Thursday, May 21, 2015

Macedonia says no to USA. Suddenly protesters appear in Macedonia.

Funny how that works.

From an interview with Srdja Trifkovic:

Washington and Brussels have been driving this sudden crisis in Macedonia all along. The geopolitical rationale is Gruevski’s willingness to consider the possibility of Macedonia hosting a key segment of the new proposed Turkish pipeline that would bring Russian gas into Central Europe. As we know Bulgaria had to say ‘no’ under heavy pressure from Washington and Brussels. The willingness of the authorities in Skopje to even consider that possibility suddenly resulted in the recent demonization of Gruevski as a corrupt nationalist, hardliner and all the rest of it: we’ve seen the amazing spectacle of the EU ambassador in Skopje joining the protesters. It’s obvious that this is a sustained regime change attempt dictated from Washington and Brussels, driven and financed from there. It has given encouragement to Albanian terrorists to stage their action in Kumanovo [on May 9]. We are really witnessing just another episode in a long-term geopolitical battle between Washington and its pliant Brussels allies on one side and Russia on the other, with the Macedonians this time round being the collateral damage.

But, after all, it's just a few more hundred dead bodies; nothing that would concern the US or the EU.

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