Saturday, May 30, 2015

Irish Logic

Let me see if I understand this.

According to numerous articles in print and on the internet, a majority of Irishmen voted to enshrine sodomy on their land because of a) the homo priest scandals and outrages committed against adolescent boys and, b) the clericalism of many of the Irish priests.

So, these reports claim, it was an act of revenge; the Irish vote was a message sent to the Church that the people were disgusted by the scandals caused by homosexual perverts in the priesthood.

So in order to punish the Church for not stopping the buggery of adolescent boys by homosexual perverts the Irish voted to accept homosexual perversion.

Makes sense to me.

Can we now bury the "dumb Polish" jokes?

[Of course the real reason they voted the way they did is because Ireland, like most other nations, has been cursed by a lilly-livered and teasonous clergy, high and low, who have ignored teaching their flocks for well nigh on four generations.]


FLOR solitaria said...


They will reap what they sow said...

Message to the Church? ROFL! Pure BULLSIT. They voted because they were STUPID and now they are looking for an excuse to justify their evil stupidity.

Sorry, Ireland. All Catholics please board a plane to just about ANYwhere as long as it is not Ireland. You unCatholic and antiCatholic losers have only one recourse to yourselves. Beg for God's mercy. Then go out and buy a good raft.

Anonymous said...

There may be a certain amount of 'contrariness' in the Irish, but look at it this way; due to the revelations of the clerical abuse scandal the Church in Ireland in the eyes of the faithful has lost a huge amount of prestige, this fact coupled with the ambivalent stance on the referendum taken by the hierarchy produced within the electorate a frame of mind... 'if they want their fag marriages let them have it, and let's see how the clergy like officiating at such farces'.
The leadership of the Church in Ireland (and many other places) has lost, to use the Chinese saying, "the mandate of heaven".

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