


Anonymous said...

The proverbial runaway train is fast approaching the brick wall. It had to happen. Let's be ready to help the dazed and injured.

aly said...

Pope Francis @ Pontifex Jun 23 2015
God's love is free. He asks for nothing in return; all he wants is for his love to be accepted. ???

Aged parent said...

Indeed, aly. We are being drowned with meaningless, Protestantish banalities. It is getting a bit tiring.

aly said...

Just yes Aged parent.

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