Monday, May 25, 2015

Please Vote Here

We're sponsoring a Vote as to who should replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  Please choose from one below, or add your own candidate in the comments section.

1.  Ma Barker
2.  Nancy Pelosi
3.  Aunt Jemima
4.  Margaret Sanger
5.  Kim Kardashian
6.  Bugs Bunny
7.  W.C. Fields
8.  Joan Chittister
9.  Twiggy
10. Bruce (Brucette?) Jenner
11. The Bride of Frankenstein
12. Ronald McDonald
13. Rasputin
14. Sheldon Adelson
15. Monica Lewinsky
16. Michelle Obama
17. Mr Michelle Obama
18. Alfred E Newman
19. Rembert Weakland
20. The Marquis de Sade


Anonymous said...

After a serious perusal of your list, it is obvious that there is but one to represent that bill. Margaret Sanger, the infant murdering racist sex pervert. Just another Jewish contributor to the good of mankind and society in general.

Gervase Crouchback said...

How about Mr Magoo and previous commentator-no need for the Anti semite comment

Anonymous said...

I would put "Mr. Michele Obama" on a two dollar bill, not a twenty.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Rod Serling. Seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Humpty-Dumpty (broke)

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