Friday, May 8, 2015

Arrested for Child Molestation and organizer of dissident Catholics

To our Catholic friends who are working to discredit, marginalize and oust any of the few remaining decent priests and Bishops left I pose a question:  is this the guy you really want to associate yourselves with?

Enter Mr Terry Bean (no, I didn't make that name up), founder of the oily Human Rights Campaign, good buddy of Barack and Michelle and apparent sodomizer of adolescent boys.  According to Austin Ruse his Human Rights Campaign is quite busy these days organizing sophisticated and extremely well-funded attacks on those Catholics who try to take their religion somewhat seriously.  Mr Bean and his ex-lover were both arrested on charges of sodomy and child abuse a few months ago:

Now that we are all totally shocked that a homosexual would actually molest a young boy perhaps we should move on and get down to cases.

This revolting individual even after his arrest is directing his organization in their highly-skilled attacks on Catholics who remain faithful. What, my fellow Catholics, who do not accept the Church's clear teaching even though it has been poorly or never taught  by priests, Bishops and some Popes for the past 150 years, is it going to take to shame you into changing your viewpoint? Those of you who are active in this Human Rights Campaign-organized gambit, are you happy being led by an individual like Terry Bean?  Peruse his arrest details.  Exactly what else will it take to provoke you into reevaluating your view of the world?

I have a question for John Allen.

Mr Allen, are you going to cover this sordid aspect of the current purge of real Catholics who profess their Faith unashamedly and find themselves in the cross-hairs of the Vatican Queer Mafia?  Come now, Mr Allen, surely this is newsworthy?  An accused and arrested rapist of a 15 year-old boy organizing Catholics into getting rid of faithful clergy...surely that is a topic worth considering?

And how about the National Catholic Reporter?  Will its eminent editorial staff take notice of the man behind the organizational drive to purge the Church of decent men?

We at The Eye Witness have written about this before:  But we have yet to see any major Catholic news source pick up this story. Now that the cloven hoof of Mr Bean's seedy little group has been exposed as one of the major players in this anti-Catholic pogrom can not some major Catholic media discuss this and ask why Catholics will allow themselves to be manipulated by such as Terry Bean?

Again, my dear, delirious, dissident Catholics; just what is it going to take?

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Anonymous said...

As we say down here in Australia "dodgy brothers" or would you buy a used car from these two??

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