Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just curious...

If last Sunday (May 3) was the Fourth Sunday After Easter, why does the new calendar say it is the Fifth Sunday?  When the Vatican abolished the Mass of all time did they also abolish arithmetic?

Am I the only one who thinks it patently absurd that nine people, a few of whom are dictionary-defined illiterates, will dare to decide tell us that institutionalized buggery is now settled Law?

If the current Russian government can hold a celebration and memorial of the dead Russians who fought for their insane Soviet government in World War 2, can the Germans memorialize their dead who fought for their insane Nazi government?

If it is necessary for us to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, to wash away Original Sin and open the door to Heaven, why do some Churchmen believe Baptism is not necessary for Jews, Muslims, or pagans?  Have all those people been somehow immaculately conceived?

Why is having impure thoughts a sin, but calling the same thing an "attraction" not a sin?

Why do a million and a half Frenchmen take to the streets of Paris to protest the perversion of the state of marriage, and only a handful appear in Washington to protest the same thing?

Why, with all the outrages being committed daily in Catholic Churches around the world, do some fret so much about a few Catholics who happen to be traditionalists?

If the old Soviet Union was threatening the United States by installing offensive weapons in Cuba in 1962, why is America's installing offensive weapons all around the Russian border not threatening?

Why is it that the world has suddenly discovered, after 2,000 years, that the Church is in the business of mercy?  Have they forgotten how the hospital system was instituted?


Anonymous said...

"If last Sunday (May 3) was the Fourth Sunday After Easter, why does the new calendar say it is the Fifth Sunday? When the Vatican abolished the Mass of all time did they also abolish arithmetic?"

It's because the old and the new calendars count the days of Eastertide differently.

In the old calendar, there are two "Easter Sundays," one "high" and one "low."

In the old calendar, "Low Sunday" follows Easter and is called "Dominica in Albis," "Quasimodo," or "Thomas Sunday. It still counts as "Easter Sunday."

In other words, the old calendar starts counting, "First, Second, Third, etc." only after "Low Sunday."

Whereas in the new calendar, Low Sunday is already called "First Sunday after Easter," and more recently, "Divine Mercy Sunday."

Thus, the new calendar is ahead of the old calendar in counting Sundays After Easter.

Hope this helps.

Aged parent said...

Thanks for the comment, Anon. But things are still confusing. Looking at my calendar now in front of me the Old Calendar counts Low Sunday as the First Sunday after Easter and the following Sunday (April 19th this year) as the Second Sunday after Easter. On my New Calendar April 19th is designated as the Third Sunday OF Easter. And my New Calendar designates Low Sunday as the Second Sunday OF Easter'

Of course that was the point of my attempt at an ironic joke here. The words "after" and "of" being the operative words, and confusing enough to keep people shaking their heads.

Of course confusion is one of the hallmarks of all the unnecessary changes that flowed downhill from Rome after their 1960s conciliar jamboree.

Anonymous said...

Very pertinent questions! The sort of questions I used to ask guests at dinner parties just after the soup was served. However, I've learnt my lesson and reserve such thoughtful 'provocation' until the hostess comes with the coffee. No point causing indigestion!

Anonymous said...

As to the "Nine," most everyone thinks they are absurd, but they are still purportedly respected due to their value as propaganda tools for state power. Even the people who support them know they are a bunch of clowns, but as long as We the People believe they have some such power, they remain useful rubber stamps for the powers that be.

As for the Russians/Germans celebrations, the answer is yes...and no. Who will such celebrations offend, and what are the consequences? The Germans have to figure this out. When they do, we can expect another paradigm shift (or war).

Some churchmen are apostates. Our lady came from heaven to tell us this, but e can still figure it out on our own.

Heterosexual attractions need not be indulged in as impure thoughts. Neither do homosexual attractions. Both must be resisted. On the other hand, there is no Fornication Pride Movement, so your point stands.

"Will and Grace." President Biden. PFLAG. Our preoccupation with our own crotches. Etc.

The few Catholics who happen to be traditionalists have the ability to stop these outrages, and to make reparation for them. Then the world will again be righted. So, the animosity makes sense.

Threatening to whom? Which ethnicity has apparently changed sides...or transfered hosts?

During the last 2000 years, mercy was focused on long term benefits, such as healthy societies, the lives of our children and grandchildren, and eternal life. Now we neither care nor believe in such things, so Mercy has to be redefined as those attitudes that will keep the party going.

How'd I do? Did I pass? Did I even get one right?

FLOR solitaria said...

Great questions and great answers.

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