Monday, May 4, 2015

Russian thinker on the Homosexual advance: "We saw all of this in the Soviet Union..."

The US government/media complex has discovered a new villain to boo and hiss at, Konstantin Malofeev, a rich Russian and Orthodox Christian who is influential in that land.  Because he says things that the West does not want to hear, he is naturally vilified and ridiculed.  He is called "God's Oligarch" and "Putin's Soros" for these reasons.

As for this writer I take his words to be a severe warning to my fellow countrymen.  And I could think of one world religious leader who might learn a thing or two from this man.

Mr Malofeev has some interesting things to say to we Americans.  According to the article:

"...the problem with Malofeev, who calls himself an “Orthodox patriot”, is that not only is he a Russian patriot, but his Orthodox Christian beliefs don’t match the western narrative that “anything goes”. His views, in common with many in Russia who hold Orthodox beliefs, is that the west (the U.S. in particular) has become almost degenerate in the name of tolerance and so-called civil rights."

Read the whole article at this link:

I will only add that Russia still has a long, long way to go before it becomes completely healed.  It still allows certain pink parades, unfortunately, and is far too accommodating to these pitiable people.  While they have been making many good and sensible moves of late the Russian leaders need to be warned that any tolerance of this perversion will only result in greater and greater demands, and then Russia will end up in the same state the USA is now in.


FLOR solitaria said...

If Malofeev says that there was 'homosexual advance' in the Soviet Union he's lying. Homosexuality was forbidden under the communist regimes everywhere, and it's practice severely punished.
He is one of the most horrible Orthodox bigots, and the Orthodox do have a lot of bigots.
Dear Aged Parent, please don't take them at face value - there is almost total disconnect between what they say and what they do. The Orthodox countries are a complete mess: they fell an easy prey to communism and destroyed their own religion, and then tried to resurrect it combined with the methods of communism. The reality on the ground is horrendous.

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your comment. Can you direct me to more information on him? I would be most grateful.

I am well aware of some of the irrational hatreds of the Orthodox towards Catholics. That horrible, unnecessary schism really should come to an end. Considering the nature of the enemies lined up to destroy us all, the Catholics and the Orthodox should be natural allies in this assault against Christ. A pity that natural alliance will probably never happen in my lifetime.

FLOR solitaria said...

The best analysis in English that I could find are these, even if some of the sources might be objectionable:
"Fringe Orthodox Financier of the Donbass Separatists"
This was on the FT and Jamestown Foundation sites, but it's very good. If you will look at the map of 'who is next', see what's nr.1 there, then go to Saker's site and read the article about Transnistria. They prepared the issue in several sitreps with info only from their own sources saying that they have knowledge the Empire's minions will attack the innocent transnistrians (who are armed to the teeth, by the way, and are a hotspot of smuggling everything, from cigarettes to arms). But this article is older and says what they were going to do next. They do this kind of tricks all the time, I will show you some more after I find the exact articles and dates.
A site of Russian mafiosi.
There are links here to other interesting articles.

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